It was an extraordinary sight. The construction worker and the fireman hung their heads in submission, their naked bodies covered in sweat and semen, asses impaled on the cocks of the Marine and the Aussie, while their boys sobbed at their feet.

Bob addressed the assembled group of men and boys. "Guys, I want you to take one last look at this, because all of it has to end right here and now. In resolving our personal problems Randy and I set in motion a train of events that escalated and led to this, which none of us can be proud of. We are a tribe, a family of men and their boys. We love and support each other, so there is no room for this kind of anger and discord. That's enough, guys. It ends now!"

Bob had it right. The 'train of events' he referred to had culminated in Pablo and Ben taking what they misguidedly believed to be revenge for Randy's humiliation by Bob. They had attacked and injured Eddie and Nate but had paid the price when Darius overpowered them and led the other boys in an act of group punishment. As the offending boys' masters, Randy and Jason had also been punished in accordance with the established ritual of the house.

There were a lot of fences to mend, a lot of hurt feelings to be pacified. The boys grouped around Darius, now their natural leader, and he typically confronted the tensions with humor. "OK, guys, time to bury the hatchet - and I don't mean between the other guy's shoulder blades. Come on, dudes, are we a band of brothers or what?

It was Eddie who made the first move. His left arm still in a sling he walked up to Pablo, held out his good arm and shook Pablo's hand. "I'm sorry things kinda got out of control, Pablo. I've always admired you and you helped me a lot in the gym. I've tried to be like you ...." he grinned and blushed .... "minus some of the rough stuff." Eddie leaned forward and kissed Pablo warmly on the lips.

Pablo's eyes teared up. "Dude, I'm sorry for what I did. Hell, it's me who should try to be more like you. You're a great kid." He pulled Eddie into a tight hug but Eddie flinched at the pressure on his broken arm and Pablo instantly pulled back. "Shit, there I go again," he grinned.

Ben tentatively approached Nate and gently stroked his neck-brace. "Nate .... I'm real ashamed about that .... I dunno what happened .... I mean, I didn't mean to ..... you're the last guy I would ever ....." Nate put his arms round him. "Hey, no sweat, mate. What's a little neck-brace among mates? Let's just say tempers got overheated and .... well .... boys will be boys. Look at it this way - it means I'll get a few days off work. I'll probably get bored as shit so if you wanna come and keep a young Aussie company......"

Darius turned to Pablo. They both had the uncanny feeling that, once again, the boys' actions mirrored their masters'. Bob had rebelled against Randy's irrational rough treatment and asserted himself as the real power in the relationship. Now Darius had done the same, establishing himself not only as the acknowledged leader of the boys, but also as the dominant partner in his relationship with Pablo.

"You OK, dude?" Darius asked simply. "You can fuck me tonight if you like - get your own back." Pablo grinned at him. "You kidding? You're so fucking hot as the big black boss-boy that I want more of that monster club in my ass."

"What? You were squealing like a stuck pig when I fucked you over the table."

"Yeah, well I had to make it sound like punishment." Darius jerked back in surprise, then flashed his smile. "Asshole - boy, are you gonna get it in that sweet ass tonight! I'll be wearing my leather, and you know what that means."

"Thank you, sir," Pablo said, submissively bowing his head in stiff-cock anticipation.


Pleased to see that breaches were being healed so soon Bob asked everyone to stay for dinner. It was important, he felt, after everything that had happened, that the tribe should gather together for the evening meal. "Nate and Eddie can't work yet," he said, "so Pablo and Ben, go and help the twins in the kitchen - they'll tell you what to do - while Jamie and Darius set up the table. Let's see - we'll be fifteen for dinner, so nothing fancy, guys - just a lot of it."

Eager to please Bob, the designated boys ran off to start work while Bob sat down with the men, with a satisfied - some might say smug - smile on his face. Pressing close against him Randy said quietly, "Pretty pleased with yourself, eh, buddy? Quite the big boss-man. But you know all that changes when I get you upstairs."

"Randy," Bob replied, "I know from long experience how you are when you come home bruised after a fight. I know what I'm in for." Randy gave a satisfied grin. "And you know you love it, stud. Tell me you don't have a huge boner in your pants just thinking about it."

"You know me too well," Bob said, adding with a grin, "Thank you, sir." Then he brought Jason into the conversation and they all agreed that, while Nate and Eddie were on sick leave, Pablo and Ben would take over the houseboy duties. "It'll be good for them," Jason said, "bring them down a peg." "Yeah," Randy said, "but I don't want them working together for a while. I can spare Ben from the construction site in the mornings and Pablo in the afternoons. I'll make the announcement at dinner."

"Hmm," Bob said, "better let me tell them in private, I think. You proclaiming it in front of everyone will add to their humiliation and seem like extra punishment, which I guess it is in a way. But like you always say, Randy, they've done wrong, they've been punished and that's the end of it. They feel ashamed enough already, so let's not make it worse."

Randy grinned and shook his head. "You're something else, stud, you know that? Now I know why you're the big-shot boss around here - at least until I get you upstairs." And now they both had hard-ons.


