It was barely 60 miles down the coast on Interstate 5 from the guys' compound in L.A. to the luxury hotel where Mario worked in Laguna Niguel, but for the young Italian it was a world away. In the hotel Mario was the elegant, handsome young Italian waiter making all heads turn as he served drinks by the pool. But when he came to visit Jamie and Mark he was quickly engulfed in the testosterone-charged lifestyle of this macho tribe of gorgeous men and their boys.

Having spent the first night in the bed of Mark and Jamie, the next day Randy had suggested that Mario get to know something of the construction company that, as Darius put it, "keeps our lives ticking and the money rolling in." So, in the care of the black muscle-stud boss, Zack, and his boy Darius, Mario changed clothes and pretty much everything else and went to work for a few hours on the construction site with the two stunning black men.

He not only learned the ways of the construction crew; he was also, inevitably, subjected to what was commonly called 'the Zack Treatment'. At the end of the day, shirtless and on his knees before two massive black cocks swinging in his face he had swallowed their juice and licked his own cum from their boots. Exhausted he lay on his back at their feet, his handsome face and body streaked with dirt, sweat, and the cum of two black construction workers.

Zack laughed, "Welcome to our world, kid. That was your initiation. You look fucking spectacular. Come here...." He reached down, grabbed Mario's hand, pulled him to his feet, and wrapped his arms round him. "You OK, kid?"

"Very OK, sir. That was all new for me, sir, and it was wonderful."

"You were pretty spectacular yourself, stud. Tell you what, if we cut out now and go to my place we'll have a couple of hours before dinner. I'd like to show you a few of the scenes me and my boy Darius get into. You into leather?"

"In pictures, yes, sir. I have jerked off looking at drawings of leather-men, but I've never actually seen.... well, I mean I would like to, sir, very much. But I would like to call Jamie first."

Jamie was all for it. "That would be so cool, Mario," he enthused, pleased that Mario was fitting in so quickly. "I've played out a few scenes with them and it's really, really hot. So go for it, amico, and I'll see you for dinner. Mark and me can't wait to sleep with you tonight now you've learned some new stuff getting the 'Zack treatment'.

"By the way, Mario, it's important to know that you can trust Zack completely - he's an expert at all that. Darius can get carried away sometimes with all his fantasies, but Zack will take care of you .... trust me."


As Mario sat between Zack and Darius in Zack's truck his mind was spinning, his emotions confused. What was he doing here? - being driven to a house he didn't know to 'play out a few

scenes' as Zack had called it? 'Was he into leather?' Zack had asked. Well, he was into it only to the extent that he had often jacked off over pictures and drawings of exaggeratedly muscular leather studs, but he had never met one or even been to a leather bar. He knew, though, that leather sex usually involved bondage and some kind of rough treatment.

But Jamie had taken the prospect lightly, enthusiastically even, and that had reassured Mario. But even more than that, it was Mario's own lust that made him want this as he sat between these incredible black construction workers, master and boy, who, like him, were shirtless, in black jeans and boots. They all looked the part, at least, streaked with dirt and dried cum and smelling of sweat and semen.

As Jamie had said, Zack was an expert, which included putting a nervous new guy at his ease. "There's nothing to worry about, Mario," he said cheerfully. "The whole thing is about having fun, trusting each other and avoiding any real pain." Darius added, "After all, it's all a big fantasy, making those pictures you jerk off over come to life. I myself have been called the King of Fantasy and I take that as a compliment."

Mario was reassured by their light-hearted tone and found himself eager to arrive at their house - with a huge boner in his black jeans.


It was a small house set among trees, right across the street from the main house where Jamie and Mark were no doubt together right now. That thought alone comforted Mario. What harm could come to him with the other guys so close?

Zack led him and Darius into the garden and brought out beers for them all. As he sat there astride a bench with the shirtless black muscle-god and his handsome boy, Mario felt the same surge of testosterone as when he had walked onto the construction site. Forget the subtle refinements of Europe - here the air was charged with raw, rugged masculinity and Mario's cock throbbed, his excitement tempered by nervous anticipation.

Out of the blue, direct as ever, Zack asked him, "You ever been tied up, Mario?"

This was it. Mario had known bondage would come into it and he answered nervously, "Only once, sir - recently in the hotel when Mark handcuffed me to the bed." He added pointedly, "But he made sure it didn't hurt by wrapping cloth round my wrists under the handcuffs."

"Yeah," Zack grinned, "Mark's a good guy, you can always trust him. One word of advice, if you ever do stuff like this with a stranger don't believe him when he says you can trust him. Only trust guys you know well, like me and Darius here. I promise you'll get no more pain than you want. If it gets too rough you just say our name and we'll stop instantly. It's what we call the safe word. That make you feel better?"

"Yes, sir, thank you." It made him feel much better as he looked excitedly at two trees at the edge of the garden, about six feet apart, with ropes tied round the trunks at the top and bottom. As if drawn to them he walked over to the trees, stood between them and said, "I'm ready, sir."

