Jason had originally come to the house to put out a fire. But he had ended up starting a fire of his own that was, in its way, still smoldering among these men, fueled by admiration, lust and the sheer excitement of having the stunningly beautiful fireman in their midst.

Randy, of course, had initiated Jason into the group in his own inimitable way, and the fireman had surrendered, like so many before him, to the sexual magnetism of the 'king of the gypsies.' Adam had later summed it up best. "A guy as vain as Jason knew how incredibly hot he looked struggling and suffering in bondage..... and he worked it like crazy. Hell, it was like something out of a porn video ..... the muscular, naked firefighter, tied up and fucked by the stud construction boss."

Randy was impressed by Jason and had invited him to spend the night with him, Bob and their boys, Pablo and the twins ..... the 'family' as Randy called it. His brother Steve, an astute professional therapist, had later explained it to Hassan and Adam. "No mystery there ..... I know my big brother so well. 'Course, we all saw him do his number on Jason, proving he was the best, with his superior strength and sexuality. We've seen that before, but what's different this time is that Randy wants to prove even more to Jason.

"He wants to show him that he's more than just brute force and a great fuck. That's why he used the word 'family', and he wants to prove to Jason that he's the undisputed head of the family. See, Randy takes his own strength and sexual superiority for granted. But what he values most is Bob, Pablo and the twins ..... and that's what he wants to show off to Jason."

"And how does he do that?" asked Adam.

Steve smiled knowingly. "Oh, my brother has his ways. That's what makes him the boss."


One way and another the twin's birthday had been, as the saying goes, too hot not to cool down. As the shadows lengthened and the evening closed in, a calm settled over the house. The twins regained dominion of their kitchen, surprised and pleased that it was not the wreckage they had expected after the other boys had used it to prepare the birthday feast. Pablo helped them put together drinks and a snack, though nobody wanted much dinner after gorging all afternoon.

Anyway, the only men left there were Randy, Bob and Jason. Adam, Nate and Hassan were still up on Mulholland with Steve and Lloyd, where Nate was having the time of his life as the only boy among four glorious men. Zack and Darius were across the street at Zack's house, introducing the shy young Eddie to delights he could never have dreamed of.

And Mark had taken his boy Jamie out to dinner. The cop had disapproved, as always, of Randy's macho display of dominance over Jason. Mark had felt a special bond with the stunning fireman and knew that Jason was attracted to both him and Jamie, so Mark resented Randy's bullish intervention. The fireman and the cop were very alike, physically and in other ways, and they all quietly hoped that the three of them would become close.

But for right now Mark wanted to get out of the house to be alone with Jamie and leave the spotlight to Randy to do whatever the hell he wanted with Jason. He made an effort to stifle his resentment and enjoy being with Jamie, because he knew that the gorgeous young surfer was in heaven having the cop all to himself.


While Pablo and the twins were busy in the kitchen, Randy, Bob and Jason talked quietly together outside at the table by the pool. And to anyone overhearing the conversation it would have been clear that Steve's assessment of Randy's motives had been right on the money.

Whenever Bob and Randy made love they always shared a penetrating look that drew them into a private, magical world where they were united body and soul. It had always been unique to them, but when Bob, and later Randy, had fucked Jason both men had caught a fleeting glimpse of a similar intense look in Jason's blue eyes.

The fireman's astonishing beauty was part of it, of course, but it was evident as they talked that there was more to it. Jason was gazing at Bob as he talked animatedly of the twins, how they had grown in confidence since they came to live in the house, culminating in this grand birthday, in which Jason had played a central role.

"They're real special to you, aren't they, Bob?" Jason said. "And it's obvious that they worship you. Hell, who wouldn't? Just look at you, man ....." He stopped abruptly, afraid he had gone too far in Randy's presence.

But Randy was way ahead of him. As he looked from one man to the other he saw their special connection and guessed that they both had raging hard-ons under the table. He knew that Bob had already fucked Jason, at the twins' request, and Randy was resigned to what had to happen next. As Bob had said to him after Randy had dominated and fucked Jason, "Well, big guy, I guess you showed Jason who's the boss around here. And I suppose you've promised my ass to him."

Was Randy scared of Bob's feelings for Jason? Sure he was. Randy's only fear in life, his one insecurity, irrational as it was, was that Bob would one day leave him. And if that were ever going to happen it would be for a man like this. But, typically, Randy met the fear head on. He could have forbidden Bob to give his ass to Jason, but he knew that would only stifle Bob's desire and breed resentment. No, Steve had been right when he said that Randy needed to show off his family to Jason and prove that he was its undisputed head.

But Randy felt the tension rising in him as he watched Bob and Jason gazing at each other. Abruptly taking control of the situation he jumped up from the table and said, "OK, we're done here." He yelled toward the house, "Hey, Pablo, you and the twins get your asses out here. We're all going upstairs."