When the meal was over the boys all helped clear the table and clean up the kitchen, even Nate and Eddie - as much as they were able - as they wanted to prove they were part of the group with no hard feelings. Bob chatted to Adam and Jason while they waited for their boys. "I wanna thank you guys for taking part in that scene earlier. I'm well aware that Pablo was the instigator of the attack and that Ben, young and inexperienced as he is, was drawn in by Pablo's influence. But, you know how this house works - a master shares the blame with his boy."

"Hey," said Jason, "don't sweat it, Bob. Led astray or not Ben had to be punished and I had to be part of it. Besides," he added, his well-known vanity kicking in, "it must have looked real hot, and it was no real hardship to get fucked by the Aussie here. Just as long as I get my own back one day soon." Adam grinned, "Just name the day, mate. Long time since I got worked over by a fireman. You can even wear my leather - now that would look awesome."

"I hate to break up this little coffee klatch," came the gravelly voice above them, "but Bob, time you got your ass upstairs." Randy's meaning was lost on no-one - 'his master's voice' - and Bob grinned at Adam and Jason. They understood the new dynamic between Bob and Randy and knew that Randy, after being whipped and fucked in public, would re-establish his macho authority with one of his legendry fucks. They just wished that they could watch.

The boys came out of the kitchen and everyone paired off. Eddie went home with Hassan, Ben with Jason, and Nate with Adam. Before he went off with Zack to get his promised reward Darius said to the twins, "Hey, guys, can you keep Pablo company for a while until I come back and take care of him? I got something special in mind for him."


In Bob and Randy's master bedroom a ritual unfolded that had taken place many times before. Randy sprawled in an armchair sipping on a beer. After getting his ass fucked earlier he had pulled up his cargo work-pants, ripped off the shredded remains of his tank and pulled on a thin, gray, V-neck T-shirt. Now he looked up at Bob as if he were inspecting him.

Bob had not yet changed out of his business clothes and had re-buttoned his shirt that had hung open over his chest, his red tie hanging loose round his collar. He looked as if he had just got home from the office. Randy didn't say a word - he didn't have to. Bob knew what he had to do. He looked into the mirror on the wall behind Randy and ran his hand through his tousled dark hair. "Mmm," he murmured, admiring his reflection. Slowly he unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall open over his chest.

He looked down and locked eyes with Randy, who was stroking the bulge in his pants. He slid his tie from round his collar and tossed it aside, then undid the last few buttons and pulled his shirt from the waistband of his slacks, letting it hang loose. Reaching behind his back he pulled on the bottom of the shirt so it slid back from his neck and hung wide open, almost off his shoulders. He had fully exposed his torso and now Randy gazed mesmerized at the slabs of Bob's sculpted chest and his ripped eight-pack abs.

"Oh, shit," Randy groaned in frustration and desire. "Man you are so fucking gorgeous .... you're too beautiful ..... you drive me crazy ..... that's why I always want to tie you up and whip that perfect body and ream your ass." Bob didn't react except to shrug off his shirt and stand stripped to the waist, gazing at himself in the mirror again. He flexed his muscles, flared his wide lats in a bodybuilder pose, then raised his hands to his chest and squeezed his nipples, moaning as his handsome features winced with pain.

"God dammit," Randy roared as he yanked open his pants, pulled out his massive cock and stroked it. Whenever Bob put on this show Randy became nervous, tormented, hardly able to believe that Bob was doing it all for him, that Bob was actually his man. And Bob knew how to work it. He kicked off his loafers, turned his back on Randy, bent over and pulled off his socks, the mounds of his ass bulging under the light fabric of his slacks, right in front of Randy's face.

Randy's every instinct was the leap up, rip the pants off Bob, throw him on the bed and slam his cock in his ass. But this feeling of growing desire and frustration was so erotic, like being physically tied, that he let it play out a bit longer. Bob unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and stepped out of them as they fell round his ankles. Now the perfect globes of his ass were clearly etched under the thin cotton of his white boxer briefs, and Randy was drooling. Bob turned around and his briefs were bulging with the outline of his long cock stretching diagonally up from his balls up to the waistband, the tip poking out above it.

Bob again locked eyes with Randy, slid his hands under the waist of his briefs and slowly pushed them down, off his hips and past his crotch so his dick sprang out of it, stiff as a pole. Gazing in awe at the spectacular, naked muscle-god Randy stopped pounding his cock and willed himself not to shoot a load. Bob turned away again, pressed his fists into his waist and flared his V-shaped back in another pose, and when he flexed the white cheeks of his ass Randy couldn't hold back any more.

"Fuck you!" He flung himself from the chair, raised his arm and slapped the ass-cheeks, alternating the back of his hand and the palm until red handprints glowed on the white flesh. "Fuck you, man .... fuck you for being so goddam gorgeous. You drive me insane." He clamped his hand round the back of Bob's neck, pushed him roughly toward the mirror, and pressed him face first against it. "Fuck you, man," he yelled again, "there's only one thing I know how to do when I see you like that. This ......!

"Aaaagh...." Bob howled as Randy's hips slammed forward and his huge beer-can cock filled his ass, driving in deep. Bob looked at his own agonized face in the mirror as the pain in his ass roared through his whole body. Randy ripped off his T-shirt, Bob stared at the magnificent whip-striped physique and .... "Aaaagh!" he screamed as the pile driver rammed into him again. But the sight of the shirtless gypsy and the feeling of his cock in his ass transformed the pain into warmth, then heat .... he was on fire as the construction worker pounded his ass.

