Sitting on the plane I was excited for the trip. We were heading to California to meet up with the studio that Bailey had been working at. Once we landed Bailey sent a text and ten minutes later Ben met us. Ben was a typical guy; there was nothing exciting about him. He wasn't built, tall, handsome and he drove a Taurus. I was disappointed. In my head I had this idea we would be picked up in a limo with a hot young driver and dropped off at some mansion or impressive building.

Instead we had Ben, a Taurus and the building that the studio was located at was a failed strip mall that had been converted to offices and businesses that didn't deal retail. I can't call it a dump, but it was far from the images I had in my head.

Inside the very basic studio we met the owner whose name was on the site. Nice guy and nothing like I expected. About 35 and friendly He made me feel at home. We talked a while as He went over the details and signed paperwork. Then came the parts I had jerked off thinking about.

'First off, we will use the Taylor for you. We have had one in the past so you are Taylor B. Taylor, time to take 'em off. Let's see what you got.'

I removed my clothes like I was simply undressing. 'Nice, oh yeah, Taylor you will do well here. Turn around. Show off your ass for me. Good. Face me, feel yourself up. Good. Come here I want to check you out.'

He felt me up; it was far from sexual, more like how you feel the fabric of a sweater.

He sat down on a couch and leaned back. 'Let's see how you suck dick.'

Looking quickly at Bailey, he nodded; I got on my knees and took the cock offered me into my hand and then mouth. He had some comments and grunts and let me work His dick. Then He pushed me off him. 'I wanna fuck ya now kid. Over here.'

I was starting to think He wasn't so friendly after all. He wasn't being mean but didn't show much appreciation for my efforts. I walked over to the desk and bent over, spread my legs and grabbed the far edge. I felt Him lube up my ass. 'Taylor, you do have a fine ass. Umm.' Then He entered me. I watched Bailey as He fucked me. I will give Him credit; He knew how to use a hole. When He was ready to shoot He grabbed my hips and shoved His dick in as far as He could and groaned.

'Alright. Andy, show him the showers. Clean you ass out and we will get ready to do the first solo shoot, studio C. Oh, Taylor, thanks, you got a great ass, you will do well.'

He had his dick in His pants and was out of the room in less than a minute.

I stood there looking at Bailey. I could feel something running down my leg.

'Mick, you look bummed. Listen He just isn't much for romance. Come on.' He handed me a small towel, I wiped my legs and ass. I went to grab my clothing and he stopped me, 'Leave 'em here, no sense hauling them all over the place.'

'Bailey I can't just walk around naked with lube running down my leg.'

'Mick, don't be stupid, it's a porn studio. And that isn't lube. Come on we need to get you showered.'

Fuck. He came inside me. I was pissed. We left the room and walked down a hallway. We passed one guy who did a half nod and gave no indication I was nude. Bailey acted as if we walked past some guy on a sidewalk. I was self-conscious.

'Bailey, I didn't picture it like this.'

'What did you picture?' He started a shower for me.

'Something, I don't know different. I figured He would want to fuck me but it was like He was bored. And then dicking me bare, that was not cool. I am pissed about it. Walking around naked and...'

'Mick, it's porn. He fucks a wanna be porn star every day. Most are young guys with jock bodies. His name is on a porn site that makes big money. This is a business to Him and we are commodities. You gotta stop thinking all these guys think you are special. To them you are a product. I think you are special.' He smiled at me. 'In the shower. Get use to being naked. You need to let the skin relax so there aren't lines from the clothes, they want you smooth. Speaking of smooth, we are shaving you too. The guys working here see naked men all the time so don't worry about it. Now let's clean that ass out. Don't' want anything seeping out.'

We finished up and went to see Paulie. Paulie was the hair and makeup guy. He acted like a stereotypical gay guy. He ohhed and ahhed over me. Complemented my body and dick and balls non-stop. He shaved my pits, balls and trimmed my pubes. Trimmed my hair a little and let his hands enjoy my body. I let him too.

After I was done being prepped we went to studio C. Four guys were getting ready for the shoot. He came in and complemented me on the clean look.

I was handed a pair of jeans and a tee. I put them on and was surprised how well they fit. The tee was tight but not too small and the jeans did a great job showing off my ass without looking painted on. 'He has a good eye for fit.' Bailey told me.

The shoot went well, after twenty minutes I was relaxed and enjoying myself. It was not like what I thought. Each pose was planned out. The finger on my nipple was instructed. I moved as told and the pictures were taken. New directions, more pictures. When I finally got to shove the dildo up my ass I wasn't fucking myself, just moving it in and out so they could get the shot. Now I understood when actors said the sex scenes were not at all romantic.

