I stayed away from Brenn's for days. Wednesday came and went and I was terrified to go back over.

On Thursday Brenn came over to return my coat. I didn't look at him. He asked if I was going to continue helping him. I said ya sure I would be by Saturday.

Friday after school I sat on my bed and was confused and frustrated. Why was I treating him so badly when I was the one who said something so stupid?

I grabbed my coat and walked over to his house. When he answered the door he smiled and asked me in.

'Brenn, I am really sorry, I am acting like a kid, a stupid kid. I don't know why I said that and feel stupid. But I am sorry.'

'Mick, don't worry about it, it isn't that big a deal, I have heard worse, much worse.'

'Brenn, truth is I was naked every day working out. When you moved in I noticed you and thought you were hot. When you asked me to work for you I was so excited to be near you. The first time I saw you without a shirt on I was so turned on. I would get hard ons all the time thinking about you. Then when you were gone I would come over and strip down and walk around your house naked, I jerked off too. It felt so good being naked in your house, working out. I am such a scum.'

Brenn didn't say anything, he just looked at me.

We stood there in silence.

'Let's sit down.'

He walked to the couch and sat. I followed and sat. He got up and returned with lemonade.

'Listen Mick, I understand how you can be confused and all. The teen years are hard and the hormones raging, we're guys, we do stupid things. But they aren't that stupid really, just real, for us, at that moment.'



'Since I met you I have wanted...um...you know, we have talked a lot and you have never really said what you look for in a guy or had a guy over...' I paused

'Not true,' he interrupted my silence 'I told you I look for a guy who is honest, takes care of himself, stays away from the drugs and drama, has a solid foundation. I have, this is not as easy to say...I have had company. But not when you were here, nothing serious just a couple of guys who I meet up with from time to time to relieve the tension.'

'Oh, you're right, you did say that. You have fuck buddies? I guess that's none of my business.'

'Ya, I guess they could be called fuck buddies. ' He laughed.

'But you never said if you liked guys older than you or your age or not.'

We sat there in silence. Me waiting to hear what he would say.

I don't have one age that I like best, my...fuck buddies are my age and older. But if I want to fuck I like a tight strong young ass. Is that what you wanted me to say?'

My dick started getting hard. I looked up at him, smiled and said yes.

He chuckled.

I stood up. Not sure if I was feeling brave, stupid or what but I starting lifting up my sweater. Then I starting taking off my tee.

'What are you doing Mick?'

Standing in front of him without my shirt I felt sexy as hell, even if he had seen me without a shirt on hundreds of times. 'I figure that since I have been running around your house naked for the last couple of weeks there's no reason to stop now.' Smiling I reached for the button on my jeans.

I slowly undid my jeans and starting sliding them down, pulling off each leg, dropping them to the ground. Standing in front of him in the boxer briefs, I looked down at my clearly visible hard on I looked up at him, smiled.

'Brenn, I have wanted to stand in front of you naked for months. Please don't ask me to leave. I want to be here.'

I slid my thumbs into the waistband and slowly started to pull my shorts down. My hard on popped out, I stepped out of my shorts and walked over to Brenn, his mouth open, and eyes on my body. I felt like a millions bucks.

'Um... Mick. I don't...I think I need to ask you to get dressed and go home...but...'

'But what? Don't you like this?' I turned around to show him me ass, he did say he liked a tight young ass. 'Brenn, forget need, do you want me?'

I faced him again; stepped closer 'Please do this for me. Please. I have wanted to do this since I first talked to you but knew you, I, it was illegal. I have waited and said nothing. Please.'

The look on his face, I could see him battling inside so I straddle his lap sat down on his strong legs and looked in his eyes, smiled. His hands reached to my knees.

'Mick, are you sure?'

'Brenn, I want you to fuck me, but first I want to touch me and I want to suck your cock, then you can fuck me.'

His hands slowly moved up my legs to my waist, up my sides, I leaned in as his hands circled my back and we kissed. I shot my load on his shirt.



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