"Yeah, good and ready, I'd say," grinned Zack. He went over to a box by the wall and pulled out four leather restraints that he clipped to the ropes on the trees, two at head-height, two near the ground. "Spread you legs, boy." Mario obeyed and Zack attached the lower restraints, one round each ankle. Then he pulled Mario's arms up and attached the upper restraints loosely round his wrists so he could pull out if he panicked. He stood back and said approvingly, "Oh, yeah, now that's hot. Here, boy, take a look."

He stepped aside and suddenly Mario found himself staring at a beautiful, dark-haired young man spread-eagled, his arms and legs stretched, tied to trees. He was looking across the small garden at a big window of the house that was mirrored, giving him a perfect reflection of the man in bondage who he found hard to recognize as himself.

Working on the construction site, getting covered in dirt and then cum, he had not seen his own reflection, and now, for the first time, he gasped at what he saw. The handsome, muscular boy was stripped to the waist in filthy black jeans and heavy work boots, his chest and face streaked with dirt, his legs and arms stretched tight. Instinctively he pulled on his restraints and as his body writhed, his chest, shoulders, biceps and flared lats all flexed hard, dappled by the sun that streamed through the leaves above him.

Mario had admired himself in a mirror many times, even jacked off looking at himself, but he had never seen himself look as erotically beautiful as this. It was like something out of a leather porn movie and his cock was throbbing in his jeans. It had the same effect on Darius gazing at him, his fantasy wheels spinning out of control. "Oh shit, that is epic, man. So fucking gorgeous - a hot Italian stud stripped down to jeans and work boots, helpless in bondage."

Suddenly Zack reached up and pulled the restraints tight round his wrists. Mario gasped - he really was a prisoner now and he pulled at his wrists in a moment of panic, until he heard Zack's voice. "See, that's part of it, boy. Now you're really at my mercy and have to trust me. But you can trust me, Mario. I promise you will not be hurt - any more than you want, that is. Just use the safe word. OK, Darius why don't you keep him amused for a while?"

To Mario's dismay, Zack left and went into the house. Darius grinned and came close to Mario. "That looks so hot, dude, I could shoot a load in my pants just looking at you. Look what you done to me, man." He unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive cock. "See this, stud? It would feel so good spearing that hot ass of yours, you tied up and all.

Mario's reflex was once again to pull at his restraints. The thought of this ten-inch black monster disappearing into his ass scared him and he watched apprehensively as Darius moved behind him. He pressed against Mario's ass, rubbing his dick between the mounds against the rough denim. Mario trembled, feeling the huge rod rubbing against his jeans and imagining what it would feel like pounding his ass. Then Darius pulled back and began slapping the bulge of the ass through the jeans.

Even though his ass was protected by denim, Darius was becoming rough and the pain became so intense that he was about to use the safe word and shout 'Darius' when suddenly everything stopped. Darius stuffed his cock back into his pants and they both stared, awestruck.

Out of the house came a sight that made Mario's jaw drop and his heart beat wildly. It was every hot picture he had jerked off over come to life, the ultimate, pornographic leather-god. Zack was wearing black leather pants that clung to his muscled legs, and heavy black boots. A studded leather harness was crossed over his massive chest, and over that a black vest hung open. He wore a leather cap and mirror glasses.

The Italian captive stood spellbound as the leather-god approached him. Mario gazed up at the eyes but saw only his own reflection in the mirrored glasses, the sculpted, square-jaw features and black curly hair of a shirtless prisoner, spread-eagled, at the mercy of this phenomenal man. Suddenly Zack whipped off the glasses and Mario found himself staring into the steady gray eyes and hearing the gravelly voice. "Now ..... now you know what you want, eh, boy?"

"Yes, sir ..... you are magnifico. Please, sir, do whatever you want to me, sir." The gray eyes pierced his and Zack took off his cap, the shaved head and ebony features a perfect fit for this powerful leather-master. "Even this?" said the deep voice. Zack pulled out the whip that had been hanging out of his back pocket. "Aaah," Mario gasped, but he nodded his head eagerly. "This is an easy one, boy, a cat o' nine tails," Zack said. "These thin leather braids are nothing like the bull-whip I use on some men. Here, let me show you."

He stepped back, raised his arm and snapped the whip lightly across Mario's chest. "Aaah .... si .... more, please, sir."

At that moment Zack knew that Mario was really into this, even though the boy had never realized it before. Zack looked at the writhing Italian stud and was fired up at the prospect of initiating him into leather sex. He threw off his vest and stood there, a leather icon, naked to the waist except for the studded leather harness crossed over the shiny black muscles of his chest. Mario was spellbound and moaned, "Please, sir - again." So Zack whipped him again, harder this time, and increased the pressure as he lashed his chest and then his back. Zack was a master and knew just how much strength to apply to bring the boy to that delicate balance of pleasure and pain.

