Randy's adopted son Pablo and his youngest brother Ben had taken an instant dislike to each other, driven by insecurity over their place in Randy's affections. But that changed suddenly after Ben had secretly watched Randy and Bob making love. Horrified, he had run away from the house and, in his anger, picked a fight with two thugs who were high on meth.

Ben was a fighter, like his brother Randy, but was getting the worst of the fight when Pablo, who had seen him run away, came to his aid. Both trained by Randy, they hit it off as a fighting team and after their joint victory had shaken hands firmly and warmly - unlike the limp, reluctant handshake when they had first met.

"That double forearm smash of yours is something else, man," Ben said.

"Yeah," grinned Pablo, "my signature move. But that back-slamming thing you do - it's an awesome move. What's it called?"

"I dunno," Ben grinned. "I call it my back-slamming thing."

They laughed and Pablo said, "Come on, dude, let's go back. So what made you do a runner?"

Ben's face clouded over and he said, "I don't wanna talk about it."

"Come on, dude, I heard it too - Randy and Bob. Hell you have to get used that - they go at it every night - morning too."

Suddenly Ben stopped and glared at Pablo. "Who the fuck is this Bob anyway? Some kind of asshole with a hold over Randy? I tell you, man, if I stay on here he has to go."

"Hah, like that's gonna happen!" Pablo's eyes flashed and he clenched his fists. "Man, don't you ever say shit like that about Bob. He's the most gorgeous, kindest, gentlest guy on the planet. Randy's nuts about him and we all love him. And take it from me, dude, Bob's not going anywhere. Randy wouldn't allow it."

Taken aback by Pablo's spirited defense of Bob Ben looked sullen as they resumed their climb up the hill. "Shit, dude, I'm so fucking confused. I don't know which end is up. I wanna stay here close to Randy, I do, but I don't think I can handle all this, especially this Bob thing. I mean, Randy's my big brother and ......" There was an uneasy silence. "So Randy really adopted you?" Pablo nodded enthusiastically. "Hmm, so you're Randy's son and I'm his brother." His face creased into a puzzled frown. "So what does that make me .... your uncle?!"

They stared at each other, then burst out laughing, uncontrollably, and all the pent-up tension evaporated. Pablo threw his arm over Ben's shoulder and they continued on up the hill.

Randy and Bob were standing at the gate watching the two boys in amazement, hearing their peals of laughter as they trudged up the hill. "Well," Bob smiled at Randy, "God knows what happened down there, but ..... look at them. Didn't you once say you hoped Pablo would get a boy of his own one day soon? Well .... Meanwhile, there are still a ton of bridges to cross."

You can say that again," Randy said with a sigh. "God knows what comes next. I'm kinda out of my depth here, man. But you're good at shit like this. You'll help me, buddy, won't you?"

"Don't I always?" Bob grinned. "OK, brace yourself, big guy ..... here they come."

The boys approached nervously, expecting a tongue lashing, but Randy saw a light gleaming in their eyes that he recognized. It was the adrenaline rush he always felt after winning a fight. He looked at their disheveled appearance, each of them dressed the same, shirtless in cargo shorts and sneakers. "You two been in a fight?"

"It was my fault, sir," said Ben. "I picked a fight with these two guys but they were crazed, high on meth I think, so it's lucky Pablo showed up and helped me out. He has this terrific double forearm smash......" Pablo interrupted, "...... yeah but what about that back-slamming thing of yours?" and they enthusiastically described the fight for Randy's benefit. Bob glanced at Randy and saw the pride shining in his eyes as he heard how his two boys had teamed up to fight alongside each other, using moves he had taught them.

Bob knew this fight fest could go on a long time so he stepped in. "Look, guys, it's late and chilly out here, so what say we go back inside and back to sleep?" Ben gave Bob a strange, resentful look and walked through the gate, making for the door to the basement. Hanging behind, Randy said to Pablo, "So what do you think made Ben run off like that, kid?"

Pablo hesitated. "Sir, I think .... I think Ben may have seen you and Bob .... like..... fucking, sir. So he took off, and now he's real down on Bob ..... seems to think he can't live in the same house with him."

"Jesus Christ," Randy growled, clenching his fists, feeling instantly protective of Bob. "The little fucker. Well I'll sure straighten him out on that one. If he thinks he can't live with Bob there's an easy solution to that ..... he can just get the hell out." He started for the basement door that Ben had already disappeared into. But Bob put a restraining hand on his arm.

"Hey, hey," Bob said, seeing that old familiar anger flaring in Randy's eyes. "Don't want you picking a fight with your little brother on his first night here. Why don't you let me talk to him? .... Better for me to face this head on."

Randy was about to protest but felt Pablo tugging at him. "Sir, could I run over the fight again with you while it's fresh in my mind. Want to know how you would handle guys who are high on drugs." Randy looked at the boy, then at Bob, wavering, but finally said to Bob. "OK, but if the little fucker gives you any lip he'll damn well answer to me."

