I spent the next week in a sex-fueled craze. I would get home and text one of the guys, Brenn, Steve, Allen then Dean and ask if they wanted to fuck. Of course I received a yes. I would work out for an hour, shower and then head over to their place. I wanted sex and they gave it to me. Why I was so horny I didn't know, but the emotionless fucking felt great.

I didn't tell them about the hook up with John. I didn't talk much at all. On Friday Brenn sent a text and asked my to stop over about 5. When I arrived, freshly shower, worked out and ready to get naked, he asked me in. As I started to take off my clothes he spoke 'Mick, hold on a sec. Why the rush? '

'What do you mean? I want to get laid, can't with my clothes on.'

'Mick, slow down and come downstairs.'

Steve was sitting, waiting. 'Hey Mick.'

'Steve, I didn't see your car. How are ya?'

'Mick, sit down, we want to talk with you.' Brenn interrupted.

Shit, what was this about? Were they pissed?

'Mick, you know we like fucking you and that we care about you too so remember that as we talk. You are an adult, a very young adult, but you are an adult. What you do with your time, life and body is your decision, we don't own you, nobody owns you and you can make those choices. However, we are a little concerned about your decision making recently.'

'What are you...' I tried to talk; Brenn interrupted 'Just listen for a minute. We care about you and don't want to see you getting hurt or worse. So we want to know, to ask, what is going on with you starting to hustle?'


They sat quiet and looked at me.

'Fuck. John. What did he say?' That ass! I knew he would do this, fucker.

'Well, he said you were for rent now.'

'I'm not for rent.'

'And the $200 he paid you so he and Ryan could fuck you last week?'

Shit. Shit. Shit. 'Listen, it wasn't like that.'

'What was it like Mick. He has been pretty clear that he paid you to suck his cock and then when he offered another $100 to fuck you, you took it. What isn't it?'

'Yes he paid me. I was pissed off. I was angry and I needed to get my frustration out.'

'Mick, working out, yelling, fighting, that's getting your frustrations out, letting a guy fuck you for money is hustling. Not the same thing. And you kept this from us. We talked about this a while ago, if you were getting into this shit you owed us to tell us.'

'How is it different than getting fucked by you and your friends Brenn? You give them my number, introduce us, arrange for them to fuck me. So how is it different from my arranging and hooking up on my own?' I was pissed.

Steve got into the conversation at this point. 'Brenn, he has a point really.'

Brenn didn't answer. I felt good that Steve spoke up for me. 'Brenn, I had sex with two guys you introduced me to, it wasn't some guy driving down the street and offered me a ride.'

'Mick, you need to be careful.'

'I was, we used condoms and I wasn't wasted or anything. I knew what was going to happen when I went over there so how was I not careful?' I didn't mention that Ryan fucked me for a while without a condom. If John spilled those beans I was screwed.

'John's a talker and he has been letting people know you fuck for money.'

I didn't know what to say.

'Mick, you can fuck who you want to fuck, but be careful about it. It isn't just the money piece of it, it's the pictures.' Steve dropped a new bomb.

'Pictures? What pictures?' Seriously I was shocked.

'When he was fucking you, when Ryan was fucking you. When you were sucking their cocks. He has pictures. And he has been showing them off.'

'Are you kidding me Steve? I had no idea he was taking pictures.' So I lied. I did know.

'He said he paid extra to take them Mick.' Steve busted me.

'Shit, that's right, now I remember, but I didn't know he took them until afterward, I figured that since he already had them there wasn't much I could do.'

We talked for a while, they were truly concerned. But I didn't care. I was pissed. Pissed that John told them. Pissed that Brenn and Steve found out. Pissed in general. What was the big deal really? They all fucked me, a lot and didn't seem to care who knew so what was the big deal.

Finally I asked them what they wanted out of this, from me. 'An apology? A promise never to do it again? I don't know what you want. You want to never see me again? Never fuck me again? You guys have been really good to me. Brenn you especially. You have treated me well and like a friend. The sex is amazing and I have no regrets. So I don't know what you want.'

