Two days later I was knocking on Brenn's door. He knew I was coming and he was ready for me. The door slammed shut behind me as he pushed me up against it and kissed me deep, hard and plenty of tongue. He caught me off guard.

After he pulled my shirt off and worked on my nipples he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his bedroom. I almost laughed it was so unlike him. He pushed me back onto his bed, grabbed my running pants and pulled them off. One hand on each ankle he spread my legs wide crawled up between them and aimed his cock at my hole, 'Hope you are ready Mick.' And in he went.

I gasped. I wasn't ready. Well, I was ready but not ready like that; it actually hurt for a couple minutes until my ass relaxed. I didn't say anything during his assault on my hole. I was enjoying it completely. After nearly a year of careful prep and sex this was the first time I felt like he was taking me. Something about it, being with someone who I cared about and who cared about me, someone who had helped me through the transition from virgin to practiced bottom, it was hot.

I let go of all thoughts and went with it, giving my body over to him. This was purely for him. When he pulled out, removed the condom and aimed his load on my chest I smiled. The look on his face, the grunt and moan as he released that pent up load was a gift. I wished it were on camera so I could enjoy it again.

He collapsed onto his side, next to me. 'Mick,' as he gasped to regain his breath, 'That waswhat I needed. Thank you.' He leaned in to kiss me and we kept out lips locked for some time.

He rolled off me, his eyes closed and breathing deeply. I got up and retrieved a damp towel to wipe him off then returned to the bathroom to clean myself up.

Walking to the bed he smiled. His entire body looked like it was relaxed and comfortable. 'Brenn, that was unbelievable. Never has it been like that. What brought this on?'

'Are you upset?'

Laughing, 'Do I look upset? Hell no, it was amazing, just not like you.'

'Mick. Confession. I have been watching that site you're on and a couple of other videos I found online and I don't know what came over me. I stopped seeing you as this young kid who I needed to be so careful with and tender.'

'Brenn, I wasn't a kid, I was eighteen.'

'Not by much, but you were so innocent. I felt almost a protectiveness over you. Don't get me wrong, I love fucking you, always have, but I always saw you as some, some, almost fragile. Then I saw the videos. Some of those guys really went at you, pounding your ass, your face. It turned me on like I can't explain. The weird thing was I had seen you get fucked and sucking dick and done it myself, but seeing you on video, online, on some site changed my perspective. I wanted to fuck you. No I wanted to fuck the hot porn stud from the videos. Not to demean you or anything, but the entire idea of you went from being Mick, to wanting to fuck that hot young stud and fuck him hard.'

'Well Brenn, you did and it was hot as hell.' My mind was dealing with his words. Protecting me, fragile, careful, words so tender. Yet he had fucked me before like I was able to take it, just not like this. 'So what do you think about my work now?'

'Hmm, still not so sure I like the escort side of it. You are still letting guys fuck you for money aren't you? You said that was the road you were going down.'

'Shit, it is almost embarrassing to answer that.' I thought about it for a moment. The way he said it almost felt like a sucker punch to my gut. 'But yeah. Guys are paying me. Not all guys!' I quickly added.

'But more than two.' Brenn chimed in without missing a beat.

'Oh yeah, more than two. Shit Brenn, it sounds so dirty or something when you say it that way.'

'Well Mick, the truth of the matter is it is on the dirty side. First it is illegal. Second thing is you don't know these guys from Adam. Third is you are so young I hate to see something bad happen to you.'

I felt guilty. 'I know it is on the dangerous side. I don't think about that much really. Somehow after the trip west and the help from Bailey and the others it doesn't feel like it is illegal. And I don't know these guys, the first time. I wonder about something bad happening but then I think of all the guys before that, the guys I met through you and Steve, nothing bad happened. I don't do bareback, sometimes it is tempting but I don't. '

He looked at me and I felt like it was almost fatherly it was so full of concern. 'Brenn, I promise this is just a short term deal. I don't plan on doing the escort thing for long, just right now it is fun, I am enjoying it, the attention, the power that I feel.'

He didn't respond.

'I have a question for you. Bailey and I are living together and I consider him my boyfriend. He does the sex for money thing too and that isn't an issue. He knows I am still seeing you and Steve and a couple of the others from time to time. He doesn't have that same kind of circle so it is pretty much me, the clients and the guys from the site. I guess I have them too. Anyway, I have met some people at school who don't know about this and treat me like another classmate and I really like it.

'The other day one of the guys, Will, we have econ together and study or hang out between classes, well he told me he was gay, had seen me online and was, well, he got nearly naked and asked if I was interested. He was very cool about it. We talked about Bailey and nothing happened. But I went home and Bailey and I fucked and I told him about Will.'

'Did you tell him about the offer?'

'Yes I did. And he said I should go for it if I want to. Brenn, this guy is so hunky and sexy and I really want to, but at the same time I don't want to ruin what I have with Bailey. I don't know what to do.'

'How is this different from the fuck we just had?'

I explained the situation and he got it. 'So do I hook up with Will and then offer a three way with Bailey?'

'If you two talked about it and he is cool with it go for it. But keep in mind the dynamic between the two of you may change.'

Fuck. That is exactly what I was worried about. I didn't want it to change. I wanted it to stay strong and get stronger. Was so confused. My body wanted the sex, wanted Will. My heart wanted Bailey and a boyfriend and a relationship. My mind was a mess; it didn't know what it wanted.

We talked a while longer, showered and I went home.


'Yes stud?'

'Been thinking about Will.'

'Did you hook up with him? No, you went to Brenn's. How was it?'

'Fuck Bailey, it was amazing.' I told him about that unusual fuck, he got hard. I actually turned him down when he started reaching for my dick, a first. 'Back to Will, not that I don't want your hand on my cock, but I want to clear this first. Then we can fuck like teenagers. I want to have sex with him. I want you as my boyfriend more. If you are totally cool with me hooking up with him I will, and tell you all about it.'

'Al l I ask is you use condoms, a given, and that the three of us hook up very quickly afterwards.' He smiled, reached for my cock and I accepted everything.

The next day after class Will and I went to the student union to study as usual. After we were done we packed up our things and I handed him a condom. He smiled. 'When?' was his eager reply. 'As soon as possible. But there is one thing, one catch.'


'We hook up with Bailey the next day and have a little threesome.'

He grinned ear to ear, I wondered if anyone could tell from his smile that we were going to fuck. 'I have one more class and then the afternoon is free.'

'See you at twelve thirty.' I turned and left.

'Where?' He shouted.




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