The change in Bailey once he was naked almost scared me. He went form being shy and quiet, little eye contact or smiling to huge smiles, lots of laughing and eyeing me. It was weird really but when a guy with a body like his is standing in front of you naked and smiling and flirting and wants to talk porn, what do you do? So I smiled back.

'So what do ya think Mick, nice huh?' As he ran his hands down his chest and abs. 'I fucking LOVE my body man. I love looking at it, touching it, feeling it. I love working out. And I love showing it off man. Love it.' He sat down next to me, my heart skipped a beat, to be inches away from this Adonis, this stud, this guy so fucking hot I was afraid I would shoot my wad any second, was too much.

'Bailey, you are amazing. Unbelievable. Shit.' I smiled and he beamed.

'Thanks man. I don't know what it is. I am pretty much scared to talk to people. I have always been shy, really shy. Growing up I was terrified of people looking at me or talking to me. So I spent all my time alone. I studied a lot and worked out. I loved running and biking and really love weights. All I did was go to school, stick to myself, come home, work out and study.'

My mind went nuts. 'Me too man! Well I wasn't so shy but I spent most of my time alone and I love working out too.'

'Well, let's see man, off with the clothes!'

How could I refuse! I stripped down in seconds and Bailey watched intently.

'Man, you are smoking hot. Wow!' Bailey's eyes were wide.

We spent a good hour talking about our routines, what exercises we liked best and reps. As turned on as I was when he got naked, it sort of went away. We sat there naked or showing a way of doing a crunch or push up we liked. It wasn't about sex or about lust at all. Being naked together felt totally natural and normal. Our dicks were nice and thick but we weren't sporting hard-ons. It was a little odd; normally I would be rock hard and begging to be fucked. But I wasn't thinking about fucking or his cock. Was I sick? No longer gay?

We kept talking about working out and feeling out of place, like a loner. And we stayed nude. The beers, I guess you could say they were wasted, we didn't drink them. Eventually Bailey mixed us a smoothie that he called his specialty. Organic veggies and some other stuff. It was really good. Standing in his kitchenette while he cut the vegetables and blended everything was a little surreal, sort of like a bad porno set up. But we didn't have sex.

Bailey was two years older than me, loved school and doing really well. No siblings, his parents had split up when he was fourteen and he was pretty much home alone most of the time. Not many friends but he was cool with it. He felt like most of the kids in high school were immature and obnoxious. He was a little taller than I was and outweighed me by twenty-five pounds. And he worked those pounds very very well. His chest was bigger but flawless. His abs were perfect and his arms were stunning. Smooth skin, not a pimple or scar anywhere. He was very careful about his diet so he ate very well. I decided I needed to stop eating the crap food and start paying better attention to it. If the results were a body like his it would be worth it.

His body fat was minimal, I can't remember what he said, but he looked great. Some guys have such a low body fat you see every vein. It looks hot but isn't really healthy, so Bailey told me. I thought it was perfect.

After two hours of talking about health and exercise and growing up I asked him about this porn thing.

'Ah, yes, the porn. Dude, I love it. Showing off my body. See two years ago I started school. Even with the scholarships and stuff it was expensive. I lived in a dorm at first but hated it. All these guys drinking and smoking, doing drugs, staying up late and carrying on. It was like high school in an apartment building with no parents. Couldn't stand it. I couldn't afford to move out, my folks weren't giving me a dime for school, they couldn't afford it.

'One day sitting in one student lounges reading I overheard these two guys talking. They were both broke, spending too much money on booze, pot and chicks. So they were joking about doing Internet porn for cash and named a bunch of sites. I totally forgot my reading and just listened.

'I had a pretty good idea I might be gay since high school. The chicks didn't interest me much. Sure there were hot looking chicks, but I didn't think about banging 'em. I was interested in the other guys. I wanted to see them naked. I wondered what they looked like, how they were built. Some guys were into taking their shirts off and shit and I was always curious about how they looked.' Bailey was so into what he was saying I don't think he realized he kept touching my arm or leg. It gave me a jolt of electricity, energy, power, something, but he wasn't trying to be sexual.

'Since I hadn't done anything with a guy or a chick I just didn't think I was gay. I know what you are thinking; yes I jerked off and thought about guys, but mostly having guys looking at me, naked. Loved to jerk off to fantasies where guys would catch me undressed, or without a shirt. Tricking me into getting naked, that one worked well for years. Still does!' He laughed. I did too, I totally understood.

'So I didn't know if I was really gay, or bi or what. I just wasn't having sex or dating at all. Kind of a waste huh? Anyway, I was thinking about this Internet porn stuff and went back to my dorm to see what I could find.

