All the lights were on and Ryan was sitting on the couch, a drink in one hand and a joint in the other. He smiled at me and I smiled back. John asked if I wanted a drink and I asked for water. As he mixed his own drink he spoke, 'So Mick is finally getting smart. Are you done giving that sweet ass away? I can help you make some good money.'

I didn't know what to say. Was he serious? Was I serious? What the hell was I doing?

'So Mick why don't you take off those clothes so I can get a good look at you.'

I did, no show, I just got naked. John motioned for me to come to him as he sat on the couch. I did. He reached up and grabbed my cock pulling me into his lap. I straddled his legs. He handed his drink to Ryan and started feeling my body. I wasn't thrilled about it but my cock responded. He kept talking as he felt my abs, my chest, pinched my nipples, stroked my cock. He leaned into me and started sucking on my nipples.

I felt Ryan standing behind me, his cock against my back, it was warm. He too started touching me. John was kissing my chest and slowly worked his way to my neck. Ryan joined him and savored the other side of my neck. John moved to my lips and I let him kiss me. Then I began kissing him back. He told me to stand up and serve my ass to him. Ryan helped me to turn around and bend over putting my weight on the ottoman. John started eating my ass. It felt great.

My mind was still torn over the disgust of John and the amazing feeling his tongue had on my hole. He worked it for a while and then replaced his tongue with a finger. Ryan fed me his cock. John kept talking, dirty. Things like how he liked my ass and body, how I deserved to be fucked.

Ryan tasted as great as he did the last time. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and turned me so I was facing John. John's out of shape naked body was standing in front of me. He lifted the head of his cock and directed it towards my mouth. I opened up and accepted it. 'I like hot young guys sucking my cock. Especially young whores who don't want to touch me.' And he pulled his cock out. 'Beg for it. I want to hear you beg for my cock.'

Humliation. I started to beg and he continued to play keep away with my cock. Ryan was laughing at the game. His finger was in my ass and he was sticking it in as far as he could. John played his little game and I kept asking for it. He told Ryan to come front and the two of them took turns feeding me their dicks. It was embarrassing but I did it. Somehow I was even enjoying it. I focused on the nice cocks and not the fat owner of the one. John's cock wasn't too big but it had a great head on it, I enjoyed sucking on just the head, letting it pop out then taking it back in.

The two of them used my mouth for a while I did as John told me. 'Ryan, suit up and get in there, I want to see this whore get pounded.' Whore.

As Ryan started fucking me John kept talking. Was he trying to degrade me or was he just a dirty talking fat old man? Didn't matter. He was paying me and I was earning the money. Fuck it sounded so pathetic in my head.

As Ryan got into a rythym John started using my mouth. The two of them had it down, this was not new to them. They had me on my back, sitting on Ryan's cock, on my stomach, on all fours. They just kept moving me or telling me what to do. Ryan knew how to fuck and that was hot. I just couldn't look at John's huge gut as he shoved his cock down my throat.

Finally Ryan pulled out, removed the condom and shot his load on my face as John continued to fuck my mouth. That moment was hot, I totally got into it.

John pulled out 'Another hundred if I can fuck ya.'

I looked at him and nodded. What the fuck was I doing?

He pushed me on to my back, 'I want to see your face as I fuck you.' Ryan took hold of my legs and moved them to my chest, spread wide. John came in and in no time had his cock buried in my ass. I closed my eyes. He barked at me to look at him when he was fucking me. He started putting a lot of weight into it. Thankfully he was smaller than Ryan so it didn't hurt. I think the sound of it was worse.

Seconds before he came he pulled out and his spray landed on my face. 'Ryan, go lick it up.'

We kissed as Johns load was in Ryan's mouth. I didn't like it, the idea of John's cum in my mouth was not hot.

'Ryan, fuck him again for me.' And Ryan slide his cock into my just fucked ass. He immediately started fucking, going for it.

Shit, 'Stop! Dude, you didn't put a rubber on!' I freaked out. He didn't pull out, he kept pumping away. I tried to move away and he moved with me. I was too scared to enjoy it. 'Ryan, seriously, a condom.'

'Shut up Mick, rent boys take it bare, you're lucky I used one. Next time, and there will be a next time, I am breeding you.' John sounded hard, as if I ought to be thankful he wore one.

Ryan kept working his dick in and out. I felt tears fill my eyes. I was going to get sick and die. Ryan looked up at me and stopped fucking. He pulled out. Walking to the condoms on the ledge he put one on and went back to fucking me. He finished off by shoot on my face.

Both of them sat on the couch looking at me as I laid on the ottoman. Tired, embarrassed and used. They finished their drinks.

'So Mick, stand up and pump your load for us. Put on a little show.' John wasn't asking. I did. I wiped up my cum and licked it from my fingers for them. 'Well Mick, you need some manners, but you are one hell of a ride.'

I got dressed in silence. Ryan came up to me and kissed me, we made out for a few minutes. I wanted to flee.

'OK, Ryan,, let the kid go. Mick, here's the hundred for Ryan fucking you and the hundred for my ride. Well done.' He handed me some twenties, I didn't count them, just put them in my pocket. Ryan walked me to the door.

'That was so fucking hot man. God I love watching a guy suck cock while I fuck him. And watching John ride your ass was fantastic. Listen, about the condom thing, I ust didn't think of it and once I was inside you it felt so damn good, do you have any idea how good it feels to fuck a guy bare?'

'No Ryan, I have never had anyone do that to me and don't plan it ever happening again. You pissed me off.' I was trying to keep my voice down.

'Listen, you are fine, I didn't even start precumming. No big deal. Sides, most guys want to bareback if they are paying for it. We rentboys don't have a whole lot of say in it. So just enjoy it.'

I couldn't believe what Ryan was saying. He acted like it was no big deal. He smiled at me as he opened the door. I left. The ride home went quickly as my brain worked it's way around what I had just done. Now I was officially a whore, I have $200 in my pocket as proof. My head hurt, my ass hurt and I stank.



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