From behind he reached round, unbuckled Mario's belt and pulled his jeans down below his ass, noting with satisfaction his rock-hard cock springing out of his pants. "Oh man, that ass is hot," he said. "Here we go, boy." Zack lashed the whip across the flexed white globes, more lightly now as he knew how tender the flesh was there. "Aaagh!" Mario gasped, shocked by the sharp sting that hurt too much for an instant but then turned into an exquisite pain that suffused his whole body with warmth.

Seeing the body tense momentarily and then relax, Zack knew he had him and whipped the ass again and again, bringing the boy to a state of ecstasy. Mario looked at himself in the mirror, jerking in bondage, and at the black leather-stud behind him. And for the first time in his life he stepped over the line into real, graphic fantasy. It wasn't him in that mirror....he was watching a wild pornographic scene between a leather-master and a captured boy, where he not only saw but felt what the tortured prisoner was enduring.

Another layer was added to the fantasy as he heard a voice describing it. Darius had watched his master in action and now joined the fantasy, even if only with a word picture. "Holt shit, look at that hot stud construction worker, covered in dirt, stripped to the waist, tears pouring down his face. He's tied up helpless, his muscles flexing as he gets thrashed by that gorgeous black leather-god. Look at the white globes of his ass bouncing under the lash. The whip hurts, it stings, he can't take any more, the pain's too much, he has to give up. Come on, man, submit to your master. You know you have to. Submit, man .....let me hear you scream...."

The graphic description, the pain of the whip, the scene in the mirror all overwhelmed Mario. "OK, I submit," he screamed. "I give up, sir .....I .... aaagh!" A huge ribbon of cum blasted from his cock across the garden, followed by another and another as his beautiful body writhed and thrashed and finally sagged in exhaustion.


In an instant Zack was in front of him wrapping his arms round him, licking the tears from his face, then kissing him gently on the mouth. "You OK, boy? You feel OK?"

Mario gazed into the concerned gray eyes and smiled weakly. "I feel .... absolutely wonderful, sir. That was so .... you are so ..." Zack grinned, "OK, Mario, I get the picture. I sensed you were one of us and would go for all that, and I took you right up to your limit. Now I'm gonna leave you with Darius again for a few minutes. I gotta go across the street and get something from Randy that I know you'll like. You be OK?"

"Yes thank you sir." Zack left and Mario, relaxed now, though still tied up, smiled as Darius approached him. But Darius was in a different mood. As easy as it was for him to slip into a fantasy it was not so easy for him to leave it, especially a fantasy as intense as the one he had just witnessed. His reality was not what he saw but what he imagined. He still saw not Mario but a handsome young construction worker tied up and at his mercy. So, locked in the fantasy, his commentary, which had been interrupted by Mario's orgasm, now resumed.

Holding Mario's chin he pushed his face up and stared wildly into his eyes. "So you think you're hot shit, do you, boy? Just because you took an ass-whipping from the leather-master. Well I'm his boy and now it's my turn - and I've got a weapon more scary than a whip." He took a step back, unzipped his pants and again pulled out his monster ten-inch dick. He spat in his hand and stroked the long pole slowly, grinning lasciviously at his prisoner.

"See this, boy? You think you're such a macho stud. How d'you think your sore ass is gonna feel with my big piece o' horsemeat here shoved inside it. You're gonna get fucked good, boy."

The look in Darius's eyes scared Mario - like he was lost in a different world. Jamie's words flashed in his mind - 'Darius can get carried away sometimes with all his fantasies, but Zack will take care of you.' Mario pleaded frantically, "No, man," he said, "I can't take that. I just shot my load ..... let's wait 'til Zack comes back."

"Not a chance, stud. When Zack's away I'm the master and you're all mine - especially your ass. He walked behind Mario and stroked the bare ass, still striped with the faint marks of the whip. "Oh yeah, a flawless piece of ass just waiting to get fucked. Look at yourself in the mirror while I....." he pressed the head of his dick between the white cheeks "....while I do this. Let me hear you scream, boy....." His hips lunged forward, his thick rod pierced the ass and drove deep into the prisoner's gut.


Across the street Randy was saying, "Shit, man you always look so fucking hot dressed like that. We should tangle again some time. So, you're subjecting the new boy to that, eh?" He and Bob had been in the garden when Zack came in, and now Bob said, "You're sure he's OK, Zack? He's new to all this and I'd trust you with any boy, but ...."

"Hey, no sweat, man," Zack grinned, "he's taking to it like a duck to water - having a great time. You know me, buddy - I'm the expert at this. I know his limits and I'd never hurt him....."

"Aaaagh!" The harrowing scream from across the street pierced the afternoon air. "No, please ..... I can't. Darius, please .... Darius, Darius, Darius ..... aaagh!"

They all sprang to life but Zack held them back. "Stay here, guys - I'll deal with this," and he sprinted through the gate. When he burst into his garden his eyes opened in horror. Mario was screaming, writhing desperately, pulling frantically at the ropes binding him, tears pouring down his face. Behind him was Darius, with a deranged look in his eyes, pounding his massive dick into the tortured ass.

