Chapter 31

The next morning we got up and by noon were at the studio. We had eaten a light breakfast and worked out for two hours so we looked ripped. He didn't fuck me that morning and I wondered if it was me or something else. After we entered the studio I forgot all about it. Standing at the front desk was Dru. He was my favorite at the site. What words can describe Dru? Perfect. That sums it up. About twenty, not too tall, perfect proportion and muscles everywhere but not too big. Smooth with a nice trim bush. Beautiful eyes, nice dark blond hair and an ass that I wanted to suck on. His abs were amazing, nearly an eight pack on him and his pecs, back, arms, legs, all of him was just right. I wished I had his body.

There he was six feet away from me. Even dressed he was walking sex. He turned to us and smiled the biggest smile and his eyes twinkled. 'Andy! God it is good to see you.' They had a big hug that reminded me more of a couple of straight jocks than two gay guys. 'And who is this?' He looked at me.

'This is Taylor.' Bailey kindly stated.

My heart missed a beat, I am sure my mouth dropped and when he reached out his hand to shake mine I nearly shot a wad.

'Great to meet you Taylor. So are you new here?' He was talking to me; my favorite stud was talking to me!

'Yes, he is,' replied Bailey while I stood there awestruck, 'yesterday was his first.'

'Excellent. Taylor, you are gonna like it here, great people and stable is one hot ass after another. Not all of us are gay but who cares when you have a rock hard cock in your mouth right!' Was he straight? God no, he can't be. I love this man and he is straight. My mind raced, the images of us getting married and getting a nice home in Virginia and having a couple of dogs and a kid or two, wearing jeans and flannel and chopping firewood so we could fuck on the rug in front of the roaring fireplace all winter long. He was straight.

'He said I was working with a new guy today, bet it's you Taylor. Looking forward to working your ass man.' He was looking forward to fucking me. I could die with happiness. Then he said he needed to go but would see us soon. I stood there silent watching his amazing ass in a pair of baggy jeans walk away. I was so close and now he was gone.

'Dude, you ok? Hello. Anyone home?'

Snapping back to reality I looked at Bailey and gave him a big kiss.

We entered the office and He said hello, 'Great job last night guys. They were all very impressed. Talk to Chad later, he has detail on the rest of the week. Now to business. Andy go ahead and see Chad, he has your schedule. Taylor...Taylor, you were very good last night. The four guests are all interested in a date. Well done. 'Mind you that we do not allow are models to take money for sex. We are not a brothel. That said, good work. Today we have you partnered with one of our most popular models, Dru. Are you familiar with him? Dru will top you. We are doing two different scenes, one indoors and one by the pool at a private home. Have you cum today? Hope not. Remember that your cum is the money shot, don't waste it.

'Loose the clothes, hit the gym, and drink some water but no food. FYI, looked over yesterday's work. Taylor, the camera loves you. Amazing shots. You will be popular. Now get working out, clean out your ass and see Paulie for hair and makeup. Better yet I will send him to get you. You can leave your clothes here.' He sat down and got on the phone. I got naked; He looked at me once and smiled. I walked naked to the gym and worked out.

I was going to get fucked by Dru. On camera. Proof I had my favorite star's dick inside me. Wow. About 40 minutes later Dru walks in naked.

'So we do get to fuck. Looking forward to it.'



'Do you know how many times I have jerked off thinking about you and now it is really gonna happen?' I stared at him standing a few feet from me totally nude. I was in love. He was so sexy. I knew I was getting hard and knew that hard ons were not allowed but Dru, sex god, porn star, Adonis, was naked and so close. God I wanted him.

Dru laughed and smile. 'Thanks, that's a compliment coming from a guy as hot as you.'

'Bet you hear that all the time.' Can't believe I said something so lame.

'Well, pretty often. But mostly from older guys. So how did you find out about us?'

We chatted for the hour we worked out. He said he was straight and did this for the money. He also took dates for the money too. I didn't understand how a straight guy could fuck a guy but I didn't care; his dick was going to be inside me.

The filming and photo shoot took six hours. We went to a huge place and did a scene in the wine cellar and another outside by the pool. Dru was great and the fuck was amazing. After we were finished the owner of the place took Dru upstairs and I was the lucky guy to suck off the five guys on the crew.

Back at the studio He told me I was going back to the hosts place later in the week. 'Ever been spanked Taylor?' He asked me, 'Tonight we hit the club. Ben will drop you off at the house. Get some rest and when Bailey gets back hit the gym until I show up.'

Three hours later Bailey came in and woke me. We worked out, had a salad for dinner and His assistant gave us some clothing. We each received a skimpy thong, some tight pants and see thru tees. At the club we were introduced to a bunch of guys in some VIP room, then we were featured on stage. We didn't strip; we went out in the thongs and jammed to the music. The audience loved us. They stuffed money into our underwear and felt us up. After half an hour we were brought back to the VIP room and continued to dance. In the end we were naked, getting sucked by some of the guys, sucking many of them and finally fucking each other while they watched. It was so hot

The last two days I did shoots with different guys. After the last shoot Paulie come to me and asked me to fuck him. After sucking all the other guys who worked there it was nice to fuck a guy. Paulie was the gayest man I had ever been with. The rest of the time was spent getting ready for a date or on a date. I was expected to entertain three guys each day. Thankfully they all wanted to fuck me. Luckily they all were pretty straightforward in their expectations. Nothing wild or crazy. As the one guy told me, 'I work all the time and once every couple of weeks I just want to fuck a hot young guy. No questions, no problems, just his tight young ass making me feel good.' That was me.

