Bailey was eagerly waiting for my return from my sex date with Will. 'Tell tell tell!!'

I smiled and began to tell him in detail about the experience as I slowly removed my clothing and jerked off for him. I would not let him touch me and he was not allowed to touch himself, at all, not even his elbow. The power I felt be demanding he keep his hands flat on the couch while I stood naked and masturbating in front of him, telling him about Will was amazing, I loved it. I wanted to bring him to a level of lust and hunger for me building up to release that would leave him shaking.

As I ran my hands over my body I noticed the red marks from the beatings were slowly fading. I had considered them badges of honor from Will and was a little sad to see them disappear.

After my tale was told I walked up to Bailey and shot my load on his face. Not so slowly I dropped to my knees and gently ran the tip of my tongue slowly along the underside of his cock from base to tip. By the time I reached his thick helmet he exploded, his cum hit my face, his abs and the couch. It was impressive.

We spent the rest of the evening watching the video of the encounter. Each resisting the primal urge to touch the other and out selves. We discussed how we would enjoy Will's body when we get him in our hands. At the end of the video we got into a 69 position, engulfing the cock in front of us. After working the load of cum out we fell asleep.

During this duel suck I realized my hands had not yet touched Will. Such an amazing experience and I did not even get to touch him with my hands!

In class the next day Will behaved as if nothing had happened the afternoon prior. Impressive considering how my cock and balls were struggling with the massive amounts of blood flowing into them. My pants felt far too tight. Finally class ended. Will took off ahead of me. What a tease. God I was horny. When I did catch up to him I punched him in the shoulder in a friendly sort of way. He just laughed.

'Are you horny?'

'Yes!' I shot back. 'So, when do you come over Bailey is dying to meet you.'

'Todd hasn't told me yet.'

'What the hell does that mean?'

'Todd hasn't given me the ok yet.'

'What does Todd have to do with it?'

'He owns my ass.'

'What? Wait a sec, stop. ' He stopped walking and faced me. 'I am not following you at all.'

Will explained that Todd was his sugar daddy. Todd paid his tuition, rent, books and the other bills. In exchange Will turned his sex life over to Todd. That is why we did it at Todd's place and why he filmed it. He wanted to watch. It also was why I wasn't allowed to touch Will. The day we fucked and I saw Todd I didn't give him much thought. All I really saw was a pair of legs in jeans standing a few feet away and a cock as I sucked on it. Now my memory was coming back. Todd was in his early 40's, overweight, and not particularly attractive. His apt was across the hall from Will's and larger, a two bedroom with one turned into a playroom.

Todd was a dominant man and apparently Will was often restrained and used in that playroom. The tattoos were Todd's idea. The piercing, Todd wanted them. Will had a schedule set by Todd including cleaning the apts, school, working outs and diet. The results were positive I had to admit. Will would often have to wear a butt plug to class so he was ready when he got home for Todd to fuck him. Todd also was really into porn, especially video. He would record every session with Will. He had recorded Will naked hundreds of times. Outdoors, in the car, hotels, in offices, even in different buildings at the university. Will couldn't even guess how many dozens or hundreds of hours of footage Todd had of him.

Will had been a virgin when they met. He wasn't much of a virgin anymore. The thing was, Will did not have an option who he had sex with, Todd would tell him. Todd did not like fucking with a condom so Will was his personal ass, if anyone else was going to fuck Will, they had to cover up. Otherwise Will said there was no abuse. He wasn't being forced and could leave at any time. He liked the arrangement and enjoyed the sex and it covered all his bills. He would be cut off if he violated any of Todd's expectations.

One night while watching porn on line they came across one of my videos. Ill recognized me from class and that is where the idea came up to let Will fuck me. Todd's guidelines had been simple. At his place. He would record it and I couldn't use my hands at all.

I wanted to mess around again with Will but Todd said there was to be no physical activity between the two of us. That included the punch I had given Will. Will smiled, 'I will have to tell him and he will punish me for it. '

I felt terrible. 'Don't worry about it. I loved be strapped to a bench and whipped by him while he has a huge dildo in my ass. When he gets done he will fuck the shit out of me. I am going to enjoy it.' I was hard again.