Pushing his face over Bob's shoulder, Randy pressed his check against Bob's, their faces side-by-side in the mirror staring into each other's eyes. Bob gazed in awe at the wild-eyed gypsy face with the square, stubbled chin, the long black hair and the steel-blue eyes. And this was the same man who was hammering his ass, sending him into flights of ecstasy.

"Man, you are so fucking beautiful," Randy growled in Bob's ear, "I have to do this. I want to fuck you, whip you and watch that body writhe in bondage. You drive me crazy, man ..... I wanna own you, keep you naked in a cage - my prisoner, my sex slave - drag you out whenever I want and work you over. Feel that, buddy? Feel that cock in your ass? Your perfect body is impaled on my rod. I gotta fuck you, man ..... it's the only thing ....."

Bob stared at the wild-man in the mirror and pressed his lips against the glass, licking the image of the dark gypsy face. Randy did the same, consumed by the erotic image of two men making love to their own reflections. Then their lips brushed against each other, their faces turned toward each other and their mouths clamped together in a searing kiss - licking, biting, probing, ravenously trying to eat each other. And still the merciless piston driving into Bob's ass.

Bob's cock was pressed between his stomach and the mirror, riding up and down the glass as Randy fucked him. "Come on, stud," the deep voice growled, "you know you have to. I'm your master - I can make you do anything. It's an order - show me you love me, man .... now!" He rammed his pole into the fiery depths of Bob's ass and .... "aaagh" .... a hot plume of juice spurted up between Bob's body and the glass, then another, then again.

"Aaagh," Bob screamed again. "Thank you, sir ...... I love you ....."

But the jackhammer didn't let up. Still the relentless pounding in Bob's ass. "Get down, fucker," Randy barked, and they both sank to their knees. Bob leaned forward and braced himself against the cum-slick mirror while Randy grabbed his hips and pulled him back onto his cock in an ever-faster rhythm. Having just shot his wad the pain in Bob's ass returned and he groaned, "No....."

"You want me to stop, boy, is that it? You want me to stop fucking that ass?" Bob looked up at the reflection of the construction worker. "No, sir, please .... keep fucking me, sir .... please.... Aaagh!" Randy slammed his cock deeper and Bob fell forward against the mirror, his face pressing into the cum streaming down the glass.

"Lick it," came the order and Bob obeyed, hungrily sucking in the musky cream. It was an incredible sight - the handsome muscle-god who had so recently reigned as the alpha leader of the tribe now on hands and knees, licking his own cum from the mirror while the wild, savage gypsy pounded his ass with his massive cock. They were both pouring sweat as the endless, ferocious fuck continued.

"Look at yourself now," Randy sneered. Bob pulled back and gazed at his own handsome macho face, tears flowing from his eyes, mouth oozing semen, the square, stubbled jaw smothered with cum. "Don't look like the big boss-man to me - big muscle-stud on his knees getting his ass pounded by the real boss - begging for it. Now who's the master? Tell me!"

"You are, sir. I submit to you - I'll do anything you say, sir ....."

"Damn right you will." Suddenly Randy pulled his cock out but still kept a tight hold on Bob's waist. He stood up pulling Bob with him, his body doubled over, hanging limply from Randy's iron grip. Randy carried him across the room and flung him bodily onto the bed face down. He smiled with ruthless satisfaction seeing the muscular body bounce as it fell on the bed.

Randy knelt behind him, leaned forward and pressed his hand on Bob's lower back, pinning him to the bed. Bob was trapped and once again the white globes of his ass were at the mercy of Randy. Randy raised himself up, arching himself over Bob. Only his feet touched the bed, his hands firmly planted on Bob's back, his iron cock pointing down at his ass. "You thought it was over, eh, stud? But this is the boss, the master fuck who's never satisfied. And this is what that feels like...."

"Aaaagh....." Once again Bob's screams echoed round the room as Randy's hips fell forward and his lance speared Bob's ass in one agonizing plunge and the savage fuck resumed. Randy smiled grimly as he watched Bob instinctively reach upward, clawing at the sheets in a futile effort to drag himself off the relentless cock. But Randy had him helplessly pinned, his ass impaled on his pile-driving cock. Bob looked back over his shoulder at the rugged bodybuilder rising and falling above him .... and again the pain dissolved. At this moment there was nowhere else on earth he wanted to be than at the mercy of this incredible man.

But slowly Bob felt the pace of the cock slowing in his ass and he heard Randy's voice. "I wanna look at your face, buddy." He pulled his cock out, knelt down and flipped Bob over onto his back. With Bob's legs were hooked over Randy's shoulders, Randy fell forward and pinned his wrists to the bed above his head. The mood had changed. Randy smiled down at Bob's wide-open brown eyes and asked, "What do you want, buddy."

"I want you to make love to me."

Randy pressed the head of his cock between the mounds of Bob's ass and pushed gently forward, his cock sliding almost imperceptibly into the raw membrane of Bob's ass. Bob closed his eyes and sighed with pleasure. "I love you, Randy," he whispered as Randy slowly, tenderly eased his cock in and out of his lover's ass. This was the wild man who, minutes ago, was pounding his ass like a stallion in heat - and now he was making exquisite love to him. Randy smiled at Bob and asked again, "What do you want now, man?"