The last day, my last trick, I did end up back at the house where we did the shot with Dru and me. The host was very clean. He was also into spanking. I had not really been spanked before, just some good slaps on my ass as a guy was fucking me. The host wanted me dressed with my pants and underwear pulled down exposing my ass. He had me bent over his knee and went to it. It hurt too. He wasn't nice about it, the smacks were hard and I had to count them out. After the first dozen of so I had tears running down my face. I was not enjoying this at all. I couldn't get hard. The host noticed I was crying and had me stand up.

He ordered me to strip and then slapped me across the face hard. I wasn't expecting it and it too hurt like hell. He was rude and yelled insults then pushed me forward. Barking to get on my knees. Then he made me follow him into a room down the hall. Apparently he had a playroom; this must have been where he took Dru. He tied me to a big X and then used some sort of whip like thing on me. My chest and abs were beet red. The pain was not as bad as his hand on my ass but it was still not much fun for me. He unhooked me and had me step forward about three feet. He cuffed my hands in front of me, had me turn to face the big X and then had me raise my hands up. Somehow he hooked me to a pulley and had my arms pulled to the ceiling.

I couldn't see what he was doing; I could only hear some movement. Then I felt it, a sharp pain on my back, he whipped me as tears poured out. I tried not to scream but the pain was too much. This wasn't sex, this was being beaten. He used a couple different whips on my back and ass. Finally he stopped and released my arms. He pushed me towards what looked like a footstool but it was much higher. He had me bend over it and attached my wrists and ankles to the legs. He was rough as he shoved his fingers in my ass and finally his dick. Using one hard push he entered me. His entire cock was in one trust until his pubes were on my ass. It didn't hurt. He had used plenty of lube and thankfully his dick, which I had yet to see, was not very big. As he started fucking me I realized it was the smallest cock I had ever experienced. Then he started slapping my ass and I yelped in pain. He slapped my shoulders and back and that hurt like hell too. He spent a relatively short period of time fucking me, all of it slapping me. When he was done he left and returned a few minutes later, he released me and told me to get dressed. In a sterile manner he thanked me for my time and sent me on my way.

Riding in the cab hurt, my ass was on fire; it hurt to wear a tee shirt. I leaned forward the entire 30 minutes ride. Back at His house I went to find Bailey. He was on a date. I took off my clothing and looked in the mirror. My entire back, ass and thighs were bright red, covered in marks from the various whips. My chest and abs were just as bad. Tears came once again; damn I was crying like a two year old, I left for the pool. On the way I passed His assistant. He looked at me but didn't say anything.

Carefully I got into the pool, the cool water felt nice. As I exited I saw the assistant standing in the doorway. Then the pain returned. It felt like every mark was hit once again. 'Follow me, I started a bath for you. The chemicals in the pool aren't helping.' I followed him to a different bedroom and stepped into the bath as it was running. 'I hate seeing you guys when you return from that guys place. He does this to all of you. Seeing your amazing bodies so beat up almost makes me cry.' I sat in the tub long enough for the temperature to cool. The assistant returned and using a very plush towel patted me dry.

'This may hurt a little, but it will help, trust me.' He rubbed oil on my body and it hurt for about three seconds. What followed was a soothing sensation and I exhaled deeply. I stood there as he applied the oil over my entire body, even the areas that were not beaten. He wasn't sexual about it just very tender and caring. 'Thank you, I can't believe how much it hurt. I fell much better.' He smiled at me, 'No problem, I wish I could have warned you but I didn't know where you were headed until after you left. Apply the oil again before bed, don't worry about the sheets. You will be fine tomorrow, at least there aren't any cuts.'

I wanted to show him how much I appreciated it. I wanted to give him an amazing blowjob or offer something but I didn't get a chance before we left. When Bailey returned he noticed immediately. 'I am so sorry Mick, I know how much that hurts. That ass is a sadist.'

Each day we would stop and collect an envelope. Each one had cash in it, mostly hundreds. Apparently Ben was more than just a driver; he also was in charge of the dates. I made over six grand that week in dates and four grand from the modeling work. Not bad. Bailey made even more, but he also was working four or five dates a day. We didn't mess around once unless it was work related. I sort of missed it but really needed the sleep and I was on the sore side.

The week felt like it came to an end really fast. When I thought about the number of guys who fucked me, the number of dicks I sucked and how most of the time I was naked it wore me out. Bailey said I did an amazing job and the business was a good fit for me. A year ago if someone told me I would be working porn and taking dates I would have laughed, hell I was a virgin at that point. Now I was an accomplished fuck.




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