My cock would soften and then start getting hard again as we painted and I thought about Steve. I wanted him to fuck me but I didn't want Brenn to stop fucking me. Was it true what he said about it being sex and he wouldn't mind? I really like Brenn, not as a boyfriend, I knew that he wasn't interested in me as a boyfriend. Shit I was 18 and he was what, forty, he wasn't interested in me as a boyfriend.

But the sex, I really liked it. Would I be a slut of tramp or something? Is getting fucked by two guys who are friends wrong? He said it wasn't.

My pants were hanging low, and wet spots scattered across the front of my pants. Thoughts raced so fast about Brenn and Steve and other guys and sex, I couldn't focus for long on the painting. My shirt was on the floor; I looked at Brenn as he painted in cargo shorts and socks. He wasn't watching so I took off my pants and continued painting nude.

It didn't take long and I felt a smack from a wet paintbrush across my ass.

'Just marking where my dick is going when we finish this wall.' A smirk on his face.

I turned to him, half hard and he reached up with his brush and dapped my chin, 'My dick is going in there too.'

My dick got harder. I smiled and went back to work. I was going to finish this wall as quickly as possible.

After the last of the painting was finished I felt Brenn's hard on between my cheeks. He rubbed his cock on my ass for a while. 'You want Steve to fuck you don't you.'

I nodded.

'Say it.'

'I want Steve to fuck me.'


He turned me around and putting his hands on my shoulders guided me to my knees. I went to work on his hard on. He started talking.

'Your mouth. You are going to be an excellent cocksucker. You have learned a lot already. Suck my dick Mick, suck my cum out. You like the idea of being fucked by other guys. I like it too. Your ass is divine and I have been selfish keeping it all to myself. It's time you had other guys teaching you more about fucking. Think of all the different sizes and shapes and tastes you will experience. Not just in your warm soft mouth but your tight firm hole. Want to be a little slut Mick? Have a bunch of guys fucking you every week? Want to service two guys at once? How about four? 'One after the other, taking one cock and sucking until the cum fills our mouth and then taking the next cock and the next cock. You want to get fucked by a guy and then hook up with another guy so he can fuck you too?

'Mick you are a hot piece of ass. Guys are gonna be lining up to have a turn on it. You ready for that?'

He was turning me on like never before, the guys, my ass, my mouth. Being a slut. It all sounded so hot. My cock was dripping precum and I was sucking his cock with all the energy I could.

'Mick, get ready cause I am gonna cum.'

I felt the warm cum on my throat. I kept sucking. I wanted it, his cum, his cock.

'Yes my friend, you are ready. Go take a shower get that paint off.'

I went upstairs and took a long hot shower. I wanted to cum but wanted to wait until he was fucking me. I loved cumming when he was inside me. Leaving the bathroom with a towel around my waist I went back downstairs. He was mixing up more paint.

'Ready to do the trim in the other room?'

What? I was ready to get fucked and he wanted to paint? He must be teasing me again. I dropped the towel and walked up to him naked. He handed me a brush.

'I thought we were going to fuck? Are you serious about painting?' I asked bewildered and frustrated.

'Yes I am serious, it's early and we have a lot to get done.' He smiled grabbed my dick and gave it a nice tug.

When I finished the trim I went upstairs. Brenn was cleaning the kitchen. He asked if I was done with the trim and thanked me for a good days work.

'Brenn. I don't get it? Are we done?'

'Yep, you have been here ten hours. It's Sunday and you have school in the morning and I have work.' He gave me a hug. 'Time for you to go home. If you are here all the time your parents will start to wonder what's going on. Do you want them to start asking questions? So get dressed and off you go. I hate to see your ass leave but it is getting late and if I were to start eating your ass it would be ten and then you would have to answer to them.'

He was right and I knew it, I just wanted to have him inside me again. But the questions from my parents would be a problem. They liked I was busy and earning money but would wonder if I was gone all weekend. Even at 18 I still had school and lived in their house. He was thinking for me.

