Sunday morning I woke up feeling great. I had finally met a couple of Brenn's friends and we had hung out talking then had some hot sex. Brenn was talking a lot which was unusual for him. He spent the entire time talking about how he loved my body, how smooth my skin was, my nipples pert and so sensitive, my narrow waist, how my back curved towards my ass. He talked a lot about my ass, the shape, how it felt, how solid it felt, how it smelled and tasted. When he was rimming me I swear I left my body it was so amazing.

He also went on and on about my abs, the tight as hell six-pack I had, the clear definition and how body torso narrowed from my chest down to my waist. He would slide his hands over my body sighing at how smooth I was. I was smooth, very smooth. I didn't really like it, I had hardly any hair on my arms and legs, and it was such a light blonde and not long or thick. I felt like it made me look so young, like I wasn't a man. My pits had small tuffs of hair, a light blond that made it look like there wasn't much hair there at all.

At least my pubs were darker, like the hair on my head. I liked that I had enough hair I didn't look like a kid. The hair didn't grow up towards my belly button, I thought that looked so sexy and I didn't have it.

Lying in bed touching my body I thought about how Brenn would talk about it. It was almost embarrassing and would have been if he hadn't talked so dirty to me. He kept talking about how amazing it was to slid his hard cock into my hole, the feeling he would get as he pushed the head of his cock into me. My dick stated to get hard.

I got out of bed and went to work out. Wearing just a pair of shorts I spent about an hour doing lat pulls, my favorite, and working my abs, chest and arms. I felt like my arms were not very big and wanted to build them up. I would start getting hard over and over, the fabric of my shorts teasing my cock.

Again I wore my self-chosen uniform to Brenn's. He was dressed and ready to paint. When we got downstairs he grabbed me, kissed me deep and said he wanted to fuck me immediately. He had never kissed me like that before and it surprised me and excited me. I started to unbutton my pants and he left and walked over to the paint.

'I thought you wanted to fuck?'

'Oh I do, but I want to torture myself first. Let's get painting. '

Now he was torturing me! We started doing some rag painting and it looked great, I had never done it before and wasn't sure I was doing it right. He loved it and that was what mattered, I was just the hired help.

He was on a ladder working the top of the wall and I was working the bottom of it. My mind was lost really, I don't know what I was thinking when I stood up and knocked the nearly empty can off the ladder. It hit my head and dumped paint all over me; my tee was soaked in paint. I started apologizing and he just laughed, 'As long as you are ok, the can was nearly empty. Take off the shirt, we can rag with it.'

As he opened the new can I pealed the paint soaked tee off, the paint had gone through the shirt and I had splotches of paint all over my chest, back and right arm. Brenn looked at my as I started to wipe it off 'Stop, leave it, it looks incredibly sexy.' A smile filled his face. I was still so horny I would do anything he asked if it would turn him on enough to get naked and fill me.


'What? Is something wrong? Did I spill on the floor?'

'No, the floor doesn't matter, the carpet is going down when we're done. This is the wrong fucking color. Shit.'

I didn't know what to do so I just stood there.

'Ok, at least they are open. Listen I am going to bring this back and get the right color. You can stay here and start painting the other wall. There is some blue paint over there, use a brush to do the trim and a new roller. I will be back as soon as I can. You want anything specific for lunch? I can pick up subs.'

'An Italian meat would be awesome, thanks.'

I got busy stirring up the blue paint and working on the trim. It looked really dark and I hoped it was the right color. The sound of footsteps on the steps startled me. Wasn't expecting to hear Brenn back already and thought he had forgotten something. As I turned I saw it was Steve.

'Fuck! Do you know how sexy you look? And that paint on your body only makes you sexier. Where's Brenn?'

'You startled me Steve. Brenn is at the paint store. Don't you know how to knock?'

'I know how to knock your socks off.'

He stood there. His jeans that fit just right and a sweater, jacket was open.

