With four dominant, macho men and their impulsive young boys living close together in such volatile relationships the house was bound to see more than its share of trouble.

But there was also an ingrained resilience that helped the tribe rise to any challenge, even one as serious as the most recent drama. It had begun the day that the beautiful, muscular blond firefighter came to the house to put out a fire ..... and started one of his own. Having sex with the twins, Jason had unwittingly set off a chain of events that knocked everyone temporarily off balance.

But they had regained their footing and put the whole event behind them. So it was a surprise to Mark when, after calm had been restored, Bob returned to the subject he had mentioned briefly when they were at the beach.

"Mark, you told me that you knew how to contact that fireman ...... Jason ..... who came to the house ..... the one in the twins' calendar. OK, I know, I know, you'll warn me against raking over hot coals. But see, it's the twins' birthday in two weeks and I want to do something real special for them. So I want to ask you a big favor ........."


Mark, of course, could deny Bob nothing, and so it was that a couple of days later at the end of his shift the cop pulled up to the fire station on his motorcycle and spoke to the duty officer. "Hey man, is Jason on duty right now?"

Huh," he laughed, "you come to arrest him, officer? What's golden boy done this time? As a matter of fact he's just gone off duty but he's upstairs working out in the gym before he cuts out of here." He grinned. "He works out all the time, keeping that perfect physique in shape. The rest of the guys are out on a training exercise so you'll find him all alone up there."

Mark went upstairs and heard grunting sounds coming from the door to the gym at the end of the passage. He pushed it open and stood watching. The fireman was stripped to the waist in his yellow firefighter work pants, doing chin lifts in front of the mirror. Oblivious of Mark's arrival he had eyes only for his own reflection in the mirror. He dropped from the bar and stood admiring himself, flexing his muscles in bodybuilder poses, getting off on his own his spectacularly ripped body.

"Very impressive, sergeant." The deep voice made Jason whirl round and he immediately recognized the handsome uniformed cop. How could he forget the Greek god who had punished him that day, the first and only man ever to fuck him in the ass? "You! What the hell are you doing here?"

"I came to see you," Mark said.

There was a tense silence as they stood staring at each other, the fireman and the police officer, both of them aware of the bulge growing in the other guy's pants. For a moment the confrontation hovered on the brink of reigniting their first hostile encounter. Mark vividly recalled his own rage at the sight of the fireman fucking the twins, Bob's boys, but he regretted having lost control and punishing the man so savagely. For his part Jason still resented the dominant way Mark had subdued and humiliated him by fucking his virgin ass.

But those negative sentiments were not what motivated them now as they gazed at each other. Uppermost in their mind was the way that, despite the adversarial circumstances, that act of revenge had turned into an act of lust, sparking a mutual desire in the two men that climaxed in two massive orgasms. The memory was so vivid that even now it caused their cocks to stiffen.

The tension was broken by Jason, who suddenly flashed a gleaming smile and said, "Well, officer, you're timing's perfect ..... now you're here maybe you could spot me on the bench press. I like working out alone except when I'm pressing real heavy weights and need a spot. D'you mind?"

"I guess not," Mark shrugged, thrown a bit by Jason's easy-going manner. He hadn't known what to expect, but certainly not this. Jason walked over to the door and locked it. "The guys will be out training for a couple of hours yet and the guy downstairs never comes up here, so it's just us .... just you and me," he said with a raunchy smile.

He lay on his back on the bench and Mark stood behind him at his head, his hands poised ready just over the bar. Jason tilted his head back and smiled up at the cop towering over him. "You ready, man? OK, let's go." He took a couple of deep, heaving breaths, lifted the bar, then lowered it slowly to his chest. He paused, flexed, and raised the bar, exhaling noisily. As he repeated the movement Mark stared down at the incredible body.

The shoulders and biceps bulged, the lats flared and the slabs of his pecs tensed so hard that the veins stood out under the thin skin. His face grimaced with effort and Mark gazed in awe at Jason's chiseled features, high cheekbones, square lantern jaw and pale blue eyes set off by his short blond hair. The man was simply magnificent.

He was going for ten reps and at seven he gasped, "OK, man ....." Mark leaned forward, curled his fingers lightly round the bar and followed the movement, ready to assist when the lift stalled. At those moments he pulled up gently on the bar, allowing Jason to do the heavy lifting. As they worked in unison Mark could feel the rhythm of Jason's body, could sense exactly when he needed his help. The two men were sharing the exhilaration of intense physical effort ..... sharing the intimacy of raw masculinity.