Zack sprang forward behind Darius and grabbed him by the waist. He pulled him slowly back until he saw the long pole slide out of the ass, causing Mario to howl in pain. Then Zack picked Darius up bodily and hurled him across the garden. "Quickly, expertly, Zack untied the ropes from Mario's ankles, then his wrists and Mario fell limply into his arms.

Zack held him tight and whispered in his ear, "It's OK, Mario, I'm here now .... I'll take care of you. I want you to breathe deeply - just hold onto me and breathe deeply." He felt the body stop shuddering and then relax as the pain in his ass subsided. Clinging to him Mario whispered, "I'm sorry, sir. I just couldn't take that huge cock, it hurt so bad. I used the safe word like you said - Darius - but....."

"I know, I know, Mario. Save your breath, I know exactly what happened." He pulled the boy's head back and gently licked the tears from his face. Then, gazing into his eyes he said, "This was all my fault, Mario and I apologize to you deeply. I promised I would take care of you and I failed. I'm ashamed of myself and my boy. Now I have to do something and I want you to relax 'cause I won't hurt you."

He reached behind Mario, stroked his ass, then very gently pushed one finger into the hole and stroked the membrane inside. He felt Mario flinch and said, "It's OK, Mario, that's all I needed, it's done. He raised his finger and looked at it carefully. "Good, excellent, no blood. There's no real damage - it'll just be real sore for a while. Now come with me."

Zack led him over to a wicker chair with a soft cushion and Mario eased himself into it. "Thank you, sir," he said, "I'll be fine now. It's already feeling better. I think I just need to sit for a while."

"Good boy. Let me know if you need anything." Then Zack turned to face Darius.


It wasn't in Darius's nature to cower, but he was cowering now, crouched in a corner by house. It was as if he was coming out of a trance, his fantasy collapsing all round him. Zack had warned him often enough that his obsession with fantasy, the more vivid and real the better, would one day make him lose control and get him into trouble. Now, as Darius's mind cleared and he landed with a bump back in the real world he realized the enormity of what he had done. And if he was in any doubt about that he knew Zack would enlighten him. He gazed up nervously at the leather master looming over him.

"On your feet!" Darius sprang to his feet and stammered, "Sir, I don't ....."

"Not a word! .... not a word out of you boy." Zack paced round the garden, trying to calm down, then confronted his boy again. "Have you any idea what you've just done? You disobeyed the cardinal rule of a real leather-man. You never, ever hurt a man beyond his endurance and if he uses the safe word you absolutely, absolutely stop instantly. I've known men seriously hurt when some moron loses control like you did." Darius started to speak but Zack cut him off.

"Oh, I know what happened. You and your fertile mind got so immersed in your fantasy that you completely lost touch with the real world. Your fantasy actually became your reality. God knows how far it would of gone if I hadn't been close by. As it is, you have hurt a young man who's just come as a guest to the house, a man I was introducing to the pleasures of this kind of sex, a man who trusted me to keep him safe. You have humiliated and dishonored not only yourself but me as well. And your punishment will reflect that. You know what to do."

Darius was terrified by the tone in Zack's voice. He always loved the fact that this powerful, dominant man was normally so calm and easy-going, but knew that when he was enraged he was transformed into a raging bull, eyes blazing, veins bulging in his muscles. Men trembled before him. Darius had some idea what his punishment would be and ran over to the trees, reached up and looped his hands through the restraints that Mario had vacated.

Zack pressed himself against the boy, their faces inches apart, reached up and pulled the restraints tight round his wrists. "You let me down, boy, but god help me I still love you and that's why I have to punish you." He picked the whip up off the ground and, seething with rage, lashed it across Darius's chest, again and again with all the strength he could muster.

Desperate to show his love and respect for his master Darius clenched his jaw and maintained a stoic silence, even though the pain in his chest was so intense he wanted to open his mouth and scream for mercy. He was terrified, knowing that Zack was being consumed by his unrestrained fury. If he had been using the bull-whip instead of the lighter cat o' nine tails there would have been some serious injury.

And suddenly, through the blaze of his anger, Zack knew that too and his arm fell to his side. He was guilty of the same crime as Darius, losing control and causing physical pain beyond the boy's endurance. He slowly calmed down and felt ashamed. But his eyes were still hard as steel as he grabbed Darius's chin and glared into his eyes.

"No, I'm not gonna lower myself to the same conduct as you. Besides, you're my boy, you're tough and I know you can withstand physical pain. Like I said, boy, you have dishonored not only yourself but me as well, and I have to share the blame. And this will be a far worse punishment for you .... a punishment we both deserve."


Darius hung his head in humiliation and Zack turned to Mario. "Mario, can you stand up now and come here?" Mario pulled himself slowly to his feet. "Yes, sir. The pain's not quite so bad now." He walked over and stood before Zack, a few feet from the bound and whip-marked boy. Zack spoke to him gently but seriously.

"Mario, in this house all the men abide by certain rules of discipline. Darius broke one of the cardinal rules and has to be punished. But a master is responsible for his boy and if the boy misbehaves the master must make amends for that. I have apologized for what you suffered but I must do more." His next action took both boys completely by surprise. He unclipped the harness from his chest and pulled it off. Then he ritualistically placed it over Mario's shoulders and clipped it across Mario's chest. It was the first time Mario had ever worn a leather harness.