He allowed himself to be pulled away by Pablo, and Bob took a deep breath and headed for the basement stairs.


He knocked softly at the door and the voice from inside yelled, "What?!" Despite the angry tone Bob smiled as he went in. "What the fuck do you want?" Ben snarled.

The smile evaporated from Bob's face and he said firmly, "Well first I want a little respect from you, boy. Don't ever talk like that to me again, and you call me 'sir', you got that? God knows what Randy would say if he heard you speak to me like that."

Ben knew he was right and backed off with a grudging, "Sorry, sir."

Bob's tone softened. "As to what I want, I want us to talk .... it's time we did. I'm sorry you saw Randy and me up in our room, it must have come as a shock, but you'll have to get used to the idea of your brother and me being together 'cause that's not gonna change." Seeing Ben's frown deepen Bob took a different approach. "Tell me, Ben ..... have you ever been in love?"

Taken aback by the question Ben hesitated. "Well, I dunno really ..... I mean there was that guy I lived with for a while and I thought I did at first, but ..... I dunno."

Bob smiled, "If you don't know, Ben, then you haven't been. Well, let me say it right out front, plain and simple for you. Randy and I love each other."

Ben flinched and Bob saw anger in his eyes again. "That's not true ..... not my brother. Since when anyway?"

Bob stood up and grabbed two beers from the small fridge and gave one to Ben. Although it was late Ben was still wide awake, having had several hours sleep earlier in the evening. So Bob pulled up a chair and sat facing him as Ben perched on the bed.

"Ben, I'm gonna tell you a story, quite a long one but I believe I owe it to you. You remember that bar you went to on Hollywood Boulevard, the one where Sheila told you where Randy had gone? Well that's where Randy and I met, one hot afternoon that I'll always remember. I was running away from a bad marriage up north and Randy had already left his wife in Texas. And you know that ratty old motel you poked around in close to the bar? That's where we went that afternoon so I could get a few hours' sleep ...... and we ended up staying there for several days ..... and then several weeks after that."

He had Ben's attention now and he proceeded to tell Ben many of the details of his life with Randy ...... of Randy's anger at first, then their inability to leave each other despite their ups and downs and stormy relationship, then of the bond that developed between them that grew into profound love. He told him of this house, how the other guys had come to live here, and described the situation that existed now.

When Bob finished Ben was gazing at him with rapt attention. "And that thing I saw Randy do to you ....." he asked. Bob smiled, "It's something we do all the time. It's how we make love."

"Yeah, well I get Randy fucking you ...... he's this big macho guy, after all .... always been the dominant guy."

"And sometimes I fuck him."

"No way!" Ben's eyes blazed. "My brother would never let anyone do that to him. He's tough, macho like I said. He'd slug anyone who tried that on."

Bob reached forward and touched Ben's hand, relieved that he didn't pull it away. "Ben, let me explain something. When a man gets fucked that doesn't take away any of his masculinity. Quite the opposite sometimes. Randy looks magnificent when I'm fucking him. And you know the other guys here, like Mark the cop and Zack the big tough leather guy. They've all had their asses fucked." He laughed. "As a matter of fact a few days ago Jason - he's the fireman who lives down the hill - he gave a big party where all the boys turned the tables and fucked their masters. It was sensational."

Ben frowned again, trying to take all this in. "And Pablo. Like, he's a tough young guy, real masculine. Does he let Randy fuck him?"

Bob laughed. "He doesn't have much choice .... he's Randy's boy, so of course he gets fucked. And you know something? That's the time he's happiest. He loves it when Randy drives his cock into his ass. He can't get enough. Loves getting fucked by Darius too." Seeing Ben's confusion Bob followed up quickly with a question. "But you Ben, are you telling me that you're ass has never been .... I mean even by that guy you lived with?"

"Hell no! And when he tried it on that's when I slugged him and got the hell out. I fucked him sometimes, 'cause I'm a top man but I've never let anyone get close to my ass ..... no way."

Hmm," Bob mused. "Shame really ..... you've missed a lot. Another beer?" Ben eagerly accepted one and lapsed into silence. Finally he picked up on Bob's last statement. "Why have I missed a lot? I mean, when Randy does what I saw him doing to you .... like .... how does it feel?"

"Oh, Ben," Bob laughed, "that's something you can't put into words .... kind of like a trip to the moon. It's something you have to experience to know. And you really have to want the guy."

Another long silence as Ben studied Bob, who was still just wearing the boxer shorts he had worn to bed. Sprawled near-naked in the chair he was a true muscle-god, and Ben said, "You know, sir, you're a really great-looking guy. I can see why Randy's so hot for you. I didn't like you at first because of .... well, you know .... you and Randy and all..... But I can see why Randy would let you - like - fuck him and all." Another silence. "So you say my brother asks you to do it ..... I mean, he likes it?"

"He loves it, kid. You should just see that big muscle-stud writhing with pleasure when I do it."