As Mark stared at the superb physique, gleaming muscles pushed to their limit, he was close to busting his load in his pants. But he focused on his task and urged Jason on as he faltered on the last press. "Come on, man, push ...... breathe, push harder ..... I'm not gonna help you .... it's all you ...... that's it, you can do it, stud ...... push ......!" With one last supreme effort, as his muscles cracked and he howled in pain, the fireman powered the bar upward and finally let it drop with a loud crash into the cradle above him.

"Wow!" Jason shouted as he leapt to his feet, his breath heaving, eyes flashing. He was stoked! "That was great, man, the best assist I've ever had. Man, we should be workout partners, we read each other's minds and bodies so well." Jason gazed into the mirror, admiring the results of his labor. He smiled at his own pumped, veined muscles and ran his hands lovingly round the edges of his pecs.

"See, this line here is the toughest to develop. It has to pop out like it does here." Mark smiled inwardly at Jason's display of rapt admiration for his own body. His pecs were indeed perfect .... shit his whole body was perfect, and this display was a huge turn-on for Mark.

Mark always got off looking at beautiful men, just like the very first time he had met Bob. He had pulled him over for a traffic violation and agreed to tear up the ticket provided Bob slowly stripped off his jacket and shirt. When Mark had fazed at the muscular business executive stripped to the waist he had shot his load in his uniform pants ...... and that began his love and lust for Bob that continued to this day.

Mark was not without his own vanity either. One of his secret pleasures was to jack off looking at his own naked body in the mirror and he had taught Bob to do the same. The thrill of watching a beautiful man was heightened when the guy himself was turned on by his own image, and the narcissistic performance Mark was now witnessing made him rub the bulge in his pants.

Jason was doing the same, totally absorbed in his own reflection. While one hand rubbed his crotch the other ran over his chest, the fingers grazing the nipples then squeezing them, making him moan with pleasure.

But suddenly he snapped back to reality and turned toward Mark, with no hint of embarrassment. He had noticed in the mirror Mark's eyes gleaming with lust, and he now said, "You know officer, I think we're two of a kind. You really get off on this, don't you? Shit, you're a fucking knockout, man, don't tell me you haven't done the same thing in front of a mirror and shot a load all over it. I can see you now licking your own jism off the glass."

Mark was startled by the graphic description, all the more so as it was entirely accurate. The fireman grinned at him. "You know, that time in the garden when you got mad as hell, I remember when you ripped off your uniform shirt and T-shirt it was so fucking hot I actually wanted to get punished by you, even if it meant getting my ass reamed for the first time. Dammit, your body was almost as perfect as mine.

It was the word 'almost' that got to Mark. He was acutely aware of his own beauty ..... hell, the turning heads and double-takes when he walked through a room were enough to convince him of that. But now his vanity had been challenged ..... and the contest was on. He'd show this narcissistic young fireman that he was not, as he seemed to think, the most beautiful man on earth, god's gift to humanity.

Mark's blue eyes bored into his and Jason was momentarily shaken by their intensity. Mark turned to face the mirror and Jason stood beside him, riveted at the prospect of the performance he was about to witness. Mark ignored Jason and gazed at his own reflection with a slight, smug smile on his face. He ran his hands over his black uniform shirt, over his shoulders and down over his chest, where he stroked the backs of his fingers over the shape of his nipples through the black fabric.

"Aaah," he moaned softly, closing his eyes and tossing his head, his unruly blond hair falling over his brow. He undid the top two buttons of his shirt, pulled it open and squeezed his nipples through the cotton of his white T-shirt with another low moan of pleasure. Then his arms dropped to his sides and he simply gazed at himself, the triangle of white under his shirt setting off the chiseled features of his stunning face.

Jason was spellbound by the sight of this gorgeous cop doing what Jason himself did so many times, and doing it to spectacular effect. Jason spoke softly, almost in a trance. "Unbutton it all the way, man. Take it off."

Mark didn't need Jason's prompt. Slowly he unbuttoned his shirt all the way down, then pulled the shirttails out of his pants and let it hang open. He shrugged the shirt off and let it fall. "Oh, Jesus," Jason groaned, gazing at the muscular torso bulging under the white T-shirt, tapering down from broad shoulders, over flared lats and down to the slim waist cinched by the black uniform belt. Both men were rubbing the growing bulge in their pants as they gazed at the cop stripped down to his T-shirt.

Jason couldn't stand the suspense. "Let me see it all, man," he breathed. Mark reached behind his neck and pulled the T-shirt up slowly. It sprang free of his pants and slid upward to reveal first his amazing eight-pack abs, then the mounds of his chest, up over his head and shoulders. He tossed it aside and at last Jason could see him shirtless, his muscular torso gleaming under the gym lights. Mark pressed his fists into the sides of his waist, hunched his shoulders forward and flared his lats for a few seconds in a classic body builder pose.

