Twenty after twelve I was waiting for Will. My heart was beating fast and I was antsy with anticipation. Having seen him close to nude I knew I liked what I saw and wanted it. Now.

I felt like I had a neon sign over my head that read, 'About to be fucked!' I was so excited. Minutes before the appointed time I saw Will walking toward me, a smile from ear to ear on his handsome mug. As he got closer the smile went away. 'Hey man, how's it going?' He said with the enthusiasm of someone about to clean the bathroom. I figured he was trying to save face or just resist tackling me and getting going right there.

'Ok, you?'

He shrugged and we walked without talking to his place. Once the door closed I tried to kiss him, my lips were an inch from his when he pulled away and walked into the room. I followed, his ass looked great.

We both stopped and faced each other. 'Well.' He said.


'Let's see.'

I smiled as sexy as I could and put down the backpack, pulled off my sweatshirt and looked down at my belt. I peeked at him and smiled. Slowly I ran my hands over my jeans, avoiding my crotch, up over my abs moving my tee enough to tease but not show any skin. My left hand returned toward my crotch and my right hand continued and grazed my nipple. Rolling my head to the side I moaned ever so slightly and licked my lips.

I continued to feel my body making sure to keep the skin covered. I wanted to tease. I didn't look at him; I just slowly enjoyed the feel of my own muscles underneath my clothing. I turned so my back was to him and continued to feel my ass, lightly arching my back. My hands returned to my chest and I let my head fall all the way back as I moaned once again.

I reached my arms around and started to lift my tee out of my jeans to show off the wonderful V where my ass meets my back. I knew it was a sexy spot on me. Not many guys have a great looking back in that area, mine was hot. I turned back around and spent about five minutes just running my hands over my torso and arms. I was turning myself on with this little show and could only imagine how it was affecting him.

Slowly I started to run hard enough my tee would lift and show my lower abs just above the band of my jeans. If only I had a trail there but not yet, in time it would grow in, but for now I was still young enough and smooth enough it was just skin.

I kept from looking at him and got into a little world of my own, knowing full well he was watching. I reached up and started to play with my nipples, tweaking them, squeezing them thru the material of my tee. I reached up moved the sleeve of my left arm up and over my shoulder exposing my entire arm. I stroked my biceps and forearms. I rubbed my neck and head, moaning slightly. Finally I reached down and with my right hand I groped myself. My dick felt larger, the blood was flowing. My left hand reached under my tee and over the warm flesh of my abs. My right hand followed as my left hand moved to my chest, reaching for my nipple. I could feel the air hit my skin as it was exposed to the light and Will.

I continued to rub my chest and abs moving my tee up further and further showing off my body. I reached around over my shoulder with my right hand pulled my tee up and over my head letting it drop to the floor. Slowly I enjoyed my body for him, letting my hands brush against the top of my jeans. I reached down and grabbed my crotch lifting my cock up.

I could hear the music in my head as I caressed and moaned, moving to the music. Slowly I started to unbutton my jeans. I loved 501s, unbuttoning each button was such a great way to build excitement.

Pealing the left flap over, then the right I reached into the jeans and lifted my jock covered dick and balls out. I swayed and rubbed my abs. I turned to the music and slid the jeans down exposing my ass. His hands grabbed my wrists and he twisted me around and forced me onto the couch. Before I knew what was happening he had handcuffs on me and one hand on the back of my neck. 'You are gonna love this.' He whispered into my ear.

He slid his hand down my back and pushed the jeans over my hips. I didn't move. The excitement, anticipation and not knowing what he was planning on doing was so great I didn't want to prevent him from continuing.

Roughly he pulled the jeans off and forced my legs apart. His mouth was on my hole. I arched and leaned back offering his full access. His hands explored my body while his tongue explored my ass. I was thrilled. Yes I wanted this. I wanted him. A finger replaced his tongue and soon I felt the cool lube on my hole. He worked me open and I relaxed, eager for him to add the second and third. He didn't say anything as he played. The silence was powerful. I heard the crinkle of a condom package and a moment later his cock was brushing my bud. He humped my crack and squirted more lube and without a word slide his dick inside.

In that one push he entered my completely. It hurt going in with one movement. Then he stopped moving. 'I have waited for this for weeks. Do you know how hard it is to sit by you, look at you, talk with you and not fuck you?'

He started to move and I moaned. Amazing. As he continued to get to know my ass I moved to his rhythm. I wanted to be in sync with him; I wanted to surrender to his desire to have me. I didn't know if he was fucking me, Mick, or Taylor the porn actor. Either way I didn't really care. He picked up speed and force, trusting and grunting. After the animal like fuck Bailey had given me and now this one, I was starting to really get off on the heavy fucking. Brenn too had pounded away and it really turned me on. He pulled out. 'On your back.' I rolled over my ass hanging off the seat. He lifted my legs and pushed them into my chest. Taking one ankle in each hand he spread me open and with impressive accuracy his dick entered me again. He resumed his rhythm.

'Look at me.'

I did. He smiled. He kept at it and increased the pressure as he thrust and grinded his way to climax. Moments before he came he grunted loud and gasped as he drove in and unloaded. As his cock started to soften he pulled out and removed the condom. 'Look at what you made me do.' He said with a smirk as he held the condom heavy with his cum.

He set it down and started sucking my cock. My mind went to that place where time stops and all that exists is the overwhelming sensation of all the right nerves being stimulated to ecstasy. He worked me until I exploded. He swallowed it all and continued to suck my cock. I was so tender it hurt.

'That was the warm up.' He said in a husky, sexy voice.



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