Waking up I felt great. Steve was already out of bed so I went to find him. Walking naked down the hallway I could hear noise coming from the kitchen. I walked in and he was making coffee. And he had company. They both turned to look at me. I smiled and said good morning, knowing I was totally naked.

Steve spoke up, 'So he is alive, wasn't sure if you were going to survive last night. This is Nick.'

I smiled at Nick and reached out to shake his hand. Strong grip, I wondered if that was a sign he was a strong top.

'Mick, nice to finally meet you. ' He pulled me closer and started feeling my body. I let him. 'Steve said you had a busy night. Five guys huh.'

'Six.' Steve corrected him.

'Six! In one night, impressive. Looks like you survived it ok.'

'Oh, I survived it just fine. Not sure I could do it again today but I won't say no the next time I am tapped like that.' I was getting hard.

Steve poured the coffee and we had some donuts too. I stayed naked and enjoyed the entire scene. Nick was sexy, reddish hair, bread and mustache, nice solid build. I could see the chest hair peeking up from the neck of his tee. I was curious if he had pierced nips of not, it looked like he did but his tee wasn't tight enough to be sure.

The conversation was not too suggestive, basic talk over breakfast, except I was nude. As we finished Nick changed the topic. 'So Mick, Steve said there are a bunch of photo's of you getting fucked last night. How do you feel about that?'

How did I feel about it? Hadn't spent any time thinking one way or the other.

'Not sure really, haven't thought about it. I guess I don't mind, too late now if I did huh. ' Not the smartest comment ever made.

'Not embarrassed? You don't regret it?' Nick was pressing the point.

'Nope, not at all. Proud of my body and Steve is a great top so the pics are hot as hell.'

'What about the pics from the other five guys?' Evidently Steve had either told him or shown him all the pictures.

'Nope. It turns me on to have a guy older than me using my ass. Not sure why but I like it. Actually haven't been with a guy my age, Ryan is the closet.' I smiled thinking about him.

'Good to know. Well, if you are up for it I would love to have you stop by my studio, fuck you and then get some pictures of you naked, maybe fucking around with another guy. You would earn some cash.' Nick didn't waste time.

My mind raced. It sounded hot, even if he just fucked me, but actually posing for pictures and fucking for a camera, that was an entirely different story. Would I mind? 'Cash? Hmm, Steve, what do you think?'

'I think he should fuck you.' Steve was blunt. 'And if you are up for it pose for him. Make the money, get laid and enjoy it. Just remember the pictures are not going away. Down the line someone may see them and word may get out. You ready for that?'

Now he was getting serious on me. 'Well, there are already a ton of pictures of me getting fucked and sucking dick and chances they are already out there so that makes it too late to worry about it. And I didn't get paid for them either.'

'Well, in a way you did Mick, those guys paid to fuck you.' Steve outted me as a prostitute. Nick caught on.

'Paid for it, really. Well, Mick, I think we ought to talk. ' Nick smiled and winked. 'How about coming over to the studio with me.'

'When?' I was open to it.


I looked at Steve and he nodded. I grabbed my pants and shoes, my shirt was lost from the night before, and I rode with Nick to his studio.

'So Mick. You're hot, horny, been getting paid to take dick and been photographed. Just curious what direction you want to go with this for hire thing. Are you ready to start working as a rentboy? Or just model? '

'You know Nick, I am not really sure. The money was great. I like showing off. Love getting fucked. Haven't thought so much about the whole thing. Do you think I am a whore? Could I make it as a rent boy? Or am I at too great a risk of getting busted. I guess that is the thing that worries me the most. Right now, getting paid to bend over doesn't bother me. Getting fucked by older guys turns me on. Showing off naked is hot as hell. But going into business, the adult entertainment world, not sure on that yet.'

We pulled into a parking lot and Nick turned off the car. We walked inside without talking. The studio was not some dreary dark place, it had a lot of window light and was clean and bright, professional looking.

'Mick, I am a professional photographer. Mostly normal stuff. But I do porn on the side for extra money and it's good money. Why don't you stand over there.' He pointed to a huge roll of white paper that was hanging from a rod near the ceiling. It was rolled out and a dark brown leather chair was sitting on it. I walked over to the chair and sat down.