"Awesome," Jason said softly. "Fucking awesome."

The fireman stared at both their reflections, two shirtless blond bodybuilders standing side by side. Jason instinctively unzipped his pants and pulled out his long, hard cock. Mark smiled inwardly at the effect he was having on Jason ...... now he'd show him real body worship. He raised his arms, bent at the elbow, and flexed his biceps in another bodybuilder pose, and was rewarded by a low moan from Jason who beat his cock faster.

"You like that, uh?" Mark said. He dropped the pose, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, which Jason saw right away was bigger and thicker than his. Of course, a man like this had to have a massive dick, he thought. In an instant they were both stroking their dicks, staring at the mirror. The reflection was spectacular ..... the cop and the fireman, side by side, both shirtless, both beating their meat.

Jason's eyes flicked from his own image to Mark's and back. How often he had performed the same ritual before this same mirror, but always alone. He could never picture doing this with another guy ..... never imagined there was another man into self-worship like this, a man who almost matched his own beauty, he thought. ('Almost' again.) And now here was this glorious cop ..... challenging him. For it had become a contest ..... of strength, beauty and sexual potency ..... as they pounded their cocks faster, their bodies gleaming with sweat.

They were both so hypnotized by the incredible sight of the two men in the mirror that everything else in the room faded away and the mirror became their whole world. They had stepped through the looking glass into a fantasy world where each man's reflection was itself reflected in the blond Adonis standing next to him.

They watched the men intensify their effort, pounding their cocks, breathing harder, flexing their muscles, groaning louder and louder. They saw the bodies shudder, saw the beautiful faces thrash wildly. Then at last ...... "aaagh" ...... they saw long streams of white liquid blast from the two cocks, arch high in the air, then splash onto the bodies in the mirror.

The mirror! There was a mirror between them and the men who had just made them shoot their loads. It was a reflection ..... and they were back in the real world, a cop and a fireman in the firehouse gym. As they blinked back to reality their eyes focused on the streams of semen flowing down the length of the mirror and Jason walked toward it, staring greedily at the fruits of his own beauty.

"No!' Mark's voice stopped him. "No, man. I gave you one new experience when I fucked your ass for the first time in your life. Now here's another first for you." Gently he pushed Jason sideways and stood on the opposite side of him from before. They were now facing each other's stream of cum running down the mirror and Jason watched in disbelief as Mark dropped to his knees. Jason did the same ..... and they began to lick the glass, tasting not their own semen but that of the man beside him.

Eagerly they lapped at the creamy liquid, kneeling in an act of communion, a mutual tribute to the sexual power of the other man, an acknowledgement of his flawless beauty. They sucked in all the white juice, then turned to each other and pressed their open mouths together, passing the semen from mouth to mouth, the ultimate act of intimacy between two beautiful men.


They pulled back and gazed at each other, their lips still dripping semen. Then suddenly Jason snapped out of his trance and leapt to his feet. "Man, that was unbelievable ..... the best jack-off sex ever. Hey, stand up, let me take a good look at you." Mark got to his feet and Jason's eyes sparkled as he scrutinized Mark's body, running his hands over his ripped musculature, and finally clamping his hands on the round bulge of his shoulders.

"Man," he said, "these delts are phenomenal .... you are something else, you know? ..... your face, your body ..... abso-fucking-lutely awesome" He smiled and shook his head. "OK, man, you win ...... there's no 'almost' here. You are far and away the most gorgeous man in this room."

Mark smiled. "That's what I wanted to hear, Jason. And now we've got that out of the way I've got something to tell you." He chuckled. "You know, I didn't come here to beat my meat looking in a mirror. What I really wanted was to ask you a favor on behalf of a buddy of mine." He paused and looked at Jason's eager face.

"But before that there's something else I have to say. That time we met, in the garden, my anger took over and I lost my cool ..... not something I do often. I'm usually the calm, rock-solid police officer. So, Jason, I want to apologize for what I did to you .... fucking your ass like that, especially since no one had ever done that to you before."

Jason grinned. "You didn't hear me complain, did you? And if I had to get my ass ploughed for the first time in my life I'd rather it be by a spectacular cop ...... by you, Mark."

"Yeah, yeah, but that's not the point. Words alone won't cut it. I'm a man of action, and my rule is that actions speak louder than words." He let the thought take root in Jason's mind and when he saw the light dawn he continued, "Do you remember the words I said to you just before I fucked you?"

"I'll never forget them, man ..... 'an eye for an eye and a fuck for a fuck'."

"OK. Now I know you just busted your load onto the mirror but ......"

