It takes forever to get to Bailey's and I am going nuts. I want to see him, be with him, touch him and taste him. Before the door to his apartment is closed I reach for him and pull him to me so I can kiss him. He responds in return and we spend eternity kissing by the door.

Finally he pulls away and looking into my eyes, smiles, 'So good to see you.'

For a spilt second I think, 'I am falling in love.' Then reality returns and I know he is just a great friend and sex buddy. Why mess with it.

'Come in and get comfy. Beer?'

'Actually no, don't need it. Funny thing, we have talked so much but not about beer. Bailey, I don't drink really. Guess I don't like it, the taste. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against it, just don't care for it. Sorta like Mickey D's. Besides, I don't think I could maintain this fucking hot body if I was pouring all those empty calories into it.'

'So you don't drink, drug or smoke. You have a problem with that stuff?'

'Nope, not at all. I mean I have never taken drugs; they sort of scare me actually. And smoking just stinks. I think it is really gross. And the drinking, it doesn't taste good.'

'Yeah but it feels great!'

'How so?' I was curious about this feeling great thing.

'Mick, it totally loosens ya up, makes you relax, your inhibitions slip away.'

'Bailey, do you think I am inhibited? Seriously, if I was any looser I would be walking around naked and letting anyone fuck me!'

Bailey burst out laughing. 'You're right man, you already are such an easy fuck I guess you don't need it. Me, I am so shy but I want to be like you, and if I have a beer or something, HELLO, I am ready to get naked and fuck.'

'I noticed. But I also noticed that you didn't have anything before I came over just now and you were very willing to suck my tongue out.'

'Mick, that is odd. Seriously. I just don't do that normally. Maybe it's you, your spit is like booze for me.' He was seducing me and he didn't even need to. God was I crazy about him. 'So are you really that easy? I mean, you will do pretty much anything when it comes to sex?'

'Pretty much. I don't bareback, I kinda like being healthy. But otherwise I haven't said no to anything else yet.'

'Been pissed on?'

'Pissed on!' I was not expecting that one. 'Hell no. Yuck. Really? Have you? Dude, that is gross.'

'So you aren't so willing.'

I was, I don't know, disturbed. 'Bailey, pissing is not about sex, not to me. But if you think that's not willing than no, I ain't.'

'Well dude, for a lot of guys, pissing on ya is hot, turns them on and if you are gonna play the field, you will end up having guys pissing on ya.'

'What do ya mean, play the field?' I had no idea where he was going with this one. But I was eager to get him naked so I would go along with anything he said.

'Never mind. Been filmed before?'

'Yep and it turned me on.'

'Really, well my little secret porn star, anything we can find online?'


'Damn. I would LOVE to see you getting fucked. In person too, but on film, that would be super hot. Damn, I want to fuck you right now and record it.'

'You got a camera stud?'

'Hell ya, ready to make a porno with me Mick?'

I smile at him, grab my crotch and like my lips. I am ready to do anything with him.

It takes him about ten minutes to find the equipment and set up the camera, arrange things and the like. He is much more involved with it than I expected. Watching him kept me hard and his smile and excitement made it worse.

'OK stud, it's set up and ready to go. First a couple of tips, pretend it isn't there, if you look at it focus at something just behind it. Second, we are filming it so it isn't gonna be like a finished porno. Third, relax, except your dick of course.' He laughs and smiles at me. 'Let's start out like when you came over, so I am gonna be sitting here and you walk in, try to keep the conversation fresh like we didn't just say any of it.'

I walk to the door and wait. He touches the camera and walks over to his couch and sits down. 'Hey stud, been waiting for ya, what took so long?'

I walked towards him; I admit I was a little nervous, 'Had to get my dick down so I could get out the door.' As I approach he leans forward and we kiss. It is totally awkward to kiss knowing the camera is recording. His tongue enters my mouth and I forget the camera and think only of his mouth. He pulls back, I stand up and his hands slid up my legs onto my stomach. I had a plain white tee on, a boys large so it was tight but not obnoxious. Hands reached under my shirt and lifted it up as he exposed my abs. I thought of the camera and almost looked at it, good thing I hadn't eaten yet. The tee was bunched up under my arms, my abs and chest in full view. I reached up and took it off. He smiled.

Reaching for the waist of my shorts he slid them down until my pubes were showing. His warm lips started kissing me, just above the pubes. I was getting hard. He moved across my body with light kisses, his tongue in my navel. He looked up at me and smiled.

Smiling back at him he winked at me. My dick sprang to full mast. He removed my shorts and started stroking my cock. I moaned. As he took my cock into his mouth I felt like an entire energy plant came to life inside me. I stood, trying to keep my balance as he gave me one of the best blowjobs I had ever received. Finally he turned me away from him and started exploring my ass. I was facing towards the camera, my cock raging and covered in his saliva. I felt massive and sexy as hell.

He stood up and started running his hands over me, this was all show for the camera. I loved it. I kissed the back of my neck and turned us around so I was facing the couch. Gently he bent me over and got onto his knees and started rimming me. 'I love you ass Mick.' Once again I lost all track of time, I was totally in the moment and willing to do anything he asked. He worked his tongue on my puckered hole and slowly started working in his fingers. They knew where they were and my ass opened to let him in.

'Don't move.' Was all he said, I didn't.

A moment later I felt something on my hole, it wasn't his dick. He stated working a toy into my ass. 'Something to stretch you out a little before I fuck you.' It was his butt plug.

'Turn around.'

I did and sat down. He leaned his pelvis towards me and I leaned for his cock. He was still dressed and looked absolutely gorgeous. He looked at me and removed his short. Fuck he was beautiful. I leaned even more and he backed up teasing me. Grabbing his meat he played with it, making a game out of my desire to have his cock in my mouth. Slowly he removed his shorts and stood there, naked and hard. 'Suck me baby, make me want you.'

What? He knew I was so horny for him I was going nuts. So I sucked him. I tried to return the amazing blowjob he had given me. After what felt like two minutes while it was at least fifteen, he reached for me and positioned me on the couch. My ass was towards the camera, right leg kneeling on the cushions, left leg on the floor. He stood behind me and removed the butt plug and slid a condom over his cock. Then, finally, he entered me. And we fucked. He would stop and reposition me over and over, getting different angles and showing off my body for the camera. I had forgotten all about it and just followed his every lead. It was out of this world exciting. Finally I felt him pull out and moments later felt his cum hit me ass. He moaned and I knew he has reached nirvana. His right hand held my cheek as he licked the cum off me and turned me around. 'Cum for me stud.' I reached for my cock and as soon as I touched it, I came. A nice rope of white shot from my head and landed on my chest near my neck. Followed by several more across my abs. When I was finished he knelt down and took my cock into his mouth.

I jumped. It almost hurt I was so tender. He sucked me for a while until I was completely soft.

He stood up, 'That was perfect, can't wait to see it!' he said as he walked to the camera. 'Now you have to go home my little porno star. I have work to do.'

'Are you fucking kidding me?' I exclaimed.

'Nope, go home. By the time you get there I will have sent you an email.'

I was ticked. Getting kicked out, he had never done anything like that before. So I dressed and left without another word.



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