'Do you like pain Mick? Do you like the feeling of a hand striking your ass? Do you like the feeling of a leather belt on your back?' Another punch to my stomach, I tried to bend over but couldn't. I felt my ankles being grabbed and cuffs added. My legs were spread and I could feel them being secured. 'Mick, you can scream or yell, no one will hear, but it will turn me on. So if you need to scream you little slut you can.'

Tears filled my eyes. I was terrified. What the hell had I gotten myself into?

'The little fuck is crying guys. So cute. Maybe he is just so happy to be here?' Laughter from the crowd added to the insult. 'So slut. Are you ready for an experience like none you have had so far?'

'ANSWER ME!' he screamed inches from my face.

'Yes' I said, lying and weakly.

'Oh good. Just so you know, we aren't going to kill you. You will be able to walk away. When we are finished of course. There is no safe word, no help and we stop when we want so get it into your pretty little head that you mean nothing to us, all we want is that fucking body of yours. And we have it. So save yourself some strength and don't try to fight back. Of course it only turns us on when you do.' He laughed wickedly.

Someone approached with a knife. A huge knife. He has said they wouldn't kill me but the knife was huge. I knew my face was pure terror. He took the knife and smiled. He slid the unsharpened side along my face and down my chin, my neck and to my Adams apple. Then he turned in a bit. I was trying not to move. He continued down my chest and abs and back again, circling my nipples as he went. Back at the neck of my tee he cut it. Stepping back a different man approached and ripped the tee open. It hung from my shoulders.

'Nice work slut. Looking forward to filling those tight abs of yours with cum.'

He cut off the rest of the tee and moved on to my jeans. Terrifying to me, he acted as if it were some oft-repeated ceremony. The onlookers also knew what was happened. Apparently the only one who didn't was me.

A collar was attached to my neck. My cock was hard and I didn't understand it. The insults and verbal assault continued the entire time. Nipple clams followed and a chain was attached between them, heavy, pulling and stretching my young nipples. Without warning my cock was hit. I tried to jump. I succeeded in crying, out loud and with tears. The beating on my cock went on as each guy came up one at a time with a different instrument and took a couple of whacks at my cock and balls. Belts, small whips, sticks, I don't know what else, I couldn't recognize what they had. Each smiled and laughed as he enjoyed his turn to hurt me.

I was released from the restraints and fell to the floor. It was cold. Something was attached to my collar and I was pulled forward, I followed on hands and knees on the cement. Heaved onto some platform or bench I was tied down again.

One of the guys came up and sneered. 'You like that man hair of yours slut?'

I didn't answer. He smacked my groin, the pain shot through me. 'Yes' I yelled.

He laughed and for some time he removed my public hair. My pits were shaved; he removed the few hairs around my hole. 'There, you haven't earned man hair slut.'

I was hauled off the bench and pulled by the leash to a large wooden capital tee.

They used ropes to confine my arms and legs. One at a time the guys came up to me and felt me up. That is the nice way to say it. They were rough. They pinch, grabbed, pulled and fondled me without concern that I was living. Some of them bit my nipples, neck or abs. One even went so far as to take the skin of my ball sac into his teeth and bit down. I was sure he bit off skin it hurt so badly. I had no idea how long each one abused me but they were in no hurry.

After they were finished feeling, abusing, my body, a glass was brought to my lips. 'Drink slut. It is just water, you need to stay hydrated.' I drank. With care and precision they tied me up using ropes. Across my chest and legs. I have to admit it was impressive the work that went into it. After they finished they left the room, the lights stayed on me.

I started to doze off. I awoke when hands began to remove the ropes. I was hauled over to a different apparatus and thrown on to it. A different set of hands grabbed each of my limbs and stretched me out. One of them approached me with a syringe. He smiled. 'This is going to help you relax slut.'

The prick of the needle on my ass was nothing compared to the pain already inflicted. They held me tight until I felt my muscles go slack and my head cloud up.

I came to and realized I was sucking a cock. I wasn't being face fucked I was eagerly sucking this cock. The sounds of insults and cheers came and went as I continued, in a fog to suck cock, over and over. Memory slipped away.

Next I came to and was floating. A cock was in my ass and I felt the assault as the guy slammed his entire dick into me with force.

I kept coming into a fog of consciousness and being in a different position, tied up or draped over something. Often a cock was in my mouth or ass. A few times it was some dildo or other item, I couldn't tell. I remember drinking the water offered.

At one point I woke up feeling water hitting my face. I nearly puked. It was piss. I was lying on a grate. I looked at my body and I could see and more so smell the shit smeared on me. Guys were pissing on me washing it off. I puked on myself, they laughed.

Again I came to, I was on a table, burning sensations across my chest especially my nipples. Candles were being moved across my body as the hot wax dripped on me. My nipples were small mounds of red wax. Then the pain really hit. My dick and balls, the pain was searing.

Came to, I was hanging and being whipped. I couldn't feel the pain really, just the sensation of being hit.

Came to again, another glass of water. I tried to spit it out, 'Drink it slut, you love cum remember.' A voice demanded. I drank the cum.