"Man, with you I could shoot a fresh load every five minutes." The two men gazed at each other, acutely aware of what was about to happen. Without losing eye contact they quickly pulled their boots off, unbuckled their belts, let their pants drop and stepped out of them ...... two naked, blond muscle-gods. And it had not been an empty boast by Jason ..... his cock was already hard as steel as he gazed at Mark and shook his head. "Oh man, that is so fucking beautiful. I can't believe I'm actually gonna ....."

"Believe," said Mark and lay on his back on the bench, raising his arms above his head and gripping the uprights holding the weight bar. Jason looked down in disbelief at the naked cop, his torso flared in a V, his biceps flexed as he clenched his fists round the posts. Jason took a deep breath and said, "Man, there's something I've fantasized about ever since we first met. It's kinda .... well, kinda out there .... I mean, it's OK if you don't want to ......"

"Go ahead, man ..... it's your show."

His heart beating fast Jason looked around and saw ropes in the corner that the guys used for skipping in boxing warm-ups. He moved quickly before he lost his nerve, tying a rope round each of Mark's wrists and securing them to the posts. Mark was skilled at this game and knew exactly how to turn a man on. He looked up at his bound wrists and pulled on them, his arms flexing, body writhing on the bench as if he were trying to get free, head twisting from side to side, blond hair falling in his face.

"Oh shit," Jason breathed, gazing down at the struggling naked cop. "That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Man, I'm gonna be thinking of that every time I jack off. If I touched my cock right now I'd lose another load of jism all over you. But I gotta save it for this ....."

He knelt on the bench between Mark's legs, pushed them up and hooked them over his shoulders. There were tears in his eyes as he stared at the magnificent body beneath him, the body he was about to fuck. He leaned forward and rested his palms on the slabs of Mark's chest, running his hands over the etched contours of his chiseled torso. He was almost afraid to go further until he heard Mark's deep voice.

"Spectacular isn't he? You've got that gorgeous cop naked, tied up, at your mercy." Mark pulled at the ropes again, his muscles stretched and gleaming. "See, he can't get free. He's your prisoner, there's nothing he can do except wait to get his ass ploughed by the arrogant young stud firefighter. You want to hear me to submit? OK, man, make me. My ass is yours .... take it ..... come on man, fuck that cop's ass."

Mark was driving Jason wild as he stared down at the muscular cop begging to get his ass fucked. He was in a trance as he pressed his rod against the warm hole, took a deep breath and pushed it slowly inside, deeper and deeper until the head touched the hot membrane of the inner sphincter. The two men gazed at each other, waited, and then the head of Jason's cock passed over the sphincter into the forbidden depths of Mark's ass.

"Aaaah!" they both moaned in ecstasy, closing their eyes as they savored the exquisite sensation of the cock quivering inside the furnace of Mark's ass. Then they opened their eyes and discovered each other anew. Jason moaned, "You are so fucking gorgeous, man, and I'm inside you. I can't believe it ..... my cock is deep inside your ass, man. Shit, I wanna stay there forever it feels so fucking incredible."

So he didn't move, didn't dare to ...... until he heard Mark's voice again. "You are such a beautiful man, Jason ..... and I love beautiful men. I want watch you as you fuck my ass. Come on, stud. I'm giving my ass to you. Fuck it!" He gasped as he felt the head pull back over the inner sphincter, then up past the warm membrane of his ass, almost all the way out. It paused, then plunged back in it, harder this time, more insistent.

"That's it, man," Mark yelled. "Fuck that ass ..... fuck it ..... fuck it." Jason lost all control and pumped faster, harder until his hips were driving the steel rod like a piston into the cop's ass. Mark was mesmerized by the sight of this muscular firefighter powering over him, and their blue eyes locked with an almost hypnotic intensity.

Suddenly Mark had an overwhelming urge to touch Jason's magnificent chest and he pulled frantically against the ropes binding his wrists. The more frenzied Mark became and the more his face and body writhed and thrashed, the more enthralled Jason became and the more savagely his cock jackhammered the helpless police officer. It became a spectacular trial of strength, with the fireman using all his muscular force to pound his captive, and the cop's muscles straining desperately to get free.

"Yeah," Jason taunted, "you can't take it, uh, can't take the fireman's big dick up your cop's ass. Not such a macho stud cop now are you, big guy? You're mine now, officer .... that beautiful naked body is at my mercy. I'm gonna torture you, man. Shit if your buddies could see you now, writhing in bondage while the fireman fucks your helpless ass. Come on, stud, let me see you struggle ..... let me hear you beg."

