About eleven people started to head out, some were going to the bar, some home to bed. As each person left they came to say good-bye and how nice it was to meet me and give me a hug. A couple added an ass squeeze.

Ten or so guys were sitting and talking, music was playing, there was laughter and the room had a mood of fun. Ryan and John, Steve, Brenn, Allen and a few other guys were all enjoying the evening. Kevin, a decent looking guy in his later forties was feeling no pain. He was funny, he reminded me of a stand up comedian. He had a full head of hair, a deep loud voice and ample belly. He had us cracking up as he went into a monologue about being old, fat and loud, a queen who attracted all the wrong kind of attention.

'Young guys just aren't interested in a fat, old queen like me. Are you, Mick, Ryan? I bet neither one of you would let me feel up that hot body you are teasing us with.' He stated with a hint of dare. 'Unless you are getting paid you hot pups are not interested in a man who has been around the block. I dare ya to.'

I wasn't sure if he was upset or joking but the other guys were laughing and found it funny so I laughed too. Then Ryan stood up and slowly walked over to Kevin. He started to sway his hips back and forth and run his hands across his chest.

'Ahhh, so the little pup-slut wants to tease this queen huh?'

The guys laughed again, clapping at the scene. Ryan continued to do his little tease, turning around and feeling himself up. The guys were clapping to the music egging on the performance. Ryan kept at it and it was hot, I felt my cock respond. What else had Ryan done to make money?

The song ended and Ryan stopped, turned and walked to where he had been sitting. Boos and jeers came from the audience. As the next song started Ryan went back to his tease and slowly removed his shirt and then spent another entire song taking off his jeans. I was having trouble containing how horny I was, I kept reaching down and grabbing my cock hoping no one would catch me.

Ryan was wearing a pair of white briefs and looked like an underwear model, except he had a head and was alive, standing in a room full of horny gay guys. He walked up to Kevin and started dancing so close to him the bulge in his briefs rubbed against Kevin's huge belly. I looked at John wondering what he thought of this thing. He was smiling and clapping, I guess he didn't mind at all that his boytoy was nearly naked in front of us.

Kevin reached up for Ryan's growing bulge. Ryan moved away. The guys booed. 'I have a man I can't be letting another guy take advantage of me.' Came his retort as he walked back to John and sat down.

'Well Mick, you gonna go next?' Kevin called out above the music. The guys started clapping and demanding a show. Completely embarrassed, turned on and scared I sat with wide eyes.

'Go ahead, show off.' Brenn said into my ear.

I felt a knot in my gut. I had fantasized about just this sort of thing so many times even before Brenn finally took my virginity and now it was here. I stood up and the guys cheered. I did my best to copy Ryan's moves and fumbled my way through it. The guys didn't care, they clapped and cheered and after a few minutes I had my shirt off and a smile on my face. I didn't look at any of the guys; I was scared to see their faces. As I started to undo my jeans my heart jumped. Had I worn underwear? I had, relief.

Taking off your jeans to music in front of a bunch of guys and trying to look sexy and hot is not easy. I stumbled and nearly tripped; it was more comical than sexy. The guys didn't seem to care at all. Ryan took a good fifteen minutes or more to put on his show and I took about six. But I was standing in my white briefs in front of a group of men who were clapping and encouraging me, rewarding me for my body.

'Well sexy, you gonna stop now? Ryan at least gave me a close up.' Kevin called out. I walked over to him and stood inches away. I turned and swayed giving him a great view of my young ass. I felt his hands on my legs and he slowly moved them up to my hips. I was terrified he would pull my briefs off. He didn't. Instead he gently but without question demanding me to sit down. I sat.

His hands moved over my body, I felt my cock respond even as I resisted. Kevin didn't turn me on at all but the guys and the showing off and his hands were too much. He moved to my chest, lightly pinching my nipples moving down my abs until his fingertips touched the top of my briefs. Just as he slid the first inch over the waistband the music stopped and so did he. Everyone looked around to see why.

Steve was standing at the stereo, smirking.

'All right Kevin, that is where you stop.'

Jeers arose and Kevin pleaded for more. I stood up and went to gather my clothes.

'Come on Steve, he isn't yours, he belongs to Brenn, that lucky old fuck. Let me play with him, I won't break him I promise.'