As the boys ran obediently out of the kitchen Bob and Jason looked at each other, their hearts pounding. They had both submitted to Randy's dominance before and they knew they were about to again. As the two men and three boys followed Randy striding ahead they were all nursing growing erections in their pants.


The master bedroom was very large, but still it felt crowded. A quick signal from Randy gave Pablo his cue and he pulled the twins into the shadows by the wall. Their role right now was simply to watch, which they did quivering with excitement.

Bob and Jason stood by the bed waiting for Randy to assert his natural authority. Jason was wearing cargo shorts and a loose cotton shirt that Mark had lent him earlier so he could change out of his fireman's work clothes. Bob was barefoot in his usual white T-shirt and jeans. Randy was in old cargo pants and a faded T-shirt.

As Randy looked at Bob and Jason he felt his dick get hard. They were a magnificent sight, one with darkly handsome Superman looks, the other with the blond squared-jawed beauty of a Tab Hunter. Randy's instinct was simply to fuck both of them, but he knew he had to tread more carefully than that. He stared at Bob with his steel blue eyes and said, "I suppose you want the fireman to fuck your ass, don't you, buddy?"

"You know I do," Bob smiled.

"Well, you know I always give my man what he wants." Jason watched this exchange between the two lovers carefully. He was a bit taken aback by the phrase "I always give my man" ...... it seemed to Jason that he would be the one doing the giving. But he knew he was getting a lesson in the power Randy held over Bob and the three boys. Bob was such a gorgeous, successful alpha male in his own right that he could dominate any man in the world ..... except Randy, it seemed. And to watch this beautiful man submit to Randy's authority was a huge turn-on for Jason.

That authority was in full force now as Randy growled, "OK, man, lose the shirt." In automatic obedience Bob pulled off his white T-shirt and stood facing the two men stripped to the waist, with the white waistband of his shorts showing an inch or so above his blue jeans. Hearing Jason stifle a gasp Randy said, "Magnificent, no? One of the most beautiful men you'll ever see, Jason, and certainly the most beautiful you'll ever fuck." He ran his hand over the bulge of Bob's shoulder, down over the mounds of his chest and over the ridges of his eight-pack abs.

Bob had a strong sense that Randy was displaying him for the fireman, offering him for Jason's approval. Demeaning as it was it made Bob's cock get rock hard in his jeans. "So whad'ya think, man?" Randy asked Jason "Good enough to fuck, you think? Here watch this...." He squeezed one of Bob's nipples hard, making him jerk back, moan and flex his pec muscles defensively."

"Oh shit, man, that is so fucking hot." Jason's exhilaration at the incredible sight was mixed with discomfort, as he too had the impression of this beautiful macho stud being put on display, shirtless, like a slave at a slave market. But his lust won out as he was aching to touch Bob ..... he was just waiting for Randy's permission. The fireman, who with his strength and masculine beauty was usually the one to give the orders, found himself bowing to Randy's authority like everyone else. After all, just look what the man had to offer!

The display continued. "Turn round." Bob turned his back to them. Randy reached round his waist, unbuttoned Bob's fly and pulled the jeans and shorts down round his ankles. He ran is hands lovingly over the globes of Bob's ass. "Oh, man," Jason gasped, "that is so damn perfect. I have to fuck it, man ...... please, Randy ..... please let me fuck it."

Randy laughed, "Yeah, I know just how you feel, buddy, but all in good time. See, this ass is the most precious thing in the world to me. Ever since I first pushed my dick inside it so long ago I can't get enough of it. But you don't just fuck an ass like that ..... you make love to it. Here ....."

Suddenly Randy fell to his knees and pulled Jason roughly down beside him. Again Randy ran his hands over the white flesh of the hard globes, then leaned forward and began to lick. Jason watched in awe as Randy lapped at his lover's ass and instinctively leaned forward and licked alongside him.

There were floor-to-ceiling mirrors strategically attached to the walls around the room and Bob looked into one of them at the incredible sight of these two glorious men on their knees licking his ass, bracing themselves with a hand on his waist. He felt first one tongue probing inside his hole, soon replaced by another, and his ass ached for a cock to push inside it. Bob raised his hands and squeezed his own nipples tight, twisting them in his fingers and moaning deeply.

In the shadows Pablo and the twins were spellbound by the incredible sight of the macho construction boss and the fireman on their knees in an act of worship of Bob's ass. The boys had all pulled their cocks from their shorts and were pumping furiously.

Suddenly Randy stood up and pulled Jason up beside him. "OK, man, time for the main event," he said, then turning his head to the side of the room he barked, "And if any of you kids shoot your load I'll whip your fucking ass." That prospect was enough for Pablo to spill his juice right there, but he knew he had to obey and switched hands to delay his orgasm.

