'Remember that hot young ass I nailed the other day? Wanna tag him?' Steve got right to the point. 'In fifteen minutes, your place.'

He put his phone down. I had ne idea who he spoke with, only that I was going to get fucked again.

'Ah Mick, this is gonna be fun. You'll like him. Nice guy, clean, great top.'

I sat there and felt me dick grow. How this sex shit turned me on! Only a couple of months ago I was a virgin and confused about sex and life and men, now I was about to get laid by a guy I had never met. It was a turn on. What was I doing?

We turned into the driveway of a nice simple house. Steve got out and I followed. He walked in the house without knocking. What is up with that? He walks into Brenn's place too.

A good-looking guy about thirty walks into the room. He is not much taller than I am, short dark hair, dark eyes, handsome. His beard and mustache are neatly trimmed, fuck he looks good. His sweatshirt fits nicely and his jeans are snug. My eyes are on his crotch when he introduces himself. 'I'm Dean. Like that huh?'

Busted. I look at his face and he is smiling.

'This is Mick.' Steve introduces me, good thing since I can't speak at the moment.

'Come in guys. So Mick, Steve said he had a nice ride on your tail at a party. You like it on the wild side?' His voice is smooth, a slight accent I can't place, I find myself attracted to him.

'Ah, ya, he did, we did it at a party, but no one saw it or nothing. Is that wild?' So much for sounding intelligent.

We remove our coats and go into the living room. The guys sit down, Steve on a chair and Dean on the couch. Not sure what to do I sit on the couch but not too close to Dean. They are both looking at me, smiling. I smile back. Awkward doesn't describe how I feel.

Steve starts up. 'So Mick texts me from class, he wants to get fucked. Horny little fucker. I pick him up after school, take him back to my place and take another ride. Dean, just wait until you get in there, damn. You know I like running the show so after I finish I ask him what he is doing for me as a thank you. The kid hasn't got a clue so I offer up getting tagged. You should have seen his face. Smart ass, tells me only if I can get a guy in five minutes. I bet he didn't think I could. Of course I thought of you Dean and here we are.'

Very uncomfortable sitting there listening to Steve talk about me like an object. But I do and like the toy I am I wait to hear what Steve wants me to do. Dean is looking at me and smiling, his teeth are white as snow. 'And I am so happy I was at home.' He replies.

'Wait until you see him naked. Mick, show Dean your hot bod.' Steve has that look in his eyes. How does he know that not only will I do whatever he says but enjoy it? What sex power does he have?

I stand up and slowly remove my clothes. When I am down to my shorts I turn around and tease a little as I reveal my ass. Pulling them back up I walk over to Dean and stop inches in front of his knees. 'Dean,' I look into his eyes. 'Steve said you would take turns with him fucking me.'

He smiles wide, showing those beautiful teeth. 'OH yeah honey. It will be my pleasure.'

I can tell Steve is pleased with me. I feel like his personal whore. As I get on my knees I ask Dean if I can suck his cock. He undoes his jeans and slides them down. I help him take them off and then slide my hands along his legs, over his knees and along his thighs. His legs are strong, not as hairy at Steve's; I can feel the muscles under his skin. Reaching the waist of his shorts I slid my right hand and gently grasp his cock. I can feel it getting full. I look up into his eyes and smile, lick my lips and reach into his underwear. His bush is trimmed so the hairs are shorter but still full.

As my hand finds his cock I look down and pull it out. It starts to fill some more, looks good. I look up again at him and smile. Opening my mouth I take it inside and begin to work on it. It grows steady until I can't keep the entire thing in my mouth. I start that slow delicious motion moving up and down as his cock continues to grow. He moves his hips to give me more room. He slides his underwear down and I use my hands to remove them without stopping the work on his dick.

As I kneel between his legs I forget about Steve. I realize how much I enjoy sucking cock. The texture and taste, the sensation as it grows and gets harder, knowing the owner of this glorious organ is getting high from it. I look up at him and slowly release his cock from my mouth. I smile and go to work on his smooth balls. He spreads his legs even more and I take my time sucking them. Returning to his cock, squeezing his balls, I let all my senses zoom in on the moment. Time has stopped and I am high on his scent, taste and body.

