Getting home from school I changed and went to work out. After 1000 crunches my abs were a little sore, my tailbone was too. Figured my ass would be a little sore later tonight as well. Grabbed some dinner and worked the upper body before showering. He said it didn't matter what I wore but I still spent half an hour finding the right clothes. How hard can it be when pretty much all I have is jeans and tees, a few sweaters. I made a mental note to talk with the guys about some new clothes.

The entire trip I was nervous. My gut ached, crunches or nerves, didn't matter, I didn't feel well. On the other hand I was super excited. I thought about my strip tease and then just walking around showing off. I loved it when they were looking at me. Now a guy would be looking at me while I was having sex with another guy. The nerves let up and my dick did too.

The house was a typical suburban 70's style, nothing note worthy about it. Did the neighbors know that a slut lived there? Would they see me and think 'Ah a young gay slut going to get fucked by the old fag.'

I rang the doorbell and it sounded really loud.

John answered the door. He looked the same as he did at the party. He was a really normal looking guy in his fifties. This was the guy who would be watching me have sex. He invited me in, offered me a drink or a joint. I accepted water. He asked if I was nervous and I said a little. He told me how excited he was to have me over and how Ryan was excited and what fun it was going to be. I asked where Ryan was. John smiled and said we should go downstairs.

Typical lower level, large open area with a TV, two couches and a large ottoman. John went to the bar and mixed a drink. Ryan came trotting down the steps.

'Mick! Damn it is good to see you.'

He went over to the bar and John handed him a drink. He swallowed it in seconds, put the glass down and walked over to me. All I could do was smile and take him in. Wearing only worn jeans hanging low, he looked so sexy I couldn't stand it.

'Hold on Ryan, let me get comfortable.' John commanded as he made his way to one of the couches. Ryan stood still and smiled at me, looking at my crotch.

'Ok, now I am comfortable. Condoms are on the hearth next to the lube. Take your time boys. Mick I hope you don't mind if I jerk off while I watch. ' I smiled. 'Well, how about a kiss?'

Ryan took the lead. A wave of relief, I had no idea what to do. He slowly walked up close, smiling the entire time. He leaned in to kiss me, a little peck on the lips. I tilted my head and accepted. He kissed me again and again, then leaned back and smiled.

'God you taste good.' His hand reached up and stroked my hair. Using both hands he removed my sweater and then my tee. I could feel the cool air on my chest. John sighed. My nipples were hard. I looked down at them. Ryan reached up with his left hand and gave my right nipple a little pinch.

He came in closer and placed both hands on my shoulders. Turning me so I was facing John he stepped behind me and nibbled my ears, his hands on my biceps. He slowly kissed my neck and ran his hands across my chest and stomach. We kissed.

He reached for my jeans and undid the button. Slowly he unzipped my jeans. My cock was hard and felt trapped. He slid my jeans down and continued to feel my body. I closed my eyes and enjoyed it. Ryan was feeling me up. He knelt down and carefully removed my jeans. I was wearing tighty whities and my cock was hard and sticking toward the left. He ran his hands up my legs as he stood up. I felt him push into my ass; his cock was had in his jeans.

Again feeling my chest he made his way to my abs and then flirted with the waistband of my shorts. When he cupped my balls and using his thumb and fingers to outline my cock I gasped. 'I can't wait to fuck you.' I knew precum was coming out. His hand went into my shorts and he wrapped his fingers around my cock. I could hardly stand up. Leaning into him I felt myself releasing my body to him. I was his.

He removed his hand and turned me around. We started kissing. My cock, god I wanted it out of my shorts! He ran his hands over my back and cupped my ass.

Sliding one hand inside the material, removing it and then sliding in the other while we kissed I trust my cock into his groin. He was slightly taller and felt solid. His hard nipples on my chest, rubbing, teasing me and teasing John. Slowly he slid down the back of my shorts showing John my ass. I felt I was on display and loved it. 'Oh god, Mick your ass is truly a gift of the gods.'