Darius looked on in shock, knowing what this signified .... Zack had yielded a symbol of his dominance to Mario. Zack looked steadily at Mario with a faint smile in his eyes. "Mario, soon after we met you told me that you were mostly a top man, and I can understand why men always want you to fuck them. Now you can prove it. And one more thing .... it will have the benefit of removing all pain from your ass completely. This is how a man makes amends to a man he has wronged.

Mario still wasn't sure what was happening but Zack made it clear by dropping to his knees, unzipping Mario's pants and pulling out his semi-hard cock. He leaned forward, licked the full length of the cock and buried his face in the boy's curly black pubic hair. Then he took hold of the cock, eased it into his mouth and swallowed it down his throat. He pulled back, pushed forward again, and soon he was pounding down on the cock, which was now rock hard.

As his blood surged into his cock, Mario's ass was suddenly free of pain as Zack had promised. The focus of all sensation now moved from his ass to his cock and as the clouds of confusion parted Mario was transformed. Since he arrived in this group of men the handsome young Italian had been fucked by Jamie and then the rugged cop Mark, then later knelt in submission before two huge black cocks and drunk their semen. And finally, spread-eagled in bondage he had been whipped by the black leather-master, shot his load, and finally had been savagely ass-fucked by the ten-inch pole of the master's boy.

Now all that changed. Mario felt the master's leather harness against his chest, still warm from the master's flesh, and he looked down at the black leather-god on his knees, his shaved head moving back and forth, the muscles of his broad shoulders and back rippling as he abased himself by sucking cock. Mario felt a surge of testosterone and macho strength consume him .... he became again what he had always been, a young alpha male, a top man - tall, beautiful, strong ..... and ready to fuck ass!


He grabbed Zack's face and pulled it onto his cock, feeling it slide deep inside and making the leather-man choke. Tears flowed down the ebony face as the rod hammered against the back of his throat. But Mario now knew what he really wanted - what he had wanted since he first saw the black construction worker walk through the gate. Mario had fucked many men in the past, from elegant young Italian aristocrats to sexy young low-rent boys off the street. But he had never, ever, fucked a man such as this - a spectacular, muscle-stud leatherman, a dominant alpha male, master of his world.

This was the man who now offered himself to him, stripped to the waist in leather pants and boots, enduring the humiliation of having a cock pound his face. But for Mario it was not enough. He pulled out his cock, reached down and pulled Zack to his feet. He took a step back, folded his arms across his chest and gazed steadily into the leather-man's gray eyes.

For a moment Zack faltered. As he looked at the handsome young Italian with the unwavering gaze, the leather harness crossed over his chest, Zack saw a new man - no longer the boy he had first met, hesitant in a strange new world. He saw the real Mario, with all the elegant poise of a well-bred European but lacking none of the toughness and raw determination of the most macho American. With his chiseled features, his curly black hair, and his muscular physique he was stunning.

Mario smiled. "Do I look now like a mere boy who can be tied up, whipped and have his ass brutally fucked by your boy? I think not. Non รจ vero, signore. I am a man who likes to fuck, who needs to fuck ass. It is I to whom men have always knelt. Look at me, Zack. I think you know what to do."

Zack too was transformed. This had begun with his boy's mistake and a ritual need to make amends, which is why he had knelt before the injured man. In previous acts of retribution, though, Zack had always remained a top man - man enough to kneel in remorse. But this was different. What started out as a symbolic act of apology had been transformed into raw lust for a beautiful young man, lust for his cock ..... to feel it inside him. Yes - Zack knew what to do.

Maintaining eye contact with Mario, Zack kicked off his boots, ripped open his pants, let them drop and stepped out of them. Buck naked, his ebony skin lit gold by the setting sun, he held out his arms, flexed his muscles and said simply, "Fuck me Mario. My ass is yours."

"NO!" The scream came from Darius, pulling frantically against his restraints, his body thrashing wildly. He had watched appalled as Zack had offered to take the punishment for his boy's mistake, and was even more distraught to realize that part of this punishment was to offer his ass. But now he was in a total panic realizing that Zack actually wanted to get fucked by this man .... he lusted for him. His master, his hero, the macho fuck machine, was asking to get fucked. And it was all because of him!

"No," he yelled again. "It's all my fault .... fuck me instead.... whip me, torture me....but not this."

Tears poured down his face as he saw his master fall to his knees and then onto his back on the grass, splaying his legs and arms in a spread-eagled pose. Ignoring Darius's pleading voice Zack looked up in awe at the beautiful young man in black jeans and heavy boots, leather harness stretched over his bulging pecs, flexing his muscles as his hypnotic green eyes stared down at him. The lilting, accented voice asked, "What do you want, Zack? Tell me."

"I want you to fuck me. You look so fucking beautiful. I want to feel your cock in my ass."

