Wearing board shorts and flip-flips I hurried my ass over to Bailey's place. I was so horny for him I didn't care if it was obvious my dick was swinging around free inside the shorts.

Getting in the door I was ready to drop the shorts immediately. He told me to stop. The intensity of my desire jumped as he presented no interest in getting naked and sweaty. He sat me down and told me his was proud of my and that I did well following his request.

'Mick, believe me when I say I have fucked a lot of guys and been fucked by even more and honestly not a single one makes me want to cream as much as you do. Fucking you on camera was a major turn on and it was one hot fucking video. A friend of mine does editing as a hobby so I sent it to him and he did some work with it. I wanted to wait and watch it the first time with you, but he wanted some action in return for his work, so we watched it and fucked. You know how it goes. But now, we both will get to watch it.' I was getting hard thinking about the video and Bailey letting a guy fuck him as payment for editing the thing. 'First take off your shorts,' gladly 'and then sit in this chair.'

Bailey then tied me up so I couldn't move my legs or arms; the jerk was going to make me watch the video without doing anything! My dick was standing tall before my shorts were on the floor.

He smirked as he sat on the couch next to me. Finally he looked at the TV and I saw the video camera over it, he was recording my torture. Jerk. He hit play and the opening credits started. Opening credits, how professional. A flash of my face and a name scrolled onto the screen, Taylor. 'What the fuck is that Bailey? My name isn't Taylor.' 'Stud, they don't use real names in porn, wait until you see mine.' Next came Bailey's smiling mug and soon Andy came on the screen.

'Andy? Isn't that a little lame?'

Bailey wasn't amused. 'What's wrong with Andy? Don't I look like an Andy?'


He wasn't amused. 'Shut the fuck up and watch.'

After Andy faded my face came back onto the screen and the title scrolled in, 'Taylor gives it up for Andy'.

'Seriously dude, the title sucks too. I like Taylor, but Andy and that lame title, what is up with that?'

'Dude, don't rain on it or I can shut it off and send you home without a good fucking.' He was almost ticked off. For the first time he actually looked ticked at me.

The music was ok, nothing amazing, I kept that too myself. Then the video started. I had to admit it was hot. The video quality surprised me, no close ups but the overall production was solid and really, with the two of us naked and fucking and sucking it couldn't be too disappointing. I was hard the entire time and had trouble sitting still. Several times I begged to be let go only to receive a smirk from Bailey.

It was 45 minutes long and I had a lap covered in precum by the time it ended. Bailey got up and stood behind me. He started talking next to my ear; loud enough the camera would record it. 'Taylor, how did you lick watching us fuck? Turn ya on? Make ya horny? Do you want me to touch you? Suck you? Pinch you nipples? Fuck you?' He went on and on as I sat their unable to move until finally he reached towards my dick and with one finger very lightly stroked my aching hard on from base to the head. I came. I shot a load of milky white cum all over my chest, came close to hitting my face and sat back panting.

'Not bad stud.' He stood up and moved to my left. He reached out his dick and offered it to me. I inhaled it and went to work sucking him as hard and furiously as I could. After five maybe six minutes he pulled out and shot on my chest. He went to the camera and brought it in to capture the mixture of cum as is slowly ran down my chest. Damn he knew how to make an orgasm intense.

He returned the camera and untied me. I immediately reached for his hips and pulled him to me, sucking his balls into my mouth. I kept working on him as he grabbed the back of my head and helped me work him to maximum size.

Once he was hard he pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned me over, his tongue was on my eager hole slathering it up with his spit. He turned me to the side allowing the best angle for the camera to record without moving it. Then he quietly unrolled a condom and fucked me. He didn't change the position, he kept me bent over that chair and fucked and fucked. I grunted and moaned and loved it.

He reached around me and grabbed my cock and started jerking it until I came. His thrust never slowed as he emptied me a second time. When he was ready to unload he pulled out and it splattered across my back. I felt his tongue like it up.

'Damn Bailey..' 'It's Andy idiot.' He interrupted. 'Sorry asshole, I mean Andy. I was gonna say that you impress me again and again but you killed the moment.' I was bummed he had to change it.

He handed me a towel and I cleaned up my load off the chair. I handed it back and he handed me a sheet of paper. It was a letter. I sat down and read it in disbelief. It said they loved the video and were interested in having us shoot a scene for them.

'Yes I did send it in to my contact at the studio. Dude, we are going to make a porno.' He sang the word porno. 'If you are up for it. Pays pretty decent and the flight is free. Plus, they offered to buy this one. To be honest, they already did. They want to change the title too, BUT they liked my name. Before they can seal the deal they need to meet you and see ID to make sure you are legal and consent. Dude, you can be an amateur porn star. Think of it.'

I didn't know what to think. Sure we had talked about it but I didn't take it seriously. I knew he had done a bunch of video work, I didn't know he used the name Andy for it. Was I ready to be a porn star? Even an amateur porn star seemed pretty serious.

'Bailey, I don't know what to think. This isn't like acting out some fantasy or filming for us to watch, this is like real porn. It will get on the net and follow us forever. Not sure I am serious enough to do that. And then the extra work, not to put you down or anything, but the escort thing you do, you made it sound like part of the territory.'

'Mick, I thought you were into it? I didn't think you had a problem with me hustling on the side. At least you acted all cool with it.'

