For the next two weeks I was busy with school so my sex life took a little break. I was still working out and jerking off daily, I loved jerking off. I also began to practicing sucking my own dick. At first I could just lick the tip of the head but after some practice I was able to get my lips wrapped around the head of my cock. What a mind-blowing experience! I was looking forward to showing off my new talents as soon as things slowed down so I could get a man's cock in my hands. After some steady dick for a few months this little break was not fun.

Finally Brenn called and asked if I had time for a quickie. He didn't have a lot of time but needed my ass so I hoped on my bike and cruised over to his place. He was not joking about a quickie! I had time to get inside, get almost naked and bend over for him. I didn't make it past the living room. He thanked me and said he needed to run.

At first I was a little pissed. Riding home I thought about it and it started to turn me on. I got into my room and jerked off fantasizing about having quick, no foreplay, no talking no making out fucks. Just bending over, getting fucked and going on my way. I sent a text to Steve and told him about my little fantasy.

He called about 30 minutes later and asked what my plans were for Friday. I told him my calendar was completely open. He said ok and hung up! Short on conversation, long on fucking, I liked it.

By now I was super horny and wondered if I should call Ryan. Decided against it. What was up? These guys all had a great time banging me and yet no calls. I didn't get it. Had I done something wrong?

Friday arrived and Steve sent a text, seven, that was it. So I did a super fast crunch session, showered and got dressed. My wardrobe sucked in terms of clothes to wear and look hot. Almost everything was big so nothing hugged my body. Even my pants were too big. I found an old tee but it was so washed out it looked like shit. I pulled on some jeans and a sweatshirt hoping I wouldn't be dressed long enough for it to matter.

Steve pulled up at seven on the nose and I got in. He smiled and drove off. He pulled on Allen's street. My heart started pounding, a good hard fuck was in my immediate future. Two hours later the three of us sat naked and sweaty, the cum from all of us on my chest. My ass was a little sore and I felt great. Steve jumped into the shower and Allen started talking. 'You want to get fucked again tonight? I'm planning on heading to a club in an hour.'

'Um Allen, I am eighteen, I can't get into a club.'

'As a patron no. But as a performer, yes.'

'What the fuck are you talking about?' I was very curious what he was leading to.

'If you are performing you can get in. I know a guy who works at this club and they have live bondage performances. If you go in as the bottom pig, you can get in.'

What! My dick liked the idea. 'So what would I have to do?'

'They bring you onstage, naked of course, tie you up, or handcuffs or restraints of various kinds, it depends on the Master, and he flogs you, whips you, abuses you and then fucks you. All you really have to do is stand, sit or lay there depending on what he wants.'

'Are you fucking with me? Whipped?' Allen was smirking at me. 'Seriously, whipped. I don't think so Allen, I love dick and love being fucked but getting beaten up isn't a turn on.'

'You get fucked in public.'

Steve came out of the bathroom and got dressed.

'Allen,' I leaned over and kissed his right nipple, 'Thanks for the offer but I don't think so.' I was confused and horny and not sure. I had seen pictures of bondage on line and it looked hot, but being whipped and hit did nothing for me. The idea of guys watching while I was being fucked turned me on, but pain, not what I would call a fucking good time.

'What offer?' Steve asked, looking at Allen.

'A visit to Dark.'

'He's too young...' Steve paused 'oh, got it.' He nodded to Allen, smiled and turned to me. 'Get dressed or follow me naked, your choice.' and started walking out the door. I pulled my jeans on, grabbed my shoes and sweatshirt and followed. 'Thanks Allen, love your cock!' I hollered as I closed the door, not thinking that his neighbors might here me. Oh well.

In the car Steve asked about the offer. I told him the fucking sounded hot as hell, but the whipping and shit just didn't sound like fun. He laughed and said he understood. 'Don't let anyone ever pressure you into doing what you don't want to do. Remember it's your body, your ass and your life. If you don't want to fuck or suck or get whipped you don't have to. Got that?'

Suddenly Steve sounded like he cared. Odd. 'Got it.'

He dropped my off, I said a simple thanks and went inside. Damn I was horny.

I called Brenn and asked if he was busy. He laughed and said no. I asked if his cock might like some attention. I took a three-minute shower and was at his door.

'Didn't you get enough?'

I looked at him and was puzzled. 'What do you mean?'

'Tagged by Steve and Allen and you want it again?'

'How the hell did you know?'

'Allen called after you left.'

'What did he want?' Now I was confused. Why would Steve's buddy call Brenn?

'Just curious how much exploring you had done. No big deal.'

Exploring? 'Do you have guys call and ask about my experience often?' I was even more curious now. Were they talking about me?

'Not really. Well, sometimes, but it isn't often. Steve, Allen, John, that's it.'

So of the five guys who have fucked me two had called Brenn and one who had watched me get fucked called. Was this typical?

'Don't worry Mick, all they wanted to know was if you were ready or still learning, if you were serious of not. They didn't want to force you. You know? They were being respectful.'

Didn't sound respectful to me.

'And they wanted to know if we had some relationship or agreement or something.'

'Like if I was your toy or something?' I was a little ticked now.

'More like if you were being kept. Listen it was not a bad thing, really it was very cool of them. Don't get pissed off about it, I can see you thinking about it.'

He was right. I was pissed off. Why? I kind of liked the idea of being a bit of a slut and now I was faced with it and getting pissed! That was immature. 'Brenn, is it a bad thing if I have been fucked by so many guys?'

'How many is so many, four? Not really. Just watch the payment, that is when things, and talk will get messy.'

He made sense but I was ticked. 'You know Brenn, I think I'm gonna go home. ' And I left. He didn't say anything and I didn't either. I just left.

I rode a block away and stopped. Pulling out my phone I cursed Brenn, and Steve and Allen.

'Mick! How is that sexy ass of yours?' Ryan's voice sounded delicious.

'Tight and firm. How's that tasty cock of yours?' I was still pissed.

'Getting hard at the sound of your voice.'

'How much is John willing to pay to get my lips wrapped around his cock?' I wasn't thinking. Ryan covered the phone; I could tell he was talking to John. After a minutes Ryan said 'My dick, your ass, his dick your mouth, hundred bucks.'

'On my way.' I hung up and peddled like hell to get over there. I was angry and wanted to get fucked and spite those guys. I would show them!

My legs were killing me by the time I got to John's. I peddled the entire way without sitting down. John was very happy to see me.

'Well look at you. Sexy as fuck. A nice sweaty bottom ready to earn some money. I love it.' John closed the door with one hand while he grabbed my ass with the other.

He took my hand and led me to the basement.




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