Ryan turned me around so I was facing John again. Slowly, almost painfully, he freed my cock. 'Beautiful.' John was pleased.

My eyes followed as Ryan removed my shorts. Finally completely naked I looked at John. He smiled. Was he seeing Mick or a hot young naked male? Didn't matter to me. I felt proud to elicit the smile and lust from John. For a second I thought I would let him fuck me. 'Your turn.' Ryan whispered.

I turned toward his, we were sideways towards John. I reached up to touch his nipples with one hand making sure John could see. Using both hands I felt his warm skin, the little flexing his muscles would give. His chest, arms, abs, waist. I reached down and groped his cock. I looked up at him and we both smiled. 'You want it huh. Well, go get it.' I opened his jeans and slid them down slowly. The lust I had to see his cock in front of me was overwhelming.

He was shaved clean. I had not seen a shaved man up close in person before. His cock sprang free. I wanted to sit down and just look at it. Odd really, I had seen cock before, both Brenn and Steve, but something about Ryan's cock was different. Something about Ryan was different. As I removed his jeans I thought about how many men had seen him naked, had sex with him, held his cock, it excited me.

I reached for his cock but he blocked my hand and helped me stand up. We stood there, naked, pausing so John could see the beauty of two naked young men.

Ryan started swaying back and forth, his cock hitting mine. It was intense. I followed suit and we laughed. He got to his knees and began teasing me with his tongue. He wouldn't touch my cock with it, just get very close and then move away. He was teasing me, he knew it and he was laughing. He took his time on my cock, little licks and kisses, not taking it into his mouth but torturing me with the suspense. My knees grew weak as his slowly worked on my cock. Everything was deliberately slow, I wanted to fuck his face but he refused to let me. As he progressed and had my head in his mouth I heard John breathing heavy. Ryan continued for what felt forever until finally he took my entire cock into his mouth, he held it flexing his throat muscles and then slowly released me. I wanted to cum. I wanted to fuck. He was not having any of that yet.

After my cock was free he smiled, stood up and placed his left hand on my shoulder.

My mind was screaming. WAS THAT IT? Aren't you going to suck it? I didn't say a word. I knew he was in control and I was doing my part in this show for John. I followed Ryan's lead and spent a long time teasing his cock and I added his balls. He had ignored my balls; I wasn't going to let his beautiful balls hang there within half an inch of my mouth.

John was enjoying the show. Most of the time I would forget he was even in the room. A sudden sigh of groan would remind me. Ryan was well aware and made sure any action was easily within John's sight.

After my turn at his cock, can't say I was on it, it was only in my mouth in it's entirety for a moment, Ryan had me recline on the ottoman. He left me there and mixed another drink for John and one for himself.

He spent a glorious length of time exploring my body. Starting at my toes he kissed, licked and sucked every inch of my body. He would twist me, lift my leg, move my arm, bending and forming me into whatever position suited his path. I relaxed and went into a euphoric high. The only place he skipped out on has my hole. I didn't understand but let it go. He once again got up and mixed new drinks.

Returning to the ottoman he had me on all fours and finally began to explore my eager hole. Brenn and Steve had both rimmed me; Brenn especially had spent time using his tongue on me. Ryan's skills were amazing. As I would get close to cumming he would stop and flick the head of my cock. The sudden pain stopped my orgasm. Who knew that would work?

After he had me moaning and wet he began using his fingers, taking time to drive me and John wild. Finally I heard him stand up and the sound of a condom wrapper being opened followed. He used a generous amount of lube and worked it in. My heart was racing. Finally he was going to fuck me.

He flipped me on my back, positioned himself so John had a wonderful view and placed the head of his cock at my tight pink hole. I felt him apply a small amount of pressure on my hole and in one move he sank his entire cock into me. A combination of surprise and pain hit me. I shoot a load of cum onto my chest, drops hitting my face and the ottoman. It was amazing.

