Knowing I was gay before I entered high school was tough. I wanted to be like the other guys but I knew I wanted to see them naked and really wanted to see their cocks. As a freshman I would try not to stare at the seniors to give myself way. It was difficult but I hid it well enough.

Thanks to the Internet and my parent's ignorance to it I was able to check out the gay sites and would jerk off daily to beautiful naked men. As I surfed I found myself returning to sites with the guys over 30, the real men. Something about them turned me on.

Also noted was how hot the young guys were, I wanted a body like that so I started working out at home. Being an only child of parents who were more interested in their lives and friends it was easy to come home from school, work out for a couple of hours and start my homework before my parents returned. After dinner I would go blading or biking for a couple hours and then come home and hit the porn.

This went on until my senior year. By this time I had developed a pretty nice body for a guy my age and size. I wasn't going to be one of those 6'4' guys; I stopped growing at 5'7', weighed a decent 155 and was sporting a 30 waist, six pack, nice pecks and upper body. Plus the blading and biking had filled out my quads and ass well. I looked good. And fuck was I horny.

The summer before my senior year I was busy mowing lawns for several neighbors and enjoyed being outside in the sun, taking off my shirt felt great. I knew I looked good and loved the feel of the air on my nipples. Going for my bike rides in the morning, mowing lawns in the after noon, working out after the laws and then going running in the early evening kept me busy.

Several blocks from my folks place was a beat up house, small, old, with a large yard surrounded by a high fence that needed work. The owner had been in their 80's and recently moved to an old folks home so it went up for sale. After a week, to the neighbor's surprise, it sold. I started seeing a guy working on the fence on my evening blading runs. Nice looking guy, about 30 with short brown hair, nice build, smaller eyes and a large tattoo on his right arm. He would look at me sometimes as I bladed past. I tried not to look back, but I wanted to, he caused my dick to buzz.

After two weeks I did look back at him and he smiled. My mind raced and I got a hard on! The next day he was outside and waved at me to stop so I rolled over to him. He introduced himself as Brenn and said he was new to the neighborhood. I thought that was dumb to say. He asked if I lived nearby and I said I did. He also said he saw I mowed lawns. I wasn't expecting that, guess he noticed me. He followed up asking if I would be interested in another gig mowing his yard. Any chance to earn money was great to me plus it would give me a chance to see him up close. I don't know if he could tell how turned on I was by him.

I said sure and he asked if I could come by in the morning and he would show me what he wanted. In my head I wanted him to show me he wanted me naked and on my back with my legs up in the air.

I continued by blading with a semi hard on and as soon as I got home I jerked off.

That night I jerked off several times thinking about him and being in his yard, seeing him naked, sucking his cock. It was awesome.

Morning finally arrived and I got up early, went on a short ride, came home and did 1000 crunches before going to Brenn's place.

He was wearing a tee and shorts when he answered the door. He shook my hand and I almost gasped it was so hot. He walked my thru the house, it needed a lot of work. He talked about how he got a great deal on it but it needed the work. In the back yard was a disaster. Weeds three feet high, just trashed, it had not been cared for in years. He said it was a lot of work and mowing would be the least of it, but if I was interested in making some money this summer he would hire me to help get it into shape before winter. I agreed, money and being near him.

I changed up my routine a bit and spent eight hours a day at his place working on the yard. Clearing the weeds and volunteer trees, picking up trash and trying to get it to a manageable state. It was hot work; dirty work but I loved it.

Some days he would help but most of the time he would let me go about things on my own. He would go to work and I would settle in for a day of toil in the sun. After he would leave I would take off my shirt to get the sun. After two weeks it was looking a lot better and I felt good about the progress. It was a Friday and hot and I was filthy and sweaty so I turned on the hose and poured it over me. It felt great. Suddenly I noticed Brenn standing there watching. I was startled. He laughed and apologized for scaring me. The water was still spraying on my abs. I turned the water off and stood there soaking wet in front of the man I fantasized about every night. My dick started to get hard! Not wanting to give my self away I turned to return to work.

He called to me he had a treat for us. So I walked over hoping my dick would calm down. He handed me a large bowl of ice cream. We both sat down on lawn chairs and ate.

Up until this point he really didn't talk much to me, basically gave me directions and that was it. So when he started to talk I didn't know what to do. Sitting next to him, wet, I was so horny.

So Mick, what year are you in school?

Going to be a senior.

Really, I would have guessed younger.

Nope I turn 18 in January.

You look really young. But don't think that's bad. I looked really young and it bugged me a lot, but now I still look young so people don't believe me when they find out I am 43.

Forty-three! I thought you were maybe 30.

See, looking young is a good thing.

I guess so.

He chatted a while longer we finished the ice cream and then said he would help out for the rest of the afternoon.

When he returned he was wearing shorts and boots and no shirt. Fuck was he hot.

'Feels to good to get some sun on the body doesn't it.'

'Yea it sure does. Hope it's ok, I try to wait until you leave and get dressed before you get back.'

'Get dressed? Are you working out here nude?' he laughed.

'Oh no! Just no shirt.'

'Don't worry about it. And since you're only 17 you better keep the rest of your clothes on out here, don't need any trouble.'

The idea of working in his yard naked, my dick started getting hard again. He noticed.

'Happens to me sometimes too when I am in the sun, dick starts to get hard.'

I was so embarrassed.

He was starting to get a nice layer of sweat on his muscled chest. My dick was getting harder.

'Can't wait until this yard is cleaned up so I can sit out here naked.'

That was it; I was full hard on and didn't know what to do.

'Mick, you ok?'

I didn't answer just turned away.

'Mick, um, not sure if this is proper but you deserve to know. I'm gay. I am not going to try anything. But if you ever need to talk to anyone let me know, just between us.'

Oh God, no, he knows I'm gay!

My back was to him and I was terrified, suddenly I felt his hand on my shoulder and I jumped.

'Sorry Mick, I didn't mean to scare you. I just thought that, well. When I was your age I knew I liked guys and there was no one I could talk to about it. I spent years confused and angry, wishing for anyone to talk to about it. So now if I meet a young guy and well, I let him know that he has someone he can talk to.'

Tears started to swell in my eyes. I began sobbing and knelt down my head resting on my knees.

He came closer and suddenly all the sexual tension was gone.

'Mick, it is ok. You are ok and things will turn out alright.'

After sobbing for a few minutes I gathered my breath. Brenn left and came back with some water. We sat in the dirt and drank the water.

'Brenn, sorry, I am so embarrassed. How did you know? Why? How come this happened to me? What am I going to do?'

The questions kept coming. He listened. When I stopped I looked at him and he had teary eyes.

'I understand exactly how you feel, I felt like that for years too.'

He started to talk and I asked questions. It felt so good. No longer did I see him as a man I wanted to have sex with but as a mentor, someone to help me understand being gay and 17.

As far as the how he knew question. This one I was really scared to hear, if he knew did everyone?

He told me it was how I reacted to him the first time I saw him and when he waved. But what made him pretty sure was when he saw me wet and then getting a hard on when he came home that afternoon. He said he came out without the shirt and seeing me get embarrassed, blushing and hard he knew.

That felt a little better. We sat and chatted for a while and it was really nice.

Finally he said he wanted to run some ideas he had for the yard by me so he talked about gardens and a patio, fire pit, trees and all sorts of things.

'So, are you willing to work for me this summer?'


'Great. With your help and what I can do on weekends I think I can get done before winter, then I can start on the inside.'



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