After a solid nights sleep we woke up ready to get back into the swing of things at home. Something about that trip messed with me. I talked with Bailey about it and he too came out of it feeling a little different. The sex, rougher sex, turned me on. We used our new toys and equipment daily and of course recorded it. I loved being tied up and fucked and Bailey did it so well.

Two weeks later the video was available on line and suddenly we both were getting calls from guys who were interested in appointments. I took to them with ease. Having a guy pay me good money, we can charge a lot more for them to tie me up and use me, got me horny as hell. Bailey took a couple of appointments and decided it wasn't for him. He enjoyed messing around with bondage with me but that was about it.

My schedule was pretty simple, I slept well, worked out and took appointments. In between I would work on the site and post things to drum up interest and found it a huge turn on. I was really getting into this sex industry thing and wanted to make it big in porn. Bailey wasn't as into it but liked the money. I started to wonder if he would leave the biz.

He was pleased with me interest and had me start doing some on line work, shows and chat. Bailey got into the shows, he would work the camera, behind the scenes stuff. I would get naked and play with my body, fuck myself with toys whatever the guys paying wanted to see. After we finished the sessions Bailey and I would fuck and damn it was hot.

I hadn't seen anyone from way back when in a long time. Some how, the sex for money and sex with Bailey kept me satisfied. Was I blowing off the guys who introduced me to sex?

Walking up to an appointment's door I had this strange uneasiness in my gut. I didn't understand why, this was no different than the dozens of other times I walked up to meet a guy I didn't know and let him fuck me. I stopped and stood like an idiot for a few minutes. I looked down at the ground but didn't see anything I looked up at the sky, didn't see anything. My gaze was not at the world around me but at the world within me.

Suddenly I felt as if I was having an out of body experience, which is the easiest way to explain it. The gentle wind was still in my hair, I would feel the kiss of the sunset, but I was lost inside a world of thought. I stepped to the low retaining wall next to me and sat down.

Less than a year ago I was a normal teen in school enjoying life. Then I met Brenn and my world opened into a wonderful new dimension. I loved sex and loved having sex with men. It didn't take long to expand my list of partners. I felt no shame in being on the easy side. Meeting Bailey was another huge step towards today. And now, what is it, nine months, ten months since I first accepted my first cock? Now I am getting paid for it. Call it escort if that sounds better but in reality, I was a prostitute and had been for over a month. Here I was about to let another stranger fuck me in exchange for money. Why didn't it bother me?

A significant strain in my groin brought me back to reality, my dick was hard and trapped in my tight jeans. I got up and finished walking to the address given me, almost proud of the hard on I was sporting.

The guy who opened the door was in his fifties, bulky bear build, strong. Had the goatee thing and baldhead, would scare a lot of people except he had a smile that shone as bright as his pearly whites.

'Mick, I hope.'

I smiled and nodded.

'Please come in. Damn I am one lucky guy.'

I entered and he closed the door. Somehow getting naked in an office or warehouse always is hot.

'Word is you are amazing and from what I see the word is correct. $200 bucks right?'

I nodded said thanks for the flattery. He handed me two bills.

'This way stud.' He walked down a hallway, his strong ass in well fitting jeans. The scene felt fine but something in my gut was still uneasy. He wasn't a cop so I wasn't about to be busted. We entered into an office lobby set up like so many generic offices.

'Tell me Mick, how old are you? Been doing this work for long? You gay or just in it for the money?

'Nineteen. Gay. What do you mean by this work?'

'Oh, Mick, you are gorgeous, don't play dumb. How long you been selling that tight ass of yours? You know, hustling? Been a prostitute for long?'

The feeling in my gut came on strong. His tone changed just a little, his smile turned into a bit of a sneer. I didn't respond immediately.

'What's wrong Mick? Cat got your tongue? You like being a whore Mick?' He stepped into me and grabbed between my legs, squeezing my cock and balls. He was strong and it was painful, not in the turning me on way but in the pain way. His left hand came up behind me and rested on my neck, a gentle squeeze.

'I know you aren't a virgin Mick. I am sure you have been pounded real hard, had that ass of your worked over more than once. But have you ever been really worked over?' The way he stressed the word really sent the uneasy feeling in my gut into code red. This was not going to be pretty. I was scared in a way I had never been scared before and no longer looking forward to some hot sex.

'You have that look of fear in your eyes Mick. Good. ' I didn't feel his hand release my crotch until I felt his fist slam into my stomach. I doubled over, fuck it hurt.

He grabbed my right arm, another guy grabbed my left and they pulled me through another door. It was dark, I couldn't see, my body had pain screaming through it still. They pushed me down and I hit a soft surface. Some lights came on. The pain from the sucker punch subsided as I was overtaken with a new fear and blinded by the lights.

'Mick, a nineteen year old professional cock sucker. Are you ready Mick to earn some money? Are you ready Mick to suck some cock? Ready to get fucked? Mick? Are you ready?'

I didn't answer. I stood up and tried to see behind the lights, all I saw was darkness, some movement.

A man stepped forward, he looked a lot like the man who met me at the door, except angry, wearing leather, pierced nipples. I started to shake. Fuck, I was in trouble. I didn't run, couldn't. He came up to me and put his hand on my neck. Why the fuck was I just standing there? 'To afraid to run? Or so cock hungry you will do anything to get it you little whore? Which is it?'

I was silent; his grasp on my neck was light but effective.

'I asked the slut a question. Which is it you cheap fuck?'

I barely mumbled afraid.

'Louder! I want you to scream the answer so you can be heard you shit.'

I tried my best to scream, 'Afraid'

He laughed and smiled. 'Good, at least you are honest.' My mind was in a warp but I almost thought I heard laugher from the darkness. Two pairs of hands grabbed each of my wrists and I felt the cuffs close in, it took two seconds. I was pulled back and each wrist was raised should high and attached to a post. The lights came up a little and I could see there were other people in the room, easily a dozen. I closed me eyes and tried to breath in. I was in serious trouble.



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