Sitting across from each other eating subs Brenn starting telling me about Steve. They had met about ten years ago at a gay bar. Brenn spotted Steve standing at the bar, leaning against it, shirtless, strong, tan, in tight jeans and sipping a beer. Steve was watching a young guy who was maybe 22, facing the dance floor swaying his hips to the music about fifteen feet away. Brenn was curious what was going on, the stud at the bar staring at the young guy advertising his ass without realizing it.

The stud finished his beer, turned to the bar, set the mug down and said something to the bartender. Then the stud looked directly at Brenn and winked. He walked up to the young guy and reached out to grab his hips. The young guy turned around and looked at the stud.

'Hey buddy, this is from Steve, he said to tell you to enjoy the show, he is going to fuck that one, right there.' The bartender was talking to Brenn, who was completely taken by surprise.


'Steve s going to put on a little show. That's Steve, he loves fucking the young guys. Sport fucking. He saw you checking him out and is fucking with you. Enjoy the show, it will be hot.' Then he left.

Brenn wasn't sure what was happening but took the beer and went back to watching the show. The younger guy was shaking his head no. Then he stopped and stood there as Steve started to feel his chest, crotch, and arms. He stepped back so the view was clear and then the young guy undid his jeans and pulled them down exposing his hard cock. Steve took control of his body, used it. He turned him around and pushed him forward bending him over the railing. His ass was sticking out, firm, young and inviting.

Steve got into a squat and started rimming the young ass. Brenn couldn't take his eyes off the scene and was annoyed when people would walk by. There were other guys watching too, this was a public performance. After the music changed Steve stood up and started fingering the hole, swaying his own hips to the beat. He pulled his hand away, undid his jeans and pulled them down just past his ass. The stud had a nice ass, muscular, hairy and all man. The view of his cock wasn't great and with the people traffic walking by Brenn couldn't get a good look at it. Didn't matter either, the stud grabbed the young ass spread the cheeks and started driving his cock in.

Brenn was glued to the sight, how hot it would be to see the fucking from the side! But he knew what was happening to the young guys ass, he was being fucked. Steve took his time slowly pushing in and withdrawing his cock, his ass muscles flexing with each movement. He started moving to the beat and the fucking was speeding up. Brenn could imagine the intensity that the stud's cock was driving in the tight ass. The music continued and Steve kept on fucking the young guy. Brenn had no idea how much time had passed when Steve pulled out and shot his load on the young guys back. He pulled up his jeans as the young guy stood back up and turned around, his cock still hard. Steve said something, turned and started walking back to the bar buttoning his jeans and smiling a wicked smile.

'I love fucking those young guys without giving them a choice. Fuck that ass was tight.'

Brenn just smiled. The arrogance of this guy, Steve, was unbelievable.

'So you enjoy the show?' A beer was placed in front of Steve.

'Yeah I did. Fucking hot. Do you have any idea who he is?'

'Fuck no, just a tight young ass that needed to be fucked.'

They got to talking and Steve explained his theory on fucking young guys.

'See these young guys come to the bar, 21, 22, lean, hot, horny. They know they look good and that guys are checking them out. Sometimes they have been around the block and know how to suck or fuck, but a lot of them are still pretty new. They want it, but still don't know what they are doing. So I show them. Once in a while you find the guy who is really scared and there is no way you are going to get your dick in his ass. But most of these guys are so horny they want it. So when a hot older guy walks up to them and tells them he wants to fuck em they get hard immediately.

'Ok so 30 isn't that old, you got to be about that age, but when you are 21, 30 years old it's old. And I am hot, strong and definately experienced, just what these young guys need. So I give it to them. Sport fucking. I don't want to know their names, don't care about them at all; all I want is to get them naked so I can fuck em.

'You ever sport fuck? I love it. Man, I tell ya, afterwards more than one has come back to find me and ask for my number or gives me his. Most of them I refuse and tell them I got everything I wanted. But there are plenty of other guys here who will fuck them. They get all disappointed looking, sort of pathetic. So I will find some guy standing nearby, tap him on the shoulder and ask if he wants to fuck the guy. I don't think a single guy has said no, so I tell him, 'see, he'll fuck ya, let him take you home' and then I leave.

'Fuck it turns me on. You ever tag team? I want to get one of these young fucks home and really give him an experience to tell his buddies about. We could show him a hot time. You gonna finish that beer or save it for later?'

Brenn was stunned. He had never met a guy who talked about fucking with such disconnect. But Steve was honest, crude and arrogant but honest.

Brenn finished his sandwich and took a drink from his water bottle.

'That is how I met Steve. The guy is a fucking machine when it comes to sex. Not really rough as much as persistent and he gets laid. It works for him. He introduced me to sport fucking. I never got into it as much as he did. We would go out and he would pick a young stud within minutes and sure enough get his dick in the kid. He loved ''marking his prize' as he called it by cumming on the guy and walking away. And he was right; these young guys would come up to him with their numbers. He always had a young guy ready to come over.

'We would be hanging out and he would announce he wanted to fuck, get on the phone and within half an hour some young stud he had fucked would be over, naked and giving up his ass. Thing is, he hasn't changed. Except he uses condoms now. The days of random barebacking are over.

'Even with his method of using guys as fuck toys, he is a decent guy. Works hard, fucks hard but doesn't do anything a guy doesn't want. How he does it I don't know. It's like he can cast a spell over them or something. It's like he can smell it, that these guys want cock.'

I didn't know what to say. I had never heard of anything like it but I couldn't hide the fact my own young ass was itching for Steve's cock.

'How's the sandwich?'

'Oh, good. Is he really still like that?'

'You didn't notice? He wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to fuck you. Actually I am surprised he didn't, he usually gets ass when he decides he wants it.'

'Brenn, I don't think I could have said no, I mean, I was ready to'' I stopped talking, feeling like shit for it. Brenn had treated me so well from day one and I was getting naked for his friends, wanted to get fucked by them.

'Mick, I understand, really I do. Yes he is a friend of mine, Allen too. We, you & I, are friends. And we fuck. I see nothing wrong with it. Are you in love with me? I don't intend to sound mean or anything, I like you a lot as a person and consider you a friend. But we talked about this the first time we had sex.'

'I know, we aren't boyfriends and I don't want to be your boyfriend, I like what we have. You are great. You treat me well, you fuck so good and I don't feel used or anything.' I interrupted Brenn.

He smiled, 'Glad you feel the same way.'

He gave me a hug and smiled. 'Mick, I love fucking you, I love touching your body, looking at you and being with you, whether we are hanging out, working on my place or having sex, I enjoy being around you. I also know you are 18 and if you are anything like I was at 18, perpetually horny. You are going to have sex with a lot of guys. As many as you want. I am just one. So I thank you for being one. Getting to show you how amazing and fun sex can be is hot as hell, I couldn't ask for anything more, except that you enjoy and explore it to your heart's content.

'Steve wants to fuck you and if you want him to, you should.'

I couldn't believe my ears! Was Brenn telling me it was ok if I had sex with his friend?

'Just know that Steve doesn't love you so don't do it for any reason other than because you want to have sex. Same with me. You owe me nothing other than being honest and a friend. So if you want to hook up with Steve, and I think you do, I know you do, do it.'

I didn't speak. My mind raced with the idea of having Steve bend me over and take me ass like he did to the kid in the bar.

'I can call him now if you want?'

'What?! No, shit, I mean, I want to but, Brenn, I feel so stupid. Are you serious? Are you gonna be pissed? OK, if I do hook up with Steve is it over between us?'

'Why would it be over? We aren't dating. We aren't a couple.'

'Let's finish painting.' Was all I could think of to say.



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