Sure enough when I logged in there was an email from Bailey waiting for me.


Loved recording our fuck, you said you were willing so I am going to see how willing you are! There are ten email addresses below, each for a hot top I know. Contact each of them and set up a date so they can fuck you. One each day, starting tomorrow. Keep it simple, before you send the emails; send one to me so I can see what you are saying. Send it within 30 minutes of getting this email. Other than these guys you can't fuck anyone else, not even me !


Wow, this was fucking hot. He knows I am not innocent and have had a number of men I didn't really know fuck me; he was just upping the stakes. I immediately wrote the email and sent to Bailey.

'Hi Stud,

Bailey wants you to fuck me, when can we hook up ASAP?


Two minutes later Bailey replied.

That sucked bud, use this:

Please fuck me.

And a pic of me nude, full body, face and all!

I took a deep breath and added the email address to each guy and sent off one at a time, adding Bailey under blind copy so he would know I was following through. I had to admire the pic he selected it was fucking hot. I wanted to fuck me.

I went to shower and make a sandwich. When I returned about 45 minutes later there were five emails waiting for me.

These guys must have smartphones. I guess if a guy sent a pic as hot as the one Bailey made me send, I would reply as fast as I could push the button. My follow up emails and their replies set the course of the next ten days. That evening Bailey sent a message asking how the dates were going. I told him they were all set. He liked that, asked for the schedule. Then told me something I wasn't expecting. He said he wanted me to video each guy fucking me. I tried to get out of it and excuse it and Bailey wouldn't have it. The next morning I cruised over to his place to pick up the gear. He was fully dressed and gave no indication of wanted anything, not even a kiss or a quick chat. Apparently the guys all knew more about what was going on that I did, not a single one protested the video camera and most acted like they were waiting for it.

West. Early 30s, really smooth body, thinning hair but he wears it well. Great smile and super white teeth. He wasn't too tall, about 6 ft and had a sexy body, he shaved some of his pubes off and his balls were super smooth, made servicing him a joy. Really big helmet on him too. He used my ass slow, long and deep, amazing fuck. I told him he could email or call any time, I would be glad to take him again.

Scott. Tall dark and handsome, totally dashing, hot body, he didn't shave anything and he wore it well. His cock was on the small side and I am thankful for it. Once I was naked he took his dick out and became a real arrogant asshole. He was insulting and rude and when he was fucking me, it was not about pleasure really, much more about making me as uncomfortable as possible. He even made me stand with my hands on the window like I was being frisked, fucking me from behind. It was pretty late so it was dark out and he had the lights on. Sort of a whole little show he had going on. When he was done with his whatever you want to call it, he just said, GO, to me. So I did. A real fucking jerk.

Johnny. Forty-five, the slightly aging face and hair to show it. But the body, very nicely kept up, I see plenty of guys who don't look that good at half his age. There was nothing really muscular or ripped about him, just a great, in shape guy. He liked to crack jokes. The cock was another story. His jokes went on and on and I didn't mind once I got my mouth on his cock. His head was about as thick as the rest of it and it fit my mouth and throat perfectly. I enjoyed the evening with Johnny, even slept the night with him. He fucked my again in the morning, we both promised not to say a word of it, hate to mess up Bailey's plan, demands or game.

Cal. A nice looking guy with strawberry blonde hair, nice facial hair and a great cock that would have been amazing if it was only an inch longer. He was stubby but great proportion. At least he was easy to give an amazing blowjob too. And he liked more than that, he was into it a little rough. Before we met he asked a bunch of questions and we were both pretty clear about what I would be willing to do. What he was willing to do was unknown to me! It was my first really attempt at bondage and Cal was good. As he started out showing my things I thought there was no way I could do it. In the end he did everything he wanted to do. I felt like such a slut.

Samuel. Mice guy, mid thirties, goatee, smooth body and a very trimmed cock, short and thick. The sex was nice, he really enjoyed it, I thought about Cal. Terrible I know but as long as Samuel was enjoying himself I don't think it matters. I guess if her were a paying kinda guy I would be thrilled to have him work away at my hole.

Michael. Later fifties, bald, trimmed beard and stash. Sexy, my God was he sexy. He was in super shape, had the midsection of a guy over 25 as he should but still, he had me so turned on, I was ready to do anything for him. That night was the first time a guy pissed on me.

Teddy. Early thirties, nice body, trim and a huge dick, my God I was surprised. A really fun goofy guy. Nice looking guy. Could almost hate him he had it all, the face, the body, the personality and a huge cock. Thankfully he was gay so I could enjoy his tool in me. I begged him to call me in the future so I could impale myself on his meat. He liked that.

Scott. Just turned thirty and depressed about it. A super hot bod that was starting to turn into average. His depressed mood was having a serious effect on him, within six months I bet he looked like most guys and was never going back to hot. It was a nice time I guess. I did all the work and he seemed to enjoy himself every once in a while. He was a bored fuck but clean and not demanding. Guess I need to expect this time to time.

Rob. Skinny guy early thirties and a devilish grin, he was a little troublemaker through and through. A really long dick but not to thick so it was pretty easy to take it all. Could go on and on about Rob, thankfully I have a tape, the guy was like fucking a gymnastic monkey or something. Super goofy and fun time, totally hot and the first time I had fucked around in a warehouse.

After each date I sent the video to Bailey who would only confirm he got it. I was hurt by his cold shoulder, especially since I was letting ten guys I didn't know from Adam fuck me on tape.

After the tape of Rob fucking me Bailey called. 'Come on over hot stuff, wear as little as possible, we are gonna fuck all night!'

Even pissed at him I did a mad dash to get to him.



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