Waking up with the sun shining in the window I felt reborn. Working 60 hours a week, getting exercise and sun, not having sex because I was told to, and Bailey sleeping next to me. I couldn't resist giving his morning hard one attention and took it into my mouth. He woke up, smiled and let me work his load out. He tasted wonderful.

We went to breakfast and talked about how we really needed to learn to cook. We did eat well overall, but our cooking skills were pathetic. It was decided we would need to either take a class or watch cooking shows. The idea of sitting inside when the weather was amazing didn't work for us so we went home to search for basic healthy eating cooking classes on line.

Logging in to the computer I noticed I had email so I opened it. My blog had received some traffic! As quickly as I could type and the computer could load I got on the blog to see what had happened. Over two hundred visits since I last posted to it! Apparently the pictures were the key. Someone must have done a search and one of the pictures came up. This person clicked to follow my blog and posted on his blog that he had found it. Of course I had to check out his blog and it turned out to be completely focused on naked men, men having sex and porn stars.

I was excited to have the traffic and that people were now following. It was tempting to just sit on the site and watch for activity but it was so nice out I couldn't waste a day inside. We did our own search and found a co-op not too far away that was offering a three-week, once a week course on healthy cooking. Off we went to find the co-op and sign up. It was difficult to contain my excitement, "Bailey! This is what normal people do, go to the co-op, take cooking classes, spend the day with their boyfriend just hanging out!" I was really happy.

Walking into the co-op was a new experience for me. I felt lost and a little obvious. The woman who signed us up for the class was nice and gave no indication she had any idea who we were. I really liked the idea of not being noticed as a gay porn star. I will admit there were some hot guys at the co-op, it was easy to check them out, I may have quit the sex trade but I still had an eye for a hot stud.

The rest of the weekend was on the boring side in terms of wild and crazy sex. We fucked but only each other. We did hit the gym and went running, cleaned the apartment and enjoyed a weekend to ourselves.

Kevin hired us on for the season and we were thrilled to have work. It wasn't really about the money, we had a lot of it in cash, but it was just working a real job, that paid with a check, took out taxes. The guys we worked with were good guys and our past never came up. We didn't hide being a couple and living together. Bailey was going to school for finance, he wanted to get into money management. His smarts in that area was helpful since so much of the money came in illegally.

I worked on the blog. Twice a week I would add another post. Our traffic increased, our followers increased. The incoming email was a surprise. I had expected response but wasn't sure what the content would be. There were a few guys who begged me to go back to the porn business, they asked for another video. Some guys were happy to see that I was ok and had quit rather than dying or being arrested. My focus continued on my life after the porn biz. I would comment on work, shopping, exercising, the cooking lessons and how that was working. Pictures were posted but they were of Bailey and I doing normal things. Granted we spent a lot of the time at home naked so we did have to make sure the pictures had us in at least underwear.

One surprise during the summer was how not once while at work did someone comment on my past. All the clients had been gay, some single, some couples. One guy spent most of the time we worked on his yard watching us. How could you blame him? Five hot shirtless men working up a sweat in your back yard, I would be watching too! But that was it. I didn't mind being watched. I worked hard to maintain my looks and was blessed with great genes, so why not show off? The only difference was my cock stayed covered now.

Once classes started we had to stop the work. Kevin was pleased and asked if we would be interested in returning the next season. Not only were we interested, I had decided to go into sustainable landscaping, I wanted to be a landscape architect. We talked about my decision in detail and Kevin helped me figure out what area I was interested in and gave me a ton of information. I met up with a professor at the university to discuss my coursework and officially declared my major. I was actually on track to a positive future.

There was still one thing I felt needed to be done. I called Brenn. He was surprised to hear from me. I kept it short and asked if we could meet for dinner. That evening we met and the hug we had was really pretty powerful. He looked great, just as I remembered him looking. It hadn't been that long a time since I last saw him but it felt like ages.