The ferocity of the order to the boys made Jason snap back to the realization that Randy was very much in charge of this show, but he accepted that. He would do anything, obey any order, to be inside Randy's lover. He watched as Bob turned round, stepped out of his jeans and shorts and stood naked before Randy ..... before his master, as Jason now understood.

Randy put his palm flat on Bob's chest and shoved. Bob fell heavily onto his back on the bed and instinctively he spread his arms up and out toward the corner bedposts, his cock standing straight up, already oozing pre-cum. It was all so automatic that Jason realized that this was a ritual the men had been though many times before when Randy fucked the man he loved. But now it was he, Jason, who was being given the privilege of fucking Bob. All he had to do was to submit himself totally to Randy's authority.

"You wanna see one of the most beautiful sights in the world?" Randy asked. Without waiting for a reply he pulled two lengths of rope from under the bed. Swiftly his practiced hands wound a rope round each of Bob's wrists and attached them to the corner bedposts. He stood back and smiled at Jason's awestruck face. "Now watch, man."

Bob knew what Randy wanted. He understood that Randy was showing him off to Jason, and why. Bob was the ultimate trophy, the evidence of Randy's sexual power, the power to control such a spectacular man as this. Despite the fact that Bob was being used in this demeaning way he was hugely turned on by it and determined to make Randy proud of him.

So, spread-eagled on the bed, Bob started to struggle, looking up at his wrists and tugging at them, his biceps bulging with the strain. His body twisted and thrashed from side to side, his chest heaving, muscles rippling, and his beautiful face contorted in what seemed like a desperate attempt to escape, his tousled dark hair flying over his face. It was Superman, tied naked to the bed, his muscles straining to break free.

Randy had been right ... "one of the most beautiful sights in the world." Jason gazed down hypnotized by the incredible display. His cock was pulsing and he knew that if he so much as touched it he would cream his shorts. But he had to hold back. He turned round, with his hands folded behind his head, and paced the room, looking anywhere but at Bob.

"Oh, shit," Jason moaned ..... "fucking holy shit, I can't take this man. He is so fucking gorgeous." He confronted Randy and stared wildly into his eyes. "Man, I can't take this ..... I'm this close to busting my load just looking at him. Please, man, I've gotta fuck him ..... I've never wanted an ass so much in my life. You want me to beg, man. OK, stud, you win ..... I'm begging. My fucking body's on fire. Let me fuck him, man. I beg you."

Randy smiled in quiet triumph. That is what he wanted to hear. He had wanted to make the fireman beg. This golden muscle-god who got whatever and whoever he wanted, who had men drooling for him, was now in total surrender to Randy, pleading with him for the privilege of fucking his lover. They both knew that Randy was king ..... and Randy had mercy on him.

"OK, man," he said simply. He reached forward, unbuttoned Jason's shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. He unzipped the shorts and they fell round his ankles. Jason kicked off his sneakers and stood naked before Randy, a supplicant. Now it was the fireman who was on display as Randy walked round him, examining him, running his hands over his chest and abs, then over his back, down to his slim waste, grabbing his round ass.

"Oh yeah, I remember that ass, man. A great ass to fuck as I recall."

Under Randy's scrutiny Jason was going wild, feeling his hands explore every inch of his body. "Please don't do this, man. You're gonna make me cum ..... but I have to cum in Bob's ass. Please ....."

"OK, Jason." The fireman had passed inspection. "It's a rare man that I allow near Bob's ass but you are one of the most beautiful men ever to come to this house, and you're worthy of him. But most important, it's what Bob wants ......" he looked over at Bob ..... "is that right, buddy?"

"Yes, sir," Bob groaned. "I want to feel Jason's cock in my ass ..... please."

Randy took a few steps back and smiled at Jason. "OK, man, he's all yours. What are you waiting for? Go for it ... fuck him."


Jason turned and gazed down at Bob, at the handsome, dark-haired bodybuilder tied up, helpless, waiting to feel Jason's rod slide n to his ass. The two naked men were about to consummate the act they had both desired since they met. Randy had at last given permission and stood at a distance watching, arms folded across his chest, a self-satisfied smile on his face. So this was it at last ...... the time had come.

And then Jason lost his hard-on.

It was the pressure, the challenge of satisfying this magnificent man in bondage before him. It was as if Bob was too beautiful to fuck. For the first time in his life Jason lost his nerve .... the hot-blooded fireman felt sexually inadequate. Added to that was the pressure of Randy in the background, watching, silently challenging. Jason could imagine Randy pounding Bob's ass, giving him the intense fulfillment that only he could. Was it possible that Randy, with his immense sexual power, was the only man who could truly satisfy Bob? He sure was a tough act to follow and Jason didn't feel up to it. Nor did his cock.

Jason was in a panic, which only made matters worse, and his long cock swung limply between his legs. He was so humiliated he didn't dare look at Bob ..... but he heard his voice .... his soft brown voice. Bob knew exactly how to restore Jason's confidence .... and his erection. "Look straight ahead, Jason. Look at that man." Jason raised his head and realized that there was a full-length mirror behind the head of the bed. In which he saw his own reflection!

