Brenn started laughing as I lost my load. He told me it was expected and slid me to the floor so he could pull off his tee. I sat in front of him, still hard, my heart racing with anticipation. Finally I was going to see his cock. Despite having seen him shirtless dozens of times, watching from a foot away was amazing. He was beautiful. He looked down at me and smiled.

'So Mick, are you ready? You can say no, we can wait, no need to hurry.'

'Fuck yes I am ready Brenn. Please. I want to see your cock, hold it and suck it. Please Brenn.' I pleaded.

He smiled and started opening his jeans, lifting his ass and sliding them down. I backed up and helped pull them off. Then he stood up. I sat back on the floor and watched as he slowly started to pull down his boxers. I could see he was getting hard and it felt like slow motion as he removed them.

Finally he had the waistband just covering the head of his cock. I had only seen cock on line and my own so I wasn't sure what to expect but it looked huge and beautiful.

Finally his cock bounced up, free at last. I sat and stared. A real man's cock was in front of me. I could hardly wait to get it in my mouth. It looked huge, monster size, I wondered if I could fit it in my mouth, or my ass. He looked at me 'Don't worry, we will take it slow. No need to rush.'

'But Brenn, I want it really looks huge. '

'Have you seen another cock before or only online? Cause if you only have seen them online and if you believe what you read, it isn't a monster. It's a very healthy 7.5 inches. Thick, but not a ten-inch dick. '

'Brenn, it looks like a monster cock, it's huge.'

'Take it slow and don't worry if you can't power deep throat it or take it all, there is not need to force it all down now.'

He sat and I scooted forward. His knees were together. I reached up to move them apart and he resisted. I couldn't tell if he was teasing or what but it drove me wild. Finally he spread them and I made room between his legs and reached up to grab my first cock.

It felt soft and hard, warm and I could feel the veins as I held it. I was entirely focused on his cock, the rest of the world disappeared. I stroked it and looked at it and finally, slowly opened my mouth and leaned in to take my first taste. I carefully put my lips into an o shape and moved it into my mouth.

'Cover your teeth with your lips and relax. Don't bite down and careful with the teeth.'

I heard him and tried to wrap my teeth with my lips, it felt awkward as hell, but I did and as I covered my teeth my lips can into contact with the head of his cock. I was shaking. His cock, the head of his cock, was in my mouth. Finally.

'Move your tongue around, lick it from inside and relax. Now let it out and lick your lips, you need to use a lot of spit.'

I listened and followed his directions as he told me how to suck on his cock. I was in heaven, and terrified I would hurt him. Going slowly, taking time and being reminded to relax and breath repeatedly I did my best.

I had to take breaks and asked him so many times if I was doing ok he finally told me to stop asking or he would put it away. That got me to shut up and just enjoy the experience.

This entire time I was hard as hell and dripping pre cum. I massaged his balls, licked and stroked, applied pressure and only once forgot about my teeth. He forgave me.

It felt like hours, glorious hours of sucking his cock.

Really it was about twenty minutes. Then he told me to sit on the couch and he went to get us more water. He sat down next to me and smiled, gently stroking my leg asking if I was ok. I told him no I was better than ok, that this was the best night of my life so far.

'It isn't over yet. Come on.' He said as he stood up and led me to his bedroom. He sat me on the bed and kneeled in front of me looking me in the eyes he said 'I don't want to pressure you into anything and we can stop at any time and I won't be mad or hurt, I want you to remember this as a wonderful experience. So you have to tell me if you want to stop or slow down. Ok?'

'Brenn, I am loving every second and I want you to fuck me tonight.'

He laughed 'Not so fast Mick. Let's see how things go.'

I lost myself as he started to touch me; slowly running his hands over my body causing me to feel sensations I didn't know existed. I lost all track of time and perspective as I surrendered to the pleasures he was giving me. As he stimulated my arms, legs, abs, chest, nipples it felt like another layer of joy was being revealed. Finally, it took forever, he touched my cock.

Another load exploded from my hard cock landing on my abs and chest and the sheets by my head. I was impressed. He licked it off telling me it was delicious. I couldn't wait to taste his cum.

