I got up early and spent over an hour working out. Then I ate and put on the same pants and a clean tee, nice and snug and was at Brenn's at eight. We started painting and the morning went quickly. He didn't mention anything about last night and I kept quiet too. This was work and I wanted to do a good job, he was paying me after all. About one the doorbell rang. When Brenn came back down he was talking to someone. My heart starting beating faster. I had never met any of his friends.

They walked into the room and he introduced his friend Steve. Steve was a rugged looking man with a strong build. He looking like he worked to develop his body, not a gym body.

"So this is Mick, very nice to finally meet you. Brenn has spoken highly of you and your great work.'

His hand was rough and he didn't let go immediately. I wondered what he meant and couldn't tell if he knew I was having sex with Brenn or not.

"The basement looks great. You have really done an amazing job. And you are right, Mick looks great too.'

My dick started to get hard. I wasn't wearing underwear and I glanced down at my crotch to see if you could see my swollen cock. When I looked back up Steve was smiling at me, he busted me and looked right at my crotch and smiled. I turned around a got back to work painting. I didn't know what else to do. I was turned on and scared.

Brenn showed Steve around the basement and talked about how it would look when finished. I tried not to watch them but would steal a peek when I could. After the tour they came back into the room I was working. My back was towards them. I reached down into the paint can for some paint.

"Mick, it was very nice to meet you.' He looked in my eyes, down at my noticeable swelling and back at my face. He had a sexy wicked grin, "I look forward to seeing you again.'

I mumbled something, nothing and returned to painting. They went upstairs and I felt relieved. Then I noticed that not only was I still semi hard, but that my pants were hanging low enough that part of my ass was showing and you could almost see the top of my pubes. I had wanted to look hot for Brenn and had not expected any of his friends to come over. Now I had put on a little show. When Brenn came back he had a huge smile on his face.

"Steve is so jealous.'

"I am so sorry, I didn't mean to look like this and...' I pointed to my softening dick.

"Mick, you look so fuckable right now, I guarantee you Steve is going to go home and jerk off.'

I felt foolish.

"Seriously, don't worry about it. You look amazing. You aren't embarrassed are you?'

"No, yes. A little I guess. Are you mad? I pretty much flashed your buddy and then started getting hard.'

He walked up to me and took me in his arms, kissed me and said, "I am not mad, actually you turned me on. Seeing you showing off your body like that and then getting hard, your pants revealing this wonderful crease of your ass, watching Steve take in how sexy you are, it's really hot. "

After we finished our early afternoon fuck it was back to work. I wasn't embarrassed any more.

The first coat was done and now we had to wait until Sunday for the second coat. I was making sure we had cleaned up well enough when the doorbell rang again. Steve had returned and brought another buddy along.

After the introductions Brenn's phone rang. He asked me to show our progress while he took the call. I started explaining the layout to Steve and Allen. Steve made a couple comments about what a hard worker I was and how lucky Brenn was to have me. After the second one Allen replied "Oh you are the young guy Brenn has been...' and he stopped.

"He sure is.' Came Steve's reply. He looked like he was enjoying my discomfort.

"Yes, I am the young guy Brenn has been screwing. I guess it isn't really a secret.' I surprised all three of us.

I continued to show them around and forgot about how I was showing my body off at the same time, especially me ass. As we talked I was overcome with confidence. Yes I was having sex with Brenn and I loved it. I was not ashamed or embarrassed. It actually felt good to finally have someone look at me and know I was having sex with another man. As I stood there in my snug low hung pants and paint splattered tight tee, it felt good. I was gay and attractive and these guys both could see me and knew I sucked cock.

Brenn returned and the conversation turned to dinner. It was decided that we would go out for pizza. I was a mess, paint on my arms and face, in my hair so I asked if I could take a quick shower before we left. Steve smiled. Drying off I looking at my tee and realized I couldn't wear that going out so I pulled on my pants and walked out into the living room without a shirt. I was going to let these two guys see me nearly naked.

"Brenn, do you have a shirt I could wear?'

The conversation stopped as I stood in front of them, snug pants, no shirt. "Damn you look good enough to eat.'

"Thanks Steve, I think I look pretty good.'

Allen followed up, "Pretty good is an understatement, wow.'

My cock responded. Brenn smiled proudly. "Sure let me get you something.'

As he was looking for a shirt the three of us waited in the living room.

"So you work out often huh.' Allen was a good looking guy but coming across as not too bright.

"I work out every day. Want to keep a tempting Brenn with a tight bod, hate to have him toss me aside. He does me well.' I was a little obnoxious in return.

"Well Mick, you have been tempting me since this morning. If you ever get sick of him I will be glad to take his place.'

"Thanks Steve, but I don't think I will get sick of him.'

Brenn returned with a sweater and we left for pizza. I sat in the back seat with Brenn and he kept his hand on my knee the entire ride. It turned me on to have the two guys see me half naked. It turned me on to hear them compliment my body. It turned me on to be in the car with them and Brenn's hand on my thigh. It turned on my precum and a nickel sized wet spot appeared on the front of my pants. I didn't care.

At the pizza joint we sat in a booth, I was next to Brenn, Steve across from me. They ordered a pitcher of beer. The waitress, joking made a comment about only bring three glasses, she knew his son wasn't old enough. We all laughed. I am pretty sure the other guys thought the same thing I was thinking, oh yes he is old enough.

I was a little nervous not sure what the conversation was going to be about. I had never spent any time with gay men and had really never spent any time with men just talking. Was the conversation going to be about sex and hot guys? I almost wished it would be.

They talked about work, a buddy who was recently laid off, not the kind of laid guys enjoy getting, which was really the only comment made that was about sex. Steve was a contractor and did additions for private homes. He worked long hours and it sounded like hard work. He was single and it sounded like he spent most of his time in the building months working.

I started to like Steve, he was rough but he wasn't putting on an act. He always seemed to have this smirk on his face like he knew something was going to happen.

Allen looked younger then Brenn and Steve. He has a great jaw line, nice ears and dark eyes that could almost be a deep blue. I found myself watching his lips; they were cute, sort of perky, thin on top and full on the bottom. He looked solid too but it was hard to tell since he was wearing a thick sweater. What really through me was his hair, it was thick, dark and he was graying. He looked and sounded young except for the salt and pepper hair. It made him look so sexy. He caught me staring once, gave a quick glance at Steve and Brenn then gave me a little kiss and wink.

Fuck that got me going! He didn't mention much about his work other than that he didn't like it at all but it was decent money. His hands were strong but smooth; I couldn't guess what he did for a living.

By the time we finished eating I was really comfortable with both of them and thought they were pretty cool. I was glad to be with Brenn and his friends. I had felt like he was hiding me from them for so long considering I had known Brenn for over six months and had spent so much time at his place working and never once saw anyone come over. Now the mystery was over, they were normal guys.

After pizza we went to a movie and the evening finished with Brenn fucking me. The entire time telling me how horny it made him to watch his buddies fuck me with their eyes. It was one of the hottest sessions we had so far.



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