I woke up. My body ached. My brain hurt. The light was shining through the window. I looked around. I was in the warehouse still. Naked and cold I looked at my chest. Red marks and dried cum across my chest and abs. My nipples were swollen and red, I had never seen them look like this before. My legs were covered in red marks, bruises and cum. My arms looked just as terrible. I touched my face, it too was caked in dry cum, my hair was no better.

Standing up I felt the pains from last night. I looked around the room, it was not the one I was in last night, it was a small office space. The window was open so anyone looking in would have seen me lying there beat up and covered in cum. I didn't even care if anyone had. I walked out of the room and into the bathroom across the hallway. Turning on the light I hesitated before looking in the mirror. It was not a pretty sight.

My face looked as horrible as it felt. My lips were swollen; the eyes had bags under them and were red. My hair was encrusted with cum. I had hickeys on my neck and chest. I couldn't believe the amount of dried cum on me, how many guys dumped their load on me? I stank. My mouth tasted like death. Suddenly I heaved and almost missed the toilet as I puked. I didn't want to look at what came up, but I did and it was not like any other time I had puked. I could only guess it was cum mixed with bile.

I tried to wash up as much as possible in the sink. There were no paper towels; I was almost surprised. I looked a little better, at least the image I could see in the water splattered mirror. I walked out of the bathroom dripping wet and didn't care. Do I call out for anyone? What would I say if someone was there?

I carefully walked as quite as I could. Every step hurt, my ass was in pain, my legs hurt. I recognized the hallway as the one that I was dragged down into the room where the assault occurred. I tried the door. It was locked. I turned to walk towards the lobby area.

'It's awake.'

I jumped. I looked and saw a rather odd looking older man sitting in the chair behind the desk, a laptop in front of him. I stopped and stood there, the fact I was naked, bruised and wet didn't register. 'I love the site of a whore after he has been used real well.' He snapped a photo before I even realized he had a camera in his hand. 'Come over here Honey, I have something you want to see.' Without thinking, I did. He turned the laptop towards me, patted his lap. 'Sit down and take a look.' Without thinking. I did. His hands were on me feeling me, grabbing my dick and balls. I didn't care. I just looked at the screen. Of course it was of me, getting fucked. There was no sound, just the images of my on my back getting pounded. The guy fucking me was not taking it easy.

I watched for a couple minutes while the old man felt me up, taking advantage of my state. 'I have the entire thing on disk if you want it.' Did I? He reached over to an open box that had my clothes in it. You can have all this back if you like.'

I reached for it. His hand slapped my arm. 'First I want a blow job Sweetie. Shouldn't be a problem after all the cock you sucked.' He laughed. Again without thinking I got off his lap and onto my knees and opened his pants. I was methodical as I pulled out his limp dick and started sucking on it. The taste was no better than that which was already overwhelming my mouth. I could hear him taking pictures. I looked up at him when he commanded. It felt like nothing mattered any more. He did not get hard very quickly and when he did it was still pretty limp. Finally he came. I swallowed.

Standing up I wiped the cum off my face. He pushed the box to me. I took out my tee shirt. It was shredded. I reached for the jeans; they were in the same condition. 'Get dressed Honey, let me see how sexy you look. Slowly I put on the ripped up clothing as well as I could. He took pictures the entire time. Finally dressed, if that is what you could call it he had me 'model' for him.

I tried to speak, 'I can't go...' He interrupted, 'Oh, I know, you don't want to be seen like this in public. No worry, there are some other clothes for you here too.' Reaching into the box I pulled out a pair of camo print cargos and a new white tee.

I took off the other clothes. Standing naked, being photographed the entire time I reached for the cargos. 'Ah ah ah!' His was shaking his finger at me like a schoolteacher. Not until you earn them.' I stood there, what the hell did he want? Shit. 'Shoot a load for me Sweetie, show me how hard that young cock can get.'

I wasn't sure I could get it up. My dick actually was sore and my balls caused me to flinch as I tried. It took some time before I could get hard and even longer to get a load out. I was at a point of humiliation. I finally was able to get a small load to shoot on my abs. 'Beautiful, but it sure ain't much for such a young guy. Rub it in hotstuff.'

I did. He tossed the cargos and tee and a pair of flip-flops at me. I got dressed. The cargos were tight. The tee was an added embarrassment. The front had printed in large text, Easy Bottom. The back read abused.com. I put it on. It hurt to get my arms up and into the tight tee, it was tight as a second skin. My nipples were extremely sensitive to the fabric that rubbed against them. He then handed me a cloth shopping bag. 'This is for you. And here is twenty for a cab, I will call one for you if you wait outside.'

I took the bag and the twenty and went outside. The sunlight was bright. The air was warm. I felt like shit. Sitting down on the same retaining wall I sat on last night I waited for the cab. The longer I was awake the more pain I was in.

The cap showed up and I got in and sat down. The driver looked at me. He repeated my address, 'This still where you wanna go?' I nodded. 'You look light it was a rough night. You ok?' Again I nodded, half expected him to ask for a blowjob too.

He pulled up in front of the apartment. I gave him the twenty and walked to our apartment.



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