Mario fell to his knees between the leatherman's legs, reached sideways and grabbed his feet, pushing them high in the air and gazing down at the black ass. His cock was hard as steel and he eased the head into the furry hair round the hole. He smiled at Zack and said, "This is what you want, Zack, and I will give it to you. The smile disappeared, replaced by a flashing intensity that pierced Zack's eyes. Mario's hips lunged forward and he impaled the ass of the black muscle god on the iron spike of his cock.

"Aaagh!" Without a pause, Mario pulled back and speared his ass again. "Aaagh". The leather-master screamed, his body bucked, his head thrashed from side to side as he felt the long pole sink deep into his gut. Zack had been fucked in the past, but not lately and seldom like this. His screams were caused by a blend of pain and euphoria, feeling the piston in his ass while mesmerized by the beauty of the young Italian fucking him."

"You see," Mario said, "I can use my cock to cause pain, just as your boy did to me, but there are other ways, more .... come se dice? .... more subtle ways to make you beg."

Mario had said he was a top man and now he proved it. He was a master at working a man's ass and dominating his mind. Zack watched the body pull back over him and braced for another pile-driving blow ..... but instead he felt the long pole ease into him so gently it was a surprise to feel it touch the back of his ass. It rested there for a moment, then glided gently over the tender inner sphincter and came to rest in the soft, warm hollow deep inside.

"Oh, man," Zack sighed, "that feels so fucking hot." But it was only the beginning. Mario pulled back slightly, enough for the head of his cock to pass over the inner sphincter, then edged back again, so the hard rim of the cock's head, the corona, was massaging the rim of the sphincter. The most sensitive part of Mario's cock was rubbing against the most private, most tender part of Zack's ass ..... and it drove him wild.

"Oh, shit," he moaned, "shit that feels incredible. Oh, man, keep doing that ..... god I've never felt anything so fucking ....." But suddenly Mario pulled back all the way up the chute and almost out, then massaged the outer sphincter with the head of his cock. "Aaah," Zack moaned, "you're driving me crazy ..... god that feels .... oh man ....." His body was writhing, muscles gleaming, head tossing from side to side in pure ecstasy. "Go deep again, boy. Do it again."

Mario pushed in deep, massaged the inner sphincter for a few seconds, then pulled back as before. "No, dammit, I said go deep, boy. Do it!" The master instinct was flaring but Mario simply smiled at him and said in his soft lilting voice. "I am not your boy, Zack, so you will not call me that again. Yes, I will push my cock deep inside you but if you want the infinite pleasure that brings you will have to ask in the proper way."

"OK, OK, I'm asking you ..... please." Mario sighed, "Better than that. I know you can do better." He teased Zack by pushing deep inside and Zack felt the same flash of exquisite pleasure for an instant .... then it stopped again. "No! I said ......" Zack looked up at the strong green eyes and surrendered. "Please, man, do it again. I need to feel it. Please, sir ass is yours ..... I'm begging you, sir."

"Perfetto. It is a joy for me to hear a man such as you beg. Here, this is what you want." Slowly, tauntingly he slid his cock back down to the depths of Zack's ass, paused, then pushed against the inner sphincter and massaged it slowly with the head's firm corona. Once again Zack was launched into flights of ecstasy, his eyes opened wide and he gazed at the beautiful young man above him. He reached up and ran his hands over the studded harness across the flawless chest and moaned, "Thank you ..... thank you, sir. God, you are so beautiful .... you're making me feel so fucking hot. Keep doing that, please, sir."

Sir! The macho leather-god was calling the boy 'sir'. Darius had stopped struggling and watched helplessly as he saw his master submit to the beautiful Italian. This was torture for him, far worse than the physical pain of the whip. But even now, in his shame and despair, Darius's flirtation with fantasy still seduced him. As he watched the gorgeous young leather-boy in his leather harness, his hips moving slowly, his cock deep inside the master, Darius's cock was rock hard.

Zack was in a daze, the incredible sensation in his ass spreading in waves through his whole body, making his cock shudder. "Man, I'm close .... I can't take any more. Please, let me cum, let me feel your juice in my ass." Mario smiled and nodded. "We shall climax together, Zack. We understand each other now. We shall cum as one man."

Mario reached down, grabbed Zack's rigid cock and held it pointing straight up at himself. He pulled his hips back, then lunged forward, driving his cock hard into the master's ass, over the inner sphincter where it exploded in a blast of semen that bathed the inner depths. "Aaagh!!" As Zack screamed Mario felt his cock bulge in his fist, felt the juice race through it and burst from it, shooting high in the air as the leather-man howled like an animal. Mario threw his head back and felt Zack's cum splashing down on his face, into his mouth, then over his neck and the harness across his chest.

Zack reached up, grabbed Mario's harness and pulled him down on top of him, their mouths locking in a grinding embrace. As their bodies writhed together they heard another scream and felt a shower of semen splash onto them. Writhing desperately in his restraints, awestruck by the scene of his master being topped by the young Italian, Darius had shot a massive load over the two men.

