Two days later Brenn called 'So you took it both ends huh, did you like it?'

'Did I like it? Are you fucking kidding me? It was amazing. Brenn I LOVE sex. I love sex with men. I love cock.'

'Good. How about coming over, I need to cum.'

An hour later I arrived at Brenn's. We wasted no time getting naked and Brenn's cock inside me. He was unbelievable. Maybe it was just a week without fucking. Maybe it was knowing I had been with two guys at once. Maybe it was just a man needing to fuck. Didn't matter to me, I enjoyed every second of it.

After he unloaded he asked if I had cum yet and I said no. 'Really? So pump a load out for me, I want to watch.' And I did. After spraying my load over my abs and chest he told me to rub it in. I had never rubbed my load into my skin before, it was an odd feeling.

'So Mick, You having fun? With Steve and his sex fiend friends?'

'I haven't been with that many of his friends, but yes I am having fun.'

'And how about any other little sexcapades.'

I laughed, what a great word. 'A couple, but safe.'

Brenn smiled. I figured he had heard. 'So how long have you known?'

'John called the next day.'

'You pissed?'

'No, wish you would have told me yourself but I figured you would in time. I couldn't keep it a secret any longer.'

I didn't know what to say, I looked down as he spoke, feeling guilty as hell.

'Just so you know, John is not discreet.'

'Ok.' What the hell do you say to a comment like that? I sat on his bed and felt childish and stupid.

'Don't' worry Mick, I still think you are great. You're young so you will do what all young guys do, think with your dick. No big deal, we all do. I just don't want you getting hurt or doing something stupid. And if you need money, there are better ways to make it.'

Shit. Fuck. Damn. FUCK! Now I really felt like shit. Stupid fucking move. 'Brenn, I didn't do it for the money. Really. It was just the idea of it. That, that..that he wanted to see me naked and fucking so bad he would pay for it. And I only did it cause Ryan was hot and I really wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to be with Ryan. Having John watch just made it, I don't know sexier or something. It made me so horny. I had to try it. Really.'

'I believe you Mick, but be careful. Being a hustler is not glamorous. It's having fat old men use you and abuse you. There are plenty of hot guys who will use you!'

I didn't understand what he meant.

'Nothing wrong with old men, don't take that too serious or I will never get to sample your ass again!'

I tried to laugh but couldn't.

'You hungry?'

'Yes, I am starving.'

We ordered a pizza and spent the evening watching old episodes of Queer as Folk and eating and talking. It was nice to just hang out.

The next day Brenn called and asked if I remembered Allen. He told me he ran into Allen at the store and that he asked about me. I hadn't thought of Allen in a while. But the image of him was clear in my mind. He was on my short list of guys I wanted to see naked. Apparently Allen had a short list too and I was on the top of it. We hung up and I called Allen. He was surprised to hear form me and very happy I called. Why wouldn't he be? I was going to let him fuck me!

Allen lived in a loft in the old warehouse district. It was a nice size, not too big and totally open. The only room was the utility room. Even the toilet was open, granted hidden by the shower but basically it was a very open space. Brick walls, high ceilings, huge beams and a well-worn wooden floor.

As he gave the short tour I tried to pay attention to the details but I didn't really care, I want to tour his body. Finally I could take it and turned to face him. Taking off my shirt I asked point blank 'Where do you want to fuck me?'

He stopped mid sentence, mouth open and just stared at me. 'Um, wow...'

I dropped my pants and got on my knees, reached for his belt and undid his pants. I wanted his cock. As I reached for it he gasped, pulling it out of his pants I was surprised to see he was pierced!

'Wow! This is a first.' I stroked his dick and watched it quickly harden.

'You like that huh.' He started to take off his shirt. Fuck he was sexy. His hair had been dark and was now graying. He was solid and smelled clean, manly. I took his cock into my mouth a little nervous of hurting him. How do you suck a pierced dick?

Carefully I sucked him and enjoyed the sensation of the ring in my mouth. He gave a few hints, and I tried to listen. My actions became a little more aggressive as I became use to it. He had his hands on my head and helped me. I loved it.

