We didn't hear anything from Will or Todd for a few days. At first we thought it was a little rude, use us and fuck us and then say you are going to call and then nothing. Actually it is pretty typical, all the nice chat while naked and horny and then comes morning and those promises and compliments are forgotten. We didn't let it get us down. We worked out, studied and got ready to go to California to work.

The thrill of going to Cali to make a couple of pornos was still high. I loved the idea of guys watching me naked, sucking and being fucked. Granted the reality was less exciting. Of course seeing the guy who was going to be forever captured on film shoving his hard cock into my ass was exciting. But the lights and camera and crew and all the starts and stops reminded me it was work.

Don't get me wrong I loved it, but it wasn't the same as getting naked and doing the deed. The guys we were working with, both on and off screen were overall really decent guys. The day we arrived we each had a client, that money covered our flight. That night we would stay with our agent, which meant we would be spending the evening naked and making guys come. This was actually fun for both Bailey and me. I loved watching him get pounded.

The next morning we went over the schedule for the next four days. We would be shooting two scenes each, with other guys. Two nights we were working, busy schedule since we each had three clients. The rest of the time was for working out, not eating much (gotta looked ripped as hell!) and exploring the sites.

After lunch we stumbled across a shop that specialized in toys for men. There was nothing like this place at home. Granted there were sex shops but this place was beyond a few DVDs and some dildos. It was large and catered to some of the more involved sex options.

Of course we were in heaven. After about fifteen minutes or so of looking around one of the guys who worked there came to talk to us. And we were surprised when he recognized us. He said he was a fan and gave us plenty of time as he showed us the place. There were several slings displayed so you could lay in them, an entire area with different benches and beds and equipment. It reminded me of a furniture store for sex. And the dildo department was massive. I had no idea there were so many different options available!

There was a leather department too and it was astounding. Some simple leather cock rings all the way to full body suits. Spandex, rubber, chainmail, costumes and the range went on and on.

He introduced us to the other employees who were also pretty excited about meeting us. Pictures were taken and finally one of the guys not much older than us begged us to take off our shirts so he could get a picture of us with him. We spent a couple of hours almost playing in the place and getting lots of attention from the employees and a few other customers. In time we were in our underwear and posing with the toys and equipment, taking as many pictures ourselves as the employees were taking. We were both pretty turned on wearing some simple leather armbands for Bailey and I really felt hot wearing a collar. The manager said he would be willing to work out a discount.

We paused a moment, not trying to get a better deal, we were surprised with the offer. The manager chimed in, he would add a leather harness too. Our eyes lit up and we both said yes. Wearing our new gear we were soon naked and taking turns resting in the different slings and other sex equipment. It was a blast for us, the attention and the public aspect of it. I don't think it was legal but after the offer of a paid of sweet leather cock rings I ended up getting fucked my Bailey while the guys watched, and took pictures.

I came on my chest, Bailey shot his load on my abs, we cleaned up and got dressed. Then came an interesting offer. There was an 'Adult Convention' in town starting on Friday. The manager offered some leather jockstraps, ankle and wrist cuffs if we would come to the convention and spend a few hours at his booth. Of course we were both more than happy to go.

Thursday night we worked, clients, then back to His place for a little party with a few of his friends. Friday morning we were filming, morning meaning nearly noon. We each were at different locations with different crews. I did a scene in a bathroom set with a hot black guy. Bailey did one in an auto body shop. After the scenes we met up and went to the conference.

It was amazing. To see so many people of all different styles and ages and types, male and female, in one spot and the purpose, sex, was proudly displayed. And of course there were porn stars. We were gawking and taking pictures as we made our way to the booth. The manager was happy we actually showed up. Our shirts were off and smiles were on as people came by and looked at the display and us. Fuck it was a turn on. People would talk to us and ask about the items. Finally someone recognized us and from that point on it was a bit of a circus, a really fun circus.

We had no idea so many people were fans. We posed for pictures and signed autographs (using our porn names of course). The demand continued and soon the jeans came off and we were in our briefs. We had come from the taping so we had not worn the leather jocks. Before long the manager had us change into one of the items he was selling, of course we could keep them.

The fans kept coming and asking for photos and hugs and kisses. Some even went so far as to grab our crotch or ass. I loved it and Bailey was enjoying it too, it was hard to hide with the smile and the bulge. Then things became even more interesting. One guy visiting the booth was asking about the dildos and wanted a demonstration. The manager resisted but soon the crowd of twenty or so were pressing him on it. Finally he said if someone was willing to buy one, he would let me or Bailey demonstrate using it. Immediately one guy offered to buy his convention special $5.99 six-inch dildo. Nothing special really, a starter dildo, but still a dildo. After paying for it we asked the guy which one of us he wanted to see sink it in. His request was to have Bailey fuck me with it, so we did.

Next someone bought some anal beads and Bailey took the honors. As the crowd grew and the excitement, the toys grew. Seven inch, eight inch, nine, curved, silicon, glass, steel, curved, straight, smooth, textured, the crowd would watch as one of us used it on the other. Thankfully we had both been fucked and loosened up earlier in the day, it made it a little easier. Finally a ten incher followed by eleven, thicker and thicker, we were getting a great work over.

It was getting close to the time we needed to leave; we did have clients that evening and needed to rest up for them. When the crowd heard we were leaving they begged for us to demonstrate a double ended dildo. Of course we were happy to show them the wonderful toy deep in our holes.

After we dressed the manager took us behind the curtains and thanked us. He gave us a couple of bags as parting gifts. Some were the dildos we had used, left behind by the buyers, plus a few other goodies. We felt we made out in the deal and realized that he had made some great money and advertisement for his store.

The rest of the trip went like the rest, working out, not eating, filming scenes and meeting clients. We kept the goodies secret, not wanting to share or get into trouble in case it would piss Him off. The flight home was interesting. We had not given a thought about the contents of our bags. Leather gear, dildos and sex toys, if we were questioned we would have gotten a laugh out of it.

We arrived home to find a DVD in the mail. Will and Todd had sent a DVD of our visit. Wearing our new gear and having a plug up our holes we watched and sucked and fucked. Damn it was hot. If only we had video of our performance at the convention!

When I saw Will in class he asked what we thought of the gift and I told him we loved it. I invited him over but he said Todd would not allow it. We had been allowed one hot session with Will. I was pretty disappointed in the news. I really wanted Will again. Things changed a bit between us. We were still friends but for some reason it felt like after the last visit it was over.

Bailey and I feel into a normal routine. Normal for guys who get fucked for a living, classes by day, studies, homework, working out, hanging out with the two or three clients a week. We talked about getting our nipples pierced. I was really up for it. Bailey hesitated. He was cool with me getting it done but not too sure about his own.

After I promised to let him use my ass for an entire evening, any toy he wanted, on video, he agreed to let me get my nipples pieced. I went with a basic ten-gauge barbell in both nipples. It didn't hurt as much as I had expected. I wonder if all the pinching and chewing my nipples had received helped.

My clients like it, and Bailey thought it was hot but was still not interested in it, he has this thing about needles. I laughed, he was fine with a big dick in his ass but a little needle in his nipple was too much.

Our latest videos were released and I celebrated by getting another piercing, my belly button this time. Bailey finally broke down and agreed to pierce his nipples but after the first one he chickened out. I still found it super sexy on him.

Life seemed to be getting a little boring. Hard to believe it really. We had a great relationship, great sex, made good money from the porn and clients. School had gone well and summer had arrived. I felt a little bored.



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