"You've seen that so many times before, Jason," Bob said softly. "I know how hot it must be when you look at yourself in the mirror, at home, at the gym. And I know you jack off to it, man ..... who wouldn't? Look at that face, that beautiful face, the deep blue eyes staring back at you. And that body! Shit, man, it's a spectacular body .... those pecs, the shoulders, arms, washboard abs.

"Look at him, he's a perfect man ..... flawless. That's the picture the boys beat off to when they drool over their Fireman's Calendar, the picture that thousands of horny guys have splashed their load over, again and again. Imagine that half-naked fireman smothered in the juice of all those men. And that's the body I want to see flexing over me as it fucks my ass. Come on, man, show me what you do when you get off looking at yourself."

The low, gentle voice mesmerized Jason and he did as it asked. He gazed at himself as he had done so often before. He loved his own body. He was a true narcissist and it was his vanity that made him work so hard on it, honing it to the peak of perfection. He swung automatically into a familiar routine. Gazing into his own eyes he stroked his nipples, and felt the twin jolts of pleasure and pain as he squeezed them hard and saw his chest flex to absorb the pain. He smiled at the image .... god, it's gorgeous. And now he began in earnest.

He struck a series of classic bodybuilder poses. First he raised his arms to the sides, elbows bent, and flexed his biceps hard. Then he pressed his fists into the sides of his waist, flared his lats so his pecs bulged. He raised his arms, linked his hands behind his head and flexed his solid shoulders. And all the time he watched his cock growing slowly. When it was semi-erect he stroked it easily into a full hard-on, while he ran his other hand over his ripped abs.

Beneath him Bob watched the erotic posing routine and his cock shuddered. The man was pornographically beautiful .... and this was this man who was about to fuck his ass. Jason had stroked his cock to the brink of orgasm and pulled his hand away to prevent it. He smiled at himself in the mirror, at his rigid pole standing straight out, and he pumped his fists in the air in triumph. "Yes! Yes!"

The sight was too much for Bob and he lost control. He desperately wanted to touch Jason, to feel his muscles, and he pulled frantically at his tied wrists, moaning, "Oh man, you are so fucking beautiful. Please, man, please look at me, touch me ..... fuck me. Man, I need to feel your cock in my ass, please fuck me and make me cum."

Jason was at the pitch of narcissism now, in the familiar position of having a beautiful man begging to have his ass fucked. Confidence surge back through him and blood surged through his cock. "Yeah," he yelled in triumph. "Look at that muscle-stud ... that face, that body. That's what makes me cum, man, looking at myself like this. I can make myself shoot without touching myself .... you wanna see? Watch this, man....."

"No!" Bob yelled. "Cum inside me ..... fuck me, man. I'm begging you ...."

But Jason wasn't listening, he was transfixed by the man in the mirror. "You know what I always do? I imagine that muscle-god in bondage, his muscles straining like this...." He stood at the foot of the bed, legs astride arms thrust up as if he were tied at his wrists and ankles, spread-eagled. "See, that's how the body shows off best, straining to get free. Look at that naked bodybuilder, stretched and tortured on the rack." He pulled at his imaginary restraints, twisted his torso, every muscle bulging and flexing, veins etched, his face thrashing as if in pain.

Hypnotized by his own reflection Jason spoke to the man in the mirror. "Remember, man? That's how Randy tied you up. He was too strong for you. He wrestled you, beat you and tied you up. Your body struggled to get free just like it is now but you had to submit to him. Then you felt his cock in your ass ...... the naked fireman was getting his ass ploughed by the big construction boss. You feel it man? You feel that jackhammer in your ass. You can't get free, man. He's torturing your ass, gonna make you cum. Let's see you get free, stud. No! I can't take any more ....... you're making you cum .....!"

He went wild, his magnificent body writhing as he stared into his own blue eyes. He pumped his arms up high, his body stretched, convulsed and he shouted, "God, you're beautiful. Let me see you cum, man. Do it ..... Now! Aaagh!" His cock shuddered and a huge stream of cum blasted from it high in the air and splashed down on Bob's face and chest.

"NO!" Bob screamed, gazing spellbound at the amazing sight of this stunning, straining muscle-god blasting rivers of cum in a supreme act of narcissism. It was one of the most erotic sights Bob had ever seen and he couldn't hold back. "NO!" he screamed again and his cock exploded with cum that rained down on him and mingled with the juice of the naked fireman.


Randy watched awe-struck, his cock iron hard in his pants. He had rarely seen anything this spectacular as both gorgeous men shot their loads spontaneously while they gazed at Jason's incredible body. But Randy knew that events were spinning out of his control .... they had taken a turn he had not foreseen and he realized that Bob was totally in thrall to this amazing man. It had to stop, and Randy ripped off his T-shirt and took a decisive step forward.