'Sorry Kevin. And he doesn't belong to Brenn. I agree he is a lucky old fuck getting to nail that ass for months but tonight it's my turn. Isn't it Mick? Aren't you planning on getting my cock tonight?'

Oh shit. Now everyone knew. I was standing in my briefs; my clothes in my arms in the middle of a room full of men who had just watched me strip down and get felt up by a fat man.

'Well Mick?' Steve was looking at me with that smirk of his. I looked at Brenn and he gave a very slight nod.

'Um, yeah.' I said barely loud enough for anyone to hear.

'What's that Mick?' Steve said softly. 'What do you want? We couldn't hear you.'

'I, umISteveI...am with Steve tonight.' It took me forever to say it.

'What Mick. Come on. Just say it. What do you want?' I knew Steve was teasing me. He wanted to hear me say it in front of the guys.

'Steve is fucking me tonight.' There I got it out. My knot loosened.

'I am? I don't remember asking to fuck you tonight Mick and I don't remember you asking me to fuck you either. I guess if you want it you are going to need to ask for it.'

Steve was enjoying this a little too much. I was so hot and nervous. 'Steve, I want you to fuck me tonight.'

Steve smiled 'Hmmm, it doesn't sound like you really want me to. Do you really want me to?' He walked towards me and took the clothes from me. I stood still, me in my briefs with all eyes on me.

'Come on Mick, show me, tell me you want it.'

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ryan, he had a big smile on his face and nodded at me mouthing 'do it' and something clicked. I looked at Steve and slowly walked to him, my hands at the band of my briefs. 'Steve, I want you to fuck me tonight.' I slowly started to slide my waistband down.

Steve reached for my arms and pulled them away from my waist. He turned me around and pulled me next to his body. He was warm and solid. 'Guys, tonight I am going to teach this boy some new tricks. He will finally experience the well known, well hung and very talented cock of Steve.' He was moving his hands over my body the entire time, slowly, teasing me. 'You want that don't you Mick.'

'Yes Steve.'

'You have wanted me to touch you, explore your body for a long time haven't you Mick.' His hands continued to roam.

'Yes Steve.'

'You want my cock inside you, taking over, don't you Mick.' His hand on the outside of my briefs holding my growing cock.

'Yes Steve.'

'You have wanted me to fuck you for weeks, haven't you Mick.'

'Yes Steve.'

His hand slid into my briefs and I felt him, his warm strong hand grasp my swelling cock.

'And tonight you will get me.' He removed his hand, my growing erection clearly visible to everyone in the room. 'Turn around Mick and show us that ass of yours, the one I will be taking tonight.'

I reached up and slowly slid my briefs down past my ass. At least one camera took a picture and the guys were clapping again. Without thinking I bent over to show off my ass. After jerking off for years to the thought of showing my bare ass off to a group of men I was finally doing it! I stood up and walked back to Steve and we sat down. I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. Then Steve put his arm across my shoulders and I felt the weight of his very solid bicep on my neck. The butterflies returned.

'You fucker Steve.' Boomed Kevin's voice as he rolled into another routine of being left out. 'How you get these young guys to bend over for you I do not understand. Shit you even got him to bend over for a room full of men. You got to teach me.'

Guys were laughing, Brenn smiling at me and I felt better, I think.

'Kevin, I take pity on you.' Ryan stood up and walked over to Kevin. He was still in his briefs and they were tenting. I wondered if it was from my performance. As he stood in front of Kevin he started tugging at his briefs. Someone hit the stereo again and Ryan immediately started to respond to the music. Had he been a stripper too?

By the time the second song was over he was completely naked and sitting on Kevin's lap and Kevin felt him up, stroking Ryan's nice size hard on. Kevin was smiling and Ryan had a grin on his face that screamed cocky smart-ass. John was smiling too so it must not bother him to have his boy-toy being fondled in front of a room full of guys.

Ryan stood up and Kevin started to mock cry. The guys teased him and cheered Ryan and asked for their turn. 'Show me the money guys.' Was his cocky reply. He started putting his jeans back on, leaving his briefs on Kevin's knee.

Steve stood up pulling me along with him. 'Well Mick, you ready?'

'What?' I was caught off guard.

'You ready to fuck? Let's go stud.' And he started walking toward the stairs to his bedroom. Catcalls and smart-ass remarks followed, as I was lead to my next experience.



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