Scared shitless I had trouble sleeping. What was John going to go? What did he want? What had I done? I was a little pissed about it. I totally got into the sex, the show and even getting paid for it. But now this shit ruined it. I didn't dare go to Brenn. He would be pissed. But if I didn't mention the money part he couldn't be pissed could he? He said I could have sex with other guys and we used condoms so I did nothing he could be pissed about.


I finally fell asleep still unsure of what to do.

Sitting in my last class I sent a text to Steve. He was a player and into this sport-fucking thing, maybe he would have some idea of what was going on.

Surprisingly he replied immediately asking what's up.

- I want to get fucked right now ...

- Where do I pick u up ...

- Front of my school ...

- Be there is 45 ...

Fuck yeah, he bit. Now to wait the forty-five minutes.

Class was over in ten minutes and I went to the weight room to do some crunches while waiting. In 30 minutes I could do some serious ab work, kill time and think about something else.

He was ten minutes late. I was anxious and pissed and realized I may have initiated the hook up but he was going to control it.

'So Mick is horny today huh?'

'Steve I need to get fucked hard by a top who knows how, thought of you immediately.'

He smirked. The ride to his place was in silence, not even music from the stereo to break it; he did it on purpose to give my mind plenty of space to go crazy. Pulling into his garage, closing the garage door we got out of the car. 'Strip. Now.'

It was still cold out and his garage was not much warmer than outside but I did it. He stopped me at my socks, guy with a heart. He turned and walked into the house, I followed. He didn't say a word. He wasn't angry, he was playing with me. Damn he knew his shit. My cock was getting hard, warming up after a shock to the freezing temps in the garage. Standing in the kitchen he removed his shoes and coat, pushed my into the counter I grabbed the edge. Standing behind me he offered his fingers to my mouth, I accepted and gave them a sucking. 'So you want to get fucked hard by a top who knows how. What's in it for me? I am doing you this little favor so think about it.' He removed his fingers and began toying with my hole. I was tight and tried to relax. My cock was hard, my heart racing. Fuck I was turned on.

Gently he finger fucked me, loosening me up and prepping me. He didn't talk; just one hand in the center of my back holding me in place while his other hand worked my ass. He pulled out and I knew he was opening his pants. He left my ass alone, must be working his cock. He walked away, I didn't move, I didn't turn to look, I remained exactly where he had me and waited. He returned put his hand between my shoulder blades and pushed me forward. One hand on each cheek he spread my ass and forced his cock in. He was well lubed but I still felt some pain as his head made it's way in. He slid the rest of his cock in and started fucking. No talking no emotion, just a fuck. He put both hands on my shoulders and fucked. Grunting and sighing as he enjoyed my hole. I let go of all the stress and fear, focusing on his cock. I kept having flashes of my role in this, I was just a young bottom, all he wanted was my tight eager hole. It turned me on.

When he came I snapped back, it felt like minutes, the clock said otherwise. I felt hot and stimulated. My cum was on the cabinet doors on front of me, when did I cum?

He held up the condom and nice load of cum in it. 'Good work.' I took the condom, he pulled up his pants. Walked away. I tied off the condom and tossed it in the trash. My cum, I knelt down and liked it off the door not knowing what to do about it except lick it up. I went after him and found him in the living room.

'So Mick. What are you going to do for me now that I gave you what you wanted?'

Naked, relaxed I stood in front of him. I felt a little ashamed or nervous or scared, I don't know, maybe a combination of all three, maybe not, didn't matter. I needed his help. 'I have no idea Steve, do you?'

'Oh I have lots of ideas Mick, lots of ideas.' He smirked. My cock twitched. 'Ah, you like that huh.' A little laugh.

'Steve, you get whatever you want from guys whenever you want it, I have no idea what to suggest, what I can offer that you already haven't done or thought of?'

'Mick, you are thinking too hard, all I did was fuck you when you needed it, I didn't save your life.'