But Jason turned to face him and held out a warning hand. "No! No, man. You said I could fuck him."

Randy stopped in his tracks. It was not only the authority in Jason's voice ..... what he said was true. Randy had offered Bob's ass to the man and he would not go back on his word. So he stood still and watched.

Jason turned to look down at Bob, still shuddering, tied to the bed, his expression one of desperation. "I wanted you to fuck me, man," he moaned. "I needed to feel your dick in my ass, watch that body over me, fucking me."

Jason smiled. "And what makes you think that's not gonna happen, buddy?" Once again Jason looked in the mirror and began stroking his hanging cock. Incredibly, the mirror image worked its magic again and the cock started to get hard again, so soon after he had busted a huge load. "Don't worry, Bob," Jason grinned. "That gorgeous stud in the mirror can always get me hard, no matter what."

It was true, and in a minute his cock was fully erect. "And now, Bob, at long last I'm gonna fuck you. And after all that neither one of us will lose his load the minute my cock slides in your ass, 'cause that's what would have happened before." He went to the head of the bed and untied the ropes. "And this time, buddy, no bondage, no fantasy, just you and me ..... two guys making love. You ready?"

"Yes, sir," said Bob, making Randy tense as he heard the word.

It was all so simple ..... a natural expression of sexual desire between two men. Jason ran his hand over the length of Bob's body as he walked back to the foot of the bed, then knelt between his legs. He lifted them up, hooked them over his shoulders, pressed the head of his dick between the globes of Bob's ass .... and paused. He grinned down at Bob. "You sure you want this, man?"

Bob smiled .... "Asshole."

They gazed into each other's eyes, deep brown melting into deep blue. Bob moaned, "God, Jason, that feels so good," as he felt the long hard rod easing slowly into his ass, saw the ecstasy on Jason's face, saw the magnificent body fall slowly toward him as the fireman at last started to fuck him. The cock touched the back of Bob's ass, then pulled all the way back and pushed in again.

It was an exquisite sensation for Jason and as the muscles of Bob's ass tightened round his cock he sighed deeply, "Jesus, Bob, I knew your ass would feel like this. It's fucking beautiful, man." Bob reached up and ran his hands over the magnificent chest, its muscles flexing as the body rose and fell over him. Then he dropped his arms back limply on the bed as he surrendered himself totally to the glorious man. Jason leaned forward and grabbed Bob's biceps, pinning his arms to the bed, their faces only inches apart.

Jason's voice was soft, seductive. "Now forget the fireman, the posing, forget that calendar ...... this is who I really am, Bob." His blue eyes penetrated deep into Bob's. They saw their reflection in each other and instantly entered that enchanted world where souls joined. "You see, Bob? Beyond the vanity and the beauty. Nobody knows me like this ..... except you."

"And me." Jason looked up with a start and saw, not his own reflection, but Randy standing naked at the head of the bed, between him and the mirror. The pale blue eyes were like lasers and the deep voice growled, "This is our world, Jason, Bob's and mine. It's private, secret, and you're the only man ever to have shared it with us. Welcome, man. Enjoy."

Jason was in a trance as he looked into Randy's eyes, then Bob's. It was true ..... they shared a union that was beyond understanding and he, briefly, had been invited in. His cock quivered inside Bob's ass and he knew he was about to shoot, but the same deep voice said gruffly, "Don't! Not yet, man. Let me show you what he really likes."

Jason pulled back upright, Bob's legs hooked over his shoulders, still fucking him slowly. He looked straight ahead at Randy at the other end of the bed and once again prepared to take orders from the boss. "OK," Randy said, "that's good, but now go faster." Jason did as directed and looked down at Bob's ecstatic face.

This was something Bob had never experienced. He always loved the thrill of getting fucked by Randy, and now he was feeling the same exhilaration as Randy directed another man to do what he always did. It was Jason fucking him, but it could as easily have been Randy. He looked up at Randy smiling down at him and heard his voice. "This is for you, buddy. Something new. You wanted to feel Jason in your ass, but you're feeling me too."

His voice hardened as he looked at Jason. "OK, stud, enough of this. Now let's fuck! Come on, man, that ass likes it rough ..... pound it, man ..... hard, like I do. Don't hold back, Jason. Hammer his fucking ass!"

The steely authority in the voice demanded complete obedience, and Jason willingly followed the order. He rapidly increased the tempo and was soon pounding Bob's ass, impaling him on his steel shaft as it pistoned deep inside him. He looked down at the gorgeous face thrashing from side to side, dark hair flying, and he knew he was giving Bob what he craved.

Jason looked wildly up at Randy. "You're right, man, that feels fucking unbelievable. He has the most incredible ass .... the heat, those muscles crushing my dick. Christ, my cock feels like a jackhammer ramming into it. Oh shit, man, I don't think I can hold back much longer. I have to cum soon, man."