"I want you to stop still and look at me." Randy stopped moving, his cock buried deep in Bob's ass. They gazed at each other and the inevitable happened. The saw themselves reflected in each other's eyes, drawing them into the private world where they were alone together, in love, inseparable. "Randy," Bob said, his voice coming from that magical place. "You said you could cum just looking at me, and I know I can do that to you. Just like you, I can do anything to you. So here's where I take over. I'm in control now. Now it's my turn to say, 'show me how much you love me'."

Randy was drowning in Bob's eyes - it's all he saw, all he knew. This was his life, he belonged to Bob, he would give him anything he wanted - including this. He smiled as he felt his cock stir in Bob's ass, felt the juice rising from his balls, flowing along his cock and out into the welcoming warmth of his lover's ass. Bob smiled, "Thank you, Randy," and his own cock pulsed, pouring semen over his washboard abs.

Randy fell on top of Bob, pressed his cheek against his and Bob started to sob quietly. Randy wrapped his arms round him and said gently, "It's OK, buddy, I've got you .... you're with me ... you're safe. And the only thing in the world you need to know .... is that I love you."


While Randy was restoring the balance in his relationship with Bob, his kid brother was having a harder time. As Ben sat next to Jason driving to Jason's house down by the arroyo, he felt diminished and ashamed, far from the cocky young buck who thought that he and Pablo ruled the world. He was still confused about how his loyalty to Randy had taken such a wrong turn and, while he knew his own punishment by the boys was well deserved, he cringed at the thought of Jason getting punished instead of him. Seared in his brain was the image of the naked fireman stretched in bondage, his body writhing as he was whipped and fucked.

They drove in silence until they walked into Jason's garden and Jason said gently, "Hey, full moon tonight, kid ..... how about we sit by the stream for a while over a couple of beers? Come with me while I get out of this uniform. They went into his room and Jason pulled off the T-shirt Bob had given him after his own got ripped, then lowered his heavy work pants that he had worn ever since his shift had ended in the late afternoon.

Ben watched, dazzled as always by the sight of Jason getting naked, revealing the flawless muscles of his perfect physique, still marked by the stripes of the whip. He pulled black briefs on over his semi-erect cock and his tight, rounded ass, and couldn't resist glancing at himself in the mirror. Yeah, if anything the marks of the lash made his body look even hotter. He put on old cargo shorts and sneakers and finally pulled on a dark-blue ribbed tank top that hugged the contours of his chest and abs.

Ben's cock was roaring hard in his shorts and one thing became crystal clear to him .... no way did he deserve this man. Jason was a god - he could have any boy or man he wanted, but he had chosen Ben .... and now Ben had let him down so thoroughly. "Sir," he blurted out, "if you don't still want me as your boy I understand, after what I did and all. I'll leave right away - don't worry, I can walk back up to the house."

Hey, hey, hey," Jason frowned. "Don't you want to stay as my boy?" Ben's eyes teared up. "Yes I do, sir, more than anything, but I don't deserve ....."

"And did you hear me say I wanted you to go?" "No, sir," Ben said meekly. Jason smiled. "Then let's forget all this bullshit, grab a beer and go outside."

They sat opposite each other at the old wooden table by the stream and Jason gazed at Ben. "Shit, my young gypsy boy looks beautiful in the moonlight." Ben blushed and replied, "You look like a god, sir, so gorgeous I could cream my shorts just looking at you."

Jason saw an opening. "Yeah, well I'm proud of the way I look, Ben. I get off looking at myself in the mirror, and when other guys look at me and stroke their cocks, like the boys did when they came all over my picture in the calendar. But here's the thing, I never let my pride get in the way and hurt others. Quite the reverse, I use it to give them pleasure. Can you see where I'm going with this, kiddo?"

"I think so, sir. I let my pride get in the way?"

"You're proud of your skill as a fighter, Ben, and that's OK. But you used those skills to attack two innocent boys and injure them badly. That debases your skill - cancels it out - when you use it against good guys like Nate and Eddie. Your loyalty to your big brother does you credit, but .... look, I'll level with you - you were under Pablo's influence and he led you astray. Randy will handle Pablo, but in the meantime you got punished and I think you've learned your lesson."

"Yes but why did they punish you too, sir? It wasn't fair - and it hurt me so bad. Watching it was the worst feeling of my life." Jason laughed. "You just answered your own question, Ben. Randy devised that rule a long time ago and he was dead right. Nothing punishes a boy like having to watch his master get whipped and fucked for something the boy did. But it's over and we gotta plan for the future". Ben brightened up. "I'll do anything you say, sir. Anything."

"Good. Now, for a while you'll be living here full time with me. You'll spend all the time with me when you're not at work, and you'll only go up to the house when I go, like for meals, for example, get it?"

"Sounds good to me, sir," Ben grinned, regaining some of the mischief that had been stifled by events. Jason tried hard not to smile. "And during that time, and in the future, you'll try to model yourself on me - not Pablo or Randy. You're my boy now, and from now on you'll do as I say and do as I do. I don't want you to lose that tough little gypsy boy image - it's real sexy - but we just have to knock off some of the rough edges. And to help with that Bob will schedule some therapy sessions for you and Pablo with your brother, Doctor Steve."