The bound cop was being humiliated by the gloating fireman, but Mark wasn't about to beg. The man's sneering taunts enraged him and he suddenly wanted to take back control from this vain, arrogant young bodybuilder who was pounding his ass. Mark's face turned upward to look at his bound wrists and he yanked harder at the ropes. He knew how just how to work his wrists and at last he felt one of the ropes loosen. Desperate now, he tugged again and again until the rope came loose enough for him to slide his hand free. Quickly he reached over and pulled at the knots on his other wrist, freeing it in seconds.

Jason watched his efforts with amusement. "Not bad, officer, you're pretty hot stuff. But it's not gonna get you anywhere. My rod is still hammering your ass and you're still gonna beg for mercy or I'll fucking rip you open. I wanna hear you scream, man."

"Go fuck yourself, asshole." Mark's steely gaze pierced Jason and he saw the arrogance in his eyes falter. Mark smiled scornfully and he growled, "You're a beautiful man, Jason, but you know I'm the best. Here, let me show you. Suddenly he clamped his hands onto the mounds of Jason's pecs ...... and his fingers locked on his nipples with a vise-like grip. "Aagh," Jason howled with the shock of intense pain and he reflexively grabbed Mark's wrists, trying to pull them away from his burning chest.

But Mark's arms were rock solid and Jason was no match for him. So instead he concentrated on his ass and now the trial of strength became intense as the fireman hammered the cop's tortured ass and sneered, "Come on man, I'm gonna rip your ass to shreds. You know you can't take it. Give up, man .... submit. Let me hear you beg."

But that wasn't gonna happen and Mark knew it. Shit, if he had survived Randy's brutal fuck without begging for mercy he surely wasn't about to submit to this man. He clenched his ass muscles to slow the iron shaft piercing him, all the while twisting and rolling the agonized nipples with all the strength of his steel-like grip. He saw Jason's confidence crumble and knew he had him. "You're finished, man," Mark growled. "Now it's you who's gonna beg."

"Fuck you, man," Jason groaned. "I'll never ...... Aaagh!" As Mark's finger nails bit into the tender flesh pain seared through Jason's chest, tears streamed down his face, and he heard himself plead, "No, man, that's enough ..... ease off, man, you're fucking killing me. Aaagh! No, please, my chest is on fire. OK, I'm begging you. I can't take any more. I submit to you, sir ..... I give up. You've beaten me ..... you are the best. Aaagh ..... you're making me cum, man. I can't hold back ..... I submit, sir ..... aaagh!"

His eyes opened wide, his body shuddered and his cock exploded deep inside Mark's ass. The sight of this arrogant, muscular fireman screaming in submission as he blasted his load was perfect retribution for Mark. In what should have been Jason's moment of triumph he was beaten, broken, his beautiful face sobbing with pain and humiliation. Mark reached up, grabbed Jason's head and yanked his mouth down hard onto his rigid cock. The rod plunged deep into Jason's throat and erupted with blasts of hot semen.

Jason gulped, choked and swallowed hard, desperate to drink all of the man's juice in a final act of submission. The fireman was consumed by lust for Mark as his cock still poured juice into the cop's ass and he gulped Mark's semen pouring down his throat.

As his heaving body subsided Mark savored his moment of victory. He had known from the start that he needed to cut this arrogant, narcissistic young stud down to size, to strip him of his vanity. And he had succeeded. He smiled as he realized that throughout the fuck, Jason had been so mesmerized by Mark's beauty that he had not looked at himself in the mirror once.


When they stood up, hearts still thumping, breath still heaving, the two naked muscle-gods looked at each other and shook hands with a firm grip. "I never thought it would happen, man," Jason said. "A man so beautiful, such a fucking stud, that I would submit to him even as I shot my load in his ass."

Mark grinned, "Yeah, well don't underestimate yourself, buddy ..... not that you ever would. You are one of the most spectacular men I've ever tangled with. And talking of gorgeous men, this buddy of mine wants me to ask you a favor. You glimpsed him that time at the house."

"The guy who has the twins? Oh yeah, I couldn't forget him. As I told the twins, 'Shit, it would take a real special man to have you as his boys. He'd have to be fucking gorgeous'."

"Yeah, well, in addition to being one of the most beautiful men on the planet, he's one of the best ..... a real alpha-male, good-natured, kind, loving ......"

"And you're totally in love with him," Jason grinned.

"That obvious, uh? Anyway the favor he wants should appeal to that massive streak of narcissism in you." As they got dressed Mark explained the plan. A few minutes later, as they turned to leave the room, Jason said, "Hey, Mark. I've gotta see you again. You were so fucking incredible ..... can ..... can we do this again sometime?"

"Don't see why not," Mark grinned.

