Chapter 36

Will left me to catch my breath and I needed it. My hard on turned soft, just as my heart rate returned to normal he returned. A smirk on his face and leather g-string covering his amazing cock.

'Warmed up yet?'

I nodded as much as you can laying flat on your back and recovering from a major orgasm.

'Good cause I am just getting started stud. Sit up.' I did and he placed a blindfold over my eyes. 'Stand' I did. I felt leather on my neck as he placed a collar on me. My dick started to have the blood return.

I heard a click and felt a tug; he placed a leash of some sort on the collar. He didn't say anything he just pulled me. I shuffled behind him not sure what he had in mind other than the hope he would fuck me again.

We walked into another room and then another. The door closed behind me and he pushed my forward until my dick hit wood. He grabbed my left wrist and raised it up and put a restraint cuff on me. My arm hung there as he moved to the right side and did the same. Next he cuffed my ankles and I stood there unable to back away, my cock now hard resting on the wood.

'You like this don't you stud? You like being used like some object for men to enjoy.' Then I heard it and immediately felt it, straps across my back. My body went forward and my dick hit the wood in front of me. I admit it hurt. Another whack and another. Not hard enough to hurt, the element of surprise got me. Not to mention the jamming of my hard cock on the wood, what the hell was I attached to?

He continued the slow whipping me with the soft flat leather straps. The warmth from the pseudo beating was comforting in a way. He worked my back, legs and finally my ass. I was enjoying it.

Then it stopped. He was silent and I wasn't sure if he had left the room or just waiting to hit me again. He unhooked the restraints from the contraption I was attached to and pulled the leash. I stumbled after him. Suddenly my dick met another object, this time it felt like leather, or pleather and it was solid. He tugged the leash and I nearly fell over. He pulled the leash toward the ground Once again he hooked the cuffs to the object and I felt vulnerable. Within a moment I felt the sting of a paddle on my left check. I gasped, my dick jammed up against the surface of the pleather and he continued.

His whacks were not so hard they really hurt but when you are naked, blindfolded and tied up to something not having any idea what is happening having your ass smacked it hurts. Right cheek. Left cheek. He didn't saw a word as he beat my ass, it became very warm. The assault stopped and I jumped when a cold liquid hit the top of my ass crack. Lube. His solid fingers worked the lube into my hole and he did a great job finger fucking me. His fingers pulled out one last time and my hole felt warm and relaxed and empty. I felt the hardness of a dido press against my crack and I moved into it. A laugh, 'You want this don't you,' more laughter, 'You are a little slut. Well, you are gonna get it.' And he forced the thing into my hole. God it was amazing, he slid the entire thing in, not some foot long monster, but six or seven inches of comfortable dildo filled my ass. He pulled it out. I moaned.

He continued the full insert and withdrawal of the dildo and my gasped and moaned with each movement. The dildo was replaced with another and he continued to fuck me with it. This one was a little larger. After four or five minutes a different one, this time shaped like it was large balls attached to each other. He worked my ass, I moaned and groaned loving every second of it.

The different toys kept coming. The sizes and shapes were different and his slow and steady pace had my precum oozing, I could feel the surface of the pleather getting sticky. A nice sized butt plug was inserted and I gasped loudly as it reached it's widest before getting sucked in. 'That will hold ya for a while.'

I was unhooked and pulled into a standing position as I followed, without choice, the leash. He pulled me over to the side and turned me around. 'Look at that cock! All shiny with pre cum. Very very nice Mick. Looks like you enjoyed that as much as it sounded.'

I was pushed back and felt a two by four against my ass and back. Once again he attached the wrist and ankle restraints to something and I was spread eagle. I felt his teeth on my right nipple. God it hurt so good. His lips wrapped around the teeth as he gentled tugged on it. Left nipple was next and I felt my mouth drop open. He spent some time pinching and nibbling on them as I danced the best I could while restrained. Then came the nipple clamps. Fuck they hurt and I yelped in pain. He chuckled.

