The next couple of days Bailey and I took things easy, I told him about the trip, we worked out and talked. Sounds like we are a couple of women, talking talking talking. The thing was, we needed to figure out what to do next. Bailey had pretty much quit the porn business. I wanted to but felt stuck.

The third day we received a FedEx envelop. It contained a single DVD and nothing else. If past experience was any example I was sure it would show me being fucked.

Sitting down we hit play. It began with a simple generic introduction "Mick's Release", not to catchy. There was a fade in of me standing in the room in my uniform. I admit I looked fucking hot and sexy. As the camera panned over my body a voiceover began.

"Mick. We said that we would release or share any of the video we would take and we meant it. This is for you and only you. We can't get into details so accept it for what it is. Your contract with Him is over. You can expect a letter from Him in the next day or so confirming it. Our club does enjoy having sex with young guys such as you, but we also don't believe in forcing a guy into sex. You may think we are full of shit. Let me put it this way. Your visit to our club, earned your release from Him. You are now free to go on with your life, a life not based in porn or escorting, as you had desired. We will miss your work in the future but will remember you from our personal movie. This is an edited version just for you. We will never let it get out. Thank you Mick and best of luck."

My mouth was hanging open. I was lost. "Rewind it, I need to hear it again." We played the last minutes of the video two more times as the words sunk it. Was it true? Was it over? What neither of us noticed was while he was speaking the video had me getting naked. The hour long video was a carefully edited movie showing me sucking cock and exploring the body of many men and being fucked. Not once was there a face or enough of a body to identify any of the men, but it was clear that there were more than just a few. It was impressive really.

We both sat for a few minutes just looking at the blue screen. "Mick, this is...this is...this means we can move on!"

I looked at Bailey, deep into his beautiful eyes and smiled. Leaning into him I half tackled half hugged him. "We need to celebrate! Come on, showers and dressed and off for dinner."

Returning from dinner, it was almost romantic but not quite, we were celebrating the end of my porn career, we were feeling exuberant. Bailey picked the mail up from the floor, his ass looking amazing in his perfectly fitting pants, but with an ass like his it didn't matter what the pants were, his ass looked great in everything. "Mick. Mick!"


"It's from Him." Bailey handed me an envelope, and sure enough it was from Him my heart sank. I looked at Bailey, unsure if I should open it or not.

"Open it Mick."

Sitting down I carefully opened the envelope. Unfolding the letter I was scared shitless. I read it once. Read it again and cleared my throat. "Bailey. It says the contract has been nullified. I am released from it. Bailey, it's over! I am free!"

I looked up at him and tears began pouring.

"Mick, we are free. We can move forward. We are free!"

We both were crying and hugged. I held him close. So close I could feel his heart beating. My hands were squeezing his traps, I didn't want to let go. His hands were tight on my back. Slowly we both eased up the pressure and we separated just enough to look at each other. We kissed. It was deep. It was full. It was passionate. We kept kissing and caressing. Slowly my hands moved until I was touching his skin. His did the same. I started raising his shirt to get it off of him. His began to unbutton mine. We frantically removed the clothes of the other desperate to get naked. As we made our way to the bedroom, kissing and touching and dropping clothing we nearly tripped. His cock was hard. I dropped to my knees wanting to engulf the entire thing. His massaged my head as I sucked his cock. His taste was amazing.

"Mick, you will always be my personal star." Bailey gasped the words after he collapsed upon my heaving body. The sex was intense and thrilling and wild. Pure and raw it was about him and me doing everything we could to become one.

"Bailey, I love you. I never want us to end." I surprised myself yet again. He looked at me and smiled.


"Yes. Really. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Bailey beamed. "Mick. I love you too. It feels so corny to say it, but I really do. Not like I didn't love you before, but suddenly it is so different, so clear. I really love you, completely."

We kissed. The feeling of total love and acceptance flowing from him was overwhelming. We started making love.