A sudden thought occurred to Jason. "By the way, Mark .... do you have a boy?"

"I do," Mark said with a hint of pride. "He's a gorgeous, muscular blond stud, the hottest young California surfer you'll ever see out there riding the waves." Mark gave Jason a piercing look. "And he's off limits, man. Strictly off limits."


It was a just over a week later and there had never been a gathering at the house quite like it, so many men ...... fifteen ..... that four square tables had been pushed together on the lawn to seat them all. In addition to all the men of the house, Steve, Lloyd and Hassan had driven down from Mulholland Drive, Adam had flown in from Sydney and even Eddie had driven out from Palm Springs. Normally such a huge event would have meant a ton of extra work for the twins ..... but not this time. It was their birthday.

The enthusiastic response of so many men was a tribute to the affection everyone felt for the twins, and their appreciation for all the great meals they had served up ever since they came to the house. But even more than that, it was a collective sign of love and respect for their master, Bob. He had wanted a special event for his twins and the guys were going all out to provide it. Added to that, Randy had made it clear to the group that he would appreciate everyone's presence. And Randy's word was pretty much law.

The men were gathered round the huge, cloth-covered table, with the twins at the head, looking pleased but slightly embarrassed at being in the limelight, glancing frequently at Bob for reassurance. They had been forbidden to work on their birthday and they had agreed, though that didn't stop them from casting anxious looks toward the kitchen, knowing that the other boys had taken over from them for the afternoon.

They were right to be concerned as the scene in the kitchen could charitably be described as controlled chaos. Nate was most familiar with the kitchen and was trying to organize everything with Jamie's cooperation, Pablo's indifference, and Darius's incessant horsing around. Looking dazed by it all, Eddie clung close to Darius. Being in the company of all these spectacular men was overwhelming for him. He knew he was the low man on the totem pole here ..... but what a totem pole!

By some miracle the birthday feast was prepared and brought out in triumph by the four boys. More chaos ensued as it was served, with dishes being passed round the table haphazardly, Nate trying to orchestrate the impossible under the din of raucous voices and bawdy jokes. The second miracle was that things actually calmed down as the men concentrated on their food ...... which actually wasn't half bad, they all agreed.

Birthday presents were showered on the twins, some of the gag gifts being greeted by groans, especially Darius's proud gift of a black rubber dildo, a molded duplicate of his own massive cock (copes of which he had long ago presented to Randy and Bob when he had first met them.) Embarrassed, the twins glanced at Bob, who leaned toward them and whispered, "You'll get my present a bit later, guys."

The meal was a riotous success, culminating in Nate leading a procession of the other boys bringing from the kitchen a hug, square cake, every inch of it smothered in as many candles as the twins' combined ages. Singing a cacophonous version of the birthday song wildly off key, the boys placed the cake in front of the twins, illuminating their faces with the blaze of candles. They blushed shyly as they gazed around the table at all the eyes focused on them.

Darius, of course, couldn't resist a ribald comment. "Come on guys, both together now. You do know how to put out candles don't you? You just put your lips together and blow." In the ensuing laughter Bob added, "And make a wish." The twins closed their eyes, paused to make a silent wish, then took a deep breath and ..... suddenly above all the noise came a loud commanding voice.

"Put out that fire! It's a hazard ..... this is a burn area." All eyes turned to the gate and all jaws dropped as they stared at a fireman at the gate, in full bulky firefighter gear, yellow pants, heavy boots, fireproof jacket and big fireman's helmet obscuring most of his face. "The fire department already responded to a fire here ...... you want to start another one? Who's responsible for this?"

"They are," said Darius and Pablo together, jerking their thumbs at the twins. "It's their birthday."

The fireman gazed hard at them. "So you're the birthday boys, uh? Yeah, I heard about you. You caused the last fire. I guess I'll have to take you two in hand." He whipped off his helmet and everyone stared in amazement. "It's him," said Darius in a loud stage whisper. "The calendar man..... August page."

It was Jason of course, and that was no surprise to Mark who had set the plan in motion, nor to Bob, naturally, or even to Randy. Bob had cleared the whole idea with Randy who recoiled at first but had been placated by Bob who agreed to a strict set of rules laid down by the boss. The clincher came when Randy learned what his role would be in the new adventure.

The twins gazed in awe at Jason, remembering with shame how they had been bewitched by the gorgeous firefighter the last time, sucking his cock and offering their asses to him. In a mild panic they stared at Bob, but they relaxed when they saw him smile and nod slightly. It was his birthday present to them ..... Jason, whose picture they had jerked off over so many times ..... he was their birthday present ..... and he was going to 'take them in hand'.