His hand slapped my rock hard dick sending it bounding. He slapped it again and again. Then slapped my balls a few times and it grew quiet.

I felt something on the base of my cock; he attached a cock ring and ball trap. He then started yanking on my balls. I yelped again. My yelp earned a slap on my dick and that caused another yelp. Each time I made a sound he slapped me. Finally I stopped the yelping. Shit I was a little pain-loving slut, at least I felt that way with my entire body. I wanted him to smack me and toy with me.

Next I felt the nipple clamps move and weights were attached. They pulled on my nipples and the pain, which has subsided, returned ten fold. Weights were added to my balls and I felt him gentle sway them back and forth. The pain from my nipples and my balls was something I had never experienced. Somehow the weights on my nipples felt heavier, he was pulling on them. He kept up with this game for a while. The butt plug was still in my ass and my balls were swaying uncontrolled.

His hand touched my abs and I jumped. Fuck that hurt! The weights bounced and I yelled. He laughed. His hand kept messaging my abs and then he pulled away and slapped them. I jumped, the weights bounced and my nipples and balls were electric with pain. Several slaps later I was sure I had tears running down my face. The odd thing is I was rock hard.

Suddenly I felt very alone. There was no noise, no movement. I felt I was being watched. A few moments later the restraints were loosened and I as pulled forward. I stumbled a couple of steps and felt a hand on my neck pushing me down. I fell on to a padded bench or stool. His hands grabbed my knees and pulled them apart. Moving to my hips he pulled me ass out and I felt him grab the butt plug and pull. It took a moment for my muscles to release it with a pop.

During the few moments of this forceful pushing the weights were swinging around and my nipples and balls had so much pain I couldn't think. I felt me ass spread and a cock enter me. He slowly pumped in and out. As he picked up speed the weights swung and I wasn't sure if I was in heaven or hell. He fucked me and used more force as he continued.

'God it hurts! Please take off the weights!' I screamed.

He stopped thrusting and I felt him reach around my waist and remove the ball weights. His hands moved up my torso and soon my nipples were relieved of the clamps. As soon as they came off they felt very cold and then, the pain. God it hurt. He immediately started fucking me, each thrust was powerful. I was completely under his fuck as he controlled my ass, mind and body. God I wanted this, I wanted to feel him plow into me over and over. I said so. He complied. Suddenly he pulled out and I felt his cum land on my back. I fell forward once again gasping.

As Will removed the blindfold I could see his face inches from mine, a huge smile greeted me. 'I wasn't sure you would be cool with this, boy am I glad you were.' He kissed me. 'I have something to tell you, don't get angry.' He moved back and then I saw, I saw legs. There was another man in the room.

'I didn't want you to say no so I just did it. This is a friend of mine, Todd, he videotaped it. Before you say anything, there is one copy, it's yours. I don't have one.'

He sat down on the large bench. I sat up. Without knowing it I had cum, the bench and my abs were covered with it. Todd looked at the ground as if guilty. I looked at Will and thought he was sly and kinky and amazing. The moment of anger when I saw Todd's legs was gone. I smiled and kissed Will again. Sitting up I moved to the end of the bench. 'Todd. Come here.' I said quietly. He slowly walked over. I opened his pants and pulled out his cock and gave him a slow solid blowjob. After he came I asked him to leave.

Will was still sitting next to me smiling, 'That was really cool of you to suck him off, the poor guy had to watch the entire time I was fucking you.'

We chatted for a moment, Will told me that we were in Todd's apartment. Apparently Todd was really into the bondage scene and agreed to let Will use it if he could watch. The fact I was a porn star, Will's words not mine, made it easy to talk Todd into it.

'Will, that hurt like hell and I loved every minute. Can't wait for Bailey and I to take turns fucking you!'

'Wait a second, we never discussed that.'

'At least I am telling you before hand.'



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