Ben was thoughtful, musing to himself, "So my brother thinks it's OK for a guy to get fucked. Even a guy who's a top, who usually does the fucking. And Pablo gets fucked too." He gazed at Bob with a strange look in his eye, as if he was evaluating him. And then Bob noticed the bulge in Ben's shorts. The boy had been getting a hard-on while they spoke.

Bob laughed. "Is that a boner you got there, kid?"

Ben suddenly sprang to his feet and said, "Please don't go anywhere, sir. I gotta do something but I'll be right back. Please stay, sir, and make yourself at home....." he grinned ..... "oh, "sorry, sir, you are at home ..... it's your house. But anyway ....." And he ran from the room.


Alone now, Bob heaved a deep sigh and took another slug of beer. He didn't know if he was getting through to the kid, but Ben had listened intently to everything he said and there did seem to be a change in his attitude. He had even complimented Bob .... plus there was that boner in his shorts. 'Well,' he thought, 'just go with the flow, I guess - whatever happens.'

But he wasn't ready for what happened next. It wasn't long before Ben burst into the room, his eyes sparkling. "He said it's OK, sir. He said we can."

Bob smiled at this new Ben ..... eager, enthusiastic, full of energy. "What's OK, Ben? We can what?"

"You know, sir. My brother said it's OK with him if I ..... I mean if you ..... you know...."

Bob gazed at him in amazement. "Ben, did you just ask Randy's permission to .... I mean, are you .... are you asking me to fuck you?"

"I sure am! ..... sir. If Pablo can get fucked, so can I."

"Hey, hey, slow down, kid. First of all this can't be a contest between you and Pablo. And second of all, when you get fucked - especially for the first time - it has to be because you really want it because you like the guy so much."

"Oh, I do, sir. Well, I'd really like Randy to be the first guy to fuck me, but that's not on 'cause he's my brother, so you're the next best thing."

Bob laughed. "Well, I must say I've had more flattering offers than that in my life. Not sure if I like being the 'next best thing.'

Ben frowned. "You don't want to fuck me. I'm not good-looking enough."

"Hey, did I say that? You're a hot young stud, Ben, and I'd be honored to fuck you. You've got your brother's good looks too, so fucking his little brother would be like fucking him. You don't believe me? Take a look here." He cupped his hands round his crotch and pulled his shorts tight, showing the long, hard cock outlined under the thin cotton.

Ben stared at it in awe, then momentarily lost his nerve. "Does it .... does it hurt, sir?"

"At first it does - especially as this is your first time. But you take deep breaths and the pain turns to pleasure .... no.... more than pleasure .... it's .... well you'll see. OK, kiddo, let's do it."

Ben stood before him, not sure how to start. "Well," Bob smiled, "usually the first step is to take your clothes off. I gotta see your ass to fuck it."

Ben was already shirtless after the fight, and now he actually blushed as he kicked off his sneakers and dropped his cargo shorts. He stood self-consciously in his boxer briefs and Bob said, "The briefs too, kiddo. You have to be naked." Blushing again Ben pulled down his briefs and cupped his hands in embarrassment over his cock that sprang out like a pole. Bob laughed. "You shouldn't be shy about that, Ben. It's a beautiful cock - not as long as Darius's to be sure, but then whose is? OK, now turn around."

Ben nervously turned his back to Bob who whistled when he saw the white mounds of the perfect ass. "Phew, that is one sensational ass, kid. Almost like Pablo's. What is it about Randy's guys and their asses?"

"Sir, I worked out hard like Randy taught me years ago. I do lots of squats." He paused, still facing away from Bob. "Sir, are you gonna fuck me now, sir?"

Bob chuckled. "Not like that, kid, not standing up - not your first time. Now, tell me ..... do you want to watch me when I fuck you or face away?

"Oh, watch you definitely, sir. You're so ......" Bob cut him off. "OK, got it. So lie down on the bed on your back. Ben obeyed instantly and gazed up at the gorgeous, dark-haired muscle god who was about to be the first man to fuck him. Bob pushed down his boxers and his huge cock sprang out, hard as a rod. Ben gasped and gazed in awe at the naked bodybuilder looming over him, with his square-jawed classic features and dark hair. It was like he was about to get fucked by Superman.

"OK, said Bob, now there's something important I have to ask you ..... and you have to tell me the truth. Ben, do you really want me to fuck you ...... because of me, not because of Randy or Pablo ..... just for me?"

Ben answered boldly but with a deferential tone to Bob. "Yes, sir .... I do want it, very much sir. And it's not because of anyone else. You look so gorgeous standing there, sir ..... I really want you to be the first guy ever to fuck me."

"OK," Bob smiled. "So here's the deal. I want you to relax and if it hurts too much we'll stop. We can stop completely if that's what you want."