As he moved my body to continue his journey across my body I let go of all inhibition. In time he had me on my stomach and his tongue found it's way into my virgin hole. I was shaking I was so excited. Again the hours flew by, in my mind it was hours, I wanted it to last for hours and he had me wet and relaxed enough to work up to three fingers to get inside. I didn't believe him when he said three were in.

He then turned me over onto my back, crawled up on the bed, straddled me and aimed his cock into my mouth. I immediately covered my teeth and took a deep breath as he placed his cock at my lips, then I lifted my head to take it. I didn't think anymore, I just sucked and it was amazing. It felt natural and good and hard and powerful.

'Are you sure you want to go further?' he said after taking his cock from my mouth.

'OH yes, please Brenn, if you can fit it in, fuck me. I'm ready.'

'Alright, but if it hurts too much say the word and I will stop. Let me get a condom.'

'Brenn. Brenn, wait. I know what you have told me about being safe.' I could not believe was I was thinking! 'But just this once, just the first time you push it in, can you do it without a condom. Once it's in you can pull it out and put one on, but I really want to feel your cock on my hole the first time. Please.'

What was I thinking? He always talked about being safe and here I was begging for him not to be safe. I looked at him trying to be as cute and hot as possible.

He looked at me for a long time and said nothing.

'Really Brenn, you have been tested over and over and I have never done it, I'm a virgin, just this one time. You don't even have to fuck me, just as you pop my cherry, do it bare, please.'

He shook his head. 'Mick, being tested doesn't mean it's ok, there is still a chance.'

'I know but just one push in and then you can cover it and fuck. Please.'

He slid his cock back into my mouth and I sucked it my best, hoping it would help. Why I wanted him to go against his own rules about using condoms I didn't understand. But I really wanted to feel it once and thought my first time means I am totally clean. And he wasn't cumming in me, just sliding it in. I wanted my cherry taken without a condom, to feel his skin on mine.

He pulled out spread me legs apart and lifted them back towards my chest. I reached up to grab them and watched his eyes as he looked at my hole waiting.

He spit on my hole, rubbed his cock head around as I tried to relax, eager to feel him enter me. I hadn't really played with my ass while I jerked off, just my balls and dick so I was anxious to feel him inside me again, but with his cock.

He looked down at his cock; I looked down too and watched as he started to push the head into my hole.

'Breath and relax, let all tension go, I won't hurt you. It will hurt at first, but keep breathing.'

He was in. I swear I heard an orchestra play. It felt tight, full, plugged and it only hurt a little.

He moved it around but didn't go in further.

'You ok?'

I nodded.

'Keep breathing.'

He slowing pushed in more and worked a gentle rhythm as he moved further inside me.

It did hurt, a lot. But I didn't say anything; I just kept breathing and trying to relax.

'OK, this is going to be it.' And he pushed. I felt his hair on my ass. 'It's in. Mick, your cherry is popped.'

I smiled. Finally I was no longer a virgin. I still needed to be fucked but I was not a virgin, a man's cock had, WAS inside me.

He kept moving it around slowly trying to help me relax and our breathing was in synch. He kept the whole thing in for a while 'so you can get use to the feeling' and the pain started to go away. I was so happy and rock hard and loved it. Except I felt like I needed to poop. I didn't say anything to him about it but it felt like that. He slowly started to work his way back out a little bit at a time, and then he would push it back in. Each time he would pull out a little further. I tried to keep watching but the sensations overwhelmed me and I would close my eyes to focus on his cock. I didn't want him to stop. I wanted him to continue.

Finally he pulled the entire length out and then the head.

'So Mick, welcome to man on man sex. You officially no longer a virgin.'

I smiled. 'Brenn, thank you thank you, don't stop, put it back in.'

He started to get up.

'No Brenn, once, just once, cum inside me. I want to see if I can really feel your cum as you shoot. Please, just once.'

I was thinking crazy, but I was so horny and I really wanted to know if I could feel him erupt and fill my bowels with his steaming cum. I read about it online and wanted to see if it was true.


'Please, I know what you are going to say, but just once. Don't you want to fuck me without it once, just once and then we can use condoms after that?'

