Naked, clean and next to Brenn I felt better than I had ever felt in my life. The thought that I had just had sex with Brenn, my hot neighbor and was no longer a virgin thrilled me. Even if he said he didn't really fuck me, I liked thinking I had been fucked. Sure it wasn't rough or violent, he took his time and made sure I was ok, but he still fucked me. I was proud of myself; I had been laid, finally.

Brenn's phone rang. I jumped and he laughed. He smiled at me and ignored the phone instead caressing my abs and chest. I loved the feel of his hand on my body. His phone beeped.

'Voicemail. Mick, don't take this the wrong way, but I don't think you should stay tonight, your parents'' he didn't finish his sentence.

'You're right, they will wonder what's up.'

Getting out of bed I turned and faced him allowing him to look at my naked body. His eyes took in the flesh and he smiled. We walked back to the living room and in silence I got dressed. At the door I stopped and turned. He came up to me and kissed me.

'Mick, thank you for this, it was truly amazing.'

'Brenn I have wanted this for so long it almost hurt. When can we do it again? I heard that it gets easier the more you do it.'

'Go home and get some sleep.'

When I got into my room I closed the door, turned on the lights and walked over to my mirror. Slowly I took off my clothes and looked at my body. My dick started to get hard. I could still felt him touching me and it was great. I turned and looked at my ass. Could you tell I had been fucked?

Turning off the light I crawled into bed and started feeling myself and thinking about what had just happened. I jerked off and shot my load on my chest and abs. I rubbed my cum into my skin and fell asleep.

Morning came and my cock was hard. My ass didn't hurt and I was eager to get up, shower and eat breakfast.

My parents came down to the kitchen as I was eating and reading the funnies. After some random chatter they asked me what I wanted for my birthday. It ticked me off a little since my birthday had already passed. We had gone out for dinner and it was nice, the card was something my mother would think was sweet, some sappy words about how her little boy was now a man.

Since they hadn't actually put time into figuring out what to get me I decided to take advantage of it and said I wanted a new work out set. They didn't argue and asked if I had one in mind. I didn't and in their self centered way told me to go find what I wanted and then we would go and take a look, they had things to do.

They kindly dropped me off at the sporting goods store and said they would be back in two hours to see what I found. That they put so little time into it bothered me but it was expected and it allowed me to take my time and not answer any stupid questions. I went straight to the weight sets and started checking out which set would be best for me. A guy in his mid twenties came over to me and asked if I was interested in a weight machine.

He was well built and friendly enough so I ignored his stupid comment and said yes. I answered his questions and he started showing me some features on several of the set ups. He suggested I give them a try so I took off my winter coat tried a few different machines. He knew his stuff and it was actually kind of fun to be talking with a hunk about working out and our bodies. He was straight, at least he seemed straight and finally I decided on a decent piece that had enough options to help me keep working on my body. I wasn't interested in becoming some muscle head but I did want to build muscle and strength.

My folks arrived almost exactly two hours later and we went home with the new system. I went to work setting it up in the unfinished basement.

Alone in the house I changed again into some tight shorts and started to do my push ups. All I could think about was sex and getting laid again. I decided that I was going to work out even harder than before and keep my body looking as hot as possible. I wanted Brenn to want me. My mind raced as I thought about him telling his friends he popped my cherry and how hot I was. As I did my crunches my shorts started jamming up my crack. With each slow crunch I imagined a hard cock being pushed into my hole. My dick got hard and it was uncomfortable in the tight shorts. I felt sexy as hell.

Working out on the machine, I fantasized about being fucked, older guys, younger guys, muscle heads and normal guys, all wanting to get me naked. Finally I couldn't take it and went upstairs to take a shower and jerk off.

Calling Brenn I was nervous. What if he didn't want to talk to me? He answered. We had a nice chat about the previous night and he told me he had thought about me all day.

Finally I couldn't take it and asked if he wanted me to come over. What I wanted to say was 'Please let me come over so you can fuck me.'

He was on his way to dinner with a friend but if I wanted to stop over about eight he would be home. It was music to my ears.

I spent the next three hours eating dinner, taking another shower and figuring out what to wear. I wanted to look as hot as possible for him. It was winter so I could go over in a pair of shorts hanging low showing the band of my boxers so I went with jeans and a sweater that wasn't tight, but wasn't too baggy either.

He looked great, nice pants and a well-fitted sweater. I wanted to take off all my clothes, not just my jacket but resisted.

We sat down in the living room, it was a little awkward.

'You still ok? No second thoughts or regrets?'

'I jerked off twice thinking about it since last night. Do you regret it?'

'Not at all Mick, I loved it. I just want to make sure you were ok.'

