I didn't call anyone that night, or the next. Except for Bailey. We sent text messages all day long about our days and how much fun the sex was. On Wednesday Brenn called, wanted to know if I could stop by, he was horny.

Walking in his house after the ride over I was feeling great, sexy, young and free. Brenn commented on my smile, said I was glowing. All I could do was laugh. 'Yep Brenn, you got it. I am happy. Really happy. I took off my t-shirt and started dropping my shorts. I wanted to get fucked.

'So are you happy to see me or get fucked in general?'

'Both Brenn. You know I love getting plowed and it's been a couple days so let's get that cock of yours out so I can suck it!'

Brenn did not hesitate and as I sucked his cock he talked about how he had missed my mouth. He told me how he couldn't wait to fuck me. Finally he told me he was ready and we went into his bedroom. He lubed up my ass, covered his dick and drove it home. I loved it. God the feeling of a hard cock up my ass felt good. I wasn't thinking about Bailey for the first time in two days, all I wanted was a good fuck.

After he sprayed his load on my back he went into the bathroom and returned with a moist towel and cleaned up the mess. 'So Mick, what's been keeping you busy? Find a new guy?'

'As a matter of fact Brenn, I have! He is 20 and sexy and hot, amazing body and well, I really like him.'

'What? Have you found a boyfriend?'

'No, nothing like that, more like a friend. Brenn, he is so...so...cool. We met last week and just clicked. Of course we ended up fucking and it was amazing. I had never had a guy my age so that was different. But we also talked. And Brenn, this is so cool; I want to talk to him. I want to know about him. Weird huh. All the guys who have fucked me and I really didn't care about them, I didn't want to know anything about them. But this guy, I want to know about him.'

'Mick, I don't know what to say. This is great. Am really happy for you. Really.'

'Thanks Brenn.'

He sat silently looking at me, lightly running his fingers over my body as I lay on his bed. 'Does he know that you came over?'

'What? No. No he doesn't. Why?' I wasn't sure what Brenn was getting at.

'Well, if you two clicked so well, and fucked, does he know you are still fucking around with other guys?'

'Wow, I hadn't thought of it really. But we never talked about it. We are dating or anything. We are just friends. But we want to fuck again. And again. And again.'

Brenn laughed. 'Good, you deserve to get some young cock after all the old guys you have had!'

'Funny Brenn. Remember, old guys turn me on. I like older guys. A lot. That is why we are just friends. Friends who fuck.'

'Ok, as long as I haven't lost you.'

'You haven't Brenn. You can still call me anytime you want my ass. Or my mouth.'


I got up, got dressed and went home. Once in bed I called Bailey and we talked for over an hour. It wasn't about anything specific, just talk, how we were, our day that sort of thing. He did end by saying he wanted to hook up and get me naked again. I smile. My cock warmed up. I wanted him to see me naked again too.

We hung up and the phone rang within seconds. It was Ryan.

'Asshole, what are you doing?' The first words out of his mouth.

'Asshole? Nice way to say hello jerk.' My response wasn't much better.

'Listen you stupid fuck. I set you up with a job and you don't show up. What the fuck is up with that? They are pissed at you man. Seriously pissed. Do you understand what this means faggot?'

I was getting pissed. 'What the fuck did you call me? Listen Ryan, I don't know what you think or are doing or who you think you are but called me up and harassing me like this is NOT cool.'

'Listen here asshole. I got you a job. You are the one who wanted to make some money. You are the one who came to me and said you wanted to work, so don't turn me into the bad guy. You wanted to whore and I helped you. I hooked you up with a place to sell that ass of yours and then you don't show up! What the fuck is that? You think you are too good to whore? Well listen up slut. You are a prostitute now. Some cheap fuck who lets guys fuck him for fifty bucks. You are a cheap whore.'

I was fuming. 'Who the hell are you to tell me anything? What the hell do you think you are doing? I don't owe anyone anything. One night I was at that shit-hole club and I was forced to let those assholes use me. Forced. I didn't have a choice. I do not owe them a damn thing.'

'Child, stupid child. That is what you are, a stupid child. You go around letting all those old fuckers fuck you for free. Are you seriously that stupid? Those old fucks will pay big money to fuck you and you give it away. Are you fucking stupid?'

'Listen Ryan. I tried it, I don't know why but I did. I trusted you and that was stupid. But I don't trust you now and I won't be going back.'

'Mick you dumb fuck. You owe me and John and the club. You owe all of us. You need to get your ass back to the club and make some money. Got that?'

'Ryan. You know what? I don't owe any of you a damn thing. I was stupid to think I could trust you. And if you call me a prostitute what the hell are you? I know you have been selling that ass of yours for a decade. How many old fucks have barebacked you huh? This conversation is over.' I hung up on him. Asshole.

