Two days later Kevin called and asked if we would be interested in working for a week, possibly longer depending on the contracts. There was that word, contract. We were very interested.

Showing up just before seven we wore the same clothes as before, not knowing exactly what was expected. Our experience was the clothing did not matter since we would be naked within a few minutes.

Kevin met us and asked if we would have a few minutes before starting. There was some basic paper work, forms and photocopies to be done. "Bailey, Mick, I am not sure how to approach this, it has never come up before but I think it is important to get things clear. When you first came in, I thought I recognized you. By chance did you leave anything off your applications? Modeling perhaps?"

My heart sank. Fuck. I looked down. Swallowed hard and decided to face it, looking directly at him I said, "Kevin. I have done modeling, yes. I didn't put it down because I don't do that work any longer and want to leave it behind me. It is not something I am especially proud of."

Kevin smiled a little and then tried to hide it. "I see." He smiled, no hiding it. "Guys, I am sorry. I shouldn't be acting like this, it is very unprofessional. Can we be frank?"

We both nodded.

"I ahh, umm..." the poor guy looked guilty or busted or ashamed.

"Kevin. I will be blunt and I hope you aren't offended. I did gay porn for about a year. Not just once or twice but a lot of it. I have quit that business and want to move on. During the entire time I took my schoolwork seriously, I have good grades and plan on doing something with my life other than pose nude or have sex on camera. I understand if you are not interested or concerned about your clientele and business. I do want to say that we both are hard workers and take this seriously." A very deep breath ended the disclosure.

Kevin looked down and I could swear he was blushing. "Wow, Mick. That was very honest of you. I respect you for being direct. To be fair, I hope you aren't offended but..."

I interrupted, "Kevin, please don't worry about offending me, doing adult videos has given me a tough skin."

"Ok. When you both walked in I thought I recognized you, especially you Mick. I wasn't sure why. You are both good looking young guys; I could have seen you at a bar, or Pride or something. As we talked I wasn't sure if I had ever really seen you, in person. After you left I talked with Chris, my partner, in business, and he said he thought you were familiar too. We went online and it was pretty easy to find you. So I admit, I have seen you in photo and video. This is actually embarrassing! Telling your employees you have seen them naked on line."

Bailey sat silent the entire time. I was not ready to be walked over or treated poorly because of my past. Not trying to be defiant I replied, "A lot of guys have seen us, me, on line. I know it will come up again and most likely for the rest of my life, but I have to accept it."

"There is more Mick. Chris and I talked about it and actually think it isn't a bad thing, for us. Our clientele is largely gay. Having two good-looking young guys such as you can be a plus. Granted some may recognize you from your previous work. What we want to be clear about is, you are doing landscaping and only landscaping. I don't mean this to sounds like I think you would do But I want to be clear."

I chuckled. "So having a former porn actor working for you is a good thing for business, as long as I keep my pants on and mouth shut?"

Kevin nodded, "Yes, something like that."

"As I said earlier, I am no longer in that business and want to work for you, doing landscaping. If clients recognize me, I won't hide from it, but it is and will continue to be, in the past. And if for some reason it actually helps business I just ask we are given the hours and compensation for doing good work." In my head I had a pretty good idea of what Kevin and Chris were thinking. Having two hot young guys, who had done porn and it was still and forever would be available on line, it may be a bonus.

I also realized, quickly, that we may be watched while at a job by guys who knew we had done porn and were sort of turned on by the idea we were working in their yard. That didn't bother me. As long as dropping my pants and getting on my knees was not part of the picture.

It was no surprise to receive a call with an offer to work on a job. Granted it was only one job that would last three or four days depending on how well we caught on. Kevin told us to show up at 6:30, work boots, shorts are fine and he would have tees for us. The next morning we arrived and Kevin greeted us, introduced us to two other guys who would also be helping, we were going to be putting in a retaining wall using those standard blocks used all over. Nothing fancy but it was a 140-foot long wall. The other two guys were pretty average looking except their bodies were made from working hard, not a gym. They had great tans already and looked, I had to admit, hot in their snug tees.