"No, sir. I can take it, I know I can ..... from you, sir." Bob knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and pushed Ben's legs up, holding them behind his thighs. He lowered his head to the ass and pushed his tongue through the fuzz of dark hair until he tasted the warm, musky hole. He licked all round the sphincter and was rewarded by sighs and moans from the boy. Then he pushed his tongue inside the hole, as deep as it would go.

"Oh!" Ben gasped. "That feels .... oh ..... oh ....." Instinctively his hand went to his cock but Bob pulled back and said, "No, Ben, not yet. Take your hand away ..... whatever you do, don't cum." Ben stretched out his arms and gripped the edges of the bed. "Now," Bob said, "except for when you fucked your friend, have you ever shot your load without touching yourself?"

Ben frowned, puzzled. "No, sir.....never." Bob smiled, "Well, we'll have to see about that." He stood up, went over to a table and pulled from a draw a jar of lubricant that was always kept there. He took off the lid, knelt on the bed between Ben's legs, put two fingers into the jar, then held them against Ben's ass. He pushed his greasy fingers into the warm ass and moved them around gently inside. He saw Ben's eyes open wide, heard him take deep breaths and saw his cock go rigid.

"Not yet, Ben .... long way to go yet. You feel OK?"

"Aaah," he sighed. "What you're doing to my ass, sir. It feels .... I've never felt anything like it."

"OK, then, you're ready. Watch this, kid." He pulled his hand away and smeared the residual grease on his own cock, running his cupped hand the full length of the stiff rod. "Does that look good to you, Ben?

"Oooh ..... it looks beautiful sir." Bob took a sharp intake of breath, threw his head back and moaned. Ben panicked. "Please don't cum, sir .... please!'

Bob was deliberately teasing him, bringing him to a pitch of desire. "You don't want me to shoot all over you? Some guys love that. So what do you want me to do with this big rod of mine?"

Ben was still panicking "I want you to put it in my ass, sir. Please, sir. I know I was rude to you before, and I don't deserve to get fucked by you ..... but I really, really want it, sir. I beg you, sir ..... please fuck my ass."

Bob looked down, saw the tears in Ben's eyes and hesitated, as if trying to make a decision. Then he smiled. "OK, Ben, since you want it so bad. I'll fuck you, kiddo."

"Thank you, sir." But although Ben's panic subsided he was still tense. He looked up at this beautiful, muscular man, saw him ease forward and ..... felt the head of his cock pressing against his hole. More pressure ..... and suddenly the head slid over his sphincter and into his ass. Instant pain! "No .... No .... I can't it hurts too much. No, sir!"

Quickly Bob pulled out and said calmly. "You want to stop, Ben? It's OK if you do."

"No, sir, no," said Ben, his panic returning. "No, I can take it, I know I can. I want it so bad. Please do it again, sir." Bob smiled, eased forward again and this time the head of his cock slid in more easily. Slowly, very slowly, he pushed it into the boy's ass, moving imperceptibly until it came to rest against the hot membrane deep inside. But Ben was now really tense, with a white-knuckle grip on the sides of the bed, clenching his jaw, his eyes tight shut, his whole body and ass flexing hard. "It hurts so bad, sir. I can't take it. Please pull out, sir."

"Ben, Ben, look at me." Bob's voice was gentle, hypnotic almost, and Ben stared into the soft brown eyes smiling down at him. "Now I want you to take deep breaths and relax. Stop gripping the bed, relax your body ..... relax your ass. You have to trust me, Ben."

Ben was mesmerized by the gorgeous face gazing down at him. He concentrated on the steady brown eyes and did as he was told. Breathing deeply his tension slowly drained away. He relaxed his body, and at last ..... he relaxed the muscles of his ass and let the big hard cock just rest inside him. It felt like a dream as the pain dissolved and was replaced by ...... a sensation so new, so exquisite it was as if he were floating.

His eyes opened wide and he reached up, resting his hands on the slabs of Bob's magnificent chest. This beautiful muscle-god - this Superman - was leaning over him, smiling at him ...... he was inside him, inside his ass. His cock was in his ass! He felt it pull back very slightly then push in and out gently with small caressing movements.

Bob knew exactly what he was doing - gently massaging the deepest, softest membrane of Ben's ass. He had felt this so often when Randy, the fuck-master of them all, teased his ass to the point of orgasm. And now he was doing the same to Randy's young brother. It was thrilling. Their eyes were locked as Bob caressed the back of Ben's ass a little more, then paused, and pushed forward one last time, so the head of his cock slid over the inner sphincter and came to rest inside the warm, secret space deep inside him.

Ben's body shuddered and he dug his fingers into Bob's pecs as the sensation in his ass became irresistible. He felt heat in his legs rising up into his groin, into his balls and up through his cock, and ...... "Aaagh!" .... His cock exploded in the most spectacular orgasm of his life. His long scream bounced off the basement walls and he saw, as if in a dream, creamy white liquid splash onto the muscular body heaving above him. Then he felt it himself as stream after stream of semen soaked his own body and face.

