On the way home I was thinking about the future. Would I go through with it? Would I try and become a porn star?

'So Mick, have you decided yet? You want to model?' Nick asked me.

'Not sure yet. I love the idea of posing naked and fucking guys, but it is kind of a big leap you know. I mean, if I do this am I just taking that big step to becoming a prostitute? I am not sure if I want to be a prostitute. Plus the cops and all that.' I was confused. I wanted to but I was scared.

'Well Mick, maybe try using the word escort. It isn't as dirty a word. You are walking the streets or hanging out in bars. It's more of a business situation. You develop a clientele and have prices and work it out so it isn't giving blow jobs to random guys for ten bucks.' Nick wasn't looking at me while he spoke. I wish he would. 'Here's something to think about, I have been taking pictures for years. A lot of naked men doing all kinds of things. I know that end of the business. The rest of it is up to you. But what I do know is other guys who are in that line of work. I can hook you up if you want. I know a few, quite a few guys who are escorts, they keep coming back for updated pictures and I know a couple of guys who help guys get into the business. If you want I can make a couple of calls.'

Holy shit! That is exactly what I want. Did I think that or say it out loud, I didn't know but I liked the idea. Nick said he would make the calls. My decision seemed to be made. Nick dropped me off at Brenn's and I told him the situation. He wasn't thrilled; I could see it in his face.

'Mick, you're still in school. Don't you think you should finish the year and then think about this?'

'Brenn, I am eighteen, being done with school is not going to hold me back. Besides, I think it will be good for business, High school student escort. Come on, it would turn a ton of guys on. Look at you and Steve and the rest of the guys. You have to admit you all like the idea of fucking a student.' I felt a little cocky.

'Well, I guess the decision is yours but know that these guys are going to be paying money and will pressure you to bareback. What will you do when that happens? Or if it gets out among the other kids at school? How will you handle that one?'

Damn him for making sense! 'OK, point, so how about if I just start modeling. I can keep the escort side of things on the back burner for a while, at least until school is out, there are only a couple of months left.'

'Mick, why do you want to do this? Aren't you getting all the cock you can handle?'

It felt like we were arguing. 'Brenn, my parents don't give a rat's ass about me, my dad has said I am on my own after I graduate. So what's so wrong with finding a way to support myself? Or did you want me to move in here and you will support me?' That was a little harsh, but really, what will I do?

'Mick, I am not thrilled with this plan so how about you don't do anything for a week and just think about it ok? And take off your clothes, you got me horned up with this escort talk.'

And fuck we did.

Lying in bed that night I thought about it. Maybe he was right, waiting until I finished school. But I was legal so what difference did it make? I decided to spend the week thinking about it and getting laid as much as possible.

All week long I thought about what I would do. I loved the sex and to make some money at it too made sense to me. Each night after school I would get home and work out and then hook up with one of the guys to get fucked; Allen, Steve, Brenn, Dean. It was Friday I was tempted to do something wild.

At six Ryan called. It was John, 'So how is Mick today?' I grunted, 'Sounds like Mick needs to get out, come on over stud.' And he hung up. I went over.

Ryan answered the door and immediately started kissing me; I opened up to him and let him do whatever he wanted. He felt me up, hand up my tee, was using his tongue deep into my mouth. 'Ryan, stop attacking the boy. Mick come sit down.'

I did. John smiled at me, 'So Mick liked making some cash last time huh. Nice isn't it, to have that much power, by so fucking sexy guys will give you money just to see you naked, touch your body. Ah to be young and hot as hell. Feels good huh.'

I smiled. He was right; it did feel good as hell.

'How about showing off some more? You interested?'

'What do you have in mind?' I asked, interested.

'A friend of mine has a bar uptown and finds it brings in the customers when hot young studs like you are dancing on it in their skimpy underwear. Tips like crazy.'

'I'm not old enough to get into bars.' I was bummed.

'You are old enough to work there stud.'

'When and what kind of cash are we talking?' I was getting horny.

'He wants to met you, you got ID on ya right, we can head down now. If he likes ya, you could start tonight.'

'Let's go.' I stood up and started walking to the door.

I was introduced to John, after he came up behind me and reached for my ass. He started feeling me up. Before long he had me naked and his hands were anywhere and everywhere he wanted them. His tongue was in my mouth and before I knew it his cock was too. I swallowed his load. 'You are a wonderful piece of work. My god you are gonna make some money tonight.'

We got to the club, John spoke with the bouncer and after a call a young guy in black tee and jeans came over. He shook John's hand and looked at me, smiled. He turned and we followed. He stopped at a door on the second floor down a dark hallway. He knocked, opened it and sent John in. Ryan was standing behind me waiting. The young stud turned to me and pushed me into the wall, his hands were rubbing my body, he looked into my eyes, 'I am gonna fuck you tonight.' And then he left.

I looked over at Ryan who was smiling. He reached for my half hard cock, 'Dude, you are gonna have a blast tonight.'

The door opened before I could say anything and John invited me in, Ryan was to wait in the hallway. He introduced me to Glen, a normal looking guy but I wouldn't want to piss him off. He smiled, 'So Mick, got your ID?' I handed it to him. 'You ever dance before?' I shook my head. 'Take off your clothes.'