What was I thinking that night? Why the fuck did I trust him?

I went to bed fuming, woke up with a hard on. I grabbed my phone and took a picture of it and sent it to Bailey. All day I thought about him. He had a really busy week finishing up classes for the year so we were going to be able to hook up. This drove me nuts. I wanted him and couldn't have him. I sent a message to Steve, 'Please fuck my eager empty hole, fill it with your huge cock.' About ten minutes later he replied, '7:30, my place you slut.' God I loved it when he was commanding.

As I was sitting in my last class he sent another text, 'Home, exercise like hell, shower. You are getting used tonight.' If I were a chick my pussy would be leaking like I pissed myself. I hurried home, stripped down to my briefs and hit my bench. I worked out hard; a nice sweat covered my aching body. I did so many crunches it hurt. I pushed it a little too hard really; tomorrow I would be a hurting unit. Hopefully my ass would be equally as sore.

Taking a nice shower and eating a simple tuna sandwich on heavy bread to give me the energy without filling my stomach I tried to imagine what Steve had in mind. I dressed in my signature cargo shorts and a tee that was too tight. I rode over to his place being very aware of the time, I didn't want to be late, I wanted to get fucked.

He opened the door with a smirk on his face, 'Come in you little slut.' I smiled; he turned me on and knew it.

Inside things looked normal, no other guys, no sign of anything crazy or wild. He led me into the basement. There was a camera and his computer and a light facing the sofa. This is how this works. In a few minutes I will start the camera, there are some select guys watching. You walk over to the towel that's on the floor, stand on it and turn to face the camera, wait for me to tell you what to do. The guys watching will give the instructions. Thirty minutes you get to do what they ask. The camera will catch it all. Now on the towel.'

I didn't think. I just walked toward the towel. I stood on it and turned. Fuck I was excited. I loved it. Steve had me doing whatever six other guys told me to do and I was eager to let them instruct me. Steve nodded; I smiled and winked at the camera.

'Now start taking off your shirt.' Steve didn't waste any time. 'Touch your chest, nipples. Now your abs. Good. Grope yourself. Turn around and start pulling your shorts down, show off that ass. Good. Bend over, spread those cheeks. Wink at the camera.' I was getting hard. It was cold and impersonal, I was purely an object.

'Turn around and pull your cock out. Remove the shorts. Show off that cock.' Then he was silent for a few moments. 'Pull on your balls. Harder. Really stretch em. Pinch a nipple and yank on your balls. Come on, hard.' I pulled hard, it hurt, what was I doing?

'Turn around. Suck on a finger and shove it up your hole. Now fuck yourself with your finger. Another. Another. Really finger fuck yourself. Come on, let's hear it.' I moaned. It didn't feel great, but the idea of these guys, strangers, watching was hot.

'Turn and look at the camera. Good. Catch.' He tossed a dildo at me. It was lubed up and I dropped it.

'Nice move ass. Lay down ass toward the camera. Good, spread wide and shove that thing in. ' I did. It felt cold but great.

Steve was quiet for a few moments. Then I heard the sound of clothing hitting the ground. He walked over to me and grabbed me head and shoved his cock in my mouth. I eagerly accepted. My mind raced. I was going to get fucked by Steve while a bunch of guys were watching on line. He fucked my face for a while, pulling on my cock and balls. Hard. He started slapping my dick and it was bouncing around while precum was stringing gooey threads from my cock head to my abs and thighs.

He flipped my on my side, facing the camera. Spread my legs apart making sure my cock was in sight and shoved a couple fingers in my hole and fucked me hard. It actually hurt a bit. Then with no warning he moved and his entire cock pierced my ass. I screamed out in pain and surprise. He laughed. 'Gonna fuck you now slut.' And he did. The pain quickly ended as he mastered my hole yet again. I accepted the assault and let him use me. It was wonderful. He pulled out and shot his load on me, stood up and walked to the camera.

'It's off. Well done. Damn you get into this shit don't you? I love it.'

I smiled. It felt great that he enjoyed me like he did. He wanted me and took what he wanted. I felt like I would do anything for him as long as he would continue to fuck me.

He thanked me. 'Mick, that was unbelievable. God I enjoy using your tight body. Even more I like that you let me.' He laughed. 'Thanks. Hope we can do this again.'

On the way home I was lost in thought. Why was it so hot to get fucked like that? Why was I letting him send it over the Internet?

At home I showered and then called Bailey. He got into in and we jerked off while talking. He asked me to come over after school the next day. I could hardly wait.



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