He was still shuddering, his heart racing, as he floated slowly out of his dream ..... and back to reality ..... the reality of what he had done. "Oh no! I came, sir. I shot my load. You told me not to but it felt so ..... so ....."

"That's OK, Ben. It looked beautiful. Do you want me to pull out?"

"No, sir, please, sir. I love your cock inside me."

Bob smiled. "OK, but when a guy fucks you, you have to make sure that he gets off on it too."

"You mean gets his rocks off, sir." Bob smiled at the boy's raw language. "Yeah, that's what I mean. So if it's OK with you I'm gonna fuck you for a bit longer."

"Yes, sir. I want that, I love feeling your cock in my ass, sir."

"And just so you don't touch your cock ....." Bob leaned forward, grabbed Ben's wrists and pinned them to the bed above his head. And that's how, slowly at first but with increasing tempo, Bob fucked Ben's ass in earnest. He carefully watched the boy's face for signs of pain but there were none, only ecstasy as the young, dark gypsy face tossed from side to side, moaning with pleasure.

Ben watched wide-eyed as the gorgeous body arched over him, supported on just hands and feet, rising and falling above him as the cock pistoned into his ass. The boy was spinning in a glorious, newly-discovered world of pure ecstasy.

It was an incredible experience for Bob too, watching a junior version of Randy's face that he had seen so often writhing on the pillow as he fucked him. It was so erotic that he knew he couldn't last long, and guessed that neither could Ben. So he said, "Ben, soon I'm gonna shoot my load into your ass. Do you want that?"

"Yes, sir, please .... please fill me up with your juice, sir. I want to feel it so bad." The youthful excitement, the hunger in the boy's eyes, tipped the balance for Bob. He felt the ass muscles clench round his cock, felt the heat, the velvet softness, and he said, "This is it, Ben. I'm cumming inside you. Here it is ..... aaah," he sighed. Ben felt the cock pulse inside him, felt the sticky warmth as the juice of this gorgeous man blasted inside him, again and again. It was a spectacular feeling and he was hardly aware of his own cock throbbing and erupting with another huge shower of cum.

Bob fell on top of the boy and closed his lips over his in a passionate, probing kiss. Ben threw his arms and legs round the muscular body, wrapping himself round him, clawing at him in a wild effort to get as close to him as possible. They stayed locked together for a long time but gradually Ben felt the length of Bob's cock sliding back up his chute and fall out. Bob pulled his face off him and Ben gazed at him with a look of worship that Bob recognized. "Sir, I think I love you sir and ...... do you think we could sleep together all night here? Please, sir?"

Bob laughed, not wanting to encourage talk of love. "We can do a lot better than that, kid. But first we shower ..... you're a mess after that street brawl you got into and now all that jism over you. Come on, boy." He pulled him off the bed and led him to the shower. As they stood under the twin jets of water Ben couldn't keep his hands off Bob, running them over his face, his shoulders, chest, ripped abs and waist, then down over his semi-erect cock.

But Bob restrained him. "Hey kiddo, we'll have plenty of time for all that later. But do you know how late it is? Way time for bed. Here, throw a towel round you and come with me. Let me show you what I have in mind. With both of them naked except for towels wrapped round their waists Bob took him by the wrist and pulled him upstairs, across the garden ..... and into the door to the stairs up to his and Randy's master suite. "Sshh, quiet now," he whispered. Carefully he opened the bedroom door and they went in and stood by the bed.

They both gaped at the sight of Randy lying naked, having thrown off the sheet in his sleep. His rugged face was turned to one side on the pillow, black hair flopping down, and his magnificent body was gleaming, covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Bob cleared his throat and Randy opened his eyes a crack, gazing blearily up at them. "Hey, big guy," Bob said. "You got room in that bed for two fucked out guys who need a place to sleep?"

As his head cleared Randy grinned up at them, man and boy, both stunning in nothing but towels, obviously bathed in the afterglow of great sex. Smiling Bob let his towel drop and pulled the towel off Ben, so they both stood naked. "Awesome," Randy said, "fucking awesome. Shit, boy, getting fucked sure agrees with you. You look terrific. What time is it anyway?" He glanced at the bedside clock. "Holy shit. OK, get into bed and let's get some fucking sleep."

Ben jumped into bed beside Randy as he used to as a young boy, and Bob eased himself in beside Ben. "Now, no talking," Randy growled. "Sleep!" He turned on his side facing Ben and reached over the boy to feel Bob's arm resting on Ben's chest. Randy gripped Bob's forearm and gave it a gentle squeeze. That's all it took for both men to understand each other completely.

As for Ben, he was in heaven, lying between the brother he worshipped and the beautiful man he was starting to love, the man who had just fucked him for the first time in his life. With their arms linked across him he felt happier and safer than he had ever felt before. And he knew now, beyond any doubt, that he was home ..... home to stay.