I took off my clothes in silence. Standing naked, almost fully erect the two men looked me over. 'You comfortable naked in front of guys Mick?'

'Yes Sir, I am.' Where did the Sir come from?

'Good.' He walked toward the door, ushering John out, handing him something. He walked over to me and grabbed my ass, 'You are nice looking, almost pretty, let's see your pretty face in my crotch.' His hand on my shoulder led me to the floor.

I sucked his cock until he shot. 'Alright Mick, get dressed if you want to.'

He made a call. 'I pay $50 a shift, you keep all the tips.' The door opened, in walked the young stud in black. 'Cam here will go over the rest. You go on at nine.'

Cam told me to follow him. We went down a narrow empty stairway into what I guessed was the basement. He didn't speak at all just walked as I followed.

Down a hallway he stopped and opened a door and gestured for me to enter. It was a small room, a couple of chairs, a couch and a table. Mirrors were on the wall. It was clean I guess.

'So Mick, you need a new name. You never done this before so this is how it goes. You wait in the dressing room with the other boys. Someone, me, will come get you and bring you upstairs. You go out on the bar stage and dance to the music. The guys can touch your skin only. They can put tips in your jock or whatever. It's up to you to make the money. You dance until someone, me, tells you're done. Then we come back here and you wait.'

'I come back and bring a guy, or a few guys, you earn your money. When they are done you get cleaned up, there is a sink inside that door and some towels, and I bring you back to the dressing room where you wait until the next turn to dance.'

Bring back a guy, until they are done? What was he...

'I get ten percent. If you want me to screen the guys, keep the weirdos out I get 25. Don't try fucking me over about my cut, I know what these guys are paying so I suggest you not fuck with me. Got it?'

Was he really talking about me whoring for him?

'Get naked kid, I want to fuck you now.'

I stood up, got naked and Cam used me like a toy or something. There was no emotion, no talking, he just bent me over, used his fingers to lube me up, pushed his dick in and started fucking. When he was done he told me to follow him. I grabbed my clothes and walked behind him. He showed me the dressing room and without shutting the door he announced to the six guys sitting around 'This is Charlie, first night, don't bite.' And walked away.

There were seven guys sitting around, mostly naked. None of them looked thrilled. Bored was more like it. No one was talking. A joint was being passed around, I wasn't offered and I didn't want any. Finally one of the guys spoke, 'Dude, chill a little, it ain't no big deal. Go out there, dance around, collect the tips. Don't touch anyone and don't talk to 'em. Best to go out in your briefs and nuthin else.'

Then we all sat quietly, it sucked.

Ten minutes later Cam came for me and brought me to the bar. The music was playing. I danced. Scared shitless. Guys started touching me. Then one older fat guy stuffed a bill into my briefs. That jolted me out of the funk. I started getting some blood in my dick and my mind started thinking. I was dancing naked, in front of a bunch of strangers and they were touching me and giving me money. As far as them touching skin only, that was a joke, they grabbed me anywhere they wanted.

After five minutes Cam got me down and brought me to the room. He didn't saw a word. I sat down. Had I done something wrong? A few minutes later the door opens, a guy about 50 walks in.

He smiles at me as he closes the door, grabs his crotch. There was nothing remarkable about him, a real average looking fifty year old. Belly, thinning hair, glasses and a smirk. He did nothing to turn me on yet I knew he was gonna fuck me and I was going to let him. Again the thought of the money get me going.

'You are cute. How about sucking my dick.' I walked to him, got on my knees and started sucking his dick. It smelled dirty, a little like piss. He wasn't very big at all; actually he had the smallest dick I had sucked so far. I tried to give him good head and he was groaning. 'Stop, I don't want to blow my load until I get a chance to fuck that nice ass. So I stood up and turned around, grabbed a condom and handed it to him. I lubed myself up.

He fucks me and leaves. It was pretty dull really, but I did it. The door opens and another guy walks in, he only wants a blowjob.

Cam walks in and holds out his hand. I pass over $25. He looks at it and leaves; I follow to the dressing room.

Ten minutes later he comes for me, one short dance and he brings me back to the room. Five minutes pass, I get edgy. The door opens. The fat crazy looking guy, no idea how old he is, walks in. He spends half an hour rubbing his fat hairy ugly body on me, fucking me. When he leaves I exhale, he stank too. The guy gives me $50. Cam walks in and holds out his hand. I pass him five bucks.

'Listen idiot, you want me to bring you the cheapest fucks all night?' He yelled at me.

'What are you talking about?'

'Listen idiot. The first guys, they were clean decent guys and you gave me ten percent. This fuck is what you get for ten percent. Cheap too. You are a total whore to let that gross fat fuck fuck you for half an hour for $50 bucks. Are you that stupid? I was trying to be nice. Now do you want me to bring you the nice guys who pay well, or at least decent? If you do, give me $50 now or you will be spending the rest of the night with the grossest fucks I can find at twenty bucks a shot. Got it?'

I handed him the $50 and followed him naked back to the dressing room.

The rest of the night was the same drill. Once an hour I went on stage, danced five minutes, went back to that room, Cam brought guys in who fucked my face, sucked my dick or fucked me. They left the money. I gave Cam 25%. At three AM he came into the room the last time. 'Not bad slut. You hauled in some decent cash. Go home and get some rest, tomorrow will be busy.'



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