At home I eat dinner with my folks and talked about the work we had done, the colors and progress. My parents, well my mom, showed actual interest. It was easy to leave the parts about getting naked and sucking cock out of the story. They were impressed by how fast it was coming along.

As I did my homework I thought about Steve and having sex with other guys. It was painful to sit and try to study when my mind was on dick.

Brenn was busy all week and didn't have time to get any work done. I spent my days working out and doing my homework. I would get hard and want to jerk off, but would stop. I wanted to save my load. We talked a couple times and he said everything was fine, just a lot of work at the moment. I spent a lot of time working out.

On Thursday during dinner my parents told me they had a cocktail party on Friday and would be out late. Cocktail party huh? My mind went nuts. I called Brenn and left a message about my parents going to a cocktail party and how I wanted a cocktail party too. He sent a text back saying he would be happy to have his cock in my tail, come over at seven.

After school I worked out for two hours, lats, curls, crunches, and plenty of work on my glutes. I wanted to be cut and defined for tonight. A nice shower and carefully getting dressed I was out the door at ten to seven.

Brenn answered and looked sexy as hell in well-cut dress pants and a snug sweater. I took off my boots and coat and walked to him taking off my sweater and starting to drop my jeans.

'Hold on tiger, what are doing? '

'Ready for you to fuck me Brenn, lets get rid of these clothes I am so horny, it's been almost a week! I'm dying here!' was my reply. And I was, a week without sex after a very steady diet of Brenn's cock I was going nuts.

'Well get dressed stud muffin cause you are going to have to wait a little longer. We are going out.'

We pulled up to a small house with a garage almost the same size. Brenn hadn't said a word about where we were going. We got out and Brenn walked in without knocking. Don't these guys know how to knock? I wondered.

Inside the house an open floor plan revealed a well designed home. It was spotless and masculine.

'You're finally here. Is that sweet ass with you too?' Steve walked out from the one door in the space. He was in well fitting dress pants and a skintight knit shirt. He looked fucking hotter than I had ever seen him. He walked to the kitchen and started to pull out some bottles and place them on the counter.

'Help me with these will ya, people will start to arrive soon.'

Apparently Steve was having a party and I was there, no longer regulated to behind the scenes, I was going to my first party with adult gay men. OK I assumed it was going to be all adult gay men. I also imagined they would all be hot as hell, sexy and perfect specimens of male sex gods. In no time they would all be naked and having sex and I would get to see it all. That is not what it turned out to be.

About twenty guys showed up and they were anywhere from late 20's into their fifties. As far as these hot sex gods I had in mind, they all looked pretty normal. Some were attractive; others had nice buns or great arms. But they were normal guys. Beer bellies, or bellies, receding hair, double chins and all that comes with normal men. Why had I thought that gay men were all hot and muscular? I mentioned it to Brenn during the party and he said I was surfing too many porn sites. 'All gay men aren't porn models.' Was his reply. I felt a little foolish. I guess I was lucky that Brenn was hot, and a couple of his friends.

I did enjoy the attention I got. Guys would chat a bit with me and tease me about being at a party with a bunch of old men. A lot of what they talked about flew over my head, I just didn't know. Life experience I guess along with being twice my age or more. More than one guy felt my biceps and a couple enjoyed a feel of my ass. I didn't mind at all. This was why I worked out every day. I wanted the attention of men. I wanted them to touch me and want me.

The guy closest to my age was a little taller than I am, buzz but brown hair and a tight bod. He wasn't huge but solid built and looked great. We were introduced when he arrived with an average looking guy in his 50's. His name was Ryan, I didn't hear the name of his friend, didn't listen for it either, Ryan was hot and cute.

The drinks were flowing and guys were feeling relaxed. I didn't drink, I was under age and even if Brenn would let me I was too concerned with keeping my body in top shape. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs would only make it harder to look my best.

I did enjoy the fun concoctions that were mixed for me using juices and tonic or sour mix and eventually had to use the bathroom. After taking a nice piss I zipped up and checked out my reflection as I washed my hands. I did look young, really young compared to these guys. But I did look hot. I smiled at myself and opened the door.