The crazy possibilities of extreme sex evaporated. He wasn't going to fist me or something. I relaxed a little bit. 'I guess, I don't know Steve, we both know that if you called and said you wanted to fuck I would do it so I can't offer that. Blow jobs, same thing. I really don't know.'

'You are right. So how about this, tomorrow come over about eight, I got this other eager bottom and I want to have fun with the two of you at the same time.'

That seemed too easy, but I agreed. Hell it was more like him doing me a favor; I knew he was into hot young ass so I was sure the other guy would be hot.

Mick, go get your clothes on. I did and as I dressed in front of him I tried to figure out how to ask about this thing with John.

'Ok, Mick, I'm not stupid, what is it. I don't doubt you needed a good fucking but there is something else. Spill it kid.'

And I did, I told him I used the fuck to get him to help me, a bribe almost. I told him about the fuck with Ryan while John watched and now the threat to tell people if I didn't come back. He listened and then laughed.

'Mick I'm not laughing at you, seriously, just at the situation. First I am impressed that you did this little show. I've fucked Ryan and he knows his shit so well done. And John, he is a dirty old man and likes to mess with you boys. But I am too. Ok, not old, but I will be fucking you young guys when I am his age so no insult really. But Mick, there is something you aren't telling me.'

'We used condoms and I swear I didn't touch John and he didn't touch me.'


'No pictures, no cameras, no drugs. Well, they had a couple drinks, but I didn't have anything.'

'Mick, this isn't about you and Ryan fucking for John. You would have spilled that with in days, shit, you told me and it happened last night. I think I know John well enough and, well, what are you afraid of him telling?'

Now I was the silent one. Steve let me sit with it and the pressure was incredible. How do you tell a guy you know that you were paid for sex? By someone he knows? I reached into my pocket and pulled out the money and laid it on the coffee table.

'How much did he pay you?'

'Don't know, I felt too guilty to look.'

'Aren't you in the least bit curious to see what he thought was a fair price to pay to watch you fuck?'

Suddenly I was. Steve wasn't getting weird or yelling or anything, he was totally cool as he sat there. All the extreme thoughts about his reaction and Brenn's and any other guy who found out had filled my imagination and Steve wasn't doing any of them. I reached over and counted the money. Fifty bucks.

'You got ripped off.'

What! That was it? No lectures about being a whore or anything, just that I was ripped off. Unbelievable. 'What? Really? I don't get it Steve. What do I do now? He promised not to say anything as long I as show up by eight, so three hours from now. I don't know what he wants and I am scared.'

'Exactly Mick, you don't know what he wants so don't let your mind go to the worse case scenario. He isn't going to tell your folks. He isn't going to start announcing to the world that Mick is for rent. If anything he is going to gloat about getting to see Ryan fuck you while he watched. It's about power Mick and he is playing with you.'

'Really? I'm not going to get into trouble? What if he does start telling people? He paid me. I took the money. I knew he was going to pay when I went over. Doesn't that make me a slut or prostitute of something?'

He stood up and pulled out his wallet. He laid some bills on the coffee table. 'Here you go, this is for fucking you. Not sure what your rates are but you can get better than fifty.'

I was a little stunned.

'Well, if you're a rent boy I need to pay for it right?'

'Steve, I am not a rent boy!' I was ticked, 'you know that, what the fuck man.'

'Mick, don't get bent out of shape. Go over there and see what he wants. My guess is he is just getting his kicks out of messing with you. John isn't a bad guy, a little on the...doesn't matter. He isn't going to tell the world. Well, he might but don't worry about it Mick. Go over and see what he has to say. If he does do anything crazy just stand up and tell him to fuck off and leave. Tell you what, go now, I will drive you over and wait in the car while you go in. Will that help?'

Wow, that was unexpected. Why was I surprised? Steve and Brenn are friends and I know they like me, not just for sex.

'Yeah, that would be cool.'

'Good, but you owe me for this, I want to video you getting pounded by me and some buddies in exchange.'

Shock. 'What?'

'Just teasing you Mick, seriously, relax. Let him know you are on your way.'