The next Friday Will told me that night Bailey and I were to come over to his place. We would be allowed to fuck around and each other, yes I could finally get my hands on Will. Todd would be present and he would film us. This time we could not get a copy unless we agreed that after we finished with Will we would turn our bodies over to Todd for two hours. I agreed without thinking to consult Bailey.

Bailey and I were both excited about the little fuck fest the evening was promising. We decided a heavy workout was in order, with a camera working we didn't want to look flabby. We spent 30 minutes swimming laps and followed it with an hour of weights and ab work. I was so turned on thinking about what would happen the work out felt easy.

At home we actually discussed what to wear over to Will's, we laughed at how stupid it was since the clothes would be coming off as soon as possible. I was surprised and honestly a little bummed that we weren't going over to Todd's and getting into some ropes and restraints. Todd was at Will's but didn't say anything after the intros. He just stood in the back ground and watched. Bailey, not shy about his body stripped down as soon as we finished shaking hands with Todd. I followed suit and Will smiled as he looked at us.

Bailey also took the lead in getting his hands on Will. I was a little ticked at him considering how badly I wanted to touch Will and that it was my work that got us over there. By the time Bailey had Will's briefs off my hands were on his abs and things got moving. I leaned in to kiss Will and as my tongue entered his mouth a jolt of pure sexual energy struck. My mind almost went into pause as my body went into action. I didn't think about anything. Time stopped and all that mattered was having my body touching either Will's or Bailey's naked body.

We ended up using all the condoms Will had plus the package we brought with us. It was carnal and sweaty and all male. Three very horny young guys sucking and fucking and kissing and cumming, honestly it was the best three way I had ever had. Todd didn't say a word, he just stood back and we easily forgot about him.

After we had all unloaded and were pretty much ready for sleep Todd spoke. 'Will, get ready. Mick, Bailey, you are hot on video but unbelievable live. Two hours. No talking unless I ask you to answer me. You do what I say. Agreed?' He didn't wait for our response. 'Now stand up and follow me.'

Marched naked across the hall we enter his place. He places a blindfold on each of us. 'Mick, stand.' I hear him lead Bailey away as I obey. My dick is hard again and I listen carefully to every sound, what is he doing? He returns and grabs my dick; I jump from surprise and the coldness of his hand. He leads me slowly into the playroom and has me stop. A collar is placed on my neck, cuffs on my wrists and ankles. He guides me toward something turns me toward him. He attaches each wrist cuff above my head and out then does the same with my ankles. I am spread wide open.

I don't hear anything from Bailey and wonder where he is and what was done to him. 'You two are real sex hounds. Horny fuckers. I have seen your videos and seen you Mick, get fucked by Will. I have seen the lust in your eyes for dick. I am impressed. Such beautiful faces and bodies and a true hunger for sex.' He pinches my left nipple and I feel the strong painful and cold clasp of a nipple clamp. I wince. 'Oh that doesn't hurt you, you like it.' And the right nipple. Then he flicks each of the clamps repeatedly as I wince and jump a little each time. Not seeing anything makes it more of a surprise and my dick is bouncing.

'Now these hard ons, what to do. I feel a pain unlike anything every done to my dick. Another swat with some sort of whip. I feel the tears swell. 'Ah. Better. See Mick, your dick is relaxing. Good. I know that hurt but it served its purpose. I felt my dick shrinking and was ashamed. He placed something around my balls and cock base. Then he pulled on my sac and I felt more leather and heard some snaps. He was rigging up my cock and balls, now I understood the need to shrink my dick. Already it was starting to grow.

Clothespins followed. My abs, pecs, arms, thighs. At least fifty of the things. Each hurt as it pinched my flesh. I was so hard it hurt. Then the pain increased. Todd pinched the skin just under my helmet and added a clothespin. Fuck it hurt. I screamed, he slapped me. Another and another and another as he worked his way down the length of my cock.