Ryan pushed me back in and closed the door. I stood with my ass next to eh edge of the sink.

'So Mick, tell me what a hot little stud your age is doing at a party with a bunch of old fags?'

I didn't expect that to come from his mouth. Old fags, a little rude and mean too. 'I am here with a friend.' I said quietly.

'Ahh. You a rent boy?' He shook his head. 'Nay, you are way to green to be pro. Too innocent, but you have been fucked, you know your way around a cock. Sugar daddy? Which one?'

'Um, no, a friend. And, sugar daddy'' I stammered as Ryan stood in front of me looking at my body.

He looked at my face and started to laugh 'Just fucking with ya. But I did want to chat without all those guys hanging over us, you. Man you have them at your feet, didn't you notice?' I had. 'So I figured if I wanted to chat with you trapping you in here was my only chance. So how long have you been sucking dick?'

'A couple of months. What did you want to talk about, my''?

'Cock.' He interrupted and then laughed again. 'Sorry I just can't help it, you looked scared, don't worry I ain't gonna bite ya, even if it would be fun. So really, no sugar daddy, you just giving it away?

'I got one, John, how appropriate a name huh, naw that's not nice of me. He is pretty cool really. We met about a year ago, he takes care of me and I take care of him if you know what I mean. Ah, guess you don't, doesn't your friend tell you anything? John takes me out, buys me clothes and music that sort of thing and I do whatever he wants in bed, or the kitchen, or car. Two months ago I moved in with him. He pays all the bills, I go to school and I am his full time bottom and cocksucker. It works. I do like him otherwise I wouldn't have moved in. He is good to me and it isn't just about fucking.'

I started to relax and he kept talking about how he started having sex in high school. The guy worked at the business next to the one he worked at, was about 35 and they got to be sort of friends. One day he invited Ryan over after work to watch a movie that had just been released on DVD. After the movie was over the guy asked Ryan for a blowjob so Ryan sucked his first cock. The guy gave him twenty bucks. After that Ryan would stop by once a week or so and they would have sex. They guy would give him money each time.

Within a few months Ryan was meeting up with other guys that he meet through his 'first time' and he figured getting paid to suck guys off or get fucked was a pretty decent way to make some tax free cash. Most of the guys were only interested in the basic fucking and sucking. A couple were into some stuff he didn't get into, but if a guy wants to give him fifty bucks to piss on him, oh well.

I was a little stunned by all this and didn't get why he was telling me all this, what was the reason? After a couple years of working he met John and soon John was a regular and then Ryan moved in. He had stopped working; John took care of the bills. Ryan moved closer to me and started tracing my chest and abs with his fingers, slowly and softly. He reached down and cupped my balls squeezing gently. 'John likes you.' He whispered in my ear. 'He wants to watch us fuck. He'll pay you.'

So that was it! John had sent Ryan in to seduce me and then get me into bed.

'You don't need to answer now.' I felt his hand pushing into my pocket. 'Our number, think about it. It will be hot. He just wants to watch us go at it. If it's hot and it will be, the next time he will join in. It would be hot Mick. The three of us fucking and sucking. You ever had two guys in you at once. It is amazing.'

He kissed me, grabbed my ass with both hands. I was getting hard, shit I had been aroused since he said he was sucking dick for money. He pulled away, smiled, winked and left. A huge sigh and I turned to look in the mirror. Yep, I was horny.

Back to the party and acting like nothing happened in the bathroom. Steve came up to me. 'If that little slut got you to cum I am gonna be pissed.'

'What, no, what do you mean Steve.'

'You two were in there long enough to fuck twice, you better not have let him get his dick in you.'

'Nothing happened Steve.'

He walked away. Apparently Steve wasn't the only one who noticed Ryan had spent time with me in the bathroom. Brenn and Allen both asked what was up. John came up to the table while I was getting something to eat and stood next to me, made some comment that was totally sexual and brushed his hand across my ass. It was so unexpected and fast I don't even know what he said. All that registered was that he knew Ryan was telling me he wanted to watch us fuck. Shit I was horny.



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