The moist, hell wet, warmth of his mouth took my breath away. He was able to take my entire hard cock into his mouth at once. No licking. No kissing. No stroking. He just grabbed my cock and aimed it at his mouth, wrapped his lips around the head and slid the entire thing in. Fuck.

My hands came to rest on his shoulders. Part of me needed to keep from falling over and part of me wanted to hold on so he couldn't get away. He slowly sucked on my cock, moving his head up and down, turning, sucking, as I held on. After a few minutes my head stopped spinning and my left hand slid up his neck and onto his had. His hair was soft and felt great. He looked up at me and smiled with his eyes. He let my cock go and giggled, 'Liking that huh?' and giggled again before going to work on my balls.

His hands were exploring my body. He reached for my abs with one hand and his right hand smoothed over my thigh to my ass. He fingered my hole and little and went back to squeezing my cheek. Without thinking I found myself moaning. His left hand came round my waist and grabbed my other cheek. He kneaded my ass as he tongued my balls. Then he twisted around onto his back and lay on the rug. His hands pulled my ass towards his face. I eagerly followed. He spread my cheeks and started working his tongue on my hole. I continued to moan and groan in ecstasy.

There was nothing shy about his expertise on me. Nothing. I watched his glorious body as he worked on me. His cock was respectably hard and more than sufficient. He was trimmed neat and his balls were shaved. He had a slight trail of hair leading from his bush a few inches upwards towards his belly button. His legs were bent; He had muscular thighs, better pumped than mine. His abs were well defined, he had an eight pack, I was a little jealous that he had better definition than I did but more than jealous I wanted to run my hands on them. After a while he stopped tonguing my hole and sucked one of my balls into his mouth. His hands reached up to my lower back and pushed. I bent forward placing my hands on his knees and ran my hands down his thighs towards the floor.

Opening my mouth some drool fell. Finally his cock was within reach! I covered my teeth and tried to take his entire cock as he had done to mine. Half way down I had to stop, he filled me. I sucked. I started working my month and tongue on his cock as he returned to me hole. I had never sucked the cock of a guy this young, a guy my age. All the guys I had enjoyed were almost twice my age, except for Ryan so Bailey's body was different. Smooth. Supple. Fresh. He smelled wonderful. I understood why the older men were so eager to explore my body. It felt wonderful. It didn't feel like this when I was feeling myself up. It was different. I couldn't put my finger on what it was but I was enjoying it.

I made a mental note to remember the sheer joy of having a hard firm soft young body in your hands. I wanted to remember this so the next time Brenn or Steve or any older guy was enjoying my body to go with it.

I continued to work on his cock and his balls. My mind kept bouncing around; I was enjoying his firm cock with the soft skin, the taste. His balls were solid and his sack was smooth. I savored the taste and wondered what his cum would taste like. I wondered about the rest of his body. I couldn't explore it well while resting on my elbows. My hands could reach the sides of his ass but I wanted his entire ass in my hands. Then I would think about his cock in my mouth.

He continued to work on my hole. Then he moved and rolled us onto our sides and moved onto my cock again. I continued to suck his cock and now my right hand could explore his body.

We sucked cock and balls and ran our hands over each other. It was amazing. He pulled away and turned towards me and smiled as he leaned in for a kiss. God I was happy and horny. Kissing him, his clean stubble free face, his strong soft tongue, unbelievable. He wrapped his hands around me and we kissed. And kissed. Neck, ears, eyelids, chest, my mouth went everywhere it could.

'Can I fuck you?' he whispered into my ear. My heart leapt. Or melted. I don't know which one. 'God yes!' I whispered back. He got up and I watched his ass as he walked over to a dresser. His apartment was small, one room really so he didn't have to walk far. As he turned his smile and cock were greeting me. I smiled back, my cock hard as rock too. He knelt between my legs and lifted them effortlessly towards my chest.

He used a generous amount of lube and one finger, quickly followed by another and another. He didn't talk. Instead he was focusing on my ass and the lube. I could hardly stand it I wanted him inside me more than I wanted to breathe.

Finally he removed his fingers, opened a condom and covered his cock. Sliding into me I gasped. He fit perfectly. I was no stranger to a nice cock in my hole but this was different. I joined him in the sway as he started to fuck me.

Sometimes I wonder if I blackout or pass out or what but I go into this transcendental place when I am being fucked well. Time stops, sometimes I can't even hear. All I know is my entire body is alive and that life force is centered on the cock and my hole.

He rammed me hard, arched his back and groaned. I wished he wasn't wearing the condom. I didn't cum, I wanted to but I was so centered on his orgasm and the site of his body and mine joined at the vital point I didn't. He held his cock in place until the pulsing stopped.