Next morning Randy got up and went to the bathroom to take a leak. When he got back he found Ben stroking his hands over Bob's chest, then fondling his cock that was quickly growing hard. He knew what they both wanted and when they paused and looked up at him questioningly he grinned, "Go for it guys. I wanna watch my little brother get his ass fucked by my man." He got up and stood naked by the bed watching them.

He was treated to a repeat performance of what they had done in the gym. But this time there was no hesitation on Ben's part as he knew what to expect and hungered for it. And this time he was more verbal. "Oh yeah, that feels great, sir. I love to feel you cock in my ass. You are so beautiful, sir. Fuck me. Fuck me hard, sir." Bob leaned forward and pinned Ben's arms to the bed above his head as he had before, while he ploughed the perfect young ass.

It would be an understatement to say that Randy was turned on. He was ecstatic as he watched the man he loved, the gorgeous, muscular alpha male, pounding the ass of his young brother, the boy he had shepherded through most of his young life, taught him to do everything ..... except this. This was where Bob had taken over. And as Randy heard his brother begging Bob to fuck him, fuck him harder, his cock grew rigid and he stroked it in his fist.

After a major pounding Bob finally said, "You want me to cum, Ben, to shoot another load in your ass?" Breathless, pinned to the bed, his heart pounding, Ben's gleaming eyes gave the answer. Randy gazed down in awe as Bob's hips increased their rhythm, the two bodies tensed and two howls rang round the room as Bob blasted a load inside Ben, and the boy shot ribbons of white juice high in the air.

In their euphoria they head Randy's voice. "Look at me!" Bob and Ben broke apart, lay on their backs and looked up at Randy who was beating his meat. "Man, you guys look fucking great," he said. "God you turn me on. Fucking spectacular .... gonna make me cum. Here it comes ......" His powerful muscles flexed, his head flew back ...... "aaagh" .... and a long plume of semen exploded from his cock, down onto their bodies and faces, followed by another stream, then another."

His face covered in cum, Ben was totally mesmerized by the sight of his big brother towering over them, his cock still dripping with semen. Then he glanced sideways at Bob and, moving by instinct, turned on his side, lowered his head and started to suck up Randy's cum from Bob's abs, his chest and finally his face, licking his cheeks, his brow, then kissing his eyes.

"Yeah," Randy yelled in triumph, "that's it, boy, clean up my man ..... drink your brother's cum from his body. Shit that is so fucking hot!" He was so turned on that he stroked his cock a few more times and surprised even himself by shooting one last spurt of cum over his boy.

And so, in his own graphic way, their master had anointed the two men, had given his ultimate blessing to the sexual union of his the man he loved and his own young brother.


Early next morning in the big double shower Bob and Randy let Ben do what he longed to do. He soaped them up and ran his hands lovingly over their bodies, feeling their hard muscles flex under his touch. Ben's cock was soon hard as a rock, but Randy called a halt by turning the shower to cold. "That's enough sex for one night, kid. It's another day - and I'm starving."

A few minutes later the three of them were sitting at the outdoor table over an early breakfast cooked by the twins who always got up early. The twins sat down with them and they were soon joined by Pablo and Darius. Darius usually stayed in bed until the last minute but this morning he dragged Pablo outside as he was dying to hear the whole story of last night.

Bob beamed at them all. "Just like a family breakfast. OK, guys, I gotta tell you that Ben is now well and truly one of the family. Last night he got his ass fucked for the first time ever - by me. There was a burst of applause and congratulations for the blushing Ben. Darius leaned close to him and said in a stage whisper, "And later, dude, you have to give me and the boys all the details. It's a rule of the house."

Pablo grinned sarcastically and said, "No, it's a rule of the Darius, Ben. He's kind of the social historian around here, and the master of gossip. I'm real glad you're gonna be staying, dude."

"Talking of which," Bob asked Ben, "have you thought of what kind of work you'd like to do?"

Randy charged in. "No, but I have. Ben when we first talked you told me that guy you lived with owned a small garage and you first met him when you applied for the job of mechanic there. Were you any good at that?"

"Pretty good, sir. See, I really like messing around with cars, so he left the work all to me and I learned a lot." There was an exchange of glances between Randy, Bob and Pablo.

"OK, then," said Randy decisively. "Here's what I want. Pablo, for weeks now I've been saying that you're overloaded with work as the only mechanic on the site and you need an assistant. So .... how about Ben here?" There was a sudden silence as the idea hung in the air and Pablo and Ben looked at each other, trying to get their minds round Randy's suggestion.

Earlier yesterday the idea would have been unthinkable, given the suspicion and animosity that existed between the boys, but that was before the fight where they had bonded as comrades in arms and discovered newfound respect for each other. Now the idea of working together had a certain appeal to it and they looked up at Randy with shining eyes.

"I'll take that as a yes, then," said Randy. ('As if anyone ever said no to Randy', Bob smiled to himself). "OK, Ben, you'll start tomorrow. I wanna make it clear, though, that you'll be answering to Pablo. He's my mechanic and he'll be your boss. And there'll be no fighting, no rivalry. I want this to work ..... my boy and my brother working together. Any problems, you come straight to me, OK? "

"Yes, sir."