Ben gazed at the handsome fireman and a warm felling spread over him. "Sir, when I first realized I loved you I thought it was all because you're so totally gorgeous. But now it's much more than that. I love you because ..... well .... because I love being near you, watching you, listening to you talk. I'm not good at explaining things, sir, but .... I just love you. No matter if we have sex or not, I love being with you, sir."

Jason reared back in mock disappointment. "You mean you don't care about having sex with me anymore?" Ben's eyes opened wide with confusion. "No sir - I mean yes, sir - I mean no, I didn't mean that. I do want to have sex with you ..... please .... I love it when you make love to me, sir .... I love seeing your naked body over me in bed, feeling your cock sliding in my ass. Please, sir, my ass is yours - you can take my ass as often as you want. Please, sir....."

"OK, kiddo," Jason grinned, "I'll take that as a yes. But words are easy - you gotta back them up with actions. So get that ass of yours in my bed, boy." Ben scrambled to his feet and ran toward the house. Jason smiled and shook his head, watching the young gypsy boy scamper across the grass like an eager young rabbit. 'Yeah,' Jason thought. 'He'll do ..... he'll do very well.' Jason was definitely in love.


When he got to the bedroom Jason grinned in surprise. Ben was all ready for him, butt naked on the bed, on his back, propped up on his elbows. "Good boy," Jason smiled, and for the second time Ben was treated to the sight of the muscle-god fireman undressing. He kicked off his sneakers, unbuttoned his cargo shorts and let them drop. Slowly he pushed down his black briefs and his long, hard dick sprang out.

Jason stepped out of his briefs and shorts and looked at himself in the mirror behind the bed, unable to resist the habit of admiring his own reflection. Ben gazed in awe at the blond fireman, naked except for his dark blue, ribbed tank top. Stretched over his torso the tank revealed the perfect shape of his rounded pecs and the ridges of his eight-pack abs, and the dark blue contrasted with the golden tan of his powerful shoulders and arms. Under his arms the fabric was damp from the sweat trickling from his armpits.

His face, with its strong cheek-bones, square jaw, and piercing blue eyes, broke into a dazzling smile as he ran the palm of his hand over the tight tank, over his pecs and abs, inhaling sharply as his fingers touched the shape of his nipples. He smiled down at Ben and said in his deep voice, "You like that, kiddo? You like knowing that man is your master? You like being his boy?" The image was spectacular and almost rendered Ben speechless, but he managed to croak, "Yes please, sir."

"OK, then." Jason knelt between his legs and pushed Ben gently on his back. He leaned over him, bracing himself on one arm, his palm flat on the bed beside Ben's head. He lowered his hips until their cocks were brushing against each other. With his free hand he grabbed both cocks in his fist and began stroking them together.

Mesmerized Ben reached up and ran both hands over the ribbed tank, feeling Jason's chest muscles ripple underneath, then up over the broad shoulders and down the sloping lats. The room faded away and all he could see was this glowing god-like figure smiling down at him. He floated away in a cloud of euphoria, felt his cock rubbing against Jason's, felt the semen surge through it and ..... aah....aaah.... aaagh!" Ben shuddered, his cock exploded and shot ribbons of cum up high, splashing against Jason's tank.

Ben's eyes opened wide and he said breathlessly, "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean to cum but I couldn't stop .... you look so hot, sir ..... I'm sorry....."

Jason laughed. "Don't beat yourself up, Ben. You don't have to apologize for cumming looking at me. Does me good. Besides, I did that to you on purpose. Now when I shove my cock in your ass it'll hurt a bit and you won't shoot right away. It'll give me time make love to your ass the way I like. Shit, look what you did to my shirt .... gotta take if off now." He pulled it over his head and Ben almost shot another load seeing Jason naked now, a sheen of sweat gleaming over the muscles of his spectacular torso.

Jason crumpled the shirt and pressed it against Ben's face. The boy gasped, inhaling the taste and smell of his own cum mixed with Jason's sweat. Jason pulled it away and laid it on the bed. "Better keep that, kid. Keep it for during the day when I'm not around. Right, now I'm gonna fuck my boy's ass. You ready, kid?"

"Yes please, sir," Ben said, trying to stay polite when what he really wanted was to scream, "Fuck me, sir .... Hard!" But he didn't have to scream ... Jason knew exactly what his boy wanted - the only thing that would erase the memory of his harrowing day. He pressed the palm of his hand on the cum-covered tank beside Ben and used the wet hand to lubricate his own cock. Then he put his hands behind Ben's knees, pushed them back and eased his cock between the white cheeks of Ben's ass.

"Aaah....." Each of them breathed a long sigh of pleasure. Jason rested his cock deep in Ben's ass and said gently, "So, you're my boy, kiddo, and you'll be a good boy for me?" Ben gazed up into the steady blue eyes. "Yes, sir." "No more fighting, no more anger?" "No, sir." "Any problems, you come to me?" "Yes, sir. Thank you sir. I'll be good for you, sir. I promise."

Jason smiled. "Good answers, kid. And now I'm gonna fuck your ass for a long, long time."

And so they were joined in the way they had both longed for, in a way that was to be repeated several times during the night whenever the young gypsy boy stirred in the strong arms of the naked fireman - his master.