'You, that, amazing. Thank you.' He leaned down on top of me and we kissed.

We continued to kiss and roll around. The light changed and what felt like little time turned into the evening.

We were lying on his bed, sweaty, exhausted and falling asleep. I had fucked him and he had fucked me again. We each had came three of four times. Then I did something I had never done. I slept naked with a man after having fucked. No showers, no racing home. Just in each other's arms, messy and worn out, falling asleep.

In the morning we showered, picked up the nine used condoms, not all were full, brushed our teeth and dressed. We went for coffee and pastries and he told me more about his life as a porn model.

'From the first click of the camera I was turned on. The first button of my shirt was undone and I moved on to the second one. As I exposed my bare chest something clicked in me.

'Taking off my clothes for the camera, showing off my body. Feeling my skin, my muscles, my cock. It was like I was home. It's really weird but I felt more comfortable nude and jerking off with a camera and photographer and the assistant in the room than I felt in my normal life.

'I loved it. It was great, I felt alive. The photographer was awesome and treated me really well. I didn't feel used or forced to do anything. It was all good man. I went back the next week and looked at the pictures. Fuck I was impressed. I looked amazing, I wanted to fuck myself! That was the start of it. Through my new agent the pictures sold to an outfit in California. They loved the pics and invited me out. My agent told me to be careful and not do anything I didn't want to do.

'Seriously man, I was more than willing and happy even to do everything they asked. We did three different shoots that trip. One just pics of me nude. And jerking off. The next one was using a dildo and fucking myself. That was a little odd. A guy hadn't fucked me before so I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but the pictures looked great. The third shoot was with another guy.

'I was really nervous about it, until I met him and again, it clicked. We talked about the shoot and they, the photographer and the director guy, got really excited when I said I had never been fucked, the dildo was the only thing that had ever been in my ass. Other than my fingers that same day. Why I had never fingered myself I don't know, now I love to do it. But until that moment my hole was virgin. Fuck I was virgin.'

I was glad the place was pretty much empty, if anyone was close enough to hear I am sure we would have had the cops called on us.

'Well, the director asked if we could do a video as I was fucked the first time. The guy's name was Kenny, that wasn't what he used on line, and he was pumped to be the first guy to fuck me. So we fucked and they filmed it. I have a copy at home I can show you. I love watching it.

'Now I am not sure if this was standard or not, but after the video shoot was done, Kenny left the director fucked me. It was pretty hot just because he had fucked, he told me this, every model he has worked with, so to him I was just another young fuck, a perk to his job.

'I came home that night, it wasn't a long trip man. But I knew I wanted to model again. My agent asked how it went and I told him. Maybe that was stupid of me. Once he heard the director had fucked me he looked at me. So that started a new phase. About once a month he has me over and we fuck. He fucks me I mean. He does nothing for me but I guess that doesn't matter since he is using my ass but that is just how it has worked out.

'The next shoot was about two months later. I went back to Cali and was there a few days. We did a couple of shoots, the director fucked me again and this time I learned that these guys expected it. Pretty much all of them expect it. So now when I go out every six weeks or so I am there four or five days and we shoot on two days and I get fucked by the director, photographer and some of the other guys. It feels a little skanky but that's how they work it.'

I looked at him and wondered about Bailey, gorgeous Bailey was being fucked by a bunch of assholes like some cheap slut. I felt a little bad for him. He didn't seem to be thrilled with it either, maybe that is what bugged me. Then he got quiet.

'Bailey, I had no idea. Do they really expect to use you like that?'

'It isn't so bad really, I mean I like the sex. Dude, I like getting fucked and I love being naked. When I head out there I know I am going to spend most of the time naked and going to get fucked. A lot. So it isn't like weird or anything. Its just the way it is.' He paused for a moment. There was something more he wasn't saying.

I tried to be helpful. 'Shit Bailey, if you knew all the guys who I have had fuck me we probably have had the same number of guys!'

'Really? Your turn then. Tell me about your sex life stud.'

So I did. We ended up eating lunch at the café and drinking way too much coffee. It was fantastic. Bailey liked sex as much as I did. He wasn't as into the older guys as I was but he was into cock. I liked him. He was so comfortable about it. And I noticed he wasn't shy like he was the day before. Strange, I felt like I had met my first real friend.

I didn't really have any friends. Brenn and Steve would be the closest to anyone who I would call a friend. But as far as guys or people even, my own age, I didn't really know anyone. Now I had met Bailey. We had fucked and clicked. Yep, I had a friend, someone I could talk about sex and myself and just be myself around. Damn it felt good.



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