'You know Mick, I was not joking when I said I would fill in for Brenn is you ever got bored. Has Brenn ever said anything about me? Whatever, when it comes to sex I am pretty straight forward and I really really want to get inside you.' As he spoke I couldn't help but stand there and look at him. The way his thighs filled his jeans, the bulge in-between his legs, his rugged face, dark blond hair, eyes that looked at me like I was his. 'Don't worry, I am not going to fuck you right now, I want to but I'm not. Anytime you want to, give me a call. Fuck you turn me on. And standing there, pants low on your hips, paint on your chest,' he walked towards me, I couldn't move 'mouth hanging open, your eyes on my dick,' he reached up and lightly grabbed my left nipple, the charge that ran through my body stunned me, 'yes, I look forward to spending some quality time with you.'

My entire body was screaming for him to grab me, the three seconds he touched my nipple left me so sexually charged I felt weak.

'I can't wait to see your cock, look it at trying to break free from your pants.'

I hadn't realized it but I was rock hard and my dick was sticking out sideways, it was almost painful. I couldn't say anything, I couldn't move. I didn't understand why he was doing this to me. Without thinking I undid my pants and my cock popped out. I slowly slid my pants down until they fell below my knees. I looked up from my cock into Steve's face. What the hell was I doing? I couldn't help myself; I wanted him to see me.

'Oh, is that beautiful. Mick, you have no idea how sexy you are do you? Fuck.' his eyes were taking in my naked body, I swear some spit started to collect on his solid lips.

I turned around so he could see my ass, I wanted to show him all of me, I wanted him to see me naked and hard, for him. As I faced him again he shook his head slowly side to side. I wanted him to touch me, desperately.

'Mick, I would love to fuck the shit out of you right here, right now, but I can't. Damn, I can't believe I am saying this shit. Listen. I want you. I really want you. But I can't, not until Brenn, not unless he, shit. You're his right now and I just can't. If, nope. I am going to leave, tell Brenn to give me a call.'

With that he turned and left. I stood there with my pants down until my hard on went soft. I didn't think, speak or move. Silently I pulled up my pants and went back to work, not sure if what had just happened had really happened or if I was fantasizing.

I heard Brenn's foot steps as he came down the steps. I didn't turn around.

'They mixed the paint up, this woman had been in the day before complaining she got the wrong color. At least they didn't give me a hard time. How's it going? You hungry?'

I didn't say anything, just kept painting.

'Mick, you ok?'

I turned around, my eyes on the floor.

'Mick, is something wrong? What's up?'

'Um, Brenn, um, Steve wants you to call.'

'Steve? Was he here?'


'And he didn't wait? That's odd, he usually makes himself at home. What did he want?'



'He said he wanted me. Brenn, ' I felt the gates open and I starting spilling the beans, 'He stopped by, I didn't hear him come in and he came down and saw me, asked where you where and then I started getting hard when he told me how hot I was and suddenly I had my pants down and showing him my hard on and ass and everything. We didn't do anything, he only touched my nipple but it felt like an earthquake and I just stood there hard and naked and wanted him to take me and fuck me. Brenn, nothing happened, he didn't do anything, he could've and I would have let him, I wanted him too but he wouldn't. Said something about how I am yours and if you had told me about him and finally he just left. I'm sorry Brenn, really I am sorry. I shouldn't have done that. Do you want me to leave?'


'Mick,' his voice was not angry, it actually sounded happy; I was confused, 'look at me.' He was smiling. 'Don't worry about it is no big deal. So you got naked and showed off your ass. You got a hot ass, I would be showing it off if mine was that hot.

'Listen Mick. A lot has happened to you; coming out isn't easy, even coming out to other gay men. It is scary and easy to do things that seem stupid and they might be stupid. What I am trying to say is don't worry about it. And no, you can't leave, I brought lunch, now lets go upstairs and eat.'

He gave me a hug and I felt better. We went upstairs and ate and while I devoured my Italian meat sandwich Brenn told me about Steve.



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