Scenes of reconciliation were enacted all over the house that night. Mario's Italian sensibilities had been rattled by his first exposure to the sometimes savage acts of retribution the house went in for, so Mark invited him to spend the night with him and Jamie, and they easily dispelled any vestiges of concern by showing him all the permutations of love between three men.

But two of the other boys were being treated very cautiously by their masters. Because of their injuries, the wounded warriors, Nate and Eddie, were unable to service their masters as they usually did. "Well, mate," Adam grinned, stroking Nate's neck brace. "Looks like you're not gonna be up for any blow-jobs for a while, and I better not fuck you tonight .... me pounding your ass would fuck up your neck real good. So, kid, you're just gonna have to make do with sleeping in my arms all night long." Nate gave a cheeky grin. "Sounds good to me, sir. I think I can handle that."

Meanwhile, up at Hassan's house the Marine was touching Eddie even more tenderly, almost as if he might break. He undressed him carefully, avoiding the broken arm, then picked him up, laid him gently on the bed and eased his arm from the sling. "You'll be OK in bed if you don't move your arm too much." Eddie lay still looking up at the exotic, muscular soldier as he shucked off his sleeveless shirt, unlaced and kicked off his combat boots, and dropped his fatigue pants. As always Eddie's gasped and his eyes gleamed as he saw the soldier naked, his ripped, athletic physique, his olive-skinned, Arab/Asian features and slanted dark eyes.

Hassan gazed down at him and shook his head. "Holy shit, boy, you look good enough to eat. But I'm gonna have to curb my appetite. No sex tonight, with your arm the way it is."

"Yes, sir," Eddie agreed reluctantly, and then his urchin grin broke though. "But I still have one good arm, sir. Do you think it would be OK if I jerked off looking at you, sir ..... if you don't mind, that is?" Hassan smiled down at him. "I don't mind, kid .... if you don't." He grabbed his own stiff cock and began stroking it. Eagerly picking up on his cue Eddie did the same. Soon the Marine and his boy were pounding their rods gazing at each other.

"You're a great kid, Eddie ..... and you look so damn hot. But you'd look even hotter with your naked body covered in jism. Maybe I can't fuck you tonight, but I sure as hell can blast a big load over you. You want that? You wanna feel a soldier's hot jism pouring down on you? You wanna feel it on your face, in your mouth? You wanna taste it, swallow it .... swallow you master's cum?"

"Yes, sir," Eddie shouted. "Yes, sir, please, sir, cum over me sir. See how much I want it, sir? See? .... Eddie stopped pumping his cock, held it still, pointing upward, and suddenly it spurted like a fountain high in the air, again and again, his juice splashing back down on his body."

"Man, that is fucking gorgeous," Hassan yelled. "Here it comes boy .... gulp it down - every drop .... aaagh!" The Marine's magnificent body jolted, his head jerked back, black hair flying as his cock exploded. It was like a hose turned on full, pouring hot liquid onto Eddie's chest, in his face, into his open mouth, forcing the boy to swallow hard, determined not to spill a drop. Eddie's own cock spurted again until he felt his was drowning in cum.

When he finally opened his eyes he saw through a film of cum Hassan bending over him with a towel. "No, sir," he pleaded. "Could we sleep just like this, without - you know - cleaning up." "Whatever you say, kiddo," smiled Hassan, lying down beside him and scooping him ever-so-carefully into his arms. And that's how they slept all night.

But the next day was a different story. When Hassan went to work he told Eddie to rest up and take it easy. But Eddie looked round the messy room and had other ideas. Hassan came home later in the afternoon and as walked along the path down the hill he heard a sound coming from the house - the vacuum cleaner. He flung open the door and stopped short. There was Eddie in just his cargo shorts and sneakers, his left arm in a sling while his right arm worked back and forth as he ran the vacuum over the floor. "No!"

Eddie looked up startled to see the uniformed Marine outlined in the doorway. "Switch that damned thing off. I told you to rest up." Eddie flipped the switch and stammered, "I'm sorry, sir .... I tried to rest but the house was such a mess and I wanted to do something for you because.....well ..... you know I love you, sir, I've told you before .... and I just wanted ......"

His voice trailed off, his expression a mix of remorse and nervous defiance. Hassan softened, walked up to Eddie and hugged him gently. "Thanks Eddie, the place looks great - I just didn't want you to hurt that arm." Then he pulled back and stared at him with mock severity. "But you know what this means, boy. If you're recovered enough to clean house you're well enough to take my cock in your ass."

Eddie's face lit up. "Yes, sir ..... absolutely, sir." Carefully he lay on his back on the bed, slid his arm out of the sling and spread his arms out flat on the bed. Hassan pulled off his uniform shirt and towered over him in his fatigue pants and combat boots, his khaki tank top stretched over his chest. Eddie was dazzled by the erotic sight of the muscle-god soldier and when Hassan asked, "Are you sure you want this, kid?" he replied instantly. "Yes please, sir. I want it real bad."

Hassan knelt on the bed, pulled Eddie's shorts round his ankles, grabbed his shorts and sneakers with one hand and pushed his legs high in the air. He looked down at the boy's exposed ass and moaned, "Yeah .... I've been thinking about those buns all day." With his free hand the soldier ripped open his fatigue pants, pulled out his stiff rod and pushed it slowly, carefully into his boy's ass. "Don't move that arm, boy. Just leave everything to me."