After the pictures came the video scene. He talked me through it and as we shot he would cue me. I shot a nice load on my chest. Smiling for the camera I felt good.

'Good work Taylor. Next we do you getting fucked. This is Derek' I didn't even see the young stud enter the room and had no idea how long he had been there. 'He is gonna be your partner in this one. Derek, this is Taylor. Head into the gym and work those muscles. No hard ons, no fucking around. I want you both looking tight. Derek, loose the clothes I don't want any lines. I will send for you when we are ready.' And He walked out of the room. Bailey gave me a thumbs up and followed Him.

'Taylor, this way.' I followed Derek into a small gym. Nothing fancy, looked familiar from some of the scenes I had seen on the site. Derek told me a little about himself as he took off his clothes and started working out. He was a good-looking guy. Dark hair, taller than me, bulkier in the football player look but not too big. He was straight, did this for the money and admitted he liked the feel of a tight ass. We worked out for about an hour when Paulie came to get us. He fixed our hair and took care of our look. Handing us some clothing he told us to go back to studio C.

That round of pictures and video was pretty much like the first. We posed and did what was asked. No romance, no chemistry. I was impressed when we did the video portion how Derek changed. He was different, playing for the camera. He had an average dick attached to his hot body and when he was fucking me it was hard. The fuck was hard. He didn't give much consideration for my ass.

When we were finished he walked out, He said 'good work' walked out. One of the camera guys walked up to me, 'The new guy gets the honors.' Then looked down. I sucked him off. He shot on my face and took a picture of it; 'I have a little collection for my personal use.' He thanked me and left. The lighting guy was next and even wanted a kiss when he was done.

Another blowjob and a fuck later I sat down on a chair. Bailey came in. 'You did great man. I know it isn't what you imagined but you did great. Now let's get you cleaned up He wants to see you.

I showered, Bailey talked. My mind had a million thoughts running through it. After I was done we walked back into the first office.

'Taylor, you did well. I understand it isn't what you newbie expect, I thought Andy would have filled you in on it but you did well. So the next few days, this is the plan.' He went over the photo shoots, one outside, two at a house in the hills. And He went over the evening plans. That night we had a dinner to go to. The next night a club followed by a couple nights of working. Bailey and I would not be doing any shoots together; my work would be with other guys.

Bailey was not sitting on his ass, he had two shoots and what he called a string of dates.

We left the studio. I was starving but told to wait to eat. He took us to his place, a very nice Mediterranean looking mansion about 30 minutes from the studio. We had some time to relax, no sex. Bailey explained that while at His house clothing was only worn when provided. Two other people were there, house keeper and an assistant. We spent some time in the sun by the pool, took a nap and when the assistance come with clothing we got dressed.

My option, or uniform, was a dark blue pair of pants, slightly shiny that fit perfectly. No under but they supported my cock and balls nicely. A thin cream-colored sweater that fit like a glove, silk socks and some shoes. Bailey had tan striped pants, no underwear, and a see thru button down shirt. He looked sexy as hell and I admit I looked damn nice too.

He drove us to a place about 40 minutes away in his Benz. He had Bailey explain how it would work. First we met the host. A few kisses and some hands roaming. Then we met the four guests. After dinner were cocktails in the living room. We were to be very friendly with the guests. No refusals.

The host was in his fifties, tan, well groomed and fit. The guests were in their forties and fifties, normal looking guys, well groomed. Dinner was catered and really good, not like what we eat at home.

Cocktails. This is where it became interesting. I had watched Bailey to get some ideas of how to behave. Damn he was smooth. Moving into the living room one of the guests walked with me and chatted. He was very nice and we sat on one of the sofas. Bailey was with another guest and the other four were chatting together. It didn't take long for the guest to put his arm around me and caress my shoulder. It took about 40 seconds. 'How about taking off the shirt, I can't wait to see you.' I smiled and took off the shirt slowly. I spotted Bailey; he was already sucking his guest's dick.

As I was sucking his dick one of the other guests came and sat on the arm of the sofa watching. After swallowing the guests' load he suggested I take care of the other guest.

An hour later the guests left, He left too. We hadn't been fucked but had been naked a while. The Host took us into a room with a large bed and a camera set up. Bailey and I took care of him, fucked each other as he directed and then he fucked us both.

When he was done he sent us back to His place in a cab. We didn't talk much along the way, Bailey tried to explain where we were. Back at the house He had already gone to bed. The assistant let us in, paid the driver and sent us to the room we were to use. We took a shower together, no sex, just a shower and crawled into bed. 'You did great tonight Mick. I'm proud of ya.'



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