In his euphoria he closed his eyes, but when he opened them he was looking at his own reflection in the mirror. Randy had gone ..... Then he saw Randy's face in the mirror over his shoulder, felt him pressing behind him. "What the fuck? ...... aaagh!" He felt the thick rod pierce his ass, shattering it as it drove deep inside him. It pulled back instantly and rammed inside him again.

It was impossible. Randy was fucking him while Jason was fucking Randy's lover. Jason lost all sense of where he was, all sense of anything except the furnace of Bob's ass and the pain of the rod drilling into his own. Dimly he knew he had to cum, but he had lost all control. He was at the mercy of this dark demon of a man, truly the King of the Gypsies, who had taken possession of his ass.

Bob looked up and saw a spectacular sight. Jason's chiseled features, gleaming with sweat, and over his shoulder Randy smiling down at him while he fucked Jason. It was as if Bob were getting his ass ploughed by both sensational men at the same time. The sight of Bob's rapturous face made Jason look up pleadingly at the hypnotic blue eyes in the mirror, and he heard himself confess, "I love him, man. He's so fucking beautiful. I'm in love with him!"

"Of course you are, stud. Everyone is. So show him, man. Fuck him. Ream that ass!"

Jason tried to look back down at Bob but the shaft hammering his own ass overwhelmed him and he knew where his ultimate obedience lay. He raised his head and stared at the swarthy face in the mirror. "Please, man, I have to cum. I can't take any more. Please, sir, cum inside me. OK, I give up. You win, man, you're the master. For god's sake, man, cum inside me ..... let me shoot my load inside your lover."

"You hear that, Bob? Is that what you want? Shall we let him cum?"

"Yes, sir," Bob screamed. "Please, sir."

"OK, here it comes, stud," Randy yelled, and his cock erupted deep inside Jason's ass. "Aaaagh!" Jason screamed, his body jolted as he felt hot juice streaming into him and his own cock blasted cum into the cauldron of Bob's ass. The body beneath them shuddered and a river of hot, white cream splashed over it, pooling in the cleft of the heaving chest.

As the echoes of their scream died away there was silence, except for the heavy breathing and beating hearts of the three men who had just forged a bond of manhood in the crucible of raw, visceral sex.


A few minutes later all three men were lying on their backs on the bed, Jason in the middle. Randy shouted, "OK, boys. Your turn." Pablo and the twins had watched the whole incredible show without shooting their loads, although they had longed to many times over. But Randy's order forbidding it had been clear. Now they stepped eagerly forward and stood by the bed, Pablo on one side, the twins on the other.

Pablo stared at his master and said, "Now, sir?"

"Go for it guys."

Pablo grinned at the twins. "Ok, dudes, let's do it."

Their young bodies were aching to release their loads. They had watched the men perform extraordinary sexual feats and now here they were lying naked beneath them. They could have cum without touching themselves, so it took only a few strokes. "Here it comes, sirs," gasped Pablo, "from your boys." And three cocks erupted simultaneously, streaming ribbons of cum over the bodies and faces of the three glorious muscle-gods.

When the white shower had ended the boys gazed down at the cum-soaked bodies and Pablo gave the order. "Let's get 'em guys ....." He fell forward onto the naked men followed by the twins. Soon they were sliding triumphantly over their masters, kissing them, licking the cum from their faces and chest, as the room rang with their laughter.


There was one more act to play out. After they had all showered and pulled on shorts they sat around drinking beer, but Pablo couldn't take his eyes off his master Randy. They were pleading eyes and Randy knew exactly what they were begging for. Of all the men in the room, Pablo was the only one who had not been fucked by Jason ..... and he was aching for it.

Suddenly, Randy got up and, to Pablo's dismay, led Jason from the room. After a brief conversation Randy came back into the bedroom alone. They all sat in uneasy silence for a few minutes, then there was a tap at the door. Randy sprang to open it and the fireman came in, this time wearing the work clothes he had on when he first arrived and had left downstairs.

The boys' eyes opened wide, Pablo especially as he stared at the muscular fireman in boots and heavy yellow workpants held up by red suspenders over his naked chest. On his head was his yellow firefighter's helmet with the big red badge on the front. The man was a sexual icon and Pablo's cock was rigid, already oozing pre-cum.

"OK, sergeant," Randy said, "you all done down there? I've gotta thank you for knocking down that fire before it took the house too."

"Yeah," the fireman said, "well you should teach your boys about the dangers of fire in these hills. If they were my boys one of them would have to take responsibility and face the punishment. Do they have a leader ..... some kind of senior boy?"

"That would be me, sir," said Pablo hastily, taking a step forward.

"Yeah," Randy agreed. "If you're gonna punish any of them, he's the one. Here, there's something I don't think you've seen yet. Turn round, boy."