'I tried a bunch of the sites they mentioned and they were hot. I wondered if the guys were gay since they knew of them. It seemed odd. But the sites were hot and the guys sexy as hell. I spent the next couple of days checking out the sites and jerking off when I could and deciding if I wanted to try it.

'I did some online searches for photographers in the city came across Nick's site. He didn't have any porn on there but had really great shots of people and when I would read his stuff it sounded like he may do some work that he wasn't talking about. It made sense the guy was a professional photographer and having a bunch of pics of people with their kids and shit and then a bunch of pictures with naked guys wasn't a good business model.

'So I emailed him and asked a few questions. He invited me over to show me his work. I was really nervous. As a guy who is so shy he avoids looking at people it was not easy to go to his studio, but I did. And sure enough he did porn work too.

'Man, working with him, it was great. He asked me to take off my shirt and he was taking all kinds of pictures. I felt totally comfortable with him and loved the attention. God he made me feel hot, sexy, smart and like he wanted to see me nude.

'Well, that first session I ended up jerking off for him and he took pictures of everything. A few days later I returned and checked them out. Fucking hot man. I'm not trying to sound arrogant or anything but seriously, his photos of me made me look amazing. He told me he didn't sell porn, he only took the photos. If I wanted to sell them that was my option. What he did do was charge for them and he wasn't cheap. When he told me how much he wanted just to take the pictures I nearly choked. Then if I wanted to have any I had to pay him even more.

'I was broke which is why I was thinking about the porn thing so how the hell would I pay him for having taken the pictures? Since I owed him money I felt a little screwed. I told him too, man, I don't have that kind of money. He nodded and I was nervous. What would happen? He was really nice about it and made me feel comfortable, of course I felt comfortable, I did get naked and jerk off while he took the pictures and did what he asked. So he said I wouldn't need to pay for the photo shoot if I let him touch me. I wouldn't get any of the pics but I wouldn't owe him for the shoot. So I agreed. '

I did start getting hard as he talked about this stuff. He was still really into the whole history and still naked and still the opposite of the shy guy I had met three hours earlier.

'Nick had me lay down,' Bailey continued as I tried to hide my dick, ' and then he started touching me body. Before long he was using his lips and mouth, sucking my nipples and cock and balls. He even ate my ass out. Finally he put a finger in my ass and prodding and massaged my hole until I came. Mick, it was amazing. It was the first time in my life I had shot my load with another person! I knew I was gay as soon as my breathing returned to normal. Nick told me I didn't owe for the shoot. But if I wanted any of the pics I would have to buy them.

'After we talked a bit he told me he knew a guy who might be able to help so he gave me Derricks number. I asked how I could show Derrick my shots if I could have them without paying. Nick smiled a little and said if I gave him a blowjob he would let Derrick come over and see the pictures, but he wouldn't give any away with cash. I gave him a blowjob. It was my first and I was terrible. He even told me I was!' Bailey laughed and I tried to as I was trying to hide my hard on and not give it away.

'So, long story short, guess it's too late for that huh!' Bailey laughed again and gave a little squeeze to my thigh. 'I met Derrick and he loved my pictures and said he would be my agent, for a fee. Whatever I made from any of the work he got me I would owe him 20%. Seemed fair to me since I was clueless. Of course I ended up naked and he totally felt me up and I gave him a terrible blowjob, sort of as a retainer. And you know what, I didn't care. Good thing too cause I have sucked a lot of dick to get work. That's the thing with this porn business, you end up taking off your clothes a LOT and sucking a LOT of dick. But the payoff is the money. Mick I make some really good money doing it.'

I was so turned on by this point I was going crazy.

'So now, every six weeks I do another shoot and make enough cash to have this apartment. I tell ya the day I moved out of that dorm was fantastic. Anyway, I do a shoot and make good money and Derrick treats me well. I like him. Granted he fucks me a couple times a year, sort of a part of the arrangement, but he isn't very big and treats me well so it's no big deal.

'Shit Mick, I haven't let you say a word in ages, totally dominating the conversation, sorry man.'

'No problem Bailey. I have been totally into every word.'

'I could tell, especially as you sat there trying to hide your hard on.' He laughed, 'Still hard man? Show me.'

I was embarrassed. I wasn't rock hard but hard enough my dick was bouncing. I stood up.

'Nice cock Mick. Now make it hard a rock for me, come on, show me what you got!'

How do I deny a stud so beautiful and perfect plus really nice when he asks to see my hard on? So I stroked my dick a few times until it was standing tall. Bailey smiled. Then he reached out and stroked it. I nearly choked, again.

'You got a winner here Mick, seriously. Your bod is way hot, guys will, ARE, totally into your look and your dick, stunning.' He moved over to me and took my dick into his mouth.



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