Following Steve into the living room the guys stopped talking and just stared at me. I was easily half the age of almost everyone in the room, and nearly naked. They were all fully dressed. Steve spoke up asked for the music to be turned down.

'Guys, time to have some fun and liven up this party. Make some room and gather around, I am going to fuck young Mick here on the ottoman. Mick, walk around the circle and say hello to the guys while I get ready.'

The guys naturally formed a circle around the large ottoman and I slowly walked past each guy. Some of them reached out to grope me; a few kissed me. One guy slid his hands into my briefs and grabbed my ass. I willing accepted whatever they did. Steve removed his clothes, grabbed some condoms and lube. After I made my way past each guy I stopped and turned to Steve.

He smiled a wicked grin and motioned with his finger that I was to come to him. Silently, obediently I did. Stopped right in front of him he place his hand on his hips and looked into my eyes. 'Guys, music.' Steve had me, full control. I slowly sank to my knees and without using my hands too his cock into my mouth and started sucking his dick.

Slowly I caressed his hardness. His hand grabbed my hair and he pulled me off his cock, 'Suck it like you want it boy!' He demanded, sounding almost angry with me. So I did. I wanted his cock and I wanted it hard and inside me. I wanted him. I let go of the apprehension of sucking cock in front of 30 guys. I forgot that soon I would be naked and doing exactly as he wanted while they all watched. I went for it.

The sexual greed started to flow and I let it. I went for his cock; I tried to suck it off his body. I inhaled his aroma and it drove me nuts. I wanted this; I wanted him to bust his nut on me, in me. I wanted to feel him handle me like he was hauling bales of hay. Toss me around and just take me. I tried to tell him so by sucking his cock and balls with every muscle in my mouth and throat.

He fucked my face, grabbing on to my head and digging his fingers in. The guys, I forgot about them, all that existed was his cock and my mouth. His balls, his scent, nothing else mattered. The music thumped replacing my own heartbeat, I went into a world of sexual lust I had never been to. It was close when Allen was fucking me but this was a new level.

Time ended.

He pulled me off his cock and stood me up. I could hardly hear him but could read his lips, he wanted me nude. I started to dance to the beat and slowly stripped off my briefs. Once I was naked he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me next to his body. It was warm, hot, alive. He ran his hands over me, taking time to stroke my cock. He swayed and I followed. We did a slow turn so the guys could all see him own my body.

After the turn he forcefully pushed me over onto the ottoman, grabbed my hips and lifted my ass into place for him. He slapped my ass, I yelped. He slapped it again. I was silent but smiling. God I wanted him inside me, fucking me.

He fingered my hole and played with me ass for some time. Using lube he worked his fingers into me. I relished every second. He knew my ass. He knew what I wanted. He knew he would give me exactly what I needed. I felt him let go. I remained in place, ass in the air.

His hands grabbed each cheek and he spread me wide. I felt the tip of his cock on my hole and he drove his cock into me. I screamed in ecstasy. I held on to the ottoman the best I could as he rode me. My mind went into a haze, I was getting royally plowed and loving it.

Finally I came to, there was applause and cheering. I was on my back, Steve standing above me, his cock softening, condom full of come in one hand, the other hand in the air accepting the crowd. He reached down and grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. I was smiling as I came out of my trance. I took a bow. The guys cheered. Steve pulled me along and walked me to the bathroom. 'Take a shower stud. Clean yourself up. You were wonderful, couldn't have asked for anything more.'

I did as he said trying to remember the details of what had happened. As I showered snapshots of him on top of me, me on top of him. Upside down, sideways, on my back standing up, he had fucked me in ways I could not remember ever being fucked. Snapshots. Guys had been taking pictures. Or maybe not, I couldn't remember.

After my shower was over I tried off. The door opened. 'Mick, no need to dry off. Follow me.' Steve reached for my hand and put his arm around me, he kissed my forehead. 'You aren't done yet stud.'

He walked me to the bedroom. Five guys were standing partially dressed around the room. 'Guys, have fun, but use a condom.' He turned and left.

The guys smiled and I smiled back. What was going on? Seriously? Were they? Was I?

One of the guys walked up to me, kissed me hard, forcefully and then pulled away. 'Suck me' I got to my knees and took his cock into my mouth and went into a cock sucking feeding fest. One cock after another was offered. I took them all, no talking just opening my mouth and accepting the hard cock. They were speaking, telling me to suck it and harder, various comments, I didn't pay attention, all I did was suck.

I was pulled to my feet, walked to the bed and pushed down on my back. One guy around fifty grabbed my legs and pushed them to the sides of my chest. I grabbed on to them, he let go and lubed up my waiting hole. Slowly he entered me and began his ride, picking up speed. After he came another cock moved in. Some of them took it slow, others forcefully and hard.

They each had a technique and used it on me. I let them roll me over, move me, bend me and enjoy my eighteen-year-old ass. A couple of them fucked me twice, I came repeatedly. After the last guy was done I laid on the bed, spent, my come, and some of theirs on my chest and abs. I was exhausted. One guy took a few pictures as I lay there catching my breath. They got dressed and left the room. I nearly fell asleep but decided I needed to empty my ass of lube so I sat up. My hand felt something. I looked down. Cash. There was a small pile of cash next to me. I tool it and stood up, my legs were weak. Walking toward the door it opened. Steve was standing, smirking.

'So Rentboy. How was it?'

'I am numb. Unbelievable. Did that really happen? Feels like I was dreaming or drugged or something.' I had trouble speaking above a whisper. I needed water.

Steve took me to the bathroom, started the shower and got me a glass of water. It was the best glass of water I had ever had.

Then Steve surprised me. He got naked and stepped into the shower with me. He cleaned me up, helped me to stand.

Carefully, almost tenderly he dried me off. Opening the door the old man from earlier was at the door holding my pants. He smiled. I smiled back and thanked him.

Walking into the living room it was quiet. The party had ended. The host, whose name I didn't remember thanked me for coming. He snickered. The guys sure as hell did, he added.

We drove back to Steve's place and he helped me into his bed. I was asleep in seconds.



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