"I said, 'put out the fire'," Jason barked. "Quick to obey, the twins took another deep breath and blew hard, extinguishing all the candles at once." The guys round the table all cheered, having worked out by now that this was Bob's gift to the twins, except that this fireman appeared to be the real thing.

"Never know how many sparks flew into the hillside there," Jason said. "Guess I'll have to stick around and make sure you haven't started a brush fire." The fireman stood a short distance from the table of awe-struck men .... and came into his own. Mark smiled to himself, knowing that Jason's vanity had never been as gratified as it would be today, showing off his body to this incredible group of gorgeous men.

And it was quite a show. He shrugged off his big jacket and stood there in his pants and boots, the pants held up by red suspenders than ran up to his shoulders over the dark blue fire department T-shirt. His magnificent body was apparent even under the shirt and he ran his palms over his pecs, up over his shoulders and down his arms, flexing his biceps.

The group stared in silent awe as Jason pushed the suspenders off his shoulders and let them hang at his sides. Slowly, very slowly, he pulled his T-shirt up out of his pants, over his ridged eight-pack abs .... and stopped, teasing them. Then he flashed a gleaming smile and pulled the shirt up and off. He tossed it to the ground, put his fists on his waist and flared his torso in the familiar bodybuilder pose, the muscles of his glorious body gleaming in the afternoon sun.

Now the table erupted into wild cheers and wolf-whistles as men and boys alike gazed with admiration at the stunning, shirtless firefighter, with his beautiful Tab Hunter face, blue eyes and short blond hair. Jason acknowledged the applause, then beckoned to the twins who stood up unsteadily and began to walk toward him. But their courage gave out. They stopped and looked back appealingly at Bob.

Picking up on their reticence, Jason said, "Is there anyone of these gorgeous men you would like to share your birthday present with?" They gazed hard at Bob who understood, but looked tentatively at Randy. After his recent sexual adventure with Mark, Bob was being very sensitive to Randy's feelings. "OK, buddy," Randy said in his low, deep voice. "It's their day, they can have anything they want. Only one thing's off limits, and you know what that is."

Everybody knew what that was. Bob's ass was a Randy exclusive. Bob and Randy stood up and walked over to the twins and Jason. "Happy birthday, guys," Randy said, then turned his steel-blue eyes on Jason. "And you, when you've finished with them you come and see me and we'll talk. I'm the boss around here .... the name's Randy." He held out his hand and grabbed Jason's in a crushing handshake that made the fireman wince with pain.

Jason stared at this rugged, muscular man with the handsome gypsy face. He tried to hold his fierce gaze but the hypnotic eyes were too much for him. He felt his cock getting hard in his pants, his gaze faltered and he took a step back. Randy turned and strode away, and Bob smiled at Jason and walked toward the house. Recovering quickly Jason grabbed the twins' arms and marched them after Bob, followed by the awestruck, envious eyes of the other boys.

"Shit," Darius said loudly. "And my birthday's not for another six months!"


In Bob's room the twins gazed nervously at the fireman, his naked, muscular torso somehow looking even more erotic under the wide red suspenders. They relaxed as Jason smiled at them, then at Bob. Bob understood the twins well and said gently, "OK, guys, you get to choose ..... it's your birthday. What'll it be? You wanna get naked and get on the bed?"

But they hesitated, looking at each other, reading each other's thoughts as always. "Sir," Kevin said, "of course we want to get fucked by you and Jason ..... of course we do ......

"But......" Bob coaxed them.

Kyle decided to go for it. "But, sir, first we would like .... it would be great ..... I mean it would be a real fantasy if ......" he took a deep breath and charged ahead ..... "if we could watch you fuck the fireman, sir."

Bob was surprised, but he shouldn't have been. The twins understood intuitively that Bob and Jason were virtual strangers and they wanted Bob to establish his supremacy before they both worked together on their asses. Plus, it would be a hell of a spectacle for them to watch.

But Bob looked dubiously at Jason. "Oh, guys, I happen to know that Jason here doesn't do that ..... at least he only did once, with Mark. Sorry, I don't think that's on, guys."

"Why not?" said Jason suddenly. He had been gazing at the beautiful dark-haired man in awe. He was everything Mark had said he was .... and more. It would be like getting fucked by Superman. He smiled at Bob..... "unless of course you would prefer ....." and he cupped the cheeks of Bob's ass in his hands.

Bob flinched and said, "No ..... no ...... it's not that I wouldn't like ..... but that can't happen."

Jason smiled. "That guy Randy, uh? I guessed as much ...... a guy as gorgeous as you has to be the boss's lover. Well that settles it. Let's give the birthday boys what they want." He slipped the suspenders from his shoulders and lay on his back on the bed, propped up on his elbows smiling up at Bob.