'I am cool with it, I just didn't think I would do it.'

'Dude, don't act like you are too good for it. Come on. You have been fucked by dozens of guys and don't think there aren't a ton of pictures out there of you with a dick in your mouth or up your ass cause there are.'

My mouth dropped open, 'What the hell are you saying Bailey?'

'Mick, guys have been taking pics of you for months and posting them on their pages on different gay chat sites and video sites. I have seen a few too. They are hot man.'

I didn't want to believe him but I knew that when I was into it I wouldn't pay any attention to what was going on outside of the cock that was in me or about to be in me. Within seconds I could remember cameras taking shots as I would suck a guy or while getting fucked, I blocked it out but he was right, there already were pictures of me getting dicked on line.

'Here.' He tossed an envelop to me.

I opened it up. Inside were a bunch of hundred dollar bills. I looked at him.

'You think those guys who fucked you on camera got the chance to nail you for free? Mick, think for a second here, I make my money doing this shit, I wasn't gonna let you fuck for free. Every one of those guys gladly paid to fuck you on camera and gave up the rights to it. Did you really go into this and not think you were getting paid?'

I was stunned. Again the brain kicked in and I did recall two of the guys mentioning something about money or worth every penny. How did I miss it?

'Mick, if you think you are better than me, think again cause you are holding two grand with of cock sucking you earned. I may have been doing this longer but you are a prostitute too.'

'I can't believe you did this. You made me a prostitute; you talked me into this without me knowing what I was doing. ' I was furious.

'Hey, wait a minute, you were so eager to do what I asked, you didn't ask any questions, you didn't resist. You couldn't wait to let that first guy fuck you. For two hundred bucks.'

I was ready to punch him.

'Mick, You fuck for money.' That did it.

I punched him. He looked at me, touched his chin and dove for me. We knocked over the chair and tumbled onto the couch. We fought and scrambled and swore. I had never been in a fight before but went at it like I was seasoned. Then I noticed. His dick was getting hard. I looked at mine and I was hard. I looked at him and we locked lips so fast we knocked heads.

We tore into each other with so much lust I swear you could hear our bodies panting for each other's dicks. And we fucked. We didn't think we just went at it like animals. He pounded my ass and I pounded his, we went back and forth sucking and fucking until we both shot out and the fell into each other on the bed.

'Fuck me Mick, that was the hottest fuck we have every had. Damn.'

I was trying to catch my own breath. 'No shit man, fuck.'


'Yes Bailey.'

'We didn't use condoms.'

He was right, we had both been in such a frenzy of lust and sex we didn't think of using protection. I had been inside him and he me several times. I wasn't scared or worried but knew it was a stupid thing to do.

'He held me. Don't worry man; I tested clean three weeks ago. We can go in tomorrow.' He sat up and laughed. 'Dude, I didn't shut the camera off! We got it on tape, at least the audio. We gotta check it out!'

Sure enough the camera caught it. Granted the shots were not centered or close up and the action not framed, but it was us fighting and fucking.

After we finished watching we took a shower and went to get something to eat. We didn't talk about the porn or the money. We just chatted like a couple of buddies. Back at his place we sat down and had a long talk. We talked about the sex for money. The porn. Doing porn for a company. How we would move forward and what I could expect.

I was nervous as hell. It reminded me of when I first started having sex with guys. I was terrified and excited at the same time; I think there is a fine line between the two. Bailey explained that he got into the porn scene unwillingly. He was approached and did a solo scene jerking off. It went from there. After a month in California he had done ten scenes on camera. Of course along with that came the blowjobs to different guys in the business and getting fucked. He said he was expected to bend over and daily some guy would enjoy his hole.

He also found that getting introduced to guys made it really easy meet the ones who weren't in the business but willing to pay. After that month he went down regularly and did a couple of scenes and made the extra cash as an escort. We had talked about this before but now that I had been fucked for money it was different. I understood it in a new light.

We fell asleep and didn't fuck that night. In the morning we ate and talked some more. He apologized for the ten guys and the video. It was nice of him but he was right, I didn't complain and I went into it for free, the thrill of it. The two grand would come in handy and what was I going to do with it, return it? He asked if I wanted to see the videos and I did. I really did. The memory of these guys going to town on my ass was hot.

'Well, let's go get them.'

'Go get them? Where are they?'

'I sent them to my buddy for editing.'

'Are you kidding me? No of course you aren't. ' I paused. 'Do I need to fuck him for his work?'


Good, I sighed in relief.

'He wants to fuck you.'


His buddy was in his mid forties and heavy. Not much of a looker. I tried not to look or act turned off by him knowing I was going to get fucked by him. After some chit chat he looked at me, 'How about shedding those clothes Taylor, let me get an in person view of that hot body of yours.' I started taking off my clothes. I turned my thinking off and imagined myself as a full time professional prostitute and porn star. Time to make the money. Except I wasn't making any money.

It was nothing, the sex with him. He didn't last long thankfully and I didn't think about his belly rubbing against my back as he worked his dick in and out of my ass. Bailey waited in another room. After he was done he thanked me and pulled up his boxers and pulled down his tee, put his pants on and walked out of the room. I felt a little shitty, cheap.

We collected the video and went back to Bailey's



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