'We just want you to know that people are talking about you and it may not be taken like you want.' Brenn looked a little sad.

'And we still want to fuck you.' Thank you Steve for breaking the heavy cloud!

'Ok, I hear you and will try to be careful. But I am not sorry for what I did. It may have been dumb but I did it and can't change it.' I wasn't sure I would if I could; it was hot getting paid to get fucked.

The air was still pretty serious and it was driving me nuts. 'Ok, now are we done with this downer of a conversation? I came over here hoping to get naked and laid. It's Friday night and I want to spend some time with a hard cock.'

'Mick, I tell ya, I like your dedication to the cock.' Steve smiled. 'And I want to fuck you. Brenn?'


'Sure. That's the best you can do Brenn? Sure. Seriously, that does not make me feel like you want my ass.' What was he hung up on?

'Mick, you want to have some fun? We can have some fun. How about a party and I fuck you in the middle of it?' Now Steve was talking.

'Steve, that is music to my ears. You coming Brenn?'

'Nah, I have some stuff to do.'

'Wow, turned down. That hasn't happened before.' I felt a little hurt. Then I thought of Steve using my ass and smiled.

Brenn did stay home while Steve took me to a party. I didn't know what he had in mind but I was up for anything. Shit. I was bursting. I wanted to get naked and get some cock.

Steve was quiet on the ride and I was going nuts wondering what he would do to me. 'Steve, what's your plan?'

'To fuck you.' A man of few words, but really good words.

'I hope so but what about this party?'

Steve laughed, I knew and he knew that whatever he wanted from me he was getting. 'Oh Mick, so young, so horny, so willing. A buddy of mine is having a party and we are going. Expect a dozen plus guys, all types. I am going to show you off and then get you naked and then fuck you while they watch. '

My dick was hard and I was more than willing to have Steve use me in front of a bunch of guys. 'You the only one getting inside of me?' I hadn't had two guys for a few days now.

'Maybe I rent you out.' He laughed big. 'You like making money.'

'Thanks Steve, rub it in, make me feel like shit.' I wasn't really mad but it did sting a little, mostly because he was right.

The party was not some small, dozen or so guys, there were easily forty guys there and Steve did show me off. Steve knows a lot of guys and when he would introduce me to them he made it clear he was in charge.

The first two guys we walked up to smiled and said hello. Both were in their later forties and nice looking, bellies and balding, but still hot.

'Guys, good to see you, this is Mick. Eighteen and eager, stick around cause I plan on fucking him in the living room. '

They both smiled and said hello, looking me over.

'Go ahead and check him out, feel him up, Mick, pull up your shirt.' I did and they did, it felt great.

We walked around and Steve repeated his little speech a dozen or so times, each time the guys took advantage of his offer. I was being treated like a prize or toy or object. It was demeaning but I loved it. By the time we finished the rounds my shirt had gone missing and my pants were unbuttoned.

As we stood at the bar an older guy came up to us, I didn't remember his name, he looked at me and said to Steve, 'Do an old man a favor and let me take him upstairs for five minutes, would ya?'

'You got ten, Mick, make me proud.'

I followed the man and we went to a bedroom upstairs. He closed the door; I stepped close to him and kissed him, on the lips. He started kissing me back and touching me. I stepped back and dropped my pants, spent a minute taking off my briefs and gave him a good look at my hard young body and raging cock.

I walked over to the bed and crawled on it, staying at the edge. He followed and his hands explored my ass and back. I turned over and laid back, he crawled on the bed and started caressing my body, I let him do what ever he wanted. He was kissing and licking, feeling me.

A loud knock on the door interrupted us and Steve walked in. 'Alright, I gave ya fifteen.'

'Thanks for a wonderful fifteen minutes kid. Thanks Steve.' The old man left.

I felt a little bad for him. Steve smiled. 'You little slut, you don't really care who it is as long as you are naked. But your briefs on.' And he left the room. I grabbed my briefs and pulled them on, leaving my pants behind.



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