Walking over to the dresser and looking in the mirror I smiled. My body had a sheen to it from the sweaty fuck. Brenn was great when it came to sex. I loved it. Steve, he was an entire different kind of sex. There was no emotional attachment that resembled love it was all about the sex. He did make sure I was enjoying myself and it was very easy to enjoy myself. Almost too easy. There was some pain involved but he didn't hurt me with the intent of causing pain. The pain was more like a step towards even greater stimulation or intensity.

Looking at my reflection I could still see the orgasm in my body and face. My briefs were on the floor so I pulled them on and walked out of the bedroom back to the party. I was greeted with applause. And I felt my face turn red. Embarrassed because, shit I didn't know why I was embarrassed. Maybe because they all knew I had just been fucked. After years of being terrified that people would know I was gay I was now among a group of men who not only knew I was gay, but also knew I had sex with men and who had witnessed me getting fucked. They didn't see and didn't need to see me getting fucked. They knew.

Feeling stupid I took a little bow.

'So how did you like sport fucking? Surprised you can walk! A slut is born! Another notch on the great Steve's bed post.' The comments were flying so fast I couldn't keep up.

'Glass of water?' I asked. More applause.

I looked at Brenn and he was smiling. I had forgotten all about him once Steve led me into the guest room. How much time had past I had no idea, not once did I think about Brenn the entire time Steve was expanding my universe. Now a flood of relief filled me, Brenn didn't look pissed at all, he actually looked happy.

I sat down and the conversation continued. Apparently after we left the room things did not get boring. Ryan picked up the attention and did a full striptease for the guys, followed by sucking every one of them off and ending with John fucking him while the others watched. I started getting hard as the events were told and felt a little envy. Ryan had a party all of his own.

'So Mick still has some juice left in him. Steve you losing your touch? Mick is getting a hard on!' Who called out my cock's reaction to Ryan's performance I don't know, but I felt busted.

'All right Mick, Ryan has more than shown us his beautiful body in its entirety, why don't you show us what you have in those briefs.' Kevin was still at it.

The guys were in full support of Kevin's challenge. Turned on by the energy in the room I stood up and pulled my briefs off and stepped out of them, my hard on free and in full view. I slowly let the guys check me out, taking my time walking past each one of them. My cock stayed hard with the help of each guy grapping it and having a nice feel of what I had to offer. It felt great.

'So Mick, you offering any more trips to the guest room?'

'No. He is not. In fact he is getting dressed and we are going back to my place so I can take my time fucking him.' Brenn answered for me.

I got dressed, bid my good nights to the guys, which included giving each one a nice full kiss and their hands on my now clothed body.

'How was it?' Brenn asked as we backed out of the driveway.

'The party or Steve?'

'All of it.'

'Amazing. All of it. You aren't upset or anything?'

'Oh Mick, I told you before, I have no problem with you expanding your sex life. And I knew you and Steve were going to fuck tonight. I talked with Steve the same day we talked about it and you finally admitted you wanted to have sex with him. In fact, this entire party was about the two of you fucking.'

'Seriously? The entire party? Why?'

'Steve likes sport fucking. If I had both of you at my place and told you to go fuck, Steve wouldn't have had nearly the fun he wants. He likes the chase, the game. He wants to build the, your, anticipation. Having the party allowed him to chase you, stalk you in a way. Get you so desperate for him that you would do anything.

'During the party Steve made it clear to the guys who stayed that he was going to be fucking you later. They knew and it gave Steve the satisfaction of getting you in bed all the more thrilling. Look, you did a striptease in front of a bunch of guys you had only met a couple hours earlier. Let Kevin, who is not your type at all, feel you up. Flashed us your ass and then announced to the room you wanted Steve to fuck you.

'Afterward you faced all these guys and in the end were naked walking up to these guys letting them fondle you. Then leave with me with everyone clear that I would be enjoying your ass within 30 minutes. None of which was on your to do list when we arrived. Steve likes to take a guy and turn him into his willing wanton sex toy and for others to know it too. And he did.'

I sat and listened and Brenn was right. When we walked in I had the intention of looking hot but the idea that half the guys at the party would see me completely naked and feeling me up was not on my mind. And to get nailed by Steve only feet away, that was beyond my imagination. Yet I did. He played me well.

'You OK with what just happened?'

We walked into the house in silence. Was I ok? I hadn't thought about if I was OK or not. I was still on a high from some amazing sex.

'Mick, you ok? We don't need to do anything. I want to know and make sure you are comfortable with this evening.'

'Wow, Brenn...I am...yes, ok. I had no idea that this party would turn out like it did. But yeah, I am ok. Better than ok, I feel great. Showing off like that, getting nailed by Steve, having the guys touching me. It was great. I feel like I am finally free or something.' I looked Brenn in the eyes and took off my boots and coat.

'Brenn, am I a slut?'

He laughed and gave me a hug.

'No you are not a slut. You are young and learning that's all.'

'Would I be a slut if I had sex with two guys in one night?'

'Yes that would make you a slut.'

I smiled and started taking off my clothes. I was hard again for the 100 time that night and wanted to feel Brenn inside me. We fucked in the kitchen and it was great. I felt so alive and free, like I was finally a whole person.

After a long hot shower we spent time talking about the evening. How I felt about it, and how Brenn felt. We talked about being a slut, what a slut was. I didn't feel dirty or bad about the evening and what I had done. I felt great about it. Why I felt like a whole person was difficult to understand not to mention explain to Brenn. I really think it came down to hiding myself, who I was, for so long kept me from feeling truly good about myself, like I was lying to the world.

Now I was not hiding, I was naked inside and out and there were no secrets. Plus, I was accepted and felt like I belonged. Even if I was much younger than most of the guys I was one of them.

Had I told my parents I was going to be gone all night? I couldn't remember and I didn't really care.

When I woke up I was alone in bed. I got up and wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to the kitchen. Brenn was at the stove wearing a pair of boxers. He looked so sexy.

'Good you are awake. I guess this is when you learn what to do after you spend the night with a guy. You have to face him in the morning light. Breakfast will be ready soon.'

'So what do you do the morning after?'

'Depends, did you remember going home with the guy? Do you want to see him again? Was the sex good?' We chatted while we ate and then went to finish the last of the painting in the basement.

Since I had only my nice clothes I painted nude and it was good. It was no surprise when Steve showed up. He commented on how hot I looked and how lucky Brenn was to have a boy toy like me. Brenn told him I was not his boy toy. Steve chatted about different things not once mentioning the night before or acting like we had done anything. I was confused. He didn't help but watched. Following his lead I didn't act like anything had happened either.

When Brenn went to take a piss Steve walked up to my, grabbed my ass and finally mentioned last night.

'Fucking you was amazing. I told you once I didn't get into fucking guys more than once. But sometimes, I like to keep the really hot guys on call. I put my number in your jeans pocket. Call me later today. I want to fuck you again.'

And he let go of my ass and walked upstairs.



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