The ride over took only a few minutes, far too fast for me but I guess delaying it was worthless. John answered the door and smiled 'So good to see you again Mick.'

'Hey John, how is Ryan?'

'Oh, he is fine, I fucked him for hours last night after you left. So glad to see you, I have been thinking about you all day.'


'Take off your clothes, I mean coat and come in.'

We sat down in the living room; there was no sign of Ryan. 'Ryan is out so it's just you and me. Damn you are hot.' He was looking at me like I was naked or something. 'So, you curious why you are here?'

'No, I know why I am here. Not sure what you want but I am listening.'

'I want to fuck you.'

'I already knew that, why drag me over to tell me?'

'Well, you want this little financial transaction you accepted last night kept quiet right?'

I said nothing.

'What's it worth for me to keep quiet?'

'John, if you are trying to blackmail me it isn't going to work.'

'So I can tell whoever I want that you are for hire?'

'John, no matter what I agree to there is no way you are going to keep it quiet and Ryan isn't going to either. So trying to get me to earn your silence isn't going to work.' I felt brave, where did it come from?

'Are you so sure about that?'

The door opened and Ryan walked in. 'What's Steve doing sitting in the driveway? Mick! You showed up, sweet. Want to fuck?'

'Steve? What's he doing here?' John's power weakened.

'He gave me a ride.'

'Bringing protection Mick?' John acted like he was powerful again.

'No, not at all, we stopped here on our way to a buddy of his, the two of them want to tag me.' The shit that was coming out of my mouth was surprising me. 'Hi Ryan,' I walked over to him and kissed him 'so good to see you, too bad you're dressed. I would love to fuck again but I got two tops waiting to drill me.'

'Sweet, can I join?' Ryan was actually smiling, his eyes on fire.

John became a little defensive. 'No, Ryan, you are not joining them. Mick are you telling me you aren't going to do anything? You are going to let this get out, that you're selling your ass now?'

'John, I had a blast last night, seriously, it was fucking fantastic. I know you want to fuck me and you know, last night I was ready to let you. In fact if you would have lined your cock up to my hole last night I would have taken it. But doing this shit, turns me off. No hard feelings or anything.'

We were all standing within feet of each other. Ryan was silent, John a little ticked, at least he looked it.

I continued. 'Listen guys, I don't want to cause any trouble. Last night was hot as hell and Ryan,' I reached over and grabbed his crotch, it felt great 'I totally want to hook up again. And John,' I took his hand and put it between my legs 'I want to get along. No hard feelings, but you can feel my dick. So let's forget this whole thing today, ok?'

I had no idea what John would do. Ryan seemed perfectly happy knowing I would hook up with him again. John kept his hand on me and squeezed. He smiled and walked up to me and kissed me.

As soon as his lips left mine he said, 'Fuck Mick, I will get to fuck you. Someday you will be bent over with my cock in that amazing ass of yours.'

'Maybe.' I smiled 'now I need to go. Good night.' And I left.

Steve was all ears while I told him what happened and seemed pleased with how brave I was, 'Didn't know you had it in you Mick.'

'I didn't either.'

'So which buddy of mine was getting to join me in tagging your tail tonight?'

'Oh that, yeah, sorry to drag you in, it just came out.'

'Well, you dragged me in so are you keeping your word or going to pussy out?'

'Steve, are you serious? Are your blackmailing me now?'

'Not at all, you offered and you owe me one for the fuck and for helping you out with this.' Shit, did Steve ever stop trolling for sex? I didn't know what to say. He had just fucked me an hour ago and now he wanted to go again?

'You aren't kidding are you? You want to fuck me again and have some buddy join in?' He smirked. I was turned on. What was it with me wanting to have guys lust after me? Why did I love it so much? Why did I want it? Was it just because I was young and constantly horny? 'Who?'

'Who what?'

'Who is this buddy you want to join in?'

'So you are going to follow through?'

'Do you really have a buddy ready right now?' He didn't respond. 'If you can have him ready in the next five minutes, yes.' There was no way he could, so I hoped. Or was I hoping?

He opened his phone.



[email protected]


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