He aimed his cock back at my hole and slowly pushed in. It hurt again! He took his time and slowly worked his way until his entire cock was inside. As he built up the pace and pressure it would hurt a little bit, but it seemed to be getting easier for me.

'Well, Mick, right now, I am fucking you, you are being fucked.'

I smiled and laughed and thanked him. He continued for a while and then pulled out and rolled my on my stomach, lifted me ass and entered me again. Everything felt right. It felt good, some painful seconds but mostly it felt great. He moved me around several times and finally had me on my back again.

'I am getting ready to cum. Are you sure you don't want me to pull out, I shoot it on your abs, that is very hot, I would love it.'

'I shook my head, 'Breed me Brenn, this one time.'

He pushed in and started to pump away. I was caught in a combination of some pain, a lot of excitement and told him to fuck me.

'Alright Mick, I am gonna cum.'

He grunted and I tried to feel it. I could feel his cock pulsing but I could feel the eruption of his hot lava. I was confused.

After he stopped pulsing his cock started to get a little softer. He held it inside me, smiling. Slowly he pulled out and came to lie beside me.

'Brenn, thank you, that, that was so worth it. '

'Was it really? It didn't hurt too much? Do you regret it?'

'Regret it? Hell no. It hurt a little but not as much as how great it felt. But I didn't feel you cum.'

He laughed and hugged me. Then we kissed. We hadn't kissed yet! I was feeling like a million bucks.

'Brenn. Will you want to fuck me again?'

'What? Now?'

'I mean like ever. Was I ok?' I was terrified he would say no, I wanted him to want to fuck me again. I wanted to be a good fuck, turn him on.

'Mick, that was absolutely amazing. You are amazing. Your body is amazing. And being the first guy, the honor of being the first guy to put his dick inside you, amazing. And yes, I do want to fuck you again. Just not now, I gotta rest.'

I breathed a sigh of relief.

'Was I a good fuck?'

'What, are you kidding? Mick, you were fantastic, I loved every second of it.'

'Well, would you tell your friends you fucked me and you liked it? Would they be jealous?'

'What's with all these questions Mick? Are you ok? Trust me it was amazing and I want to have sex with you again, if you want to. It isn't about bragging.'

'Well, I just want, I want to be good at it. I want guys to want to do it again, not try it and think, ah that was ok, like you do a burger or something. You know when you are hungry even a so-so burger is good but you won't want to go back again.'

'You are wonderful and that made it amazing. It takes time to be good it at as you put it, but you were not a disappointment and I was hungry for you and I will definitely want to go back again.'

'Ok. Are you going to tell anyone?'

'You have more questions now than you did before we started! Why?'

'You ask a lot of questions too. I'm just curious you know. Will you tell your buddies you fucked the neighbor kid and how great it was, that sort of thing.'

'First of all. I didn't just fuck the neighbor kid. I had sex with a man who lives in my neighborhood.'

'You're right, I am not a kid, I am a man now but why wasn't it fucking? And will you tell them?'

'Mick, if I had just fucked you, you would be bleeding and in so much pain you couldn't stand up. We had sex, there's a difference. Why are you so curious if I am going to tell anyone? I won't say anything to your parents if that's what you are afraid of.'

'My parents don't pay much attention to anything I do as long as I don't get into trouble. But I have wondered if you talked about me to your fuck buddies, you know told them about me. And it would kind of turn me on if you told them you finally took my cherry.'

'You make it sound so careless and cold.'

'I don't mean it that way, but come on, guys talk about banging chicks all the time how is it any different with banging guys? And wouldn't it feel pretty great to say you banged the 18 year old virgin?'

Brenn laughed and told me I was too much. We hugged again and we got up to get some water. I didn't realize how thirsty I was!

After a long shower where he showed me how to clean up we got back into bed and talked a while. I felt on top of the world and told him. I wasn't in love with him and didn't think he was my boyfriend. But I liked him cause he was a good guy and it was sex. I also told him any time he wanted to do it again I was ready. He, I am young and always horny so I would always be ready. He teased me about being on call.



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