Dread. I was back in Cali, in the car being driven to see Him and He was pissed. I wanted to be at home, with Bailey, safe and cared about.

As I entered the room He was on the phone, 'The slut just walked in...anything you want, just no bruises.' He hung up the phone and looked at me. 'Mick you little shit. You do realize you violated your exclusivity clause on your contract.'

'I didn't!' I tried to protest, 'I didn't do any of it willingly, I was raped.'

'Cut the bullshit Mick, I saw the videos, and you are begging for it, pleaded to be fucked, slapped, whipped, pissed on. Shit if I knew you were into that shit I would have been making those movies months ago.'

'I did not do it willingly, I was drugged, really.'

'Save it. Now to fix the error. Those videos are selling well, you are going to need to do even more work.'

'I didn't do it willingly, fuck. I didn't make any money, I wasn't paid anything, I didn't consent, they raped me.' He was shaking his head as I pleaded my case. 'And I want out, I am done.'

He looked at me. Smiled. 'So you want out Mick. Well well well, what are we going to do about this little issue? See, Mick, you have a legal contract with my studio and I expect it to be honored. However, if you want to end it you can buy it out.'

Ah, some hope.

'Fifty.' He said.

'Fifty? Fifty what?' I was unsure.

'Thousand Mick. Pay up fifty K and I will release you from your contract.'

There was no way I could get that kind of money. We, Bailey and I, had not squandered the money we made, but it wasn't just sitting in a drawer either.

'I don't have fifty thousand.'

'What do you suggest?' He smirked.

I had no answer.

An hour later I was naked and getting fucked by a hairy muscular guy with a huge cock. He was pounding my hole and it hurt. The cameras were rolling. I wasn't enjoying it at all. The guy fucking me was. He was rough, his thrusts gave me no pleasure at all, it was just pain. He pounded me like he was trying to make it hurt. Usually the rough pounding scenes are not really painful, we are told to make it look like it hurts and that the guy is really fucking hard. This time it felt like I was being raped. Every time the director had us stop the guy would comment, 'I like fucking you whores.' Or 'You like being pounded don't ya slut.' Degrading as hell and the cameras weren't even rolling.

After the filming, He offered the crew a go at my hole. I did not enjoying it but was thankful the crew, in general, were not hung well, which is why they were on the crew and not in front of the camera. Heavy, out of shape guys with small dicks don't make very popular porn stars.

After the assault I was allowed to clean up and He personally drove me to the next 'event'. The building was another easy to miss building; the guys inside were also something to miss. Most looked old. I have a thing for older guys, but this group was not attractive at all. They looked old and haggard, most were heavy, a couple obese.

He demanded I take off my clothes. Next He demanded I get on my knees. One by one the guys came forward and fucked my face. I felt a little sick during the marathon face fucking session. Many of them came in my mouth. I tried my best to keep sucking their cocks while they ejaculated and letting the cum seep out of my mouth. It wasn't fun at all. My chest was almost covered with spit and cum after the last of them finished shooting a load in my mouth.

He took some pictures of me with the gooey mess all over my chest, dripping off my chin. I felt cheap. He smiled and chuckled to himself. He was enjoying this entire humiliation. He liked having me used and abused. It was going to make Him money. There was no question in my mind that He was getting revenge.

He told me to get dressed, without cleaning up. Walking to his car I felt so disgusting and filthy. By the time we arrived at our destination most of the cum spit mixture was soaked into my clothes. I was shown to a room that had one simple mattress on the floor, and locked in. No windows, no other furniture, just a bare mattress. I felt so gross and wanted a shower desperately. Instead I crawled onto the mattress and fell asleep.

The next morning I was woken and told to clean up. The shower was filthy but had warm water and soap. After cleaning up I walked, naked and dripping, there was no towel, out to find Him.

He was sitting at a cheap desk when I found Him. 'How's the little cum slut this morning? Good, no marks.' He tossed some clothing at me, 'we leave in two minutes.'

I put on the clothing, a baseball uniform that was too small and a new jock. He drove me to am impressive looking building, that classic Greek look. Inside it was clean and appeared to be some sort of clubhouse. We entered a large room, a living room of sorts. About twenty men, they appeared to be in their forties and fifties, were in the room. They stopped talking as we entered.