'Very. But I do have a question. Every time I have come over it has been to work on your yard or house. Tonight we aren't going to work on anything are we?'

'I was thinking about that myself, feels a little odd doesn't it.'

I leaned over and kissed him. Fireworks went off in my groin. I wanted him. We didn't talk until we were naked.

'Bedroom, I want my dick inside you.'

No problem! I thought. We went into the bedroom and he explored my body telling me how sexy and hot I was, touching me and I enjoyed every minute. When he stopped rimming me he got up and went to the dresser. Returning he had some condoms and a bottle.

'From now on it's covered.'

Three glorious hours later we toweled off and returned to the living room to get dressed.

'Brenn, we never talked about this part, getting together just for sex. What normally happens? Do guys just call each other and say Hey, you wanna fuck? or what?'

He laughed, 'Sometimes yea, they do.'

'Ok, I guess if you want to fuck call me. You can call me every day if you want, I won't mind.'

'I will definitely keep that in mind. But I do want to finish the basement. Maybe we can work and then get naked. How about tomorrow?'

'Be here at ten.' And I left.

The next two weeks went quickly. I would go to school, come home, work out until Brenn got home, go over and we would work on his basement for a few hours and then we would get naked and he would show me the world of gay sex. My parents were happy I was busy and out of their hair. I was happy because I was getting laid five times a week and Brenn was happy because his basement was getting worked on and he was working on me.

Friday came; it had been three weeks since I lost my virginity. When I went to Brenn's I wore some old cargo pants that were a little snug, no underwear and a tight tee. I wanted to tease him while we prepped for painting.

As we taped and chatted I would see him looking at me, he could tell I didn't have underwear on. It was great having him look at me and I was looking forward to his cock.

'So Brenn, have you said anything to any one yet? About getting laid six times a week?'

He stopped working and sat down on a milk crate. 'Actually yes, I have. To be honest with ya, that first night after we did it, at dinner with my friend I told him. I wasn't planning on it but as we ate dinner he kept looking at me and smiling. Finally he looked at me and said straight out, 'You got laid.'

'I nearly choked, I was not expecting that! He smiled big and told me to fess up, he wanted the details. It was a battle, do I tell or make up some story of going to the bar and picking up some 22 year old that had a little too much to drink. I actually started telling him this BS story and he busted me, he knew I was flat out lying and it was killing me not to tell him. So I did. Not who you were exactly but about taking an 18 year old's cherry. Fuck was he jealous!'

Listening to him I started to get hard. It was exciting to hear how much he enjoyed deflowering me.

'So have you told anyone else?'


'When I leave are you getting on the phone and calling up your buddies to tell them how you fucked me that night?'

'No, but well they have been calling me after ten and asking. I am not telling them everything but enough to keep them happy and so they will leave me alone.' He was stammering and looking at the ground like a guilty kid.

My dick was hard and it was noticeable, I was so horny listening to him talk about how he was telling his friends about us. I started lifting up my tee, 'Tonight tell them that I took off my tee, the slowly unbuttoned my pants that fit a little too tight and released my hard young cock. That my pants slid down and I stepped out of them and asked you to fuck me.' I was naked, cock sticking out and up proud as hell.

After he licked the cum, his and mine, off my abs his phone rang. I smiled and told him to answer it.

He hesitated and finally answered 'Hey Steve, what's up?'

There was a little small talk, he was trying not to let on I was in the room so I got gutsy and said 'Have you seen my underwear?'

He blushed! I felt powerful and turned on.

'Um, no one, no really it's just me.'

I couldn't resist teasing him, 'Brenn, can you hand me that condom and I'll toss it.'

'I got a porno playing.'

I could imagine what Steve was saying. And I could see Brenn's cock getting larger. I walked over to him and reached out for it, got on my knees and took it in my mouth.

'Just some guy. '

His breathing changed as he tried to ignore my mouth. I kept sucking.

'Yea, he's still here. Yes he's naked. ' a long pause 'Sucking my cock.' Another pause 'Gotta go.' And he hung up.

'Mick, what the hell are you doing?'

I took my mouth from his cock and smiled at him. 'Teasing you.'

'What has gotten into you?'

'Your cock, many times.' I was wondering the same thing, what had gotten into me? Why was I so into having his friends know we were having sex? I didn't understand it but I wanted them to know.

'You are one horny little devil, you know that?'

'Are you saying I got a small dick?'

'Don't be foolish, your dick is great, but doing that just now, what's going on?'

I told him that I didn't know why I did it, just that I did and I wasn't ashamed.

'What am I going to do with you?'

'Fuck me again?'

'No, I got to get to sleep, the plan is to start painting tomorrow so off you go.'

At home I showered and jerked off again, sleep came easily.



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