Obediently Pablo turned his back to them and in one quick move Randy yanked down his shorts. Jason's eyes opened wide as he saw for the first time the flawless white globes of

Pablo's perfect ass. "Holy shit," Jason said slowly. "That is one spectacular ass. Man, I could sure work on that. Thing is though, he looks like one tough young buck and I doubt if he'd hold still long enough. You guys wanna give me a hand?"

Randy picked Pablo up bodily and threw him face-down onto the bed. He nodded to Bob and each of them held down one of the boy's wrists, at the top corners of the bed. He was spread-eagled, helplessly pinned to the bed, his ass vulnerable to the fireman towering over him. Pablo looked up at the mirror in front of him and he shuddered as he saw the gorgeous, shirtless fireman climb onto the bed, then kneel astride him just below his ass.

He felt the fireman's hand stroke his ass, then squeeze it, making him flex it instinctively. "OK, the fireman growled, so you're their leader and you're gonna take the punishment for the boys. First I wanna hear you apologize for the fire."

There was a short silence, then Pablo said, "No, sir. I can't do that."

"No?! You fucking little shit. No one says no to me, boy. OK, that does it." He pulled off his helmet and threw it aside, then pushed his suspenders off his shoulders. Stripped to the waste he glared at Pablo in the mirror and flexed the muscles of his chest and arms. "Look at me, boy," he yelled. "Do I look like the kind of guy who takes lip from a punk like you? When a kid defies me this is what he gets."

He raised his arm and slapped Pablo's ass, first with his palm then the back of his hand, from side to side, again and again. "You feel that, boy? That's what you get for disobeying a firefighter." Jason glanced quickly at Randy and got his smiling nod of approval. Randy knew his boy well. The fireman gazed in awe at the white globes bouncing under the blows, marked now with red handprints. "Man, I love spanking that sweet ass, and it's only gonna get worse, boy, until I hear you submit to me and apologize."

Pablo looked into the mirror at the shirtless fireman, at his spectacular face and the muscles of his arms and shoulders flexing as his hand rose and fell across his ass. It was an erotic fantasy he could only have dreamed of and his body was on fire. The pain in Pablo's ass intensified, but it was not that that made him give up. He could have taken much more from the fireman ..... he wanted to. No, it was the pulsing in his cock underneath him, pressing on the bed, bursting for release, that pushed him over the edge.

No way could he survive this and he shouted to the muscle-god in the mirror, "OK, sir ..... I give up ..... I apologize, sir ..... I can't take any more ..... I can't hold back .... I'm cumming, sir......"

Jason saw the young body buck under him, heard his scream and knew that he had made Pablo blast a massive load on the bed. Jason's eyes blazed with feigned anger and he yelled, "Did I say you could cum, boy? Look at me." Pablo looked up at the raging fireman, his naked chest gleaming with sweat. "You're one tough mother-fucker, boy. Seems getting your ass slapped was not punishment enough. OK, kid, you asked for it."

He yanked open his pants and pulled it his long, hard rod. "You see this, punk? You know what I'm gonna do with it?"

Pablo's eyes were sparkling as he put on a show of fear. "It .... it's you cock, sir. Are you .... gonna shove it in my ass?"

"Damn right I am, boy." He saw Pablo's ass push upward eagerly and Jason salivated as he gazed at it. Man, he was gonna love fucking Randy's boy. "I'm gonna pound that fucking ass until you beg me to let you shoot another load. OK, guys, let go his wrists."

Bob and Randy let go and Jason flipped Pablo over onto his back. He yanked his legs up and hooked them over his shoulders. "OK, guys, grab him again .... hold him good. I want him pinned down while I work on that ass." Pablo glimpsed Randy and Bob above him, holding him down, then saw Jason's blue eyes boring into his as he spit in his hands and rubbed it over his cock. "Here it comes, boy. This is how a stud fireman punishes a young punk's ass."

Pablo howled as he felt the long rod pierce him and ram down into his ass, then pull back and ram him again. It hurt like crazy but he didn't care. He could take anything from this spectacular blond muscle-god arched over him, his chiseled features set in grim determination, his magnificent body rising and falling as his cock pistoned inside him.

"Yeah, you're a tough young stud, kid .... let's see how much you can take." Suddenly his cock became a jackhammer pounding inside his ass. Jason glanced up at Randy again to make sure, and his smile signaled his approval. So the fuck became intense as Jason slammed his palms against Pablo's chest and leaned down staring into the boy's eyes.

Between heaving breath's Jason said, "This'll teach you to fuck with me, boy. Nobody gets away with that, especially a hot young buck like you. Look at me, boy, I know how gorgeous I am ..... do I look like a guy who takes shit from some arrogant young punk? Nah, I know you love getting fucked by a big muscle-stud fireman, don't you? .... Admit it boy.

Yes, sir!" Pablo shouted, completely under Jason's spell. "I do, sir. I love it .... you're so beautiful sir ..... please, sir .... fuck my ass ..... hurt me, fuck it hard ...... I'm so close, sir ..... please let me shoot another load, sir .... please ....."