'Stand up.' He gently reaches under my arms so I stand. My cock is hard. He puts his hands on my hips and pulls me into him. His hands start to slide up my torso; he gives my nipples a light tweak. 'Turn around.' He tells me, almost in a whisper. He removes my shorts and each hand on one cheek he squeezes. 'Oh yeah. Nice.'

Pulling me back I feel his face as he spreads my ass and begins to taste my hole. I close my eyes and give in to his tongue. He works his tongue towards my bud and I feel him tease it, working its way in. God I want him inside me! He pulls away, stands up. 'Let's go into the bed room.'

His large bed is unmade. He tells me to get on it. Crawling on I remain on all fours, my knees at the edge of the mattress. 'Steve, you know where the lube and condoms are.' He stands behind my and moves between my legs. I feel his cock brush across my ass. A sigh sneaks out from my lips as I raise my ass in response. Not sure if I imagine it or if it is real but I swear my ass puckers for him.

Dean takes his time tasting my hole. The pleasure I experience is out of this world. I forget about school, my parents, my age, all the sex I have had and the only thing I can think about is the amazing pleasure of Dean's tongue.

I feel a dick hit my face and without opening my eyes I open my mouth to accept it. I suck on Steve's cock while Dean eases up my ass. Every pore of my body is tingling in anticipation of the sex to follow.

Dean's tongue leaves my hole and it feels cool. His hands grab each cheek and he spreads them wide, I do my best to spread my legs for him. The tip of his cock rubs my wet hole and I breath in deep through my nose, in a moment I expect to feel him enter me. He does and I stop sucking Steve's cock as I savor every moment.

His cock enters me slowly in one push, I gasp as I feel him fill me up. His cock fit me perfectly. 'Like that Mick?' And he slowly pulls out until his head is just inside my ring. He continues this same movement sliding into me completely and sliding out. Slowly yet with power that took over my body he continued the full fuck as I accepted him. He pulls out completely. I gasp and he enters me once again and holds it. Steve enters my gaping mouth and I am completely filled by these two men who know how to use my body.

Using every muscle possible I grasp on to their two cocks and they simultaneously begin to fuck me, pulling out together and entering together, their cocks never fully leaving my body. My heads spins with the full thrill of being fucked so well. My body twitches and I feel my cock shoot a heavy load of cum onto my stomach. The guys continue their fucking and I accept every second of it.

My cock is hard again as they continue and after wave upon wave of exhilaration I hear a grunt and one very hard push into my hole. Dean holds his cock inside me and unleashes his load. Steve follows a moment later my mouth and throat filled with his seed.

As they finish they each begin a slow fuck while their cocks remain hard and as they soften they pull out. I turn to look at Dean and fall on my back exhausted and spent.

Dean smiles at me knowingly, 'Mick, you have been truly fucked.' They each chuckle and I smile. 'Anytime you want I will gladly fill you.'

'Thanks Dean, I want.'

'Greedy little shit are you?' He laughs as he removes his full condom. I watch his firm ass as he walks away and wonder.

He returns with a damp towel and wipes up my cum, lifts my legs and wipes my ass.

'Mick, you are truly an amazing bottom, you are built to be fucked.'

I smile; Dean's comment makes me feel like a god. My thoughts race to being worshiped by men daily.

Steve is getting dressed and I follow. At the door Dean hands me his number and tells me to call him soon, he wants another go. I kiss him and thank him again for an amazing afternoon.

In the car I sit silently thinking of the mind blowing fucking I received.

'Mick, we can have a lot of fun. Stick with me and I guarantee you will enjoy and discover more about man sex than you can imagine.

I look at him 'Steve, you can use me, fuck me, share me, do anything you want if it is going to be this amazing.' I seriously think of moving in with him to surrender my body to him. He drops me off at home and I go to bed without showering falling into a deep and satisfied sleep.



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