The time had flown by; I had started classes at the same school as Bailey. He had invited me to move in with and I was thrilled. My folks, they acted thrilled I was going to school, mostly since I was moving out. A week after I left the house was up for sale and they had relocated to Tahoe. My life felt like it was really my own now.

It was a little tough to think that my parents were so eager to see me out of their lives. I never fessed up to being gay and honestly I don't think they figured it out. They welcomed my constant sleeps-overs and now they were free of me.

Meeting up with Brenn and the guys was reduced quite a but. Once a week one of them would call and we would hook up. I still enjoyed getting fucked by these guys. They were the ones who accepted me and gave me a chance to be myself. Whatever crazy sex they wanted I would do. Thankfully they didn't get into anything too wild.

Things with Bailey were great. We got along to well and time would fly be even when we were not engaged in some form of sex. Working out was a blast he was so into it, it helped me stick to it.

He didn't have many friends or buddies so it was mostly the two of us. Of course we were both pretty busy with our dates. Things fell into a sort of routine, classes, working out, studying and getting fucked. Every time a new video came out the calls picked up, funny how that happened.

School was pretty cool. I enjoyed the classes and learning was easy for me. My grades were great, a bit of a surprise considering how much time I spent with a cock inside me.

I started to meet some people and unlike high school they were really cool. The women were flirting with me often and I did go home with one once in a while. The sex was so different for me. I was use to being the one getting dicked and with women I was fucking them. As much as safe sex is preached not once did the chick ask if I sucked dick.

Some of the guys were pretty cool too. Most of them treated me like another one of the crowd. I wasn't singled out or ignored. We would hang out between classes and talk or study. I really liked it. Half way into my first term Will and I were leaving out econ class and he asked if I was interested in getting some tacos and eating at his place, we could study at the same time. It sounded like a decent idea so I agreed.

He lived above a small hardware store in a small one bedroom that had not been remodeled in decades, a typical college student apartment. As we were eating he talked about working out. 'I gotta tell ya Mick, you look great. Work out a lot?'

A mouth full of taco prevented me from answering with more than a nod.

'Confession for ya, I saw one of your videos.'

The taco crumbled in my hands, I was stunned. My mouth fell open; I looked at the taco all over the table and sat in silence.

'Don't worry man, it was smoking hot. Didn't know I was gay huh. Most people don't I am not much for flaunting in class.'

In that instant my worlds collided. I had enjoyed being a student and I enjoyed the sex business but they were separate. Not any more.

'Didn't know how to bring it up man but I felt a little guilty hanging out with ya when I had seen pictures of you naked and video with a nice big cock in your mouth. Just couldn't not let you know, you know.'

'Wow. Shit man, sorry I just didn't expect that to come out of your mouth.'

'Nothing to be sorry about, I should be apologizing to you.'


'Mick, I have been hanging with you in class and studying and then going home and looking at you getting laid while jerking off. That makes me feel like a shit, but I couldn't help it.'

What could I say? It was hot he was checking out my work, hot he was jerking off to it, cool he was decent to me, a friend even.

'I didn't want to lie about it and I felt I was so now you know. '

I took a deep sigh, 'Will, I really don't know what to say. No one has ever told me they have seen my videos before. I guess it is kinda cool but just really odd, especially since we have a class together. '

'So, do you have a boyfriend or just do the videos for money?'

'I have a boyfriend, we are living together.'

'Damn. Figured you would, guys like you aren't single very often and if they are they are fucking a bunch of guys. Well, I had to ask.'

I had a little laugh, 'Shit Will, this is one of the strangest conversations I have ever had.'

'Me too. Well, eat up, I am gonna grab a few more napkins.'

I finished the taco that I had crushed and when Will came back I reached for the napkins he held out. Looking up I nearly dropped them. He was nearly naked.

'Since I am putting this out there I decided to go all the way. I know you got a boyfriend, don't know if you play around on the side but I wanted to show you what I got. If you ever want to mess around I would love it.'

I started getting hard. Will didn't have any behaviors, nothing to give a hint he was gay. A little taller than me, curly brown hair, unshaven, nice jock build that so many young college guys have. He was wearing boxer briefs and nothing else. He had a large red Chinese tiger tattoo on one pec, a large black dragon on one shoulder and bicep, another graphic tattoo on the inside of the other bicep. Very smooth skin, pale in a healthy way, large nipples, great abs and an outtie belly button. I was hard.

He looked at me and smiled. 'Hope you like.'

I wanted to tell him I didn't just like, I wanted to eat him up and come back for seconds. 'You look great. Love the tatts.'

'Thanks.' He turned around and slid his briefs down over his ass. Fuck he has a nice ass. He looked over his shoulder at me, smiling. 'Want to see the goods?'

He turned around, thumbs still tucked into the waistband.

'I got a boyfriend.'

He smiled even wider and down came the briefs and out popped his cock. 'That didn't answer the question.'

I didn't know what to do. I knew what I wanted to do but I also had Bailey.

'Um,, thanks man but how about we just go over the questions from class.' God I wanted him.

'No problem man. If you change your mind let me know. I won't tease you like this again. Just so you know, I respect you for thinking of your boyfriend. Wish you were single but cool.' He got dressed and we went over the assignment. It was not easy to think about microeconomics.

Walking in the door of the apartment I dropped my book bag and embraced Bailey. 'Fuck me please.'

'You can come home and say that any time stud. ' We kissed and I took off his clothes. I got onto my knees and took his cock into my mouth and worked him hard in moments.

After we finished fucking each other Bailey sat up, 'So, what got you so turned on? Not that I mind, just curious if we can make it happen again!'

I told him about Will and what happened. I also got hard again.

'Do you really want to mess around with him?'

'Fuck Bailey, I don't want to mess what we have up, that is what I want.'

'Well Mick, we both mess around every week so it isn't new.'

'Yeah, but those guys pay, this isn't the same thing.'

'Mick, I know you have been messing around with Brenn and the rest of those guys, how is this different?'

I thought about it for a few moments, 'Those guys, well, I was messing around with them before we met and we talked about this before we, we started what we have. The other guys who pay, well, that we talked about too. But this, this is sex because the guy is hot. It isn't work and he is new too.'

'Tell ya what. Go ahead, mess around with him. When you finish ask if he would be up for some action with both of us.'

My ears, were they playing games with me?

'Really? Well, sure. Bailey, he really is sexy, I think you would like him.'



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