Pulling out of my mouth, a sting of spit followed. He stood me up and kissed me. Was I in love? His hands cupped my ass. He started to lift me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Setting my on the large wood table he pulled my pants off. I leaned back on my elbows and let him undress me.

'I have been waiting for this for ages. Damn you are hot. Now, your ass!' He grabbed my ankles and raised me legs into the air. Getting on his knees he began to tongue my ass. God I loved being rimmed. I brought my legs back to give he plenty of room and just let myself go. My cock was rock hard and I felt wonderful.

He stood up 'Don't move.' And walked to the dresser. Returning he took off the rest of his clothes and I watched his beautiful body, hairy, mature, solid. He put on a condom and using a big squeeze of lube lathered it up. His hands took my ankles forcefully and raising my legs he put them on his shoulders. He looked into my eyes 'Ready?' I nodded.

He eased his pierced cock into my wet hole and slowly entered me. I could feel the hard metal ring and nearly passed out when he slid across I don't know what but it sent shivers up my back. He held still for a moment and then began to rhythmically fuck me. 'This is amazing Mick.' I nodded the best I could.

'Oh yeah, tight ass, young ass. Fuck I love your ass. Come on. Open up. Take me. Yeah. Fuck. So good.' He kept talking, two and three words at a time. The sound of his voice and the sensation of his pierced cock drove me nuts. I wanted this to go on and on. I wondered what it would be like without the condom. I almost asked him to take it off. He grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs to my chest. 'Fucking limber, I love it. Look at me while I fuck you.'

Handsome, hard and fucking me. What a fantasy. I held my ankles and he pinched my nipples, rubbed my abs, stuck his fingers into my mouth where I eagerly sucked them. He leaned forward and kissed me, his cock inside my ass. He stroked my cock and pulled on my balls. He held onto them like a handle as he filled me repeatedly.

Finally I couldn't take it. 'Fuck me Allen, fuck me fuck me fuck me!! God yes, fuck me.'

My breathing was increasing, I was starting to sweat. My body was on fire. This was what life was about, getting fucked by a man who knew his cock and used it well. He kept going and going and slammed his cock deep inside and yelled. He kept himself planted as deep in me as he could. I came.

He pulled out and told me to stay. Felt a little like a dog, but I did. Shit I sure as hell wasn't going to get up and leave! He returned. 'Ever had a dildo?' He didn't wait for a reply but lubed it up before I could see it and started to push it into my freshly fucked hole. I started squirming and rolling back and forth on the table. Side to side and arching my back. He worked the dildo in and my head began to spin. He kept going and I kept squirming. Amazing. I shoot another load, he kept working me. He starting sucking my cock as he worked the dildo never missing a beat. He took my balls into his mouth, god he was good. I came a third time and he laughed, 'Damn it is good to be young.' He continued working my ass. Finally I couldn't take it any more, my body was splitting from excitement. 'Take it out, stop, I can't breathe.' I gasped.

He slowly removed the dildo. 'You liked that. Good.' He held it up so I could see it. It was over a foot long and had a handle on one end. 'Don't worry I didn't feed you the entire thing.' Thank god for that I thought. 'But close to it. Next time I will really play with your ass. He placed another rubber on his dick and entered me. 'Now for the hard fuck.' I watched as he once again took over. He started sliding in and out, increasing speed and force. His slamming into me interrupted my breathing. He continued to increase the power behind each thrust until I felt like he was drilling into me. It was amazing and I was surprised by how much I loved it. It felt rough. Hard. As he power fucked me I gasped for air and let me mind go, m head was spinning, I felt out of this world. When he came for the second time he kept pounding away, grunting.

He pulled out, removed the condom and walked to the trashcan. As he returned he smiled. 'God damn you are one hot fuck Mick. Shit you turn me on.'

Still trying to catch me breath I smiled. He reached for my hand and pulled me up. The table was wet and sticky, sort of slippery and warm. 'Let's clean you up.' Leading me to the shower he turned on the water and walked in with me in tow. We soaped up and I ran my hands over his body. 'Please tell me you will do this again.'

'Oh YES, over and over and over.'

I got dressed, drank a large glass of water and took in his nakedness. I was determined to have sex with Allen again. As we walked to the door he thanked me and slapped my ass. I smiled and walked out.



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