We talked for three hours; I went over my venture into porn. He had followed it just to see what the hell I was doing. He was to say the least pleased I had quit. It felt so good to see him and talk with him again. I had dropped contact as the porn work grew; I was embarrassed and knew he wasn't too happy I was taking that route. To be sitting across from him, healthy and alive and relatively unscarred was a comfort to him and a relief for me. Returning home I felt like I had come full circle, now to move forward.

To my own surprise I graduated in four years. Bailey and I were still together, I was still working for Kevin along with the other opportunities that came along in my field. Bailey had graduated a year earlier and landed a job as a financial planner. The porn past didn't go away. Bailey found out the hard way when he was turned down for several positions due to easily found online videos. Thankfully he found an office owned and operated by a gay man who understood that Bailey made a few decisions that were not so wise, but being out of that business, having no criminal background and smart, he gave Bailey a chance. In my opinion it never hurts to have a very good looking man with a great body working for you, straight or gay, it does bring in customers. Bailey kept things professional, his boss never brought it up, never hit on him and it appeared that things were on track for him.

Kevin was very understanding when I told him I was moving on to a different company. He knew he ran a small shop and my talent and degree would not be challenged. Besides, Kevin wanted to be the star and boss. He was supportive enough to introduce me to a man who worked in a large landscaping company. Once again it was a gay man who helped me. He didn't want sex; he just wanted to help another young gay man move forward. It didn't happen over night, but in the end I landed the job as soon as I graduated.

The blog had taken off. It changed a bit, evolved, focusing more on the life of a young gay couple as they take their journey through college into the working world. The posts were often about eating well, cooking, diet, exercising, our relationship and balancing the have to do with the want to do. I wrote about classes, tests, and projects. Bailey allowed me to include his progress, after he read it first. Actually he would read everything before it went live. There was still a part of me that liked to show off, I was an extrovert, I was proud of my body, I worked hard to keep it looking great, so I did enjoy posting pictures of me, never nude, but often shirtless. The truth was I was often shirtless, and at home often in underwear, or less.

The number of followers grew weekly. Those who asked to link to my blog or be affiliated had to be outside the porn industry. Even so I had a great deal of support from the gay community, maybe because I was not promoting porn. Emails would come in from young guys who were thinking of getting into porn, or escorting asking for advice. Other guys asked about getting out of it. I admitted and repeatedly noted I was not educated or trained or licensed to give advice on anything other than landscaping, I still received plenty of inquires. I did my best to be honest and provide an experienced opinion in adult entertainment.

There were a number of interviews and stories written about my blog and experience. It was a good thing I worked for a company that was supportive of gay and lesbian employees. I never mentioned who I worked for, but I used my real name, just the first name, and there were enough bits and pieces that people could figure it out sometimes. In a small way I had a following as a young man who went down the path of the sex trade, yet managed to turn his life around. I never did drugs and rarely drank, even after quitting; I just didn't think it was healthy.

My blog and stance on living a positive life as a gay man, still having fun, having sex, but living and loving and working and dealing with life on a daily basis earned a lot of respect. At times I felt like I had two careers, landscaping and advocate. Bailey was supportive and still very much in love with me, which was a really good thing since I was still crazy about him.

Here I was, twenty-two, in love with a beautiful, caring man, employed, and happy to be alive. I didn't regret my past, the sex was hot and I enjoyed it. I would meet up with Brenn and his friends, just to hang out, not have sex and I was happy to still consider Brenn my mentor. When I think about how terribly wrong things could have gone I am thankful they didn't. That first day I saw Brenn and I first jerked off thinking about him was not that long ago. Much had happened that I had no idea could happen. Now I am very happy and content with my life. Who knows what the future will bring?

Author's note:

Thank you for reading my story of Mick. I hope you enjoyed his journey and sexual escapades. Remember that this is fiction. Unprotected sex is dangerous, and prostitution is illegal. The fantasy and the reality are not the same thing. Comments are always welcome.



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