The next month flew by. I had never worked so hard and it felt great. My home workouts ended, digging, hauling soil and rocks and bricks took place of weights. As soon as I got to the yard I stripped off my shirt, dousing myself with water felt great. When Brenn was home he would help, no shirt either. The first Saturday we were both working he doused himself with the hose and I watched. It was my own personal porno! He was so sexy. When he finished he offered me the hose. I took it and drenched my filthy dirt covered body. I tried to put on a show without putting on a show.

Brenn never did anything to hit on me nor did he say anything to me about sex, unless we were talking about being gay and that was usually me asking basic questions about meeting guys, telling friends and family and the like. He was clear about being safe and not giving it away. When we were talking it was so honest and clear, nothing sexual. But when we were working I would catch him doing something and get turned on. He was sexy. I still jerked off thinking about him and seeing him without a shirt on, in the sun, muscled moving fueled my jerking off.

By the time school started I had earned some decent money, his yard was finished and I was feeling better than ever. I look great, strong, tanned, and happy. As the weather turned he said he was going to start on the inside and asked if I would be available to work on weekends. This was music to my ears. I really enjoyed spending time with my hunky older neighbor, I was learning a ton about landscaping and having an adult to talk to was nice too.

The first inside job was to remove the old popcorn ceiling in the entire house. It was messy as hell. We were both covered with dust, except where our masks and goggles covered our faces.

The first floor was a mess and he lived in the basement while we ripped up everything. He had some decent workout equipment and I asked if he used it often.

'Three times a week. Can't keep a strong body by wishing. How about you? You have some stuff at home or at school that you use?'

'I have some dumbbells but mostly do push ups and other exercises that don't require anything.'

'Well Mick. You aren't going to keep that body of yours with push-ups. Why don't you use my set up, I can show you how to use it.'

As the weeks passed we finished the ceilings and moved a couple of walls opening up the tiny rooms into a rather large space. Then we started on the kitchen and worked on that for a good month.

Winter was here, it was cold, and school was going well for me. I worked out in his basement five days a week, staying out of his way and loving how good it felt to spend an hour lifting weights and then a couple hours helping him with the remodeling.

By the New Year the main floor was done, new kitchen, bath, master bedroom, guest room, main living area. It looked great with new wood floors, not laminate, smooth ceilings, clean walls he knew his stuff.

Then he went on vacation, two weeks in the sun at some island I had never heard of. I was a little lonely without being able to chat with him and work on his house. He had given me a key months ago so I could get in after school and work out and said I could still come over to work out.

The first day it felt odd to be there alone knowing he was gone. The second day I started working out and took off my tee. My mind started thinking about Brenn, men, sex. I started getting hard so I stripped down and jerked off on his bench.

The rest of his trip I would go over, strip down and walk around his house nude, work out nude, jerk off, in every room, but his bedroom, that room I stayed out of, don't know why, no reason I could think of, it just felt wrong.

Kneeling on the bench doing some lat pulls completely nude I was startled when I heard a cough. FUCK! He was back? I am totally naked and shit.

'Sorry Mick, I didn't mean to...I didn't think...sorry.' And he left.

Kneeling he couldn't see my dick. Really all he saw of me was from the side, but I was still embarrassed.

I quickly pulled on my jeans and tee and went upstairs. He was in his bedroom.

'Brenn? I am really sorry. Really sorry. I shouldn't have. I don't know. I am really sorry. Don't be mad at me.'

'Mick I'm not mad, just embarrassed walking in on you naked in my basement. Don't' worry about it, I didn't see anything really, it happened so fast. Sorry for walking in on you.'

Then I lied. Since I broke down crying in front of him I hadn't lied once. 'I only did it twice and I don't know why, sorry. I won't do it again.'

'Not to worry, lets just forget it. I brought you a little gift.'

'You did? Why? '

'Just because, consider it a thanks for the work, Christmas and birthday gift.'

I opened the bag, it was a shell necklace, very cool.

'Let me help put it on you.'

It looked great and felt great, almost as good as his hands touching my neck.

Then I starting talking and shocked myself with what I said.

'Well, my birthday is on Wednesday so thank you for the necklace. And I will be legal so I won't need to be so nervous about getting hard around you.'

Both of us froze not sure we heard what I had just said.

'What, um, Mick, I don't know, um get, I am not sure what you mean.'

Still a little stunned I stood there my mouth hanging open.

'I got to get home, thanks and see ya later.' I cruised out of the house fast enough to leave behind my coat.



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