The fireman was going wild as he felt the heat blazing in the gorgeous young ass. "OK, boy, as soon as you feel my juice in your ass. Here it comes, boy ..... aaagh!" Spellbound Pablo watched the blond bodybuilder rear up, throw his head back and scream as he unleashed a torrent of hot juice in Pablo's ass. The sight alone made Pablo cum and his scream echoed round the room as his cock erupted all over his naked body.

At last he had been fucked by the muscle-god fireman ..... the one thing he had wanted ever since he first saw him walk through the gate. He felt the cock pull out but he had no time to gather his wits before he heard Randy's voice. "Hey kids, get over here." Pablo opened his eyes to see all three men and the twins standing round the bed.

"Jason," Randy said, "you got any juice left in your balls?'

Jason glanced at himself in the mirror and grinned, "I can cum again anytime you want, big guy. Just say the word."

"OK, the word is 'now'. Let's give it to this boy of mine." They all followed the boss's lead and pounded their cocks, and it took only seconds for Pablo to see, then feel, a shower of semen raining down on him as he yelled, "Thank you, sir. Thank you, guys. I love you!"


It was over, and Randy shook Jason's hand. "Thanks, stud, you were spectacular. You gave my guys, Bob and Pablo, exactly what they wanted. You're a great guy and you're welcome in this house anytime. Oh, I know, you're probably gonna hook up with Mark and Jamie ..... I expected that. But now you've met my family, so whenever you feel like it, we'll be here."

Jason gazed at him in awe. "You are something else, man. A master's master ..... and your family is terrific. Do I still get to spend the night with you?"

"You'll stay," Randy grinned, "even if we have to tie you down. And anytime during the night you get horny these three boys are right there to satisfy all your needs" ..... he laughed .... "all at once or one at a time." He grinned down at Pablo, still lying dazed on the bed. "And you, kiddo, get yourself in the shower and wash off all that jism. You look like a fucking snowman."

Pablo leapt off the bed and ran into the bathroom. 'What a night,' he thought. 'Shit, the stuff I have to tell Darius.'


As it happened Darius was at that moment in an intense conversation with Zack and Eddie. He had mentioned to Eddie that Nate would probably be looking for an assistant houseboy and tentatively asked if he would be interested in applying. Would he! Except ..... despite his excitement at the prospect, he hesitated.

"You know, sir," he said to Darius, "I would give anything to live here with you and the guys .... only ......" he swallowed hard ...... "I know that any new guy who comes here has to get fucked by Randy, the way he fucked Jason today. Would I have to get fucked by Randy too, sir?"

Zack and Darius roared with laughter and Zack threw his arm round Eddie's shoulder. "Nah, you can forget that, kiddo, that's just between the masters. The boys take care of all that stuff themselves. 'Course you'll have to get the approval of the other boys. There'll be a meeting and .... well, Darius is gonna fuck you for sure, and probably Pablo 'cause he thinks of himself as the boss's boy. Nate too, most likely, 'cause he's gonna be your boss. And I can't imagine that Jamie and the twins will want to be left out. Think you can handle all that?"

Eddie frowned. "I ..... I think so, sir, if Darius tells me to." Then he brightened at the thought. "Yes, sir, definitely .... I can handle that."


Across the street Jason had come out into the garden to pick up the shorts and T-shirt he had taken off earlier and was headed back to the house when he heard the gate click open. He turned and saw Mark and Jamie come in, both evidently a bit drunk after their late dinner, with Mark's arm over Jamie's shoulder. They stopped in surprise at the sight of Jason, in just his undershorts, his muscular, near-naked body gleaming in the moonlight.

There was an uneasy silence for a few seconds before Mark said with a hint of resentment, "Have a good time with Randy and 'the family', Jason?'

"Yeah, terrific," he replied, a little embarrassed. Then he came closer and looked earnestly at them. "Look, Mark, a lot has happened since I came here today for the birthday, stuff I didn't expect ...... you know, Randy and all. But I don't want you to think ..... shit man, that time I spent with you was really special to me and ..... fuck, this is not coming out right, and you probably won't believe me anyway ..... but I would really like for you, Jamie and me to ......"

Mark smiled at his embarrassment. "What are you trying to say, Jason?"

"Well ..... I think you and Jamie are an incredible couple and I'd really like to spend time with you ..... get to know you both better ..... even ..... well, never mind. But I would be real stoked if you would come to my house next week ..... for dinner?" He stopped suddenly and blushed.

Mark grinned at Jamie. "What do you say, kid?"

"I .... I think it's a great idea," Jamie said shyly.

"Then that's settled," Mark smiled. "Next week it is ..... you've got a date, big guy." And they shook hands, staring into each other's eyes.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial of Strength" ..... Part 155


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