Suddenly aware of Darius's plight Mario slid his dick out of Zack's ass, jumped to his feet and quickly unbuckled the restraints from his ankles and wrists. Darius fell exhausted into Mario's arms and Mario held him tight, kissing him warmly. Surprised at first, Darius returned the kiss and Zack looked with satisfaction at the two boys burying any animosity that may have lingered.

Zack stood up and when the boy turned and looked at him for guidance he grinned broadly. "Mario, there's one more rule of the house I didn't explain. When a boy misbehaves he gets punished .... and that's an end of it. As Randy would say, it's in the past, lessons learned, get on with your life. Now I don't know about you guys, but I'm starved. Dinner!"


Most of the guys were gathered over drinks in the garden and the twins were setting up the dinner table when the gate opened and in walked three men who made their jaws drop. They were all shirtless in black jeans and boots and Mario was wearing a cum-splashed leather harness. All three were smothered in dirt and cum, with sweat trickling down their faces and rippling muscles.

There was a momentary silence, then the whole group stood up with cheers and wolf-whistles. The three guys had obviously had hard-core sex and stood there looking well pleased with themselves. "Welcome back to reality, guys," Randy shouted. "You look as if you've been living one of Darius's fantasies." Zack flashed a smile. "Buddy, we created our own fantasy .... that right, Mario?"

Jamie was the first to run up to them and throw his arms round Mario. "Dude!" he said, "you look totally awesome - way different from that hotel waiter. Will you wear the harness when you fuck me next?" They were interrupted by Bob who looked at Mario with concern. "You sure you're OK, Mario? When we heard you shout like that......" Mario grinned, "I'm excellent, sir. I had a great time with Zack and Darius - as you see," and he stretched out his arms, displaying himself in all his raunchy leather glory.

Eddie and the twins had set up one table for the men and one for the boys and Zack said, "Mario, you wanna come sit with us?" But Mario shook his head. "I appreciate the honor you give me, sir, but I am still one of the boys, no matter what happened across the street. So I will sit with my friends."

The boys went into an instant huddle, listening wide eyed as Darius took the lead in a graphic description of their adventure. After all, he had been at the center of the action, and didn't even hold back from admitting to his own rule-breaking behavior. It was all part of the fantasy, after all. At the less noisy men's table Bob was saying, "Wow, Mario looks completely different from the classy Italian boy we first met, and I don't only mean the dirt and the leather. He looks kind of - tougher somehow, confident, more man than boy." Zack laughed. "Yeah, well fucking a leather master in the ass can do that to a boy."

After that Zack had to tell them the whole story. "Guys, that boy is incredible - he really knows how to fuck - like a real master. You know me, top-man macho stud and all, but I swear I was on my back begging him to fuck my ass. You should try it some time." While he talked, Randy shot Bob a look that Bob for once was unable to decipher - until they got to the bedroom.


They had showered together before dinner as usual, but what wasn't so usual was after dinner when finally they got up to their bedroom and Randy instantly stripped off his shirt, kicked off his boots and lay on the bed in just his jeans. Usually it was Bob lying there watching as Randy put on a macho show of slowly stripping for action in preparation for ploughing Bob's ass. This time the positions were reversed and Bob decided to take his time. He could put on a show as well as the next man.

He pulled a beer from the fridge, took a swig and paced the room. He leaned against the wall and said casually, "So - that's a turn-up for the books - that big black muscle-stud getting his ass fucked by a boy - and really getting off on it, apparently. It's a real hot image, though - a master, a big tough boss getting fucked. Makes you think, eh?"

Randy just smiled and put his hands behind his head on the pillow, his elbows outstretched, lats flared - and he watched. Bob was wearing a sleeveless denim shirt hanging open over a white T-shirt, blue jeans and loafers. The slabs of his chest were outlined under the tight T-shirt and his biceps bulged below the short sleeves. Under the ceiling spotlights he looked sensational - Superman personified. Randy breathed, "Fucking gorgeous! Have I ever told you how fucking gorgeous you are, man? You are one massive turn-on. Show me, buddy."

Bob sighed, put down the beer and stretched, flexing his biceps. He paced a bit more, then faced Randy and shrugged off his shirt. His T-shirt hugged his perfect torso, from his broad shoulders down flared lats to a slim waist. Even his eight-pack abs were visible, etched under the shirt. He folded his arms across his chest and, already knowing what was running through Randy's mind, said, "What do you want from me, man?"

"You know damn well what I want - you know me so well. I want that beautiful muscle-god buddy of mine to fuck my ass. You said it was a turn-on hearing about a master getting fucked by a boy. Well how about the big macho construction boss getting his ass fucked by another alpha male. Please, buddy .... I wanna feel your cock in my ass."

Silently Bob reached behind his neck and pulled his T-shirt up, over his abs, his chest, his shoulders and off. He kicked off his shoes and stood before the bed, stripped to the waist, and gazed down at Randy. "Now we're even, buddy - no shirts, just jeans. Could go either way .... except for this ...." He leaned forward, ripped open Randy's pants, then pulled them from the bottom. They slid off easily and he tossed them aside.

