One after another the men kissed me and let their hands run over my body. My cock was rock hard thanks to the little blue pill. I tried not to think about the situation. After the rape and all the porn and all the men this was not the worst thing I had done.

"Mick, speaking for all of us, we are excited you are here. We have watched you films and find them above average, of course you are above average."

"Thank you Sir." I didn't think I just spoke. "I am honored to be here and hope you all enjoy my body as much as possible. I am looking forward to having each of you fill me with your cum." Was I insane? All these men fucking me without condoms, ejaculating in my ass, it was stupid and dangerous.

"You hear that guys? Mick is looking forward to our seed coating his hole and running down his legs." A polite applause rose from the men. "Time for a toast gentlemen." One of the men walked around the room passing out glasses of what looked like champagne. They handed one to me.

"Sir, please don't me offended, but I don't drink."

A look of surprise took over his face.

"Seriously? A porn star that doesn't drink?"

"Yes, seriously. You like my body don'ts you? Alcohol isn't helpful in looking like this."

"Well I am surprised but respect your abstinence. How about a glass of water for our star."

A moment later a champagne glass filled with water was delivered.

"Here's to an amazing day of sex with a true Star!" The men toasted and drank, as did I. It was water and I realized I was thirsty.

"Mick we have already decided who gets to explore you in-depth first. Behind you, on the sofa is your first new friend."

I turned and saw a man about fifty sitting on a leather sofa, one of those traditional library looking sofas with the tucked back. He was all smiles. I approached and smiled, my hard cock sticking out almost to the point of being obnoxious. I stopped in front of him, directly between his spread knees. Smiling, "Hi. I look forward to having your cock inside me. May I taste it?" What the hell?

"Of course Mick, please do."

I got on my knees, lightly grasped him cock and began to suck. I did my best to appreciate and love his body. Smiling and making noises like I do when Bailey and I are alone and naked. His hands and mouth roamed and tasted me as I did the same to him. His fingers, coated in my saliva played with my hole, carefully entering it. I am not sure how long we were together when I was tapped on the shoulder. I looked and the head man smiled and signaled me to stand. "Thank you." I said to the man I just had made out with in front of everyone. He smiled back.

I was directed to another man sitting at a different sofa. Keeping it easy I did the same thing to him and he too treated me with respect while we kissed and felt and sucked.

This went on until I had spent time with each man, one on one. Going from man to man I noticed cameras filming each encounter and could hear photos being taken. It felt like I spent about twenty minutes with each of them. Every fourth man I was given another glass of water. My cock stayed hard the entire time and I was oozing precum, which pleased the men immensely.

"Mick, that was amazing. Are you ready to move on?"

I nodded, not sure exactly what was next but had a pretty clear idea it would involve cock in my ass.

With cheers and cameras and eyes on my hole, the main man slid his cock into my ass. Strange thing was, the moment his head popped past my ring, I was so horny I couldn't wait to have him fuck me. I don't know what happened but I really really wanted to be fucked. A lot. By every guy in the room. And they did. Positions changed often, guy after guy would slide in and thrust a while and then the next guy would take over. They would come back and take another turn and talk with each other while I was being filled.

It was almost like a game, each guy taking his turn and passing me along to the next. During the fucking my mouth was used to get a guy slicked up. After a while they decided to see if I could handle two cocks in my hole at once. This wasn't a first for me but anytime you get a second cock forced into your hole it is a little difficult. This too became easier as I relaxed and as the lube, spit and precum covered my hole. My guess is, considering how many times a second cock entered my ass, every guy had the chance to fuck me while another guy did the same.

My mind had let go of time and pain and reality hours earlier. They were great about keeping the water coming and shortly before the fucking began a second pill was given. The scene was turning me on. They were never mean or rough, they was little pain and no slapping or whipping. It was just man on man sex, with me and a room full of men.

Then came the word, "Cumming!" the cock inside me pulled out and the guy about to blow plowed in and lost his load. This started a chain reaction as one guy after the other entered my ass and shot his cum inside. I was lying on my back at the time, one guy standing on each side holding my aching legs up and out of the way. As I watched each guy fill me I noticed the cum on my chest and abs. Evidently they had been shooting a load from time to time and I didn't even know it.

After the last guy dumped his sperm they started to cheer. It reminded me of a crowd reacting to a touch down. The cameras were taking shots and there was special attention to my hole as one guy got in close to video my well-used bud, which I am sure was gapping at that point.

"Mick try and hold the cum in, we want you to roll onto your stomach and slowly raise up so we can get a great shot of your assload."

I understood what they wanted and did my best to turn over and raise my torso, legs spread wide. Then I relaxed. The cum started to ooze out. The guys cheered and clapped as the cum slowly made it's way down my legs. I couldn't see any of it and was curious how it looked.

I felt them cleaning up the cum. They had my stand. On shaky legs I faced them and smiled. I was handed a champagne glass. You guessed it, all the cum from my ass had been put into the glass. I took it, swallowed and tried not to think while I put the glass to my lips and drank it down. It was pretty gross but I tried to look thrilled and licked my lips afterward and grinned.

The guys loved it and once again cheered my performance.

"Out standing Mick! That was amazing! Guys we have a true Star in front of us."

They applauded and came up to me one at a time and gave me a kiss. No tongues, just a simple kiss, I don't blame them.

I was allowed to shower and get dressed in the two sizes too small uniform.

When I returned the guys too had dressed and they thanked me for my time and the use of my body.

Leaving the building I saw him in the car waiting. It was dark. The clock in the car read 2 AM.

He didn't say anything. We returned to his place and in silence we went inside. Of course I was so exhausted I could hardly walk. He started to rip the uniform off me, grabbing my face forcing me to suck his cock. He fucked me as I was bent over the back of a sofa. He was rough and called me every rotten name in the book. After he came he walked away. I flipped my body over the back and onto the sofa and feel asleep immediately.

What I didn't know was I would not see Him again. This was His last time fucking me and he decided to rape me.

Several hours later I was woken and told to dress. At the airport I was handed a sack with my wallet, a few personal things and a ticket. I went to the restroom and tried my best to wash up. Thankful that I had been allowed to shower after the group session so I wasn't completely gross.

Bailey picked me up at the airport. He looked radiant. "Welcome back, I missed you." He leaned in to kiss me.

"You don't want to do that just yet. And thank you, I missed you too."

At home I showered and brushed my teeth, we ate a small brunch and chatted a little about the trip. A nice long nap was waiting for me.



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