That night was the beginning for us, not just a new chapter but also a new life. I stopped having sex with other men, the paying customers. The porn also stopped, no more photo shoots, no more getting fucked my directors and cameramen. No more afternoons sucking off one guy after another. We had sex, made love and fucked each other but no one else.

We both focused on school. Working out continued, neither of us wanted to lose the bodies we have worked so hard to achieve and knew that easing up would slowly become not working out at all. Admittedly we did take pictures and video of ourselves, for our eyes only. Watching Bailey sink his cock into my hole still turned me on. Seeing him naked and hard on screen while I sucked and licked his body was still a huge plus. But we didn't sell or show anyone else, it was of us, for us.

The term ended and summer began. I was a little restless with the extra time. Since quitting the business I was no longer spending hours a week naked and fucking. This gives a young guy time to do other things, get into trouble mostly, or fat. Both of these options were not acceptable.

We discussed what to do. We didn't really need jobs. During our, mostly my, relatively brief porn career we had done one thing wisely. We had saved almost everything. Since it was illegal money we couldn't deposit most of it in a bank so it was in a safety deposit box. We decided that getting some type of summer employment, legit jobs, was necessary. Landscaping would fit well. It provided exercise, outdoor activity, sun and a paycheck. Bailey had a knack for research and found a small company, gay owned and operated.

Being careful to dress professionally yet not too much so we went to inquire about openings. The man who greeted us was in his thirties and smiled, asking what he could do for us. We explained that we were in college and on summer break and wanted to do landscaping. He looked at us for a few moments and said they didn't have any openings, they hire earlier in the spring. The disappointment on our faces showed. "But, how about filling out an app just incase?"

We filled out the forms and thanked him for his time. It was a let down. Talking about it we reasoned the guy was right, it was nearly June, they had been busy for months already.

The next day Bailey received a call from the owner. He asked if we would come by that afternoon. Maybe there was a chance.

We both wore cargo shorts, not too tight, and tees, which were tight, we really didn't have any that were loose fitting. The owner was in his late thirties to early forties. Tan, in great shape with a terrific smile.

"Thanks for coming in guys. Please sit down." His name was Kevin and immediately I felt comfortable with him. "We hire in February so this is pretty late in the season. However we are fortunate to have had a large number of assignments. We may be able to hire on part time. There are a few things I want to mention before we get into the details. We are a gay owned and operated business. You know I am the owner. Many of our clients come to us because of this fact. Anyone who would be working with us would need to understand and be accepting and professional with the clientele and us. Would there be any issue with any of this?"

"Not at all." Bailey jumped right in. "Mick and I are a couple. We only applied to your company because you are gay owned and operated."

Kevin smiled. "Good. Not that we wouldn't hire someone who isn't gay, we just need to make sure our employees are respectful of their coworkers and our clientele."

"Kevin, speaking for both of us, we have no issues with it. " Bailey was on it.

"Alright. Your applications list you as students at the U, can I assume you will be returning to classes in September?"

"Correct, we are strictly interested in summer work. We have to focus on classes during the year."

"I can work with that, this is only seasonal work so it is important to understand that come fall our work drops off. The hours are long. We work from seven AM until five. The work is dirty, hard and takes a strong back and endurance. Are you both able to fill those requirements?"

"Absolutely." I answered before Bailey and smiled.

"I don't see any other work experience or specific knowledge to landscaping. Can you explain?"

Oh no. The lack of employment history, it was the first of what was sure to be many, moments of truth.

Bailey, once again comes up with the answer. "Well, we both graduated from high school and went directly to college so that was our main focus. My parents were great about supporting me as long as I kept up the grades."

Kevin looked at me.

"I also graduated last year and went directly to school. My parents too supported me as long I as got the grades and stayed out of trouble." Mostly it was true, I just left out the part about being a porn star and escort.

We chatted a while longer, what seemed to be the basic interview type questions. Of course the only interviews I had ever had involved taking off my clothes and sucking cock or getting fucked so I was only making assumptions.

Kevin thanked us for our time and said he would be in touch. We left feeling good about the meeting and hopeful we would hear back soon.



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