"Well now, will you look at that? That tough construction worker naked on the bed. Man, I've seen you fuck so many times .... the ultimate top man - fucking like a stallion. There's not a man who wouldn't be scared of getting ploughed by you. But look at you now. Tell me again what you want." Randy looked up pleadingly. "I want your cock inside me, man. Please .... I want to feel it in my ass. Fuck me, man."

"You got it, buddy." Bob knelt on the bed, pulled Randy's legs over his shoulders and pressed his cock against his ass. "I love you, Randy. You know I would give you anything you want ..... including this...." He eased his cock into Randy's ass, let it slide deep inside and come to rest there. "Man, your ass feels good - so tight. Here ....." He pulled all the way back, then pushed slowly back in and stopped again.

Randy looked up at the square-jawed Superman face and the spectacular physique, reached up and ran his hands over the rock-hard pecs. "Man, you are so fucking beautiful ..... getting fucked by you is the best feeling in the world. I'm crazy about you, man. Don't ever leave me, buddy. I need to look at you, be with you, feel your body, get fucked by you. Don't stop, man. More .... I want a lot more."

And so began a long, loving fuck, with Bob's hips moving rhythmically back and forth, his long pole massaging the inside of his lover's ass. Randy pushed against Bob's chest, then squeezed his nipples in his fingers. Bob smiled and did the same to Randy, both of them increasing the pressure until their chests were on fire and their faces grimaced in pain and pleasure. And still the swollen cock drove in and out of the muscle-stud's ass. It was as if the world had shrunk and closed around them, so all that was left were two men, united in the glory of man-on-man love.

Randy gazed up into the soft brown eyes and murmured, "Harder, man. You know how I fuck. I want to feel what you feel when I fuck you." Bob grinned down at him. "You asked for it, buddy." He pulled back gently, his eyes grew steely and he suddenly slammed his cock savagely inside the ass, pulled back and speared the ass again. Randy threw his head back and howled, his long black hair flying over his face. In seconds Bob's cock became a pile-driver, pistoning in and out of the naked construction worker whose body writhed beneath him.

Bob fell forward and pinned Randy's wrists to the bed. And now the always-gentle, unassuming man was transformed. The latent dominance that was always buried deep within Bob now leapt to the surface and Randy gazed in awe as his lover became a wild stallion, his chiseled features staring down at him, his muscle's flexing, his steel pole mercilessly impaling Randy's ass. It was Superman in action, and Randy had never seen anything more spectacular. The pain in his ass was intense .... and he loved it.

Bob looked down at the swarthy, rugged face, twisted in torment, and he said breathlessly, "God, I love to see pain on your face, man. You look fucking gorgeous - that massive body thrashing beneath me. Oh man, seeing a muscle-god pinned down, his ass getting hammered .... awesome. You're tough, man, but you know you can't take much more. Let me hear the big boss scream .... let me hear him beg."

"Aaagh ..... the pain in my ass! I gotta cum, man. Please, I can't take any more. I give up - you win - you are the best. Aaagh....! Please, shoot your load inside me. I'm begging you, man ..... it hurts so bad .... I gotta shoot, man ..... aaagh...! His body spasmed, his cock pulsed and a plume of white cream blasted from his cock, splashing onto Bob above him."

"I love you, man!" Bob screamed and felt his cock release a torrent of semen deep inside his lover's ass. Their orgasms seemed eternal. But at long last they subsided and the two men gazed at each other breathlessly, their hearts pounding. Randy reached up, curled his hand behind Bob's neck, pulled him down on top of him and said, "That was epic, man. Totally un-fucking-believable."

Bob smiled. "Yeah, but I don't want you to get too domesticated, buddy. We've seen a lot of your kind and gentle side lately, but you know how I love my wild animal, anger and all. No matter what, you're still King of the Gypsies."

"You bet your life I am, buddy. You don't have to worry about that. Anyone challenges me - hurts one of my men - they'll be sorry they tangled with me. I'll fucking tear them apart." Bob smiled to himself. That's my man, he thought, nestled in Randy's protective arms, and slept."


Randy's macho boast was to be put to the test sooner than anyone expected.

It was two days later when Eddie offered to help the twins by going by himself to get some home-grown food supplies from an old organic store tucked away in one of the canyons. It was quite a trip and all went well until it started to rain on the way back. Dusk was falling, the rain became torrential - and he got lost in the canyon.

It was one of those days where anything that could go wrong did go wrong. His old truck started to sputter and, despite his best efforts, it stalled on a lonely road. His instinct was to call the guys for help but when he looked at his cell phone his heart missed a beat .... "No Signal." Not surprising, really, way up here in this remote spot.

Eddie suppressed his panic and realized he would have to wait. There was no traffic out in this weather on this deserted road but he knew that the guys would come looking for him sooner or later. It was a long, anxious wait for the young boy until he saw headlights approaching from behind. It must be the guys, he thought, and sighed with relief.

Except that it wasn't. It was someone else entirely.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 191


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