"Good, now while all you others get your asses in gear for work there's something I have to show Ben. Pablo, I want you to lend him a clean shirt and a pair of good jeans? 'Cause I'm taking Ben to Beverly Hills."


Pablo and Darius took Ben to their room to get him spruced up for the big city. Bob was doing the same for Randy, insisting that he shed his usual tank top and wear a clean black T-shirt with his jeans. The work-boots stayed on though ...... Randy wasn't about to make any more concessions for "fucking Beverly Hills", as he always called the classy city he disliked so much.

He made a call to his brother Steve in his office and broke the news of Ben's arrival. Steve and Randy had often talked of their younger brothers and Steve was thrilled to hear that the youngest one had shown up. But he was a bit nervous too as he cleared his schedule and awaited them.

Anyone seeing Ben and Randy sitting side by side in Randy's truck would have known for sure they were brothers, dressed alike and each with the same swarthy, handsome gypsy looks ..... square jaw, high cheek bones, blue eyes and black hair flopping over their brow. Ben loved being with the big brother he idolized but he was a bit thrown by all this dressing up thing. "Can you tell me where we're going, sir - this Beverly Hills?"

"Well, I'll tell you this much, kid. I know this whole thing has been a shock to you and will be for a while, so I thought it might help you to talk things through with a therapist. Pity his office is in fucking Beverly Hills," he growled as he swung onto Wilshire Boulevard with its fancy stores and glass office towers on either side.

When he drove into the parking garage under Steve's building, amid all the BMW's and Mercedes, the valet parker raised his eyebrows at the sight of the big mud-spattered truck, but his look of snobbish disdain turned to awe as the tall, ruggedly handsome man climbed out. But Randy paid no attention to any of this as he grabbed his ticket and strode toward the elevators, holding Ben firmly by the arm. Arriving at Steve's office Randy yanked open the door and the receptionist looked up and smiled as she knew Randy well by now.

Hi, Ruth," Randy said. "This is my little brother Ben." She smiled up at him. Pleased to meet you Ben ..... not so little though," she chuckled.

"The doc in there?" Randy asked, already grasping the handle of the inner office.

"Yes, he's been waiting for you. You can ....." but Randy had already gone in, dragging Ben with him. Inside, the man behind the desk stood up and shook Randy's hand. "Hi Randy ..... so this is Ben." There was a catch in his voice and his eyes became moist. "Hey, Ben, good to meet you at last."

But Ben was rooted to the spot, gazing at this big, handsome man in the smart suit, crisp white shirt and tie. He was not only gorgeous ..... he was the image of Randy! "But you....." Ben stammered, "......you look just like Randy."

Randy smiled nervously. "Yeah, kiddo, you're right. Ben I want you to meet Steve. Steve is my brother ..... yours too. Ben felt his knees go weak and he flopped down in a big armchair behind him, gazing from one to the other. Their faces and bodies were near identical, but the similarity stopped there. Randy, in his jeans, boots and black T-shirt looked like the construction-worker version of the well-groomed, elegantly dressed Beverly Hills doctor.

Ben looked at Randy for help and Randy sat beside him. He quickly told him the whole story, how their mother had given birth to Steve barely a year after Randy. Dirt poor she had been unable to care for two babies at once and put the second boy up for adoption. And while Randy stayed, slugging his way through, hard-scrabble west Texas, eventually caring for his five younger brothers, Steve had gone to live with a wealthy family in Marin County in Northern California, enjoying all the privileges and benefits that wealth brings, including an education in the best schools and colleges, winding up as this well-off well-heeled Beverly Hills therapist.

Ben sat speechless as he tried to absorb all this. Steve stood up and said, "A lot of stuff to take in, eh, Ben, but how about we start with a hug. Not every day a guy meets his long-lost little brother." In a daze Ben stood up unsteadily and allowed himself to be folded in the arms of the beautiful guy he had just met ..... his brother, so it seemed.

It was a long, tight hug and Ben felt the strong muscles flexing under the suit as Steve shuddered with the intense emotion he felt. Ben also felt something in himself, something quite different. He felt his own cock growing stiff in his jeans. He gave into the erotic sensation for a while, but then pulled back, recoiling in confusion from this forbidden lust he felt for his new brother.

There was a heavy, confused silence and Randy stepped in. He saw from their emotional reactions that the brothers had a lot of stuff to process and, after all, Randy had brought Ben here for therapy, so his instinct told him they should just work through it. "Hey, guys," he said, "There's a branch of my gym just up here on Santa Monica Boulevard so I'm gonna go work out for a while. I'll be back when you've finished working your magic, bro." He grinned at Steve. "What is it you shrinks give your patients, a fifty-minute hour?"

Steve smiled at him. "Ben's not a patient, buddy, he's family. There's no time limit for family. But come back whenever you like. You're part of this too, you know. We're three brothers after all. Those words brought a broad, contented smile to Randy's face as he walked out the door.