Chris came out and handed Bailey and I a tee. We paused a moment and striped off the tees we had worn in and put on the company tee. Yep, snug, company logo on the left pec area. The other guys watched and my hunch was we were all gay.

The work was hard and by ten am we were sweaty and filthy. I didn't mind at all, it felt really good to be using my body for work and not just in a gym or fucking. We didn't see the owners of the property while working. By the time we loaded the trucks to head back to the shop we were exhausted.

Bailey and I striped down and took a look at our bodies. Filthy. One word said it all. Make that two words. Hot. We started making out before we even had the shower turned on and continued after stepping into the refreshing water. Soaping each other up and washing off the dirt revealed out clean, fresh and exhausted muscles. I gave Bailey the best massage I could considering my arms were killing me. Even as much as we worked out, it didn't compare to digging and hefting soil for eight hours.

Bailey returned the massage and when he too felt like his arms were lead we moved into a 69 and worked our cocks until we came. We feel asleep quickly.

The next two days were the same. We worked hard and were filthy, sweaty and exhausted when we returned home. Those three days were the longest we had gone without fucking.

The fourth day we were able to finish up. It looked great, we felt great and I noticed that I had not thought about sex nearly as often as normal. I mentioned it to Bailey and said I was a little nervous we would lose our sex drive! He laughed at me. One of the other workers over heard us and commented that it was from the work and being new to it. Once we got used to it we would be back at it like rabbits. That was the first comment remotely related to sex or sexuality since we actually started. This was very different from what our lives had been like when everything was about sex.

After we finished up we loaded the trucks and returned. Kevin had some food delivered and we all ate and actually got to know each other. Kevin didn't mention our previous employment and I appreciated his silence. I wasn't looking to hide from it but it was the past.

Returning home I felt normal. I was working a real job, doing real work, not just having sex for money. I didn't feel like a porn star, I felt like a regular guy. Bailey and I talked about it too. We were a regular couple, a normal gay couple. Granted we were young and the future was unknown, but this is what I wanted. I wanted to work. I wanted to continue going to school and focus a little more on it. I had great grades in high school and had been able to pull decent grades my first year in college, but I hadn't really thought about what I was going to major in or a line of work to get into.

Sitting at the computer I did something a little different, for me. I started a blog. Yep I was joining the millions of others who blogged. After talking with Bailey and thinking about my life and what I had experienced I decided to blog about it, my life, not just the porn. The focus was on the adult industry, from my experience. It had not been terrible, but it wasn't all glamour either. I wrote a brief intro about who I was and what the purpose of the blog was, or more clearly, what it wasn't. It was not about my porn work. It wasn't going to be filled with pictures of naked men. It was not to promote any videos or escorting. It was about a young guy, me, who was gay and how I ended up in the adult entertainment business. And, why it was a good idea not to get into it. Yep, I was going to try and offer some advice to other young guys about selling their bodies.

After I finished the main content I had Bailey read it. It felt important to have his ok since he was a huge part of my life. After he read it, he offered his opinion. Overall he supported it completely. With a few minor changes done I opened it up to the world.

The next week went quickly. We worked and it was great. The other guys didn't ask much about the porn past and Kevin kept it to himself. The blog didn't get any attention the first few days. I added to it and wrote how I got into the porn keeping it rather clean, almost dull. I didn't want it to be some jack off material, instead I wanted to tell how easy it was to go from having sex, a lot of sex, to posing nude to having sex on camera and how very easy it was to become a prostitute. I tried to keep from using any nice words like escort, I wanted it to be as blunt as it really was, guys would give me money to have sex with me.

Still no traffic on the blog, which was a little frustrating after working on it. I added some more, about coming out while in high school. And I posted a couple pictures of myself, not nude, but fully dressed. It was Friday night; Bailey and I went on a date to a movie and then some appetizers. That night we got naked and had some amazing sex.

We were in love. The lust factor was not as heavy as it once had been. We still had sex in some form daily, we were 19 and 21, so our hormones were still raging. But the sex was less about fucking and more about caring. I liked the change. Don't think it wasn't hot and sweaty. We still were going at it in every room of the apartment, but we were doing a lot more kissing.

We fell asleep spooning and I was very happy.



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