He continued to fuck me. He wasn't going slowly, he started in and kept going. How long he pumped his cock in me I don't know but I was hard again in minutes and lost myself in the pleasure of being fucked by a guy who knew exactly what he was doing.

Within out removing his cock he had my on all fours and continued to pummel my ass. The sounds filled my ears and I swear I heard music.

He pulled out 'On your back.' He demanded and I obeyed. The condom was off before I had the chance to lie down again and he shot his cum on me. I was resting on my elbows and looking at his creamy load across my abs and chest. 'Just stay there a minute.'

He mixed another round of drinks, consumed his and followed by slowly licking his cum off. 'Your turn.' He smiled.

I did my best to enjoy his body trying to give the same attention as he did mine. Clearly unable to match his experience it took my much less time to get my tongue in his ass. After a rather feeble rim job I was dying to fuck so I donned a condom, filled his hole with lube and got ready to enter his winking hole.

As hard as I could I speared his ass. I wanted to fuck him hard and I put every ounce of strength I could into it. He yelped and gasped. 'Holy fuck Mick! Good god.' And he started laughing. 'Fuck him Mick, make it hurt.' John offered.

With power and a little revenge I continued to assault his hole the best I could. The feeling was amazing. My first time topping and all I could think was WOW!

'Go for it Mick, fuck me,' Ryan began to instruct, or was it command 'fuck me hard make it hurt, come on kid nail me!'

Sadly I didn't last long. Before I was ready I felt my load build up. 'Oh god, no, damn, fuck, I'm gonna lose it!' I yelled.

'Pull out Mick I want to see it.' John demanded.

I did and almost didn't get the damn condom off before I exploded. Ryan had moved and my load ended up on his face. John was standing and watching. Ryan laughed and smiled. I moaned and felt weak. As I sat down John started clapping. Ryan followed and they cheered me.

'Mick, you did well.'

'No shit Mick, you are a pretty hot bottom, and I will say you are going to be a damn good top too. Need some practice though and I am very willing to offer my help.' Ryan was sitting up, my cum slowing sliding down his face. 'First, like this load of yours off my face.'

I licked it up and we kissed.

'Hit the shower Mick.' John pointed to a door.

Returning to the couch I sat down fresh and clean. Looking at the clock it was ten. Shit.

'I gotta go, it's ten. Sorry.'

'Sure. Fuck and run. No respect for the bottom after you get off huh.' Ryan was teasing me.

Getting dressed quickly I felt a little embarrassed. John handed me a folded bill.

'Well done kid. Thanks. And whenever you are ready, I am ready to take a turn on that amazing ass of yours. Let me know. I will be generous.'

Money. My mind went a little blank.

As we walked to the door John had some more words for me. 'Really Mick, that was amazing, thank you. Any time you want to fuck around with Ryan call. I won't pay for it, I will watch but you two can fuck each other anytime. I will pay you if I can fuck so keep that in mind.'

'I will. Thanks John.' I opened the storm door. 'John?'


'This stays here right.'

'What stays here? That you and Ryan put on a show for me?'

Of course he was going to make this difficult. 'Well, that but about the...' purposely I didn't finish the sentence.

'The money?'

Sheepishly I nodded.

He breathed deeply. 'For tonight, yes. Until tomorrow at eight I will say nothing about any of this.'

'Until eight, I don't understand.'

'Stop by before eight tomorrow Mick. Now go home before you get into trouble.'

Fuck, what the hell was happening. I have the most amazing sex with a super hot stud, show off, fuck a guy for the first time and now this?! I was pissed and a little scared. What was John doing? I don't get it, was he blackmailing me? What the hell do I do? Is he going to tell people? Shit.

And who do I talk to about it? Brenn? Do I go to Brenn and say Brenn, John paid me to fuck Ryan while he watched and now he is blackmailing me?



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