'Gentlemen. This is the star player; he is here to take one from the team. He's yours until you are finished with him. Enjoy.' He turned to leave, stopped and looked back at the group. 'You are welcome to breed the stud.' I was shocked. He left.

The sound of the door shutting was loud enough I jumped. One of the guys walked towards me. He was average looking and not threatening. 'So Boy, He said you were willing to do anything. Just the kind of Boy we like to have visit our little home away from home. How old are you?'


'Ummm, nice. We like you young guys. So limber, tight, fresh. You ever been fucked by a group before?'

I nodded.

'Good. Do you know how many times you've been fucked?'

I shook my head. I had no idea how many times I had been fucked in the last year. Excluding the rape it had to be in the hundreds.

'Over one hundred?'

I nodded.

'Over three hundred?'

I nodded.

'We guys, we have an experienced Boy today. He said you were one of His boys and I assume that to mean you do porn and escort. How about over a thousand? Have you been fucked over a thousand times Boy?'

I shrugged my shoulders. I didn't think I had been fucked over a thousands times. But considering I had been having sex for over a year and for about a year working in the adult sex business, it could be close to that many times. Granted a few guys had fucked me a lot, Bailey for one.

'He doesn't know guys. He has been fucked so many times he isn't sure if it is over a thousand or not. I guess we will have to check and see how tight he is.' There was a mummer of chuckles in the room.

'This is how we like to do things Boy. First you need to start using words when you answer. Second, we aren't looking to draw blood or anything like that. We don't get into piss and scat, pain. We just like to take a hot young stud, like you, and see how much cum we can give him.

'We will be taking video and pictures of course. We like having a library of our exploits available for viewing. Unlike Him, we don't sell or post them on the net. We have some class here. So we want you to smile for the camera and look like you are enjoying yourself. Being a professional porn star I am sure you can do that.'

I was still looking at the floor. The words, his voice, felt like it was coming from a TV, it was happening to someone else and I was just hearing it.

'Boy, please look at me. And smile. To start things off we want you to introduce yourself to each one of us, personally. You can start with me.'

I looked at him. His eyes were not evil. He didn't have a face of a man who was going to rape me. Still it felt like the experience was one I did not want. Not having a choice I walked up to the guy and looked at him and held out my hand, 'Mick, pleased to meet you.'

He laughed and reached for my crotch. His hand formed around my cock and balls, soft as they were, and gently squeezed. He stepped in and kissed me. It was not a forceful kiss, it was almost kind. He continued to kiss me and feel my body. He stopped and stepped away.

I looked at him; his eyes went from mine to the rest of the guys in the room. I slowly walked up the nearest guy. 'Mick, pleased to meet you.' I didn't hold my hand out; instead I stood with my feet shoulder width so he could easily grab my crotch. After a brief kiss and being felt up he stepped back. This continued with all the guys in the room.

I was feeling a little more relaxed. Not once did I get the feeling these guys wanted to actually hurt me.

'Well Mick, we are pleased to meet you as well. How about taking off that uniform, not that it doesn't look amazing on you, but we want to see your hot young bod.'

I slowly undid the buttons of the shirt and let it drop to the floor. Bending over, trying to show off my ass, I untied my shoes and pulled off my socks, adding them to the pile of discarded clothing.

As I undid the pants I turned around slowly so they could all get a view of me from the front. As I slid the pants over my ass I paused. Leaving the pants just under my cheeks I turned around and smiled at the guys. 'Are you ready to experience this young, tight, ass?' Where the hell did that come from? What was I saying? Doing? I let the professional porn star in me take over. They were filming and I was going to be putting on a show. Maybe if I acted like a willing bottom they would be too rough.

Finally I let the pants fall and stepped out of them. The head guy came toward me. 'Nice job Mick. You are delicious.' Someone handed him a glass and he handed it to me, along with a blue pill. I took the pill and drank enough water to swallow it. He then kissed me again and started to feel me up, running his hands over my body, groping my cock, running his fingers along my crack.

When he stopped he looked at me. 'I am so going to enjoy this Mick.' He stepped back. I walked to the nearest guy and let him once again kiss and fondle me. These guys were not in a hurry. By the time they had all had a chance to feel my near naked body the effects of the pill were starting. Not only were they going to be fucking me, they wanted me hard for it.



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