Suddenly Bob's whole focus was on this awesome, shirtless young firefighter, even more spectacular than his picture in the calendar. The birthday, the twins, they all receded from his consciousness and he had an aching desire to be the second man to fuck Jason. Quickly he pulled off his T-shirt, kicked off his boots and dropped his jeans. Jason's eyes opened wide as he stared up at the naked muscle-god. "Oh shit, man, that is fucking beautiful. Hell, you and Mark should be ....." but he trailed off, sensing that he was treading on thin ice.

Bob unbuttoned Jason's pants and pulled them down below his knees. He pushed his legs up high, boots and all, and gazed down at his perfect ass. "Man," he said gently, "I know this is only your second time, so I don't want to ....."

"Hey," Jason cut him off. "Just go for it. A man like you never has to apologize for a thing. Besides, you are such a huge fucking turn-on that I can't wait to feel that big dick in my ass."

Bob eased himself forward, pressed his cock against his ass and said, "I'll go as easy as I can, Jason. Just let me know if it's too much." With the slightest of pressure he pushed the head of his cock over the sphincter and paused to let Jason relax into it. Then he slid his long shaft inside the near-virgin ass, pausing when the muscles clenched involuntarily, then continuing, deeper and deeper until his cock came to rest against the warm membrane at the deepest point.

Jason was staring up at him in disbelief. There was no pain at all ...... only exquisite pleasure. It was as if he was getting fucked for the very first time. Mark had reamed him in anger, torturing his ass with his huge jackhammer. But this man .... this spectacularly beautiful man with his deep brown eyes, was gentle, kind, careful not to hurt him, intent only on giving him pleasure. Jason sighed, "I have never felt anything like that, man. Oh man, fuck my ass ....... I love having your cock inside me."

Bob pulled his cock back, paused, then glided slowly back inside the warm ass. He settled into an easy, gentle rhythm, massaging the fireman's ass, caressing it, making love to it as he had done so often with the twins. Jason could hardly believe the sensations coursing through him, feelings he had never experienced before, never dreamed of. A sensual warmth radiated from his ass and spread right through him as if his entire body were on fire.

He gazed up at the muscle-god taking possession of him and he ran his hands lightly over the magnificent chest and lats, his eyes drowning in the soft brown eyes smiling down at him. He was in a place he had never been to before, discovering impressions, sensations, emotions that were all brand new. Maybe it was love. How could anyone not fall in love with this man?"

He heard himself say, "I think I'm in love with you, Bob. You're making me feel ...... oh god, you're gonna make me lose my load, man. I need to cum so bad. Please, please, Bob. Will you cum inside my ass ..... please .... deep inside?"

They saw their own reflection in each other's eyes and as Bob looked down at the exquisite face he was startled to feel a trace of what he always felt with Randy. But it disappeared instantly and he knew he had to end this. He recovered himself and smiled again. "OK, Jason ...... I'm gonna cum now." He pulled his hips back, then thrust his cock suddenly deep inside, blasting his juice into the fiery depths of Jason's ass.

"Aaagh....." Jason's body convulsed, his head flew back and his cock exploded in a massive orgasm that poured streams of hot cum onto his chest and face. Their hearts were pounding, they took heaving, ragged breaths as their cocks gushed semen until at last they were drained. But it was not over for Jason. Still in an erotic haze he felt two rivers of cum splashing down on him. The twins were standing, one on each side of him, holding their cocks, their semen erupting over the beautiful man they had just watched getting fucked by their master.


A few minutes later all four men were sitting drinking beer, taking a breather before the twins were to get their real present ..... having their asses penetrated by their master and the fireman. But in fact they had already received the best present a boy could wish for ..... watching the man they worshipped taking total control of the young fireman who had come among them full of confidence and pride in his own magnificent body. In the fullest sense of the word, Jason had submitted himself to Bob, body and soul.

But Jason had recovered and his confidence was back. "Say, this house is phenomenal ..... all you guys look like fitness models. You know what? You guys should make a calendar."

"Yeah," Bob laughed, "well maybe you should talk to Darius about that. He's the camera guy."

"And this guy Randy ...... he said he wanted to talk to me. Do you know what that's about?"

"Oh, yeah," Bob grinned. "I have a feeling he'll be waiting for you. See Randy always has to welcome new men to the group in his own special way. We've all been through it. You should feel flattered that he wants to see you. He must think you're worthy of the group."

"What is it then ..... a kind of test?"

"Well .... it's more what you might call a trial of strength. It's a kind of ritual. You'll see....."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" .... Part 152


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