"OK, Ben," Steve smiled. "So let's cool this thing down by treating it as a therapy session. Why don't you take a seat again, relax, and we'll take it nice and easy?" Ben resumed his seat, looking a bit lost, like a little boy in the oversized armchair. He watched silently as Steve took off his jacket, draped it over his desk chair, rolled up his shirt-sleeves, then walked round and perched against the front of his desk, smiling down at Ben. Seeing Steve's muscular chest more clearly now, outlined under the fine cotton of his white shirt, and his forearms flex as he gripped the edge of the desk, Ben felt his cock growing hard again and blushed.

"Right, so tell me Ben, was that a boner I felt when I hugged you, and that I'm seeing right now under your jeans?"

Stunned, Ben blushed deeply and blurted out, "I'm sorry, sir. I know it was wrong of me to ....."

"Ben, let's get one thing straight. There's no right and wrong in this room. We just want to explore your concerns and get at the truth. And you'll see that my methods are not what you'd expect at all. So why don't you try to describe some of the confusion you've been feeling since you first arrived on the construction site?" As Ben gazed at this handsome soft-spoken man he suddenly felt renewed confidence that he could tell him anything, and it all tumbled out.

"Well, sir, first there was Pablo who I hated for being Randy's son, and then later on I saw Randy and Bob fucking .... er, making love, sir .... so then I hated Bob too and I thought what chance do I have against Randy's son and his lover so I ran way." He took a deep breath. "But I got in a fight with these two dopers and Pablo came and we fought them off together. We were a great team, sir, like a tag team, we hammered them good," he grinned.

"So anyway, after that I liked Pablo, liked him a lot, but I still hated Bob 'cause my brother loved him so much. Anyway, when we got back to the house everyone went to bed, except Bob who came down to my room to talk. I was rude to him at first but - well - I don't know if you know Bob well, sir, but he kind of had a way of calming me down." (Steve smiled. Sure he knew Bob very well and understood how his kindness could envelope a boy like Ben)

"We talked for a long time and he .... kind of .... well did more than calm me down." He hesitated and Steve raised his eyebrows, inviting him to continue. "Well, sir, see I'd never let anyone near my ass, sir, I was too macho for that, but Bob ..... well, I ran and got permission from Randy, and then ..... then Bob fucked me, sir ..... in the ass."

He blushed again and Steve resorted to the standard question used by all therapists. "And how did you feel about that, Ben?"

Ben's eyes sparkled. "It was the best thing I ever felt, sir. I shot two loads of jism, sir, and then Bob took me upstairs and I slept between him and Randy. It was awesome, sir, and in the morning Bob fucked me again, and I came again and Randy watched, beating his meat, and he blasted a huge load all over us. And .... and ..... there was jism everywhere, sir ....."

He had run out of steam, and he looked wide-eyed at Steve awaiting his verdict. But there was no verdict, just Steve's gentle prodding. "One clarification I'd like, Ben. Have you ever sucked another man's cock?"

"Definitely not, sir. I could never do that."

Steve gazed at him and narrowed his eyes. "You know, Ben, it sounds to me that the root of your confusion is all about sex. You disliked Pablo and Bob at first because Randy loves them both and has regular sex with them. You see yourself as a macho guy, too tough to suck cock or get fucked, and yet you let Bob fuck you. And you loved it when your big brother shot his load over you. And you got a boner when I hugged you. Do you still have it, by the way?"

Ben blushed again. "Yes, sir. I do, sir. Whenever I look at you, sir"

"And what would you like to do about that?" Ben was thrown off balance by the unexpected question, so Steve persisted. "Now come on, Ben, we have to break though these sexual hang-ups of yours. I said my methods were out of the ordinary. We're alone, won't be interrupted, it's just you and me. So, what would you like to do with that big boner in your jeans?"

Seeing the handsome doctor smiling down at him, the spitting image of Randy, Ben felt somehow liberated, free to say what he liked. "Well, sir, I really get off on big muscular bodies. I've seen Randy and Bob naked and that turned me on a lot. But you, sir .... well, you're wearing a suit, but I think your body is gorgeous underneath because when you hugged me and I felt it, that's what gave me a boner." Then it all came out in a rush. "Anyway, what I'd really like is for you to take off your shirt, sir, and I'd like to stroke my dick and maybe cum just looking at you." He blushed again at his own boldness and mumbled, "Sorry, sir .... sounds stupid."

Steve chuckled. "Not stupid at all, Ben, don't apologize. It's great. It's what we shrinks call a break-through. I think I can help you out there, and after that we might even go one better. But first things first eh?" He turned round to his desk and buzzed the intercom. "Er, no calls, Ruth and no interruptions, OK?"

"Certainly, doctor .... no interruptions .... absolutely."

Steve went to the door and locked it. Then he turned toward Ben and started to loosen his tie.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 169


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