He messed around with his camera and turned on some lights. 'Look right at me as we talk, start touthing your chest.'

I followed his direction, feeling my abs, chest, nipples. He gave me instructions as I slide m hands over my body. I stood up, leaned against the chair and before long I was naked and stroking my hard on. He was busy taking pictures the entire time. I was relaxed and horny. It felt good.

'Ok, stop there. Follow me.' Nick walked toward a bed with only a fitted sheet on it. 'I want to fuck you now.'

I crawled on the bed and watched as he undressed. Nice bod, hairy but not overly, good muscles, pretty flat stomach for a guy his age. Nice dick and his balls were big, bigger than Steve or Brenn's.

'Show me you want it kid.' He half snarled at me. I sat up and crawled over to him using my mouth to get at his cock. As it hardened it grew to a little longer than a dollar bill. He wouldn't let me take, kept swinging it out of reach. I kept working for it. Suddenly he grabbed my head with both hands and stuffed it into my open mouth. All the way down. I gagged. Then took it. He fucked my face, not smoothly, but fucked. His balls bouncing off my chin.

He pulled is dick out of my mouth reached over and grabbed my shoulders. He pushed me back onto the bed reached for my ankles and pushed my legs into my chest and out exposing my ass. He dove in and started eating my hole. His beard was rubbing my ass; it started to feel a little raw.

When he would remove his face he would shove a finger or two in and bark at me to beg for it. I did. I let it all go and begged to be fingered, to be eaten. I begged to be fucked. I acted like a whore for him. I loved it. I wanted it; I wanted him to handle me rough, like an object.

Every time a guy would use me like this I would get rock hard, almost painfully so and want him to pound me until I couldn't take it any longer. He kept switching back and forth from eating my hole to finger fucking it. I was horny and felt ready to take anything he could give. He pulled away, got up and left. I lay on the bed wondering what I did wrong.

'Get your ass over here.' He snarled at me. I jumped up and followed him. He stopped at a heavy wooden farm table, grabbed my neck and pushed me over. I could see several bottles of lube and a bowl of condoms. 'Spread you fucking legs, open up for me. You want this don't you?' I spread my legs, 'Yes I want it. I want it now!'

After lubing me up and gave it to me. As he fucked he told me to keep begging for it. I did. He wasn't mean, he was forceful. I ate it up. He did his thing and when he pulled out and came on my ass I stopped breathing so I could hear him grunt as he came.

'Well Mick. I give ya credit, you like to get fucked. Nice ass kid. Don't get fat. Come and suck me dry. I got off the table and on my knees and sucked his dick. I tried to get his balls but he pulled away. 'Bend over the table again, I want to get a couple of shots of your ass now that I've fucked you.'

He came back with a camera and took some pictures. 'Now over to the bed.'

He followed me and at the bed he opened the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a dildo. This thing wasn't too big, but my experience with them was pretty much none so I thought it was huge. 'Now fuck yourself.'

He continued to take pictures as I worked the thing into my ass using the lube from his fuck. He tossed me a bottle of lube, 'Get it on thick and bury it, but go slowly so I can get the shots.' I lubed it up and started to slowly fuck myself. I let go again and just enjoyed the full feeling it gave me. 'Now stroke your dick, but keep one hand on the dildo.'

I kept going as he told me to move one way or another, moving an arm, turn my head, lower a leg. I just kept the dildo going in and out of my ass and following his directions. Time went slowly but felt amazing. When I was close to cumming I let him know and he told me to lower both legs, keep the dildo half in and put one arm behind my head. I shot my load. He told me not to move as he moved around the bed taking the shots.

'Well done Mick, you move well and listen even better. Go shower up.'

'Thanks Nick.' I couldn't think of anything else to say. I went to shower.

When I got out of the shower there was another guy at the studio. Nick introduced the guy as his lighting man, no name. I shook his hand. 'Get dressed kid and I will take you home, unless you have someplace else to be.'

'Nope, home is good.' I took off my towel and got dressed.



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