The house was silent when I returned home, my parents had already left. A note on the counter was simple, Hope you slept well, at the Ivy for brunch. Ah mom, she was always so considerate. Taking off my jeans I reached into my pockets and pulled out Steve's number, and Ryan's. I had completely forgotten about it. What do I do? I put both numbers into my phone and took a shower. I looked the same, nothing had changed. What was I expecting? Was there some look I would suddenly have after last night?

Two days later I was back at Brenn's and we started to prep the cement floor so the new wood floor could be put in. Wearing my standard work uniform, cargos, tight tee and no underwear I was hoping to get some sex in sometime that evening.



'What do you know about Ryan?'

'From the party Ryan?'


'Well, let's see. What do I know about Ryan? He's hot. A few years older than you. Decent enough guy. Total show off. Likes sucking cock.' A little laugh 'Why?'

'No reason, just curious, I mean he did suck off seven guys and get fucked while you watched. That's not really normal. Is it ?'

'For most guys, no that's not normal. For Ryan it isn't a surprise. Ryan likes attention and he uses his body and sex to get it.'

Brenn was not giving me the answers I wanted. Do I just ask? 'Is he a prostitute?'

'Ah, that's it huh. You want the dirt on him. First tell me why. Something happen in the bathroom?'

'Does everyone know about that?'

'Ah, yes Mick, when the two hot young guys are both missing all the old guys notice.' He said laughing again, apparently I was a comic today. 'So anything...'

'No. I mean he felt me up but not even much of that.'

'You interested in him?'

'What? Me, no.'

Silence. Mind racing I tried to recall if I had ever really lied to Brenn. Not that I could remember. This didn't feel right, I felt like I was cheating or something. What if I did have sex with Ryan only to find out he had some disease or something. 'Would it be bad to hook up with him?' What the hell did I just say!

'That's it huh. Mick, I like Ryan well enough. I like you much more. Prostitute is a tricky word. Ryan isn't above accepting cash. He lives with John and John pays the bills. What I do know about his past is he was very cooperative with guys if they wanted a blow job and had a twenty. He worked as a stripper. And I am sure that he had more than one opportunity to make some extra cash. As far as I know no word of any positive tests, but I can't really say.

'Brenn, this is where the reality comes in. The other night was a safe thing really. We knew the guys who were going to be there. Steve is tested regularly and I wasn't going to sit back and let anything happen that was risky. Sure Ryan put on a show, I have seen him get fucked before and what he does only concerns me when it comes to my dick.

'You need to be careful. Condoms. Use 'em. No matter how hot the guy is, use 'em. If the guy won't you leave, it isn't worth it. OK? Promise me that you will. Sex can be fun and it can be dangerous and you need to be honest with me. If you mess around and don't use a condom I can't say I will be wanting to mess around.'

Things suddenly became so serious. A total buzz kill. This wasn't fun and not what I thought it would be.

'Brenn? I wanna hook up with him and they want to hook up with me.'


'Yeah, John wants to watch.'

'No surprise I guess. John is going to keep an eye on Ryan and I respect his interest in doing so. Ryan is not going to settle down with any one guy. At least not now and John knows it. You ok with it? John watching? Are you sure he is just going to watch?'

'Ryan said John wanted to watch only.' Conveniently I left out the part about the money and joining in the next time.

'I won't tell you no. Play safe and if you have second thoughts listen to them. That goes for any time you meet a guy. You don't have to fuck if you don't want to.'

It still felt really heavy and I was a little uncomfortable. I was sort of lying to Brenn and all the condom and AIDS talk was bugging me. 'OK. So this floor, what do we do next?'

'Next, you take off those pants so we can have a quickie and get back to work!'

And we did., have sex, we didn't get anymore work done.

At home I went into my room making sure my folks were in bed. Picking up my phone I found Ryan's number. I looked in the mirror. Felt myself and took off my clothes. I smiled. I liked my body. I turned and looked at my ass. Nice. I picked up the phone. Putting it down I went to take a shower.

Standing in front of my mirror wearing the towel I picked up the phone again. Shit I was nervous. Really nervous. I sat down and dialed.


'Um, is this Ryan?'


'Ryan, it's Mick.'

'MICK,' slow and long came Ryan's voice 'So how is Mick tonight? Naked?'

'Uh no.'

'Why not? Take off your clothes for me, I am imaging you naked so you being naked while I imagine it and we chat will be very nice.'

I slipped off the towel.

'So you naked?'

'Yes.' My voice was quiet and I felt a little dirty, like I was doing something wrong.

'Good. Fuck I can't wait to see you naked in front of me. Glad you called Mick. You have been thinking about my offer haven't you? You want to come over?'

'No, I mean Yes. I have been thinking and I can't come over?'

'Why not? It would be very hot.' His voice was slow, seductive, knowing.

'School tomorrow.'

'Ah so tonight isn't good. are interested in coming over, just not tonight.'


'Cool. Cool. How about tomorrow? Seven?'

'Tomorrow? Ah, ok.'

'Excellent!' I hear him tell John we were on for tomorrow. 'I will text the address to ya.'

'Ok. Um Ryan. You use condoms right?'

'Hell yeah. I may be a little slutty but I ain't dumb. And yes I have been tested and yes all results are negative.' His voice changed, a little serious and matter of fact 'Mick, it's gonna be fun. John just wants to watch. You ok fucking me? He wants to see us fuck each other and I plan I topping you. Just you and me, sucking, making out, fucking, having a really hot time. John watches. No video, no cameras. No party. Don't want to scare ya.'

'Sounds good. I ah, never fucked a guy before. Is that ok?'

I hear him tell John I had never fucked a guy. I hear John reply. 'Now that is hot. Sure you can't come over tonight? Just kidding. Tomorrow. Seven. Don't worry about dressing up or anything cause you are gonna be naked pretty quickly.'

'Ok. See you tomorrow.'

'Tomorrow. Oh, Mick? Thanks man, it will be fun don't worry. Sleep well and save your cum for tomorrow.'

Had I really just made a date to get laid? My dick was hard. I was excited and scared and nervous and horny. Tomorrow I was going to have sex with Ryan AND another guy was going to watch. I felt a little slutty too.



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