I heard some noise, bodies moving. A hand of each cheek and my ass being opened up. A warm mouth on my hole. I could tell it was Bailey eating me out. As he worked on my hole I was caught between heaven and hell. His tongue knew it's way around my bud and it was amazing. The clothespins hurt like hell and Todd would flick at them. I couldn't tell which one would get it next so the pain was multiplied as I tried to anticipate it. It went on and on.

Bailey withdrew from my ass. I heard movement again and strain to figure it out. The clothespins were removed from my thighs one at a time. Next me biceps were freed followed by my pecs and finally abs. My dick still had six or seven hanging from it. My wrists were released from the ceiling and then fell to my sides; they were dead weight from lack of blood. I was pulled forward and bent over, my chest was on a sort of high bench, me legs were kicked apart and I felt a butt plug at my hole, in it went.


I heard a whir and felt a slap on my ass, not a hand. It wasn't too hard but the pain was in my dick, I jumped from the slap and the clothespins bounced around, fuck it hurt. I tried to remain silent as the slap continued, one cheek then the other. I realized that I was hearing more slaps than I was receiving and assumed Bailey was getting it too. The slaps began to grow in pressure and soon they too hurt. The slaps stopped and the butt plug came out and a dildo was forced in. It was large, larger than Bailey's dick. It started to vibrate. Fuck me. The combination was intense. I felt movement on a clothespin and it was removed. The pain came again as the blood filled the sore skin. One after another all seven came off as the vibrator worked it's magic on my prostate.

A mouth took in my dick in one expert swallow. I assumed it was Todd, fuck was he talented! It was amazing after the pain of the clothespins to feel his warmth on my dick. He released my cock and a moment later was back and it was cold, ice cubes. I yelped, I could not help it, the pain on the seven spots was intense, this entire fucking experience was one stunning sensation after another. As Todd sucked my dick the cool ice warmed and melted and the feeling turned to pleasure. Once again he released my dick and I heard movement.

The bench my chest was on lurched and I heard Bailey yelp. It continued and I guessed he was getting fucked. I kept in place, bent over, vibrator in my ass, chest on a bench and felt the jerking as Bailey was a foot or two away from me getting fucked my Todd. Todd who was not attractive or hot or well built had me so turned on I was dying to get his dick in me.

I felt the vibrator pulled from my hole in a swift and slightly painful way. In seconds a hard cock was in my ass and pounding me. It wasn't loving, kind or respectful really, it was an anal assault. I loved it.

Just as I got into a rhythm with the cock banging at my back door it stopped. The bench lurched. Bailey's turn. This continued for some time. I was enjoying it completely.

Todd pulled out and I felt him grab my shoulder, 'On your knees cock suckers.' I obeyed and apparently so did Bailey. 'Now both of you, suck me.' A hard grabbed the back of my head and brought it to a hard cock. I felt Bailey's lips on it too. We got into it sucking Todd's dick and balls. As we sucked Todd moaned. 'Get your tongue on the side of my dick suckers, right under the head.' I licked up to the rim of his dick and stopped. His dick pulsed and his load came out. It hit my cheek and I felt it running down his head onto my tongue. 'Suck it clean.' We did. 'Clean off your cock sucker friends face.' We did. I licked the come from Bailey's face and he did the same to me.

'Both of you stand up.'

I felt the nipple clamp come off my left nipple and felt Bailey's mouth on it. Ouch and ouch again. His mouth was removed and I felt my head pushes down and found his nipple, I sucked it. I knew it was hurting him and feeling amazing. This repeated for the right nipple and we were told to stand still.

'Mick. Bailey. You two were born for this.' We stood there for a moment and listened to movement and were told to remove our blindfolds. We did and as our eyes grew adjusted to the room we found it empty of Will and Todd. Our clothes were in a pile on the floor.

From outside the door came Todd's voice. 'Get dressed and go on home. Thanks boys. You will be hearing from me soon.'

We didn't speak as we dressed and left in silence.



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