The phone rang, it was Him.

'What the fuck were you doing at the convention you little prick?'

I stammered, He was pissed, 'Just checking it out.'

'Then what the hell were you doing in the pictures I have been seeing? Bible study?'

'What pictures?'

'Don't give me that shit you fuck. I am in the business, I have people who send me shit they find of my whores that isn't from my studio.'

Hearing Him call me His whore hurt. I didn't respond.

'Listen, you only do that shit thru me. Got it.'


'Good. Now, this is how we are going to correct the situation. You are flying out, on Weds, and shooting another video.'

'Me? What about Bailey?'

'Just you. Got a scene and I want your ass in it. Bailey gets his due later.'

'What's the scene?'

'The same as all the others, you getting fucked. I will email the ticket confirmation. Show up looking ripped, rested.'

And He hung up.

Bailey wasn't thrilled with me leaving, we both left the subject, no need getting worked up over it.

I was picked up and brought to the studio. He was in a better mood than on the phone. He was even on the happy side.

'Mick! Glad you came. You need to see Kip, I want him to really loosen you up. When he is done get into make up, we start shooting at two.'

'Loosen me up? Why? What kind of scene are we doing?'

'Bondage. After seeing the pictures I decided it was time to get you tied up and plowed. Don't worry it will be hot. Now get going, you get to get that hole ready.'

I admit I was turned on by it but a little concerned with the stress He was making about getting loosened up. Kip was waiting for me, I stripped down and he started on my hole. Kip is not attractive. Not at all attractive, but he is talented with his tongue and fingers and can really get a hole relaxed and ready. It was not the turn on it could be, all business really. I asked him if he know what this scene was about and he said he couldn't really say. I wasn't able to figure out if he didn't know or if He had told Kip to keep quiet.

After working on my hole a while Kip inserted a plug and sent me to make up. It isn't all that much make up for me. Some guys need the cover up, they live rough and bad skin doesn't sell. I get some around my eyes and get my hair styled but that is about it.

From make up I am brought into wardrobe. Wardrobe is really just a room with racks of clothing and one of the crew passes out the clothes depending on the scene and the look. Mostly guys were their own stuff, jeans and tees, but sometimes we get a suit or sports apparel. This time I got a pair of old jeans, a pair of new briefs and a used tee that was a little too small.

After getting dressed I was brought to the set. There was a small area built to look like an alley. My direction was to walk down the alley like I was a little drunk; I was given an empty beer bottle as a prop. Pretty lame.

I still had no idea what was suppose to happen. He told me to go with it, be drunk and not interested. The cue is given so I start walking slowly and stagger a bit towards the camera. From a fake doorway two guys come out, well built, wearing jeans and leather vests. These guys are total bears. I have never done a scene with a bear.

They walk towards me, slowly and deliberately.

'Where you off to boy?' One of them gruffly says.

'Huh?' Not much, but I am drunk, right?

'I said where you off to boy? Look at me when I talk to you.' His voice is solid and I am a little concerned.

They come up behind me and they each grab one of my arms. 'Looks like you need some help walking.' The other guy speaks into my ear.

'Leave me alone. I don't want to go anywhere with you.'

'Doesn't matter boy.' And then push me toward the fake doorway.

'Cut! Good. Now to the other side of the wall.'

The two bears don't speak; they let go of me and walk around the end of the wall. I follow. They are fucking hot, much bigger than me and about twice my age. I get a little twinge in my gut telling me this is going to be more than a simple suck and fuck.

The other side of the wall is another room, sort of looks like a basement. The bears stand in front of a door and wait. I am told to stand between them. After the camera and lights are checked we are told to go.

I do my best to act drunk and resisting; these bears are strong and practically carry me from the door toward the middle of the set. One grabs my arms and pulls them over my head, wraps a double wrist restraint around my wrists and attaches it to a chain hanging from the ceiling.

They back away, I try to look scared.

'Too chicken to speak boy?' one bear barks at me.

'Let me go.' Was all I muttered, pathetic.

About three hours later I am taking a shower. The final cut will be hot; of course filming it is a different story. The bears cut the clothes off me, feel me up, slap me, spank me, whip me, abuse my dick and balls, nipples and then force feed me their sizable cocks, face fuck me and then fuck. The entire time I have no idea of what is coming next. The bears are in synch, like they have done this many many times. It didn't long for me to start getting into it; something about the bears using me turned me on. They fucked hard, the spanking hurt, the whipping hurt, the tears in my eyes were real. But He was happy and I hoped it would get Him off my case about the convention.

After I am dressed I head toward the offices. I run into the bears, dressed in jeans again but wearing normal tees.

'Mick, you did real well, good job.' Said the bearded bear.


'You got a sweet ass kid. Would be up for fucking it on our own time. You around a while?' Said the bear with the goatee.

It suddenly felt like less of a question and more of a demand. 'Um, no idea, I think I go back tomorrow.'

'How about later tonight, I got another buddy who would love pounding you.'

'Oh.' I was a little stunned by how blunt he was being.

He hands me a scrap of paper, 'Call me.' And they both turn to leave.

Entering His office I see him smile. 'Great work Mick, I think we have found your next phases in the porn industry. I've got plans already to move you out of the pretty boy stuff and into some more hardcore action.'

'Glad you liked it. Sir.' I sit down in a chair at His direction.

'Tomorrow we are doing another scene, start at noon, you can eat dinner but nothing after midnight.' He chuckles, 'Not that you will have time.'

'What do you mean?'

'Got a gig for you. Up for some more?' The look on His face is one that scares me.

'Some more what?'

'Fucking. Havin a few friends over and I want you to entertain.' It is clear to me He is still paying me back for the convention thing.



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