The evening is typical of His little get togethers. A half dozen guys, older, out of shape, not so hot and me sucking and getting fucked. Sometimes the guys have a nice cock and fuck well, but mostly they just go at it. I guess that is why guys like me who get paid for sex get paid, we pretend it's hot and the guys are hung and fuck well.

Just before noon we pull up to a non-descript building. Walking inside it is easy to tell it is a sex club. All the lights are on and it looks like the typical sex club, not too clean, a lot of black paint on everything and plenty of places for guys to sit, drink, watch and fuck.

There were also the cameras and lights and cables and chairs and other equipment needed to film a movie. The crew working on the set was a mix of out of shape guys, ok fat and unattractive, mixed with hot looking guys. He ran his business well. He would hire some of the regular porn actors to work the crew, less paperwork I guess. Seeing these studs who fucked on camera working was mighty sexy. It got me thinking about how the porn I watch is fantasy, the guys in the porn are really normal guys who work other jobs and live regular lives. Sure they have sex for money and have images of them naked all over the Internet for eternity, but they are real people.

Then it hit me. I was one of them too. A normal guy who had sex for money, had images of me naked all over the Internet. Lived a normal life, went to school and had friends, a boyfriend, did laundry and cooked dinner, I was just like many of these other guys. Why didn't this cross my mind before? Was it because I still just really loved sex and how it happened was not very important?

'Mick, need you over here.' He had spoken.

'This is Stan, he is going to get you ready for the scene. We will go over details in an hour, but I need you two out of the clothes, don't want any marks from them on your skin.'

Bailey and I followed Stan to a side room. It looked like it was a room used for small orgies or something during normal club hours, now it was a dressing room. We listened to Stan and followed his directions. This shoot was a bigger production than the ones I was use to, clearly costing more and a bigger cast. We were cleaned out and our bodies inspected for any hair or blemish or marks and given silk robes and slippers to wear. Then sent to the main room to hear what was happening.

He instructed everyone to sit gather, 'Guys, this is Mick and Bailey, you may recognize them. They have done some work for the vanilla divisions and now are making their transition into the big time. No one fucks them unless I tell you too, got it?'

The room was pretty quiet as He went over the scenes and details of filming a bigger production. I was impressed with the organizing and marveled at the time that had been spent on setting it up. The plot wasn't really new, we were two young guys who had moved to the big city and were looking for work. Thinking the place was a bar we went in to apply for bar back work. Told we were hired and come back that evening to start.

When we return that night we were lead to the center of the club's performance area and would be striped, restrained, used and abused by the Masters. Bailey and I looked at each other many times as he went over the expectations. This was some heavy sex. We were going to have a number of dildos and toys used on us, multiple pieces of equipment, whipped, spanked and tied up. It all sounds hot until it sinks in that it is my body that will endure all of this, for hours. We were filming the scenes out of order, over two days.

The first scene was not the beginning, but after we had been stripped down and tied up. There were a ton of close ups of our bodies as straps and robes were secured. It was pretty hot to be having the attention paid to your body, and I loved the feeling of restraints. Four hours of filming, setting up, filming again. Viagra helped maintain the hard ons that we were required to have during these scenes. As easy as it is for me to stay hard, four hours is impossible.

I did notice that plenty of footage was focused on our assholes. It made sense when I was told they wanted shots of them nice and pink and tight. Then I wondered what was going to happen to them? Blowjobs and ass play scenes and four hours later we were finishing up so the club could open for regular business. We were not allowed to stay, the rest of the cast and crew could if they were interested. That evening we finally could eat, soup. Had to stay ripped. No sex that night for us.

We started early the next day and filmed most of the day. Set up takes a lot of time. The sex had moments were it was hot but a lot of it is done for best effect on film. The fucking didn't last long, each guy had a few minutes and then a camera change so I never felt fully fucked, but the number of times it happened and the number of guys left me sore as hell. My jaw hurt from sucking cock.

The filming continued after the club opened. It was done in the room we used as a dressing room. Regular club goers were brought in to jerk off on us while being filmed. The idea was to show both Bailey and I being given cum baths. The regular porn actors had all shot their loads during closed filming so these shots would be mixed in. I was impressed with the planning, not so sure how I felt about being tied to a low table and having dozens of guys cumming on me.

After the 'work' was done we were allowed to clean up and brought back to His house. He wasn't there but an assistant got us food and some much needed alcohol. It was great to eat after almost three days of soup and limited amounts of it. Then came the massage. He was an asshole but He did take care of us. The masseurs knew we had just been fucked royally. They worked my body and it felt amazing. I knew I was sore, how sore became clear as the guy worked my muscles. I fell asleep several times. It really did feel amazing and it was completed non-sexual. Part of me wanted to thank the guy with at least a good blowjob but there was no way I could handle it.

Bailey and I slept well that night, I don't even remember going to sleep I was so tired. The next day we were woken and instructed to go to the pool. It was early afternoon; He was sitting by the pool a couple of other men were with him.

'Gentlemen, this is Bailey and Mick, our new talent and the stars of the film we wrapped up last night.'

We nodded to the two men, dressed casually in expensive clothes.

'Very nice choice. When can we see the rough cuts? So boys, how was it? Looks like it was a little rough.'

The comment seemed odd, until I followed their eyes to my body. Bruises. I had black and blue marks all over my body. Bailey did too.

'Don't worry boys, they will fade quickly and you will get use to it so the bruising won't be so bad in the future.'

After they finished fucking us we were told to shower and get dressed. We were taken to the airport.



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