Eddie was thrilled to do just that as he gazed up at the rugged soldier in his battle fatigues, his huge cock moving gently inside him. Gone was the pain and fear of the recent fight. That was yesterday. Today he was home - safe - the Marine's boy.


Meanwhile the previous night, while all the men and boys were reconciling in their various ways, for Zack and Darius it was more of a celebration than a reconciliation. Zack had been mightily impressed by his boy for taking charge of the situation and saving the day by overpowering Pablo and Ben. "I'm real proud of you, kid," he had said. "You're becoming quite the leader .... seems like I owe you a reward." And so, after dinner, having asked the twins to keep Pablo company for a while, Darius walked across the street to Zack's house to claim his reward.

When he went into the house he was surprised that Zack wasn't there, even in the bedroom. But something else was. There was a note on the bed. "From now on these are yours - put them on." Darius's jaw dropped - it was the best reward he could have been given. He put on the clothes by the note and stared at himself in the mirror. "Jeez, dude, you look hot!"

A handsome black muscle-boy stared back at him, dressed heat to foot in leather - black leather pants with a studded belt round the waist, and heavy boots. Crossed over his bare sculpted chest was a studded harness, and hanging open over that was a leather vest. He wore a peaked black cap and mirror glasses. "Awesome, dude," he said. Fucking awesome!"

But where was Zack? Darius wanted to show himself off to him and guessed he must be in the garden. He was right - but once again he was in for a shock. Across the garden, his back to Darius, was a tall, muscular black man with a shaved head standing between two trees - spread-eagled, legs wide apart, arms stretched out and tied to the trees with leather wrist restraints. He was buck naked and Darius was riveted by the round globes of his ass, a paler brown than his ebony body.

Darius regained his breath and walked round to face the man. Zack's cool gray eyes stared at him and Darius took off his cap and glasses, saying simply, "Thank you, sir." The leather-boy went back and stood behind him. He shrugged off the vest, unzipped the leather pants and pulled out his ten-inch cock that was roaring hard ever since he saw himself in the mirror, and especially now he saw his muscle-god master in bondage, waiting for his boy to fuck his ass.

Darius looked over Zack's shoulder and realized that he had leaned a mirror against a shed facing him. Darius stared at the reflection of the naked black bodybuilder, the slabs of his pecs and ridges of his abs, his shoulders bulging as his arms stretched sideways, his wide lats tapering down to his tight waist. His long black cock hung from his mass of wiry pubic hair and swung between his splayed legs.

Reflexively Darius moved forward and felt his cock brush against Zack's ass. He looked down and there they were - the perfect coffee- colored mounds rising up from below the slim waist. Without even touching his cock Darius pressed the head of his shaft between the cheeks.

He grabbed Zack's hips, pulled them toward him and watched the bound muscle-stud in the mirror react as the long pole slid slowly - inch after inch after inch - deeper and deeper into his master's ass. He saw the rugged, square-jawed face flinch as the black bodybuilder was slowly impaled on his boy's long pole. Darius felt his cock touch the back of Zack's ass but he pushed harder and it passed over the inner sphincter and came to rest in the fiery chamber deep, deep inside.

"Shit, boy," Zack moaned, "that feels fucking incredible. Come on, show me what a macho leather-stud you are. Fuck your master, boy." Darius didn't need telling twice. He pressed his chest against Zack's back, wrapped his arm round him and stroked his rock-hard pecs, then squeezed his nipples. He pulled his cock all the way back, then drove it in deep and in seconds it became a jackhammer, endlessly pounding the ass of the black master.

Darius felt Zack's muscular body writhe against his, saw him in the mirror flexing hard as he pulled against the ropes binding his wrists. It was such a massive turn-on that finally Darius couldn't hold back. Zack felt the cock pulsing in his ass and shouted, "OK, boy, this is it. You're fucking your master's ass .... make him bust his load ..... aaagh!" Darius saw a stream of cum blast from Zack's cock and slam against the mirror, as his ass contracted round his cock and Darius screamed, "Thank you, sir," and his cock erupted deep in his master's ass.


Zack pulled his arms from the buckled restraints (he had pushed his hands in loosely and could always have pulled free) and they stood facing each other. Darius beamed, "That was the most awesome reward a boy could ever have, sir." "Yeah, well you deserved it, kid, now you're the big stud leader of that pack of boys." Darius went to unbuckle his harness, but Zack stopped him. "No, kid, the outfit's yours to keep - a master's gift to his boy. Better still, keep it on, go across the street and do your thing with Pablo. He'll freak out when he sees you."

That turned out to be an understatement. The twins were still with Pablo and they had all got real comfortable - that's to say naked on the bed, groping and kissing, the twins proving to Pablo that there were no hard feelings after he had knocked them down in the fight. Suddenly the door burst open and a voice growled, "What the fuck's going on here?" Pablo broke free of the twins, propped himself on this elbows and gasped.

Darius looked spectacular, looming over them in full leather, legs astride, arms folded over his chest. Pablo was mesmerized by the sight of the beautiful black leather-boy and jumped off the bed to face him. "Kneel," Darius growled, and Pablo obeyed. "Now, let me hear you say it again. Who is the leader of the boys?" Pablo replied meekly, "You are, sir."

"Right, and what do you want now?" "I want you to fuck my ass, sir." Darius's severe expression changed into a broad grin. "Good answer, dude." He put his hands under Pablo's armpits and pulled him to his feet. "So get back on that bed, kiddo." He threw him down and the twins scrambled off the bed, prepared to leave. "No, guys," Darius said, "stay here. I want witnesses to this. You'll enjoy it, and when I've finished with him you can join in. We'll make a night of it." He pulled out his cock and knelt on the bed.

And so the twins witnessed the passing of the torch of leadership from one boy to the other.


Across the street Zack welcomed the chance to spend time on his own. He pulled on his ragged gray boxers and lay back on the bed, his hands linked behind his head. There had been so many striking images that chaotic day - the vengeful boys, the tortured men, culminating in the exhilarating sight of his boy becoming a man, an alpha stud in full leather. But as Zack lay there staring up at the ceiling there was one image above all that obsessed him. In his mind he saw again the spectacular new, macho Bob, taking charge, exerting his authority over the group, his shirt and tie hanging open over his chest, his stubbled jaw set, fists clenched.

Then the image morphed into another, from a long time ago. Bob was naked, tied spread-eagled to the remains of a doorframe on the beach in the dunes, being worked over by Zack who was agitated and provoked by Bob's beauty. Bob had been submissive then, accustomed to submitting to Randy - but recently Bob had rebelled and been transformed into a leader - a macho, alpha stud who aroused a whole different kind of lust in Zack.

As Zack lay there in his quiet room he again thought to himself, 'He's so fucking hot. Man, if I got him back up to the dunes things would be different. He'd be the boss. Me, the big leather-master, I'd do whatever he wanted.' But suddenly he blinked and shook his head, coming down to earth with a jolt. 'Forget it, Zack - ain't never gonna happen, it's just a fantasy.' He sighed deeply - 'never gonna happen.'


There's a saying that if you wish hard enough for something fate steps in and makes it happen. Zack wasn't exactly wishing on a star - not his style - but he sure did fantasize long and hard about Bob. And after all, what's the difference between a dream and a fantasy?

Anyway, he could make a part of the dream come true. He'd been thinking for a while that he needed a bit of time to himself - blow the cobwebs away, as he thought - and whenever he felt antsy like that the remote dunes were the perfect place. After all, that's why he had bought the old shack in the first place - a place where he could get away from the world - flex his muscles, physically and mentally. So yeah, after all the turmoil in the house, now was as good a time as any to take a break. He'd take a couple days off and go there - and maybe fantasize some more about Bob while he lay on the beach, looking at the old doorframe and jerking off.

So he saw the big hand of fate stirring the pot when a few days later Bob mentioned casually, "I gotta go up to my firm's branch office in San Louis Obispo in a day or two, deal with some problems up there, light a fire under those guys. As it's so close to the dunes Mark asked me if I'd look in on his shack up there - officially Jamie's shack now - make sure it's still standing and everything's OK. I could do the same for you, Zack, if you like, as yours is just down the beach."

Zack's heart skipped a beat and he wondered if his fantasy had kicked in again and made him imagine the words. But no, there was Bob smiling at him waiting for his answer. "Well that's weird," Zack said, "'cause I had just decided to go up there myself, spend a few days in my shack to unwind - you know, take a few big gulps of good sea air."

Bob laughed. "Great minds think alike, eh, buddy? Well, I'll still go check on Mark's place and maybe drop in on you for a drink before I head back. But I don't want to disturb you're solitude - you probably want to be alone."

"No, no," Zack said a little too quickly. "That would be great .... hell, you could even stay the night if you don't wanna rush back."

"That's a thought," said Bob. "It all depends on how long it takes me to sort things out at the branch office. I'll call you from there and we can play it by ear, OK?" Zack felt the hard-on bulging in his jeans as he replied, "Sure thing, man - play it by ear."

In bed that night Bob mentioned the conversation to Randy. "Would you mind?" he asked. Randy smiled at him. "Nah ..... Zack's a good guy .... you'll be in safe hands ..... go have some fun." He paused. "Just so long as you don't run away with him ..... kidding!"

"You better be kidding, asshole," Bob said squeezing closer to him. He knew Randy had finally got beyond his insecurities - but it was a bit like a fear of flying. You know it's completely irrational but deep down there's still that stab of anxiety every time you get on a plane - especially when the plane hits turbulence.


It turned out that Bob's visit to the San Luis Obispo office was more tedious and long-winded than he had anticipated. But all the staff liked the handsome, charismatic, young senior vice-president and he eventually won them over and restored peace. "Whew," he breathed as he loosened his tie, driving his Mercedes the short distance down Highway One toward Guadalupe Dunes. "I'm beat. Maybe I will ask Zack if I can stay the night." He felt a stirring in his cock at the thought, but he refocused, took a deep breath and his boner subsided.

It wasn't long before he was bumping over the sandy track through the dunes. He had decided to go straight to Zack's and wait 'til next morning to visit Mark's shack. Right now he needed a stiff drink with a good buddy. And suddenly there he was in the distance, outside his shack, naked except for ragged shorts. As Bob drove closer the image became more distinct - the tall black man with the shaved head, handsome face - and a body that wouldn't quit